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Della’s Big Girl Room {Questions Answered}

I had quite a few repeat questions from Della’s Big Girl Room Reveal, (yes, I’m slow to answer. Sorry! There were all the kids tugging on me that wanted food and stuff).

So, I thought I would answer them all here, in case some of you folks that didn’t speak up were still hankering to know the answers too.
1. Where is that light from??! (Far and away the most common question).

I got it at a Pottery Barn outlet ages ago, before I even had a room to use it in. I paid–get this–$30. (It’s currently selling on the Pottery Barn site for–get this–$199. ON SALE). How did I pull that one off? Read this post to find out.
2. How did you make the framed butterfly art?

I’ve never done an official tutorial on this one, but it really doesn’t need one. Basically, I used a butterfly-shaped craft punch (use a 50% coupon at Michael’s, and you can get even the big ones for something like $10…I’ve used mine for multiple projects like this butterfly mobile in Della’s old room and the twins’ butterfly wall) on various sheets of cute scrapbook paper until I had a pretty good pile. I bent the wings of each butterfly slightly so that it would have a bit of dimension, then hot-glued them in rows against a piece of white card stock. I was inserting them into old Goodwill frames with existing matting, and I added a layer of textured white wallpaper to the matting to make it stand out a little more. That step is completely optional, though. After I replaced the matting (I secured it to the card stock backing with a bit of tape), I popped my new easy “art” back in the frames and called it done!

3. How in the world do you keep her bedspread and chair so white?

Honestly, I don’t do anything special, although the ruffly “bedspread” is rarely actually on her bed, since it’s a bit slippery and tends to slide off. So, that stays out of harm’s way (i.e. sticky fingers and markers) most of the time. As for the chair…well, thanks to a painting snafu a few years back, it actually has a haze of oil-based coral paint on parts of it. It’s not super-noticeable unless you look closely, but it’s definitely not in as pristine of condition as it apparently appears in the pictures.

4. About that bedspread, how did you make it again?

I totally didn’t “make” anything about the bedspread. I had plans of actually sewing the ruffles onto the quilt, but laziness/busyness got the better of me, which means it really, truly is just a shower curtain laid over top of a white quilt. Works for me!

5. What is this ginormous bed you speak of?

I realize it was probably hard to picture a bed big enough for all three little girls that makes sense in a room this small. Shaun was planning to make a custom bed for the space, but then we found this twin over full bunk bed with a trundle.

It was a pretty big splurge, but considering that it’s essentially 3 beds in one, works really well in the space, has great reviews (which, hopefully, means that it will last a long time), was at least $1,000 cheaper than any comparable name-brand options, and saves my husband a lot of work (not to mention the fact that the materials for making/painting the bed we had in mind weren’t exactly going to be cheap), and had FREE shipping, we decided to bite the bullet and invest in something all of the girls could use for a long time. (We also got it for about $100 cheaper than the listed price, thanks to some discounts, so that was nice).

6. WHERE are all the toys/little girl clutter?


First up, I have to emphasize that Della’s room is never super-tidy when I haven’t just pulled a full-on Mary Poppins on it. Still, the truth is that she doesn’t have tons of toys in her room. We have two bins full of random toys downstairs in the living room and tons of toy storage in our “big room”/schoolroom upstairs, so my kids’ rooms are (somewhat) toy-free (not that you would guess that from the Lego graveyard that usually litters the boys’ floor). She does have a dress-up basket in her closet and a bin full of stuffed animals in her room (not to mention the constant collection of random bits and bobs that end up stuffed in the top part of the secretary desk that holds her non-hanging clothes).

7. How in the world did you have time to do all of this?

Honestly, considering that I pointed out that it took me almost 3 years to get this room finished, I’m surprised that anyone was still wondering this. Because the short answer is that I get it done, one project at a time, veeeeeerrrrry slooooooowly.

But then again, on the day that I finally got everything finished up, I spray-painted four different things, hung multiple pieces of art (with Shaun’s help…AKA, he did almost all of it), rearranged, cleaned, fluffed, and shot pictures. And all of that within the space of about 4 hours.

