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Call Her Blessed + Pa Rum Pum Pum Pum + a Cyber Monday Deal

So, I’m busy compiling my annual Amazon gift guide (if you want to get a head start, you can check out the ones from last year and the year before.  A lot of the items are still available). You’ll see the first round of that tomorrow.

But I wanted to pop in really quickly and show you our two brand new prints over at Paint and Prose.

First up, we have “Call Her Blessed,” which was, of course, inspired by Proverbs 31:28, which says: “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.”

call he blessed

It comes in B + W too!

call her blessed1

Shaun worried that people would be hesitant to put this in their homes because it sounded arrogant. Oh! Look at me! My children rise up and call me blessed (anybody else chuckling to themselves as they picture their sleepy children’s actual first words every morning?).


My response? “No way! I want this–not as a bragging right–but as an inspirational reminder that this is the kind of enthusiasm and praise that I desire to earn from my family, by the grace of God.”


I am all too aware of my shortcomings, but here’s the thing: our kids–especially when they’re young–are so gracious with our faults. They don’t notice when we aren’t perfectly put together or that we don’t make fancy, homemade birthday cakes.

They notice when we love on them.

My kids have this thing–I’m not even sure how it started, but I definitely love it!–where they say, “You’re the best mama ever!” (It’s a vast improvement over the: “You’re the best mama I ever had!”–um…thanks?–that they used to do).

I never feel like I deserve it, but I have noticed that it usually happens when I’ve done something sweet. Something patient and kind and thoughtful. Sometimes, it’s for the “grandiose” gestures like a pizza picnic at the park for no good reason. But usually it’s just because I took the time to paint the girls’ fingernails or drop a couple of chocolate chips in the boys’ hands while they were doing their math. Nothing major. Nothing particularly special. And yet, they notice and choose to bless me with their sweet words.

(They’re even sweet enough to say it to me when I’ve just blown it and had to ask forgiveness for being grouchy).

They–and now this print–are my motivators to keep on with kindness even when I feel like beating my head against a hard surface. (Toddlers! Oy vey!)

It’s worth it, Mamas! We can do this together.

Our other new print just puts a smile on my face.


Did you ever see happier drums?



I put it in my boys’ room a) because it matches the color scheme perfectly and b) because–duh–Little Drummer BOY. Perfect for Christmas!

But I could see this one being in a kids’ room or nursery all year long.

Speaking of our new prints, we have a special going until 11:59 PM tonight for Cyber Monday.

You can still use the 30% off code that went out in the newsletter (you can sign up here if you haven’t already) on any order.

But we’ve sweetened the deal even more because anyone who orders an 8X10 of either one of the new prints will get a FREE 5X7 of her choice included with her order.

30% off? New designs? Freebies? Sounds like my kind of Cyber Monday deal!

Happy shopping, and please know that we are so, so thankful for you and your support of our little shop. I grin like a giddy fool every time an order comes in. True story.

P.S. Just FYI: We ship either the same day or the day after you order. We are still offering free shipping, but we have also added a paid Priority Shipping option in the shop if you would prefer a little speedier delivery.

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A Thanksgiving Sale!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow? What??! How did that even happen? And why am I even surprised since I’m pretty sure I said the same thing last year (and the year before).

We’re headed to Shaun’s grandma’s house for her annual feast tomorrow, and, with a broken oven, I’m not real sure what I’m going to contribute. A smile? 8 hungry mouths? Oh yeah. We’re going to be the hit of the party.

Speaking of parties, our grand opening week for Paint and Prose ( was pretty much a never-ending fiesta of late nights and fun! As long as printing mailing labels is your definition of fun.

No, but seriously. We are so grateful for every order and really pretty blown away by how successful you guys made our very first week.

And it really was fun! I remember grinning at my husband at about 12:47 AM one night (morning?) and saying, “You know, I’m really tired, but it’s really fun to be working with you on something we both love!” And he grinned right back and said, “Yup. I know what you mean.”

So! Since Black Friday is a mere 48 hours away, we thought we’d keep the party rolling with a 30% off coupon code that starts now (and will be good through Monday). If there’s a print you’ve had your eye on for yourself or as a Christmas gift, you can nab it at a discount (with free shipping always)!

To get the code, simply sign up for our Paint and Prose newsletter–where you’ll receive discounts, freebies, printables, and other fun goodies. You’ll always be the first to know about our best deals, and we’ll never spam you or sell your info. Pinky promise.


Maybe you or someone you know could use this little ditty for her kitchen or coffee bar.


(I’m thinking a #butfirsthocho should be in the works for the very near future)

OH! And remember our 5th Christmas print that we asked for your feedback about? stagedpic1

Y’all liked Joy to the World so much that we decided to make a coordinating “The Lord is Come.” I love them paired with the stripey, scrolly goodness of “Noel.”

Speaking of which…


Not gonna lie, though. This one may be my new fave. It’s just so stinkin’ CUTE and would be great for a neutral or colorful nursery alike!


Lions and tigers and bears! #ohmy


I know you guys have already seen our Baby It’s Cold Outside print, but…well, it’s cute. And I couldn’t help myself.


Likewise with this one. We did a handmade Christmas gift market this past weekend, and we got a bunch of chuckles out of it.


Oh! And our neutral Kitchen Essentials has been killing it! I totally thought the colorful one would sell better, but, boy, was I wrong. You guys like your neutrals!


I honestly don’t have room for all of our kitchen prints in my own kitchen, but I honestly wish I did. I love them all!


Fun tidbit: we shared a booth at the Christmas market with a lady selling homemade jam. She loved our “You Are My Jam” print so much that she bought one. And I loved her jams and jellies so much that I brought home two jars (pictured on the left there).


The #icanteven laundry print has been another popular one. But that one didn’t surprise me a bit. I think we’re all pretty acquainted with that feeling.


Obviously, this one works well for Thanksgiving, but I kind of love it for all the time too.

And, last but not least, this is such a great reminder.

give me jesus

Okay, I’m done showing off our prints. I honestly feel like a proud mama passing around snaps of her new baby, and I hope that you guys love them as much as we do!

If you see something you like, don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter to get your coupon code!

And may your Thanksgiving be full of laughter, joy, good food, and family! And WORKING OVENS! Amen.

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