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The Rug I love. Or don’t? HELP!

EDIT: I found the Nourison Fantasy Rug for cheaper on Amazon with free shipping! (keep reading if you’re lost…that’s an affiliate link, by the way, but it is absolutely the cheapest price I’ve found so far; the color is Aqua, and the 8X10.6 size is available right now. Also, don’t be fooled by the dull/ugly pics. It’s really bright in person).

First things first: we have been busy bees getting all of your Paint and Prose orders out (thank you!), but you still have until tomorrow at midnight to take advantage of our Buy 2 get 1 Free sale that includes all prints (even our brand new ones!).

For the most part, I have been limiting my house purchases over the last year, both because we don’t really need anything for this house and because I want to move as absolutely little as possible whenever that day comes.

There have been some exceptions when I find deals on a Facebook swap that are too good to pass up, but those have been rare.

But what’s a girl to do when she stumbles across a rug she spotted in someone’s Instagram over a year ago but had all but given up hope of ever finding?

flower rug 8

Because that’s totally what happened the other night as Shaun and I were at Home Depot sans kids (thanks, Mom!), and I stopped dead in my tracks and squeaked: “There it IS!”

flower rug 9

You see, after I spotted a pic of the rug, I asked the Instagrammer for the deets, but she didn’t know because it wasn’t her rug. A fellow commenter was nice enough to let me know that Home Depot carried it, which…obviously turned out to be true. But at the time, I couldn’t find it online or in stores anywhere.

flower rug7

So, I buried that (oh-so-worthy) dream and forgot about it.

Until Monday night, that is.

flower rug6

Y’all. I have to give major props to Shaun on this one. He stood there with me and stared at it for 10 straight minutes as I went through every room in the new house debating whether it would go well here or be big enough/too big there. He even had an associate open up a runner so that I could see it in smaller form (the 5X7 was the only one displayed, and it didn’t even have my favorite part of the rug–the pink flowers–on it). He was super sweet and patient and did an Oscar-worthy job of seeming interested for a man who doesn’t give a rip about rug designs.

Ultimately, I decided that a) I wasn’t sure whether it would skew too traditional for the couple of spaces it might work (namely: the girls’ play room or my craft room), and b) it was the wrong size for the places that it made the most sense.

And we left.

flower rug 10

But that darn rug nagged at me for the next 24 hours. Why? Because we didn’t have enough chutzpah to have the big version (8X10.6) opened to look at in person. And I knew that, until I saw it in person in my house, I wouldn’t know FOR SURE whether it was the rug for me/the new house.

flower rug4

Can we say “overthinker?” Yes, yes, we can.

So, the next day, the twins + Theo and I went back to Home Depot while the older kids were at piano lessons. Clearly, I was serious about this rug. I mean, I didn’t buy it while I had no kids + a husband to help me haul it, and then I dragged 3 littles across a SCORCHING parking lot (East Texas: any time you want to cool down juuuuuust a smidge will be fine with me) into a big box store where I loaded up a large rug on a small cart and proceeded to make a spectacle of myself getting it into the back of the van. Thank goodness for the nice lady who noticed me sweating through my clothes in my efforts to work it over the top of the seats, and thank goodness for her being nice enough to ignore the messy  back of my van. (I couldn’t help but mentally chuckle at her: “I had 3 little kids once too; bless your heart.” If she only knew :) )

ANYhoo, I got it home and set it up in the sitting room upstairs to see how I liked it, and…I do.

Like it, that is.

flower rug1

A lot.

In fact, if all of it looked like this part, I would LUUURVE it without reservation. But that whole: “Is it too traditional?” question keeps niggling at my mind–mostly because of the deep red + yellow. Nothing so inherently traditional about them. That’s just how they strike me.

flower rug3

Which is where you guys come in. What do you think? Am I crazy for worrying about it so much? (Let’s go with yes, and move on).

Do you think it gives off a funky/happy/Anthro vibe or…more of a Pottery Barn feel? (Nothing wrong with either; I’m just going for the former over the latter).

In case you’re lost on what I mean by funky vs. traditional, the pic on the left below is my favorite view of the rug, mostly because those pink flowers against the teal just make me happy and have a slightly modern feel to them. The picture on the right focuses on the darker, more traditional-looking patterns and colors, and I’m not as in love with it.

flower rug collage

It’s like it’s a split-personality rug. At least in my strange mind.

So, the question is: could you picture this rug in a girls’ room or craft room? I, personally, think it’s a better fit for a dining or living room, but it’s too small for either in the new house.