How did I manage it? Well, my kids were all at my mom’s, so I wasn’t trying to do 41 different things at once. I was a little amazed at how much I could accomplish without constant distractions. Don’t get me wrong: I wouldn’t trade my sweet little “distractions” for an infinite number of finished rooms. But having that dedicated time definitely made a difference in my productivity levels.

So, if you’re feeling like you should be doing “room reveals” or finishing things up more often with kids around, please be assured that I don’t. Not really. I plug along getting some things done, but without that dedicated kid-free time, I don’t know if you would have ever seen Della’s room.

And that’s the straight-up truth, folks.


I think that mostly answers the big questions. Feel free to add to the list if you have any more, though. Oh, and thanks for the encouragement to keep her chair! I’m going to try to find a place for it (that bed really does kind of swallow the room whole, though).

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Della’s Big Girl Room Reveal

I knew it had been–ahem–a “little while” since I originally posted the inspiration board for what I planned to do with Della’s big girl room. But it wasn’t until I pulled up the actual post and checked the date that I saw that it was from April of Two Thousand TWELVE.

That’s a long time to wait for a room reveal, y’all. You must really love me or something if you’ve hung on for this long. Either that, or you just gave up hope. (I don’t blame you).

Now, granted, most of the important elements have been in place for a long time. But the finishing touches had languished in life-with-twins + I’ve-got-other-things-to-do land for almost three years…until about 3 weeks ago when the fact that we had a new bed (that will accommodate the twins and Della) that needed setting up forced us to rush around and get everything just so. My husband thinks it’s ridiculous that it only existed in its completely finished form for a day or two, but I had promised you a room reveal, so a room reveal you will get.

Plus, although we have to do some rearranging of furniture thanks to the behemoth of a new bed, most of the elements of the room will remain the same. So, it wasn’t all in vain.

Before I show you the finished room, let’s take a gander at the inspiration board to see just how faithful I stayed to my original vision.

della's big girl inspiration


The answer? Pretty darn (faithful, that is).

Wanna see? (Well, gee, Abbie, I don’t know. I mean, it’s only been three years. I think I’m good).

Okey dokey. I’ll try to source everything as I go, but if there’s something I don’t, or you have questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll answer them the best I can.


I went with the Urban Outfitter’s rug (which was a steal at $35 but has since sold out) from the inspiration board. I love it. The colors are gorgeous, and even though the rug itself is super thin (almost more like a thick burlap than a rug), that’s not a problem since it’s layered over carpet here.


I also went with the original curtain inspiration. I never managed to track down the perfect curtains already done for me, so I made these from strips of $2/yard white linen and–get this–a $2 batch of fabric from Goodwill that just so happened to be perfect color.


I couldn’t bring myself to cough up $150 for UO’s waterfall duvet (from the inspiration board), so I did a little DIY hack by ordering an $18 ruffled shower curtain from Amazon and simply layering it over a white $10 quilt from Goodwill.


I found the pink patterned sheets at Ross, and the pillows are a hodgepodge from Marshall’s (gold polka dots), Target (teal ombre ruffle), and a pillow cover I won from a blog contest (birds).


You might recognize the name + butterfly art from Della’s nursery. I big-girlified the old frames with a coat of gold spray paint, and I love how they bring a little of her nursery nostalgia into her big girl room.

The bedside table is from Target (I revealed it in this post), the result of a ridiculously long hunt for the right style/scale of table to match her low headboard (which I found at Goodwill for $15 and which Shaun painted that lovely shade of raspberry).


The sunburst mirror was a $20 score (originally over $100–ridiculously enough–from Hobby Lobby). The metal started out a deep rust color, so I covered the biggest mirror with paper (thank GOODNESS all of the tiny mirrors were covered with pieces of plastic, or this project would not have happened) and spray painted the whole thing gold. (Shaun and I spent way too long peeling all of the little plastic pieces off afterwards).


Purdy, ain’t she?


I stenciled that aqua secretary’s desk ages ago, and it still does a great job of corralling all of Della’s non-hanging clothes.


