Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL {#62}

Hey there, folks! I’m feeling very Houdini-ish this morning because, although this may appear to be a regular blog post, it’s all just an illusion.

That’s because our internet only just now resumed functioning after being out for a bit, so I don’t have all my internet-related functions (i.e. edited pictures) ready to go yet.

I did, however want to do two things very quickly, and then I’ll be back a little later with the post I had planned for today.

1. I wanted to remind you about the TEXAS-sized Spring Giveaway (think gift cards to Anthropologie, Pleated Poppy, Lisa Leonard and more!) that 9 other great bloggers and I are hosting.

Texas Spring Mega Giveaway

2. I also wanted to get the party link up so you guys can get after it!

So, now that I’ve done those, that’s all for me for now. I will be back a little later, though, with a fun sneak peak at Della’s room progress that you won’t want to miss!

Okey dokey. See you soon!

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