Ugh. The first-world, extremely insignificant problems I have to do deal with, y’all.

Oh! And just in case you’re wondering, it’s NOT wool, so it won’t be a beast to vacuum, and it’s quite thick and cushy/comfy underfoot.

flower rug5

Honestly, when I ask you guys for your advice, I’m usually leaning one direction or another. Sometimes your feedback sways me. Sometimes, I stand firm.

But this time, I’m genuinely torn.


P.S. In case you’re wondering what Evy thinks…

flower rug2

Yeah. I have no idea either.

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I’ll Anthropologize ahead of time…

Shaun has been working most weekends for a while now, and this last one was no exception, so Valentine’s Day was pretty low key. Which was totally fine. We love a good excuse to cook a nice meal together and spoil each other a bit, but we also know that it’s not that meaningful as holidays go.

The night before, though, we stayed up late making my favorite dessert of all time for a special breakfast in the morning for the whole family.


Art print available at Paint and Prose

And they were worth every calorie-laden bite.

To make up for hardly seeing each other on Valentine’s (and, perhaps, more importantly, a Sunday), we finagled a date on Monday night instead. But, at the last minute, our babysitter fell through, and I couldn’t find a replacement.

Oh well, I thought. Dinner at home with the family is good too.

But I couldn’t get the thought of a night “on the town” with my man out of my head, so I called my ridiculously nice mama, and, sure enough, she and my dad agreed to come over and watch the kids at our house so we could head out to have some good food, see one of the worst movies I’ve experienced in a while (Hail, Caesar…yuck), and enjoy some local frozen custard.

But mostly, we were just thrilled to have a chance to finish our sentences and hold hands and hang out in a COMPLETELY abandoned movie theater (apparently, everybody but us got the “terrible movie” memo).

So…thanks, Mom and Dad!

Also, I jumped on the chance to get dressed up like a toddler pounces on her twin sister’s neglected Barbie (not that I have any experience with that).


I found that psychedelic dress on a birthday trip to Anthro last October and developed an immediate crush, but, even at 50% off, it was still $98, and I just couldn’t swallow that one. But then, a few weeks later, we were back in Dallas for my my sweet niece’s first birthday, and I managed to squeak in the door of an Anthro about 15 minutes before it closed. And–lo and behold–they had the very same dress in my size for…$35. (It would have been even less but they wouldn’t let me stack my birthday discount on top of the sale they were running. Hmmph!).


So, I bought it, brought it home, and hung it in my closet, where it has dangled in neglect for the last 4ish months. Our date was super casual, but I decided that dress was getting worn, darn it, regardless of how many raised eyebrows I got. (I got a few).


I paired it with a thrifted $3 sweater (also from Anthro, originally) and some leopard print heels that I scored at Nordstrom Rack last summer in Colorado and love in theory but feel more than a little sketchy about in actual practice (my 33-year-old feet aren’t nearly as enamored with heels as my 25-year-old ones were).


{P.S. We didn’t manage to get a straight-on shot of the dress before the camera battery died, but there is one on my Instagram…which, honestly, is the best place to see lots of pics of the house and the kids and other fun tidbits that don’t make it onto the blog}

Which…brings me to the title of this post. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. But you may not thank me for it if you’re a fellow Anthro-lover (of the clothes, not the prices, of course). I apologize (anthropologize…ha. ha.) ahead of time if you get sucked in.

A friend added me to this Anthropologie resale site on Facebook (thanks, Angie!), and I’ve been having way too much fun browsing the wares since. (It’s my favorite frivolous, my-brain-has-shut-down-and-refuses-to-do-anything-useful activity while Shaun and I watch a Fixer Upper rerun right before bed).

Some of the prices are decent. Some are laughably exorbitant (You want me to pay $200 for a sweater that I saw on clearance for $40 a few months back? Really? No thanks). Every now and then, you find something amazing for a great price (I just bought a mint condition white lace dress that I’ve been hunting down for a while that was originally over $200 for $25 shipped), but most of it is more than I’m willing to pay. Somehow, it’s still entertaining to browse and watch how frenzied the true Anthro-addicts get over finding their “unicorns” (their term for an elusive, sold-out item that they’re hoping somebody snagged in their size before it went bye-bye and is willing to sell to them, regardless of the price).

Other than the white lace dress, I’ve bought two things (one was perfect; one was a little small and will have to be resold) for a grand total of $55 shipped, but I’m fine with the price in this case because I’ve also sold multiple items (for maaaaajor profits because they were all bought for super-cheap at Goodwill or thredUP–that link gets you $10 off your first thredUP purchase and gives me $10 credit too), and I somehow have a loophole in my brain about spending a little more than I normally would on something I really love if I’ve already paid for it by clearing more items out of my closet.