Gold spray paint makes everything better!


So do fun floral knobs from Marshall’s.


That fun framed print is from Lindsay Letters via Hobby Lobby on a 50% off sale. I love her work and was thrilled when HL started carrying some of her prints, since I’m able to get my hands on them for half off (when they run their bi-monthly art sale).


I borrowed those colorful children’s classics from our upstairs sitting room, and the gold tinsel tree is from the Target Dollar Spot last year (obviously, I took these pictures close to Christmas).


If you turn around and face the opposite wall, you’ll see this cute vanity that I scored on a local FB swap and shop.

dellasroom dellasroom5

I made the butterfly art for Della’s nursery and am happy it still works well with the color scheme of this room too.


Her chair is another holdover from her nursery. Sadly, I don’t have a place for it anymore now that the big bed is in, but I don’t know if I can bring myself to part with it either. I keep moving it around the room hoping it will magically find a nook I didn’t notice before (unlikely in a small, square room, no?), but no such luck so far. The owl is from Urban Outfitter on major sale. And, yes, you guessed it: I spray painted it gold too.

I’m sure you’ve got a pretty good feel for the room at this point, so I figured I’d finish up with a few of my favorite detail shots.dellasroom9

I love this Anthro pouf. I can’t imagine how much they tried to charge for it originally, but I got it for $5 off of that same swap and shop site I mentioned earlier.    #5dolla #holladellasroom14

That cute wooden bird art is from Hobby Lobby on major sale, and I love the combination of its sweetness with the textured/striped curtains. dellasroom16

My friend, Lindsay, bought me that gorgeous polka dot gold and white bowl for Christmas, and I just about squealed when I realized just how perfect it was for this space.    dellasroom19 dellasroom20


I think the “love” earring tree was from Ross, and the floral clock was a Goodwill score.

And that, my friends, is what Della’s big girl room looked like after almost 3 years o’ tweaking and rearranging and hunting for just the right pieces at the right prices. I may be slow (like, really, really slow), but I do get there eventually.

Of course, now I have to figure out the room with a giant bed swallowing it whole.

So…be on the lookout for that reveal in a year or three.

So, what do you think? Worth the wait? I was in warm-up stages of labor with Theo and trying not to stress and get down about my body’s weird ways right after we finished this room. To that end, I kept walking into it, taking a long look around, and saying, “I love that it’s finished. It just makes me happy!” So, yeah. It was definitely worth it to me.

What about you guys? Does it take you forever to get a room just so too? Or do you like to bang it all out at once? I would love the all-at-once option if I had endless resources and cash, but, alas, I usually have to hunt for something I have in mind. It makes it all the more rewarding when I find the perfect thing, though.

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Della turned 4, and it wasn’t even remotely Pinterest-worthy!

Last Friday, our sweet Della-Lou turned 4-years-old. (You can catch up on birthday posts with her 2nd and 3rd if you like).

For some reason, her birthdays, more than any of my other children’s, always strike a nostalgic chord with me. I promise I don’t have a favorite kid, but Della was my first girl, and I really think having her unlocked something in my heart that might never have been completely free without a little girl to love on. Which, obviously, makes her special in some ways. So, it seems strange to think that the tiny little elfin creature with the big blue saucer eyes like this all.the.time…

wideeyed della

{Seriously. She looked constantly surprised. Also? How in the world have I been blogging long enough that she was this size when I started???!}

…is no longer a baby or even a toddler, but a “big girl” as she insists on calling herself. It’s all a bit much for this hormonal mama to take in.

We started off celebrating her birthday with a big breakfast that she ate barely two bites of…

della's birthday3

…mostly because she was so busy checking out her gifts (this is the first year that she has been fully aware of all the material perks of being the birthday girl).

della's birthday2

Can you tell she’s a “Hello Kitty Cat” fan? She was super-excited about that Hello Kitty Baking Book that I got for us to make HK treats together (honestly, I’m not a big fan of Miss Kitty–or any other branded paraphernalia, for that matter–but she doesn’t bare her midriff, wear tiny skirts, sport a bad attitude, or do anything else terribly objectionable–that I know of–so I’m picking my battles).

