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5 Things Thursday: Back-to-School Cute-ssentials

I know some of you have been back in school for at least a week now, but we’ve been whooping it up over here in East Texas, wringing the last few drops of fun out of summer (more on that tomorrow). The boys start back on Tuesday at the little 3-day-a-week, teensy-tinesy private school they went to last year, and I’ll still be homeschooling them on Mondays and Fridays.

I was never the girl who bothered much with making her back-to-school supplies cute as well as functional. But, then again, I didn’t have Pinterest (find me here) to convince me that I couldn’t possibly learn as well without a chevron-patterned pencil-sharpener or a patchwork floral backpack.

Probably a good thing when I think about it.

Still, in honor of that fresh-new-endless-possibilities feeling that the prospect of a new year full of “bouquets of sharpened pencils” brings, here are 5 things I’d make sure to have in my schoolgirl repertoire if I had it all to do over again.


Pretty Pencils

cute pencils


These are great, with the clever quotes and the pastel stripes. I am sure my handwriting, dismal though it is, would be greatly improved if I wrote with these.

polka dot pencil


And it’s hard to imagine anything much cuter than black and white polka dots. I think I might have to dot all my “i’s” with hearts if I wrote with these.


Posh Pencil Holders

…because what’s the use of having great pencils if you have nothing comparably fantastic to put them in?

soup can pencil holder

These soup cans turned pencil holders (tutorial from the Wicker House) would do the trick.

pencil case write


Love the simplicity and motivational attitude of this little pencil bag…from a no longer available Etsy shop :( .

red birds pencil case


This red and white, “love birds” case is seriously cute too.

aqua pencil case


As is this aqua floral option (which is big enough to work as a makeup bag too!)


Beautiful Backpacks

…to hold my fancy pencils tucked inside their cute cases.


Love this Fossil one (which is, sadly, sold out).

target backpack


Big fat love the coral trim on this one!


Capricious {E-Reader} Cases

Not that I had anything like a Kindle or iPad when I was in school, but nowadays, textbooks are practically passé. So, of course, I’d need something cute to hold my electronic reader of choice.

heart ipad case


I’m just dreaming here, since this Jonathan Adler version is way more than I would ever pay. But it’s still fun.

pride and prejudice


Or how about making your reader look like a real book? This one would definitely be at the top of my list. (Although, again, it’s waaaaay too expensive for my spending habits).

ikat reader


I can take or leave chevron (although I tend to take it more than leave it), but ikat? Oh, I’ll take it pretty much every every time. Especially in crisp white, orange, and fuchsia. (My neutral-loving husband is shaking his head in disbelief and confusion at the moment).

flower case


This explosion of blooms is just so stinkin’ happy.


Darling Day Planners

lily pulitzer

This one is ultra-girly. Perfect for making the most mundane grocery lists glamorous. (And to everyone out there who just thought, “Impossible”…a girl can dream).


today is the day planner


Love the graphic punch and fun fonts on this pocket planner.

bird planner


Whimsical birds, gorgeous colors, pocket-sized portability, and CHEAP! I’m a fan!

So, what are your back-to-school “cute-ssentials” (even if you’re not still in school)?




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5 Things Thursday: BOoooING!

Disclaimer: if you have objections to large quantities of cute little kid pics, especially when the little kids in question have dirty faces, do not read this post.

I have so many fond memories of hours (upon hours) spent bouncing, lying, role-playing, rough-housing, game-creating, slip-sliding, and just generally having a ball on the trampoline. Of course, it wasn’t my trampoline. But, considering that I spent most of my waking hours at my friend Ronda’s house, and it was her trampoline, it didn’t much matter who technically held the title to that magical contraption.

25 years later (man, I feel old), and the enchantment has yet to fade.

Of course, when you get seven people of varying sizes/ages who are all related to each other on the same trampoline, the results can be a bit theatrical.

Which is how I am able to bring you…

The Water Bottle Saga: An Epic Dramedy in 5 Parts.


Set Up


Boy Drinks From Water Bottle




Little Sister Spies Water Bottle


Boy Shares Water Bottle


Then Shares Some More


Little Sister Gets More Than She Bargained For


After Recovering, Little Sister Marvels At The Wonders Of Plastic Cappage




Twin Sister Spies Little Sister Having Fun With The Water Bottle


Twin Sister Decides That Little Sister Has Had Enough Fun With The Water Bottle


Little Sister Disagrees. LOUDLY




Little Sister Reclaims The Water Bottle, Then Is Immediately Beset By Remorse For Her Stinginess


A Happy Ending


Twin Sister Seeks Solace In Daddy’s Bosom


Her Spirits Are Revived

Meanwhile, their siblings look on:

IMG_4894 IMG_4917 IMG_4968

Do you have any cherished trampoline memories (or sagas) to share? I’d love to hear them!

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