I have to admit: I’m loving this FB sale site business. In the case of sites like the Anthro one, everyone is so motivated to stay on the site in good standing that there’s very little chance of shipping/mailing fraud. And, in the case of the local swaps, I like that I can check out the Facebook pages of the sellers if I have any concerns (I actually have never bought anything from anyone that worried me, but I like that I have the OPTION to stalk them first :) ).

And there you have it, folks. A very colorful outfit. A date night recap. And a tip you may or may not thank me for later.

Never let it be said that I don’t do eclectic. Because I most definitely do.

Are you guys Facebook swappers too? I feel like–at least around here–it’s taking over garage sales and Craigslist as the preferred method of selling something that’s worth the effort.

How are your #3week50bags challenges going? Did you think I forgot? I’m actually going to be posting an update on mine on Friday. I’m a little off the pace, but I’m hoping to catch up today and tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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A Painted Scale

I don’t do much with scales that weigh humans these days, having sworn off weighing myself (except for progress purposes if I do a cleanse or some other sort of challenge) a long time ago.

But scales of the cute kitchen variety? Total sucker for those guys.

Which is why I couldn’t leave well enough alone with this plain silver one we have.


There’s honestly not a thing in the world wrong with him. But I have nothing else in my kitchen this particular shade of shiny silver chrome, so he kind of stuck out like a sore thumb, which resulted in his being exiled to the pantry.

But then! I got the brilliant (aka: super common and totally unoriginal) idea to paint Steve (the Scale; he needed a name).

And so I rummaged through my spray paint stash, found a shade I liked, and taped off Steve’s face (because nobody enjoys a blast of spray paint to the face…I hope).


I would love to say that I just went to town on him and was done in about 15 minutes flat…which…is mostly true. But there was something janky about the that particular spray paint can’s nozzle, and I ended up with blue paint splattered everywhere. Still. No more than 25 minutes later, I had managed to coat my hands AND Steve in a respectable amount of somewhat evenly applied paint, and he was ready take his place center stage in the kitchen.

painted scale1


painted scale

Now, OBVIOUSLY, this is a staged picture. We use our kitchen island for everything from eating 3 meals a day (plus about 40 snacks–I’m looking at you, twins) to crafting to school and just about everything in between. A scale–even (especially?) one as newly cute as Steve–would never survive the daily carnage.

painted scale3

But I have a great spot all picked out for him, assuming that he hasn’t gotten too impressed with himself from his brief sojourn as the carrier of the sparkly Christmas ornaments to be moved to a lowly shelf.

ANYhoo, I’m plenty happy with Steve’s transformation, but if I were going for the perfect kitchen scale, I would be all over these bad boys.

scale collage

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Do you guys have a thing for scales too? Any links for me? Don’t tell Steve, but I’m kind of on the lookout for the perfect teal scale, but I haven’t had any luck yet.

P.S. Lord WILLING, I’ll have a mini Christmas house tour for you on Monday before signing off to slip into a shortbread cookie induced coma for about a week or so.

P.P.S. In case you’re dying to know, the wooden star tree + table runner are from Marshall’s, the greenery is from Michael’s, and the colorful ornaments were a melted crayon + glass ornament craft that the kids and I did.

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Try-it Tuesday: Hob-Knobbing

A while back, I wrote a post about colored chandeliers and proved my true and abiding love for them by showing you pics of them throughout my house.

And I started the post with this statement:

“If there are two things that I am extremely consistent about when it comes to home décor, they are these:

1) I love color


2) I looooooooove chandeliers.”

If I’d have added one more love, it would have been special, unique decorative details—with perhaps the most prevalent example being pretty knobs.

In fact, I started thinking about it and realized that I’ve spruced up the knobs in some way, shape, or form on practically every single piece of furniture in our house.

Like this dresser:


And this secretary desk, which inherited the red flower knobs from Della’s nursery dresser…


That dresser now resides in the twins’ nursery, and you saw a glimpse of the fun glass flower knobs that took the place of the red ones on last Friday’s nursery sneak peak.


These fantastic turquoise and white knobs are now dressing up the little jewelry chest that used to be in Della’s nursery and now has a home (along with matching feathery owl friend) in the twins’ room as well.


Oh, yeah, and remember Colette, the coral dresser?


Check out her bling!

One of my favorite knobs is this simple white flower, which you can see here on my sofa side table.


