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5 Things Thursday: The Real Family Rules

I’m not very good at Pinterest. I go for days without pinning a single thing. It’s one of those things that I have to schedule time for, or I won’t do it. Of course, I know a lot of you wish you spent less time on Pinterest (don’t worry, I fall prey to my own array of time-suckers) and are wondering why in the world I would even bother to put reminders in my phone to use it.

Answer: because it helps my blog, so I feel like I should do it. When I pin things, people are more likely to follow me. And when people follow me, they are more likely to find my blog. Ergo, I must pin things.

I could write an entire post on how Pinterest is arguably the single most dangerous online invention for women, since it feeds our already robust tendencies to compare, covet, and complain. And there’s another C—contentment—that Pinterest can be very bad for indeed. But that’s a post all its own. And of course, when I want inspiration or ideas, Pinterest is fan-flippin’-tastic. Which is why I sometimes suddenly flood your feed with pictures of dreamy, twinkle-lit patio spaces or green laces dresses or…you get the idea.

Which brings me to what I really wanted to talk about today. Because even I—as unPinteresting as I am (yes, I went there)—pretty much can’t get on there without seeing yet another round of adorable, warm, and fuzzy Family Rules popping up in all their colorful, beautifully lettered subway art glory.

Something a little like this, maybe?

happy subway art

(I just bought that one at Marshall’s because I loved the colors; I’m still trying to decide whether to keep it; thoughts?)

It sounds and looks so amazing, and most of them are more or less true. So, that’s…good…right?

But then, the day after I bought that one, I read Kristen’s post about their “real family rules” over at We Are That Family. And it made me laugh and nod my head…

…and come up with 5 *real* family rules of my own:

the real family rules 2

I could have kept going for sure. Runners up included:

We cherish every moment, especially the multitude of moments we spend touching every germ-infested surface in the bathroom at Goodwill (eeeew).  


We are patient. Most of the time. (And by most of the time, we mean every second Tuesday between 4 and 8 PM. If we are not hungry…or is it hangry?)


We never give up. Unless something is hard. And then we declare, “I can’t do this!” and stomp off (and no, I’m not necessarily just talking about the kids).

So, that’s us. But I suspect that we are not the only family who doesn’t fit the warm and fuzzy Family Rules mold.

Care to share some of your REAL family rules? I’d be ever so grateful.

P.S. I do pin things every now and then if you want to follow along. I apologize ahead of time for bombarding you with cheesecake pins when I get a craving.

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5 Things Thursday: Project Elephant Checklist (#1)

I promised yesterday that I would share my first 5 Project Elephant goals. Because I’m pretty sure that writing down your plans is one of those “habits of highly successful people” kind of things to do.

So, here they are:

project elephant checklist1

I’ve already made some headway on several of these, and I even posted a teaser of my in-progress plate wall to Instagram. (P.S. This is my favorite form of social media, and I post all kinds of cuteness and fun stuff there if you want to follow along).

plate wall

{Any advice for the best way to hang all that prettiness?}

So, now it’s your turn. I’d love it if you’d tell me in the comments what your top 5 Project Elephant goals are (or whatever number you want to share).

And if you’re not sure about all this Project Elephant business and don’t want to commit to a project every Monday, then you can just list some long term goals you’d love to accomplish.

Maybe it’ll help get your project ball rolling!

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