But Della’s favorite gift of all was this card from her big brother, Ezra.

della's birthday4

It said, “Happy Birthday, Della! You are the oldest and best sister I ever had! I love you!”  :) and had a custom, construction paper + Scotch tape pocket for $2 and some ice cream gift cards he had been hoarding.

The part she loved the most–even more than the cash–was what he had written for her. She kept looking at it and asking him to read it to her again. It made my Mama-heart skip a beat or two.

After breakfast, we jetted off to the gym since I had a class to teach, and then we headed to Target where Della got to use some birthday money from G. Grandma to buy whatsoever her heart desired.

della's birthday1

After quite a few, “Are you SURE that’s what you want to spend all of your money on?” prompts from me, she finally settled adamantly on this puppets + playhouse combo, and I have to admit that it was a pretty smart choice and has already seen its share of use (it’s currently residing on her bed, and she’s sleeping inside her “castle” at night).

After our shopping spree, we rushed home to get lunch ready for her “party.” I put quotes around that because, out of the two families we invited (through the super-formal method of texting), one couldn’t come because of sickness. (This seems to be a theme). And, if a party is supposed to have a) preparation b) a theme or c) more than a smidgen of effort put into it…

Then this didn’t qualify.

I’ll admit that I like the challenge of a themed, pretty party every now and then. But I’m rarely doing it for my children, since they would be just as happy with store-bought cake and a few streamers as they would with glass apothecary jars and matching favor bags.

Instead, I’m doing it for me–because I enjoy crafting and baking and that jazz. Until I don’t. Until it’s just too much. Because if no one cares but me, and I’m tired, and all the “jazz” is doing is detracting from the energy I could be lavishing on an actual human being…then the pretty is pretty much not worth it. Amiright?

Which is why the ONLY thing that I had specifically planned to do for Della’s birthday was a Hello Kitty birthday cake made by moi.

hello kitty

And even though I’m pleased with how it turned out, it was still a far cry from anything fancy (I ordered the mold from Amazon, used a boxed pink velvet cake, and iced it in 45 minutes flat using supplies I already had in my baking stash).

Since our “party” was so small, I had Shaun set up a portable table between the kitchen and the living room.

I had fully intended to throw some hoagie sandwich fixins’ on the table, plop the cake in the middle, and call it good. But then, when I was digging through my piping tips, I stumbled across a stash of hodgepodge, leftover decorations.

So…a polka dot disposable tablecloth, some yellow streamers, a lone pink balloon, some fun straws, and Dollar Store plates later…and we had something resembling an actual party going on!

birthday table

World’s easiest “tablescape” meet world’s most easily pleased kids!

della birthday

It felt good to do something festive for my girl. But I’m not gonna lie: it felt even better to not have stressed or slaved over every last detail.

And you know what?

None of our guests seemed to care about the less-than-photo-worthy decor.

The sandwiches got scarfed. The cake got inhaled. The proper songs were sung. And a grand old time was had by all.

Don’t get me wrong, y’all. There’s nothing wrong with a pretty party every now and then. But it’s also good for me to remember that my kids don’t care about pretty. They care about love. Even the wonky, tattered and reused tablecloth kind of love that ties a non-helium balloon to the back of the birthday girl’s chair and calls it a day.

Last year, I put a similar lack of effort into Della’s “party” and wrote these words on Instagram:

Della’s sooo excited about her “hello kitty cat” present. I am soooo excited about a super-informal playdate/birthday party at McDonald’s that involved zero homemade crafts, fancy chalkboard art, or elaborate desserts (I made the cupcakes this morning and had to “punt” after discovering I was short several ingredients, and they STILL turned out ok). Mamas: your little princess will NOT care one bit whether her party is Pinterest-worthy…unless you teach her to care. They just want love. And cake. Cake is good too.

I’m glad that I listened to my own advice again this year.