…and on the little desk near the entryway.


I’ve got several more I could show you, but I’ll leave you with just one more today—these fun orange filigree knobs that make a basic black hutch just a little bit special.


So, yeah. Clearly, I’m a fan of hob-knobbing (yes, I know; not the right spelling or meaning, exactly, but it just seemed to fit).

I buy practically all of my knobs from Hobby Lobby, where they are almost always 50% off (and their original prices are considerably lower than, say, Anthro’s), with a few Marshall’s, Ross, Ebay, and, yes, even occasionally, Anthropologie mixed in.

It’s such an easy and cheap way to add some personality to a piece of furniture, but, I’m not going to lie—I have definitely been guilty of picking up a knob here or there that I have no specific location for, so that now I have a bit of a collection hiding out in the craft room.

Never fear, though. I have a project in mind to “use up” all of those extra knobs. Hopefully I can show you soon.

So, what about you guys—are you, too, a fan of knobs as decorative accents? If not, what do you find yourself bringing home even with no specific plan…just because you love it?

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Wardrobe Wednesday: LISA LEONARD DESIGNS GIVEAWAY…oh, yeah, and I got dressed too.

So, obviously, if you read the title of this post, you might be able to decipher that I’m just a wee bit excited about my new giveaway.

When Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs (she makes the cutest/most beautiful hand-stamped jewelry just in case you somehow have managed not to stumble across her work yet) contacted me about sponsoring my blog and doing a giveaway, you better believe that I responded with a great big, “YES, please!” in a heartbeat (or however many heartbeats it took for me to breathe into a paper bag first, that is).

Her work is so pretty. Which is fitting because so is she, inside and out. She’s even participating in my PCM fundraiser in November!

And $75 worth of that self-same pretty work can be yours for the low, low price of…well, entering the giveaway. That was easy, huh?

Just click on the Lisa Leonard Designs giveaway button on the sidebar, and enter away to your little heart’s content (make sure to leave comments for every individual action you complete since comments = entries). Entries close Saturday, October 1st at midnight, which just so happens to be the same cut-off time for The September Giveaway, so if you haven’t checked out all the loveliness to be won there yet, please…by all means!

Okay, so in other news, I got dressed this week. What a relief, right?

And I even took decent pictures.

And I’m going to show them to you.


On our way from back from our trip to San Antonio this past weekend, I talked my sweet husband into dropping Della and me off at the San Marcos outlet malls while he took the boys to check out the fishing gear at Cabela’s. It had literally been months since I’d done any significant shopping at a retail store. Kind of a side effect of running a 100% thrifted style blog, I suppose. 

Of course, I spent over half of my time there at the Pottery Barn Outlet, where I scored an absolutely awesome deal on a chandelier that I’ve been pining for for a while now. But I did manage to squeak into Banana Republic for a few minutes, and, of course, I made a beeline for the clearance racks. Nothing struck my fancy except for this red-orange “dress” (another one of those, “Really? Do people actually wear this with nothing on their bottom halves?” moments). It also happened to be one of the most discounted items I saw. But I couldn’t find it in my size for the life of me. And believe-you-me, it was standing out against all of the typical Banana-neutrals.  Just when I’d given up, though, I spotted one more flash of color tucked away in the corner, and sure enough, it was my size. Yippee!

Now, for your input. What color would you say this top is? Red? Orange? I say one, and my husband (who is red-green colorblind, I might add) says the other. He assured me that everyone who saw it would agree with him, so here’s my chance to test out his claim.

What say you, lovely readers?

What color is my top?


Top: Banana Republic Outlet ($15), Skirt: Goodwill ($3), Shoes: Beall’s ($11), Earrings: Payless ($8), Bracelet: thrfited (don’t remember), Bag: leather Le Borse/Marshall’s splurge ($60)

TOTAL: $97 (Shoooo-wee. After typing everything in the teens for Secondhand or Bare Bottom, that looks like an awfully high number!)


Yes, I know this outfit is a repeat from this weekend, but it was so bright when we took those pics that I wanted to give it another shot with more forgiving light. And my favorite red, thrifted belt. And no, I did not wash it between wearings (some of you were wondering…and judging; you know who you are).


I was trying to alternatively sympathize with and cheer up Della who was bawling her pretty little eyes out on the grass right beside my husband.


I had no idea I had such a pronounced vein running down the middle of my forehead. I feel a bit dinosaurish somehow.


I scored a ginormous bolt of this pretty, aqua linen from a friend for $2/yard! So, I brought a bit with me and spent a good portion of the drive down to San Antonio cutting out petals for starched linen flowers like this one (tutorial coming soon…promise!).

Dress: Target ($15), Shoes: Gifted, Belt: Goodwill ($1), Earrings (same as above)

TOTAL: $24




Top: Forever 21/Goodwill ($3), Skirt: Target ($4), Shoes: Major Dillard’s clearance from 9 years ago ($7), Belt: GW ($1), Jewelry: GW ($5)

TOTAL: $20

Polish with all three outfits: Kook-a-Mango by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.

Don’t forget to stop back by for a guest-post from Nina of Momma Go Round. If you are or have ever been stuck in a fashion rut, you won’t want to miss it!

Have a fantastic Wednesday, and meet me back here tomorrow for Five Things Thursday, okay?

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Feature Friday: Guest Bathroom Reveal

Yesterday, at the end of my 5 Things Thursday, I teased you with the promise of a big (or was it little?) reveal.

Well, here it is: our little guest bathroom, with a big pile of pictures to show it off.

So maybe it’s both little and big. You be the judge.

Just in case you’re wondering why I don’t have a movie recommendation for you this weekend, it’s because I’ve decided to do something a little different on Fridays. From now on, it will simply be known as Feature Friday.

Sometimes, that will be a feature film. Sometimes it will be something cool I’ve found floating around cyberspace. Sometimes it will be something nifty that you’ve done (feel free to email me with projects, in other words).

But over the next several weeks, it will consist of posts about my own house. I’ll feature a new room each Friday (assuming I’ve had time to make it pretty/take pics) until I run out of rooms that are worth showing (some are still major works in progress).

Are you as excited as I am? I know I always love getting peeks into other folks’ homes, so hopefully you’ll enjoy getting a glimpse (or ten) of mine.

So, without further yammering ado, I give you…

The Guest Bathroom


A view to the left…


A view to the right…


Pardon the yellow light. Not much natural light in here at all.






The pillow is from Goodwill, and I made the ruffle flower.


Probably my favorite detail of the entire room is the shower curtain, a Target find for about $18. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but in addition to the lattice scroll design and the almost grass-cloth like texture, there are also little veins of gold thread running throughout that give it a lovely sheen.

On a related side-note, a friend once lamented the ruination of her pretty cream-colored shower curtain because, when her little boy was potty-training, he had a tendency to get distracted and take his eye off the prize, thus resulting in some unfortunate yellow stains on her curtain. I remember thinking something snooty like, “So glad my boys don’t have that problem.”


Pride does go before a fall, folks. Or in this case, it goes right before you discover the same yellow stain all over your ivory curtain as you are surveying your bathroom in preparation for pictures. I will have you know that I Shouted, washed, dried, and steamed the wrinkles out of that darn curtain…just for you guys. (Okay, maybe a little for me too).

Oh, and when I asked Simon—my second boy (because I know my children well, and I knew the culprit wasn’t Ezra)—about the suspicious yellow blotches, he said, in his best super-serious voice, “Oh, I won’t do that the other time (his almost-four-year-old way of saying “next time”), Mama. I will go only in the potty.”

You are my witnesses, folks! You heard it here!




I bought that yellow/green frame at Hobby Lobby for 90% off, and then added that fun poppy print fabric from Hancock’s (the only info I have says, “Michelle, designed specifically for Hancock Fabrics. All right, then!) with help from Glen, the handy-dandy, albeit ugly, glue-gun.



The shelves we built were reeeeeeeallly deep, so hubby cut some leftover plywood to size, and I covered it with some orange/cream striped outdoor fabric to make false backs for the shelf openings (not perfection as you can see, but I like it). The decorations are a mix of garage sale finds (clock, wooden bird), Goodwill (birdcage, ivory creamer), and some fancied up versions of the Egg Carton Flower that I showed you how to make this week (I’ll update the tutorial soon to show you how I glittered them and added “stems”).


I’ve got a major thing for texture + sparkle, so these flowers are really doing it for me right now.

And…that’s all she wrote, folks! (Yeah, right. Do you really believe that? Surely you know me better by now).

Well, what do you think?

It’s nothing too terribly fancy, but then it is a bathroom. And there are aspects of it that make me just as happy as any other room in the house (like those glass pumpkins, which I have come to love after an initial reaction of “Whaaa?!” when I first opened the box after our wedding) .