Especially the part about the cake. ;)

What about you guys? Do you also enjoy making pretty parties, or do you keep it prefer to keep it pretty simple? Obviously, I’m a mix. Sometimes, it feels worth it, but most of the time, not so much.


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A bedside table swap (aka: a sneak peek at Della’s room)

I won’t even mention how long ago it was that I showed you the inspiration for Della’s big girl  room, but just know it’s been a while. And the thing is, it’s mostly done. And it’s been mostly done for a while. But the last 12% or so has had me stumped.

I wanted to do a gallery wall but couldn’t seem to find all the pieces I wanted for it. I couldn’t decide whether or not  to paint a vanity because I couldn’t decide on a color that I loved with everything else. And if I didn’t paint it, I didn’t want to keep it. And so it just sat there.

There were little projects here and there (mostly involving spray paint) that I kept putting off because of all of the other little details nagging at the back of my mind.

And then there was the issue of the bedside table.

Della listens to music each night, so she needed a place for her music player and her water cup, plus any other “necessary” odds and ends beside her bed.

But Della’s bed is very low, and finding a small table that doesn’t overwhelm the space or seem comically disproportionate to the bed has proven to be unexpectedly similar to solving a quantum physics equation hard. 

Enter this cute fabric-covered bird table from Hobby Lobby. It was the last one on clearance, and it mostly went with the colors in her room, so I snapped it up and brought it home to roost (see how I did that?).

bedside tableTEXT

It’s cute, right? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it by itself.

Except that it didn’t take me long to figure out that it wasn’t quite right for the space. Too tall. Too much competition with the rug, which I luuuuuurve. Not that that kept it from staying there for months because I couldn’t seem to find a better option.

Until Saturday, that is.

On a trip to Target for something else entirely, I spotted an adorably funky little table that looked like it just might finally be tiny enough and the right colors to make the space work how I wanted it to.


And you know what? I was right!

Now, I fully expect to get at least a comment or two saying, “But the first one was better!” And I get that. Because it is a very pretty table.

But I think when I show you the entire space you’ll see why the Target table was the better choice.

So, when will that be, Abbie? I mean, after all, it’s taken you two years (oops, I wasn’t supposed to mention that) to show us this much! (In my defense, you got another little peek back at Christmas, not to mention when I showed you this aqua and white stenciled desk).

Well, you know how sometimes something small just clicks, and all of a sudden, everything else just falls into place? For some reason, buying this little table was like that.

Suddenly, I knew what color I wanted to paint the vanity (which means it’s staying). I knew which art I wanted. Heck, I even knew how to end world hunger.

Okay, sadly, not that.

But I think I can say with relative confidence (see how I hedged there?) that I will be doing a full-on reveal of Della’s long-awaited (who are we kidding? you gave up waiting 18 months ago) big girl room very soon because I have a vision, ya’ll!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what Della thought of her new table…

della pillow

I don’t really know because she was too busy getting uber-excited about her new ombre ruffle pillow I also snagged on the same trip to Target (I don’t guess anybody who’s ever set foot in Target should be surprised that I walked out with a ruffle pillow and a bedside table when I went in for stools).

So, what about you guys? Does getting one little thing right sometimes break through a case of decorating block? I tend to get hung up on the details, so getting one of those banged out usually gives me a bit of push.

When was the last time you went into Target for something specific and only came out with the item(s) you had in mind? I think a feat of such Herculean strength would require avoiding all decorating aisles, party aisles, office supply, beauty, and clothing. So, yeah. Basically the whole store.

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Happy Birthday, Lady Bug!

Today, this little cutie-pie is two-years-old.


I would do the usual shtick about how time flies, and I can’t believe she’s so old already, but honestly, although time does seem to slip through my fingers like Della’s hair whenever I’m trying to fix it in a hurry, what I really can’t believe is that she’s only two.

She seems so much older to me.


Maybe it’s the hair.


After all, not too many just-now-two-year-olds have hair to the top of their—ahem—diapers.

Or maybe it’s the way she busily marches around the kitchen, unloading silverware from the dishwasher.


Or the way she gently pats her baby sisters’ tummies when they’re upset and says, “Shhhhh, it’s otay. I help you.”


Whatever it is, this little girl just has something special about her that makes her seem old and wise far beyond her two brief years on this earth.


She’s definitely starting to come into her own. She has a firm grasp of the word “no,” and she doesn’t need much practice to perfect her pouty face.


But the vast majority of the time, she looks like this:


{Darn Daddy’s shoulder for getting in the way! : )}

And she draws comments of, “Oh, my! Isn’t she pretty?” or “Isn’t she just the sweetest?” everywhere we go (not that I’m a proud mama at all).


She is my precious little Lady Bug, and I love her so much my heart kind of aches from it.

And I can’t wait to see how she uses that special spark that God has so clearly placed inside of her to change the world some day.


P.S. These little critters are all over our house.


I had no idea that they had any kind of seasonal pattern, until I started noticing that they show up almost exactly on Della’s birthday every year (this year, it was two days early), which only makes it all the more fitting that we chose “Lady Bug” as her nickname even before she was born. (If you haven’t read how the appearance of the ladybugs helped me through my labor with her before, you can do so here; it’s pretty cool).

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Mexican Gringa

I don’t know about you guys, but I get tired of looking at my own mug every single Wednesday.

But I never get tired of this sweetness:


{This is practically the only direct gaze + smile shot that I managed to get}

So, today, I thought I might hose you down with treat you to some shots of little Miss Adelaide, wearing one of my favorite outfits on her evah—namely a dress, sandal, and hair-flower combo that I picked up at various markets during our trip to Mexico.

I had to bribe her with (another) trip to the park to distract her from the annoyance of her headband elastic (she was not a fan), which means that actually capturing any shots of her where she wasn’t in constant motion was quite a challenge, but I did manage to nab a few decent ones of my lovely little pale-skinned mexicana.


{How nice of them to have turquoise stair-railing to contrast so fetchingly with her orange flower, no?}


These little leather sandals are pretty much the best $10 I ever spent. They’re adorable, She loves them. And they seem to be very comfortable since she never purses her lips and says, “Ooooooooow,” when I put them on.


Que bonita, no?


My midwife says that if Della’s eyelashes were any longer, we’d have to use them as helium balloon weights. I’m inclined to agree.


Despite how it may look, she isn’t crying in this pic but instead uttering her bossiest, “MaMA!” Apparently, her tolerance for posing atop large stone lizards was limited at best.


I’ll bring back the adult fashion (hmm…perhaps not the best wording?) next week, but, really, can you blame me for showing Della off just a teeny bit?

Because, seriously, that little girl is such a blessing to my life, and I am hoping and praying that her sisters are just like her.



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5 Things Thursday: Della’s Big Girl Room

Good morning, everybody!

First off, let me throw out another reminder about our big Shop My Closet Sale/PCM Fundraiser and Bath and Bodyworks Gift Card Giveaway!

I’ve already gotten bids on almost every item in the sale, although a few are still up for grabs, but I’m holding off on contacting anyone about winning until I’m sure everyone’s had the chance to at least get her name in the hat.

If you’ve sent me an email, and I haven’t responded specifically yet, it’s not because you didn’t win.

In fact, it’s almost entirely due to the fact that a stomach bug showed up to the spectacular head cold party I was already hosting in this pregnant body of mine, and we just had a grand ol’ time yesterday.

(I’m feeling much better today).

You will be getting emails from me very soon, though, telling you which of your items you’ve won and which ones have competition and giving you your one chance to up your bid, if I haven’t already.

Okay, so on to today’s order of business!

With LB4 on the way, I’ve already started thinking about Della’s “big girl” room.

“Big girl” is in the biggest quotations ever because Della is soooooo tiny that practically every Sunday, the nursery workers confirm how old she is, whether she’s walking yet, and whether we’re sure she’s supposed to be in the toddler room.

And then I go stand at the toddler room door and stare at all the giants—read: normal-sized kids—tromping around in there, and think, “Hmmm…maybe we should stick her back in the nursery with the 9-month-olds…give her a fighting chance and all.”