Wanna know something that’s (almost) funny now that doesn’t make me quite as happy? I spent 20 (count them…TWEN.TY) hours painting this teensy-tinsy room. I had all kinds of grand ideas—stripes, stenciling, mint up top/chocolate down below (because brown walls are such a fantastic idea for a bathroom) color-schemes. And, unfortunately, I tried every. single. last. one of them before I finally painted the upper Sherwin William’s Dover White the lower Benjamin Moore’s Sunrise because we had leftovers of each.

Turns out, after 6 (SIX!!!) coats of paint on the upper half and numerous trips to the paint store, I had what I wanted lying around all the time, just waiting for me to figure it out.

Ain’t that the way, sometimes?

I hope you all have a wonderfully amazing weekend and figure out what it is you want before you waste twenty hours of your life chasing something that won’t work.

Me…I’ll be teaching fitness classes, cleaning, napping (Lord, please!), hanging out with my family, meeting new people, going to church, and praising Jesus for giving me breath each new day.

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Try-it Tuesday: Egg Carton Flower Tutorial

If eating eggs makes you feel crafty (and let’s face it, who doesn’t get in the mood for a little DIY after a nice omelet), then have I got the project for you!

Here’s what you’ll need:


    • One egg crate (the most common colors are this neutral greige or purple, but I don’t have any purple in my house, so I went neutral…shocking, I know)
    • Glue gun + glue (sometimes, I feel really guilty using Glen the Glue Gun so much since I tend to talk about how ugly he is; it’s like those mean girls in movies who charm the nerdy guy so they can steal his math answers)
    • Scissors
    • Decorative beads of your choice

1. Cut up each individual “cup” of your egg carton. You’ll need two per flower:


2. Cut a deep V into the “valley” between each of the points, like so:

IMG_5385 IMG_5387

3. When all of your V cuts are made, round the edges of your points, so they look like this:


4. Squeeze a generous glob of hot-glue onto the bottom flower layer, then press the top layer firmly into the bottom, holding until the glue has dried:

IMG_5363 IMG_5368

5. Gently press your petals outward to open up your flower:


6. Squeeze some more hot-glue into the center or your flower, and add your larger beads first (in my case, faux pearls from the kids’ jewelry section at Wally-World).


7. More glue, and the rest of your beads later, you should have something like this:


That’s it! You’re done! Whaaaat?!

Now…what to do with these cuties?

I’m not much of a trend-follower, but it’s impossible to look at anything in the blogosphere without gathering that cloches are huge right now. I just happened to have found an adorable version at Goodwill for $2, so I had a little fun with that:


This is just the wooden base without the glass dome, but I think the contrast of the worn wood against the textured flowers and the subtle sparkle of the beads is so pretty.


I really love neutrals. I do. But at heart, I’m a true color-girl, as you guys well know, so of course, I had to spray paint one of my flowers a deep teal (Rustoleum’s Dark Tide, in case you’re wondering), and plunk the whole thing down in my breakfast nook, which features this fabulous Pottery Barn fabric called Bettina.


It works, no?


I also remembered this lovely little vintage (Goodwill, of course) candlestick languishing unadorned inside my glass-front kitchen cabinet, and before I even knew what my hands were up to, I’d popped another flower on top.

And you know what? It worked too!

**Update: I wanted some sparkle in my guest bathroom, and these flowers seemed just right, so I took a little of this:


    • Glitter
    • Wooden kabob skewers
    • 3:1 Elmer’s to water concoction
    • Sponge brush


I gave the outside of my petals a quick brush with my glue mixture, then generously sprinkled them with glitter, tapping the flower against the bowl to remove the excess glitter.



All glitzed up on the outside. I did the exact same glue + glitter process on the inside of my petals once the first round dried.


I cut my skewers by making a notch with a pair of kitchen shears and then gently breaking them in half. (I did the same thing to the sharp tip as well).

Then I dabbed a little hot glue on the bottom of my flowers and held a skewer in place until it was dry enough to stand up straight.


I already had this little creamer from Goodwill ($1), so I arranged my glitter flowers inside and added it to my guest bathroom shelf in preparation for my Feature Friday reveal.


I love the touch of glamour they add without overwhelming the space.

So, tell me…will you be making these, and if so, where will you put them?

See you tomorrow for Wardrobe Wednesday. I’ve got round two of last week’s hair-do all ready for you!

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Feature Friday Master Closet Before + After


(Yes, I’m aware that capital letters = shouting, but that’s how excited I am! I want you to hear an announcer’s voice at the NBA Finals with the crowd cheering and pom-poms waving—they still use those, right?—and really big dudes running out in shiny jerseys. Never mind. Scratch the big dudes).