Still, despite her small stature, she’s a spunky little thing, and there’s little cuter than watching her roll and flop around on one of her brothers’ twin beds (of which she takes up about 1/15).

I think she can pull it off.

Just as a refresher, here’s what her room looks like now (or, at least did look like before we started our garage renovation and basically turned it into a hallway…yes, my daughter sleeps in a hallway…I’m a terrible mother).

I still love it, almost two years later, but I want something a little more versatile and sophisticated for her new room—something that can grow with her over time.

Because I love so many of the accents and personal touches in her baby room, I wanted to stay with a similar color scheme so that I could carry them over to the walls of her new room (that, and as you guys probably remember, red and turquoise/aqua/teal is one of my favorite color combos ever).

So, I jumped on Olioboard—a fantastic free resource for home design inspiration boards—and threw together my first ever design board.

I limited myself to 5 things, since today is 5 Things Thursday and all, and if you don’t limit yourself, the options can be a bit vast and overwhelming.

And here they are:

Della's room-001

You can click the pic to be taken to my original board, which has sources/prices for most of the items (minus the curtains, which I couldn’t find a source for), but here’s the breakdown, as far as I’m concerned.

I know I want:

1. A white ruffly bedspread.

The one on the board is from Urban Outfitters—their Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover. But for approximately $70, I’d only be getting the duvet cover, not even the duvet itself. And since I’m, you know, cheap, that’s kind of unacceptable. (I have plans on what to do about this. Hopefully, I can reveal them soon).

2. A cute curvy desk in a fun color.

I’m not stuck on yellow as shown in the pic, but I certainly don’t mind it, and it pairs well with the rug.

3. A colorful accent rug.

I’ve actually already ordered the one on the board, which is from Urban Outfitters as well—their Big Garden Printed Rug. It was only $34 for a 3’X5’, and the plushness level doesn’t matter a bit since it will be layered over carpet, so I was pretty thrilled with that score (and I had zero ideas on how to knock that one off).

4. A wooden headboard with graceful lines.

I’ve actually already found the perfect one from—where else?—Goodwill.

I saw it one day just as the kids and I were getting in the (long) line to check out, and I was just too tired to find somebody who would help me carry it out to my car (finding the right employee for such things can take 15 minutes sometimes). 

I thought, “We’ll be back this way tomorrow. Surely no one will nab it by tomorrow.”

I bet you know what happened.

I went back, and it was gone.

Sad day.

I asked around, but the employees knew nothing and informed me, “If it’s not on the floor, then it’s gone.”

But then, I went back a few days ago looking for something else entirely, and…lo and behold…there it was leaning against the dingy back wall, basking in a ray of sunshine while the angels sang a chorus of Hallelujahs and dust mote fairies danced in the glow.

Okay, so maybe the fairies are a bit much, but the rest of it happened. Pinky Promise.

HAPPY day!

The best part?

My all-wood, adorably curvy and perfect twin headboard for my tiny girl’s big girl room was $16.

That specimen you see there on my Olioboard?

Eighteen HUNDRED dollars, people.

Aaaaaand, I’m back from a brief fainting spell.

5. White and red horizontal striped curtains.

Yes, I know the ones on the board are more of a tasteful, subdued, and vintagey cream and pink, but that’s not really the vibe I’m shooting for with this room.

After some searching though, I can’t find a single pic of red and white striped curtains where the stripes are THICK, bold, and horizontal. (I think I see a fabric painting project in my future).

So…what do you think?

Am I off to a good start?

I’m loving it so far, which is, I guess, what counts since whenever I ask Adelaide if she likes something house-related, she pretty much always responds with a vigorous head nod and an enthusiastic, “Yeah!”

I do have one question, though:

I know for sure I want to paint her headboard a fun color, but with white and red striped curtains, a white/red chandy (I think the one in the pics from her baby room will be migrating with her), and a loud rug already in place, I don’t want to do anything too crazy.

So…what color should I paint her headboard?

General and specific suggestions (as in actual paint colors) welcome!