Because I’m finally delivering on the master closet reveal that I’ve hinted at a few times over the last week or so, and it’s big.

I’ve always wanted a pretty closet (sometimes I wish I could add a line-per-line soundtrack to my posts; if I could, you’d hear violins playing a haunting, nostalgic score right now).

But when we moved into our house (95% of which we built ourselves), the closet was pretty much the last thing on a looooooong (add about 4,567 more “o’s” and you’ll have a better idea of how not a priority it was) list of projects.

So, in went the clothes, the shoes, the jewelry, the hair doodads, the suitcases (?), the leftover home décor (??), the…scuba-gear (??!). Yeah. Our closet was pretty much a dumping ground for anything we couldn’t find a place for somewhere else in the house.

And it was anything but pretty.

But enough of my jabbering. Let’s let the pictures do the talking, shall we?




Okay, obviously not the world’s worst closet. I mean, I have a built-in shoe shelf (c/o my amazing husband) for crying out loud. But there was just too much stuff in too little space…space which was not being utilized to its highest (or even middling) potential.


All the “extras” that had trickled into the closet over the past two years, only to be shoved under the clothes racks.


$5 garage sale “chandy.” It more or less got the job done (i.e. I usually came out of the closet with two matching shoes).


Good shoe-shelf. Bad styling.


A view of the opposite side. Again, the bones are good. My husband made built-in cubbies, a laundry chute, and shelves…that got swallowed whole by my expansive scarf collection. Also, “non-cute” books and all my old issues of Fitness and Martha, were just jammed, willy-nilly into whichever space would fit.


Pretty much everything out. Aaaaah…it already feels so much better, but a closet’s not much of a closet unless it’s actually closeting stuff…right? (You’re nodding your head, but you look confused).

But before we could put it all back in, we had a few teensy changes to make. The first order of business was to add a little color to the space. If you’ve seen my DIY Tufted Ottoman tutorial (which gave you a quick glimpse of our living room), Della’s red and aqua nursery, any of my Wardrobe Wednesday posts, or my new 100% thrifted fashion site, Second Hand or Bare Bottom (oh yes, I did), you’ve probably been able to gather that color and me…we’re likethis. So white walls—even in the closet—were not okay.

I knew I wanted to use some paint samples I had left over from our living room redo, so I intentionally bought a too-dark blue-green shade from Lowe’s called Blue Shamrock intending to lighten it up. Then I opened it and got totally fooled by how light it was in the can (I’m not a paint amateur, I promise. I know it dries darker, but this was really light) and ended up cutting in the closet 3 times because my color kept ending up too dark.

Boy, those were good times.

I finally got a clue and dumped a bunch of white paint into the blue mix I already had going on, and came up with this (the best indication of the color is on my shorts):


Yeah, that’s what happens when you let a 5-year-old press the drill button when you’re custom-mixing your own paint. But it’s pretty impossible to get too upset when he looks like this:


Then, of course, you gotta do some of this:


A little of this:


Apparently, flexed toes are essential to effective decoupaging!

Until finally (and I do mean finally), you have…

BEFORE (just to refresh your memory):





Is anyone else hearing the Hallelujah Chorus right now?

(Okay, officially on the to-do list: make blog soundtrack).

For the scrolling-averse, I’ve compiled a collage of my favorite little vignettes (but I do hope you’ll scroll too…your finger probably needs the exercise).


I hope you’re ready for pictures, pictures, and more pictures, folks, because I am beyond happy with the “after,” and Momma wants to show off her new baby!



Believe it or not, that’s the same $5 chandy from the pic before, just reversed so that the lights point upward. Oh yeah. And painted Sherwin William’s Quite Coral with new Tiffany shades (that I had stashed from a different chandelier that I…oh, never mind…my point is I already had them).


If I had really wanted to impress you, I would have ironed a couple of those blouses. Oh well.

We took the single pole that was on this wall and pushed it up to the ceiling, adding another pole below to maximize the space. Shaun’s clothes are on the top pole since he can reach without a step-stool. Man, I love tall husbands.



Two of my favorite thrift-store bags now hang from a pretty dress-form I found at Ross. I got the “door” mirror a long time ago at a “barn-sale.”


I love this “bird verse” print from Jones Design Company! It reads: “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well,” Matthew 6:33. Above the mirror was really the best/only place for it, but I’m really happy that it’s perched there reminding me every time I analyze my reflection that God wants my first order of business to be, not my outward appearance, but my inner holiness.



Hats and scarves are bundled away in those cute jute baskets that I got at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Isn’t it nice when your shoes just happen to match your baskets? (I promise I didn’t buy those just for this picture).



I took a rolling rack that used to reside in our last kitchen, spray-painted it champagne and loaded it up with the random books, magazines, and, of course, my Anthropologie catalogues that had been jammed into the cubbies. A simple row of hooks was all it took to take my belt collection from a tangled mass to serene order. *Contented sigh.*


Now, that’s a shoe shelf. I bought white paintable, textured wallpaper at Sherwin Williams ($6.99 for singles rolls, but, of course, as with all wallpaper, it only come in doubles…why do they do that? I could write an entire rant post about that very topic—and I just might some day) then painted it Quite Coral and gave it a metallic craft paint glaze to highlight the detailing in the texture.


I’m not sure if that lamp (GW, $3, with a Target shade) will stay, but for now, it brightens up the space nicely.


More hooks now hold my necklaces, which act as wall-art all up and down the sides of the shoe shelf.


If I were worth my decorating salt, I would have stuffed all my bags with paper to make them stand at attention, but a) my taxidermist skills are sketchy at best, b) I’m a real girl with a real house who is too lazy to pull paper out of her bags every time she uses them, and c) I can cram more bags up there this way, and more bags = happiness.


Raise your hand if you love organization…especially in shades of aqua and white. Since we moved so many of our things up, that little teal step-stool from Marshall’s ($10) comes in very handy.



Perfectly patterned aqua and white condiment bowls from Marshall’s make for wonderful accessory holders.


Really, who doesn’t need a fat, white ceramic pig in her life? I found each of the animal figurines (which are actually piggy banks) at the Dollar Store for $1 each (that may sound repetitive, but not everything at the Dollar Store is actually one dollar…sneaky).


The aqua tea-light holders came in these gorgeous boxes that now hold my scarves:

IMG_4820I was so thrilled to find something so beautiful and functional (clear plastic tops so I can see everything!) that already had something I wanted inside (I’m going to hang the rest of the tea-light holders from our pergola outside). And at $4.99 per box of holders (from Ross), it was a steal (especially when you consider that all the other pretty storage boxes I found were $5 all by their lonesome).


I found this little girl at Goodwill for $5, cleaned her up, decoupaged her with (Christmas!) wrapping paper, and changed out the knobs for my favorite white flower versions from Hobby Lobby (50% off, of course). It houses bigger bags like backpacks and totes. I got the vintage suitcase at Goodwill for $2.



I bought this jewelry tree from Marshall’s a while back and found that magenta basket @ Goodwill for fiddy cent.


Fuchsia velvet hangers are definitely a girl’s friend.


I think my favorite element of the entire closet is the “Mr. and Mrs.” poles. I ran across this wrapping paper in the wedding section at Walmart and knew it was just the thing to spruce up plain, white poles. A little Elmer’s glue/water concoction and a sponge brush were all it took to create closet pole magic!

Honestly, magical might be the best word to describe how it feels when I walk into my very own dream closet. It is humble, certainly, by fancy-house standards, but it is perfect for me, and I couldn’t be more thrilled (unless maybe I could have closed my eyes, clapped my hands, and then opened my eyes to discover it all done for me…hmmm…yeah, not so much).

I’ve mentioned the sources and prices for several items already, but here’s a quick (though not exhaustive) reference for the other items:

    • Velvet Flocked hangers: Fuchsia (Marshall’s, $20 for 36), Cream (Ross, $40 for 100)
    • Rug runner: Ross, $9
    • Jute “bird” baskets: Hobby Lobby, $5 each
    • Dress form: Ross, $40 (I had store credit I needed to use, or I probably wouldn’t have splurged)
    • Aqua hanging shoe holders: Target, $2.50 each
    • Apple green crates: Walmart, $4 each
    • White flower knobs: Hobby Lobby, $2 each
    • Aqua and White condiment bowls: Marshalls, $1.75 each
    • Magenta laundry basket: Walmart, $2

I haven’t done an official tally, but I guestimate the entire transformation to be at around $150 (including the dress form). Not too bad considering the drastic change.

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my closet as much as I enjoy having it (I think I get the better end of that deal).

Me? I think I’m going to round up the kiddos and just go sit on the floor in—you guessed it—the closet.

If you have any questions, or I’ve left something out that you’re interested to know, don’t hesitate to email me or leave me a comment! I love hearing from you!

Don’t forget to come on back tomorrow for a Flicky Friday movie recommendation! I’ll even throw in a 5 Things list for free (I bet you can guess one thing I’m thankful for this week!)

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