See you soon for Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL!

If all goes well (dangerous, dangerous words), I’ll have it live at 7 PM tonight.

P.S. I get the privilege of guest-posting today for the lovely, talented, and extremely nice Beth of Home Stories A to Z.

If you thought my washer transformation was batty, you may think I’ve really lost it now because I’m sharing how I actually spent an hour of my life sprucing up a household item I bet every single one of us has a rather resentful relationship with.

Check it out!

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Try-it Tuesday: Ghetto Tailoring Tips

I am no seamstress, folks.

Like, I’m pretty much a disgrace to the word seamstress.

I can sew straight lines, make ruffles (because that pretty much involves sewing straight lines), mostly follow an (easy) pattern, maybe manage a curved line or corner, sew buttons on, and maybe, on a really good day, with lots of patience, install a zipper.

And yet, it’s amazing what you can accomplish with such rudimentary (read: pathetic) skillz.

I’ve completely reupholstered a chair, sewn curtains, made baby shoes and couch pillows, designed a custom window awning for my kitchen, sewn skirts, and even “tailored” my own clothes.

Now that last bit has consisted almost entirely of easy pants-hemming and even a little duct tape action(the shiny kind you actually use on ducts).

But one of the easiest “wrong fits” in the world to fix is the piece of clothing that’s simply too wide.

Maybe it’s the wrong size, maybe the fit’s just weird (every x-small I’ve seen at GAP for the last 18 months has baffled me: if they think x-small people are 4 feet wide, then what about the rest of us?), or maybe your shape has changed.

Whatever the issue, the solution is ridiculously simple.

Check out the sample below:



Okay, so obviously—and not too surprisingly—I wanted to show off some pics of my cutie-pie daughter in one of my favorite outfits on her (can you blame me?).

But that adorbs coat she’s wearing (which I bought for a whopping $20 on sale from the GAP outlet on our most recent trip to Dallas because I loved it so much—perhaps the single most expensive item I’ve ever bought for my daughter) is just too big.

Even though it’s a 6-12 mo. size.

And she’s 15-months-old.

Yup. We got our first shrimp in the family.

And yes, I know in the pictures that it looks pretty cute in its endearing swallow-her-wholeness, but practically, it was pretty hard for her to wear—cumbersome and lumpy.


What’s a mama—who handed over a crisp Andrew Jackson for that darling little coat which, with the blazing temps that are already showing up here in Texas, won’t even be able to be worn but maybe two more times—to do?

Rejoice in the fact that it’s the “right kind” of too big and work some magic with her non-seamstress skills.

Here’s all you’ll need for this super-simple project:


That’s right:

    • Straight pins
    • A sewing machine (or needle and thread if you like to kick it old school)

Here’s what I did:

1. Turned the coat inside out to expose the inner seams, put it back on Adelaide, and then stuck a few quick pins along the length of the seam to mark how much I needed to take it in.


How do you get a toddler to hold still so she doesn’t get stuck with pins? Ply her with cookies and oversized stuffed animals, of course.

2. Next, I took the coat off, put the toddler down for a nap (this step is pretty important) and assessed.


3. I set my sewing machine’s seam to its longest length (that’s the 5.0 on the screen) for two reasons: a) my fabric was kind of thick, and I didn’t want a smaller seam causing it to bunch, and b) I don’t plan on this being a permanent fix, since as Della grows, I’ll be able to let these seams back out so that the coat grows with her (and the looser the seams, the easier they are to rip out).


4. Then I started sewing, starting at the bottom of the coat and sewing up towards the arms. I used my pins as guidelines, but mostly I just used the sewing machine foot, lining it up with the outside edge of the inside out coat, since that was close enough to the pins I’d marked and helped keep the line nice and straight.


5. As I got to the wrists of the sleeves, I tapered my seam a bit (notice my foot is now outside edge of the coat) since the sleeves weren’t very big on her, and I didn’t want her chubby little baby wrists to be trapped in too-tight sleeves.


Here’s a quick shot of the seam from the bottom hem all the way up through the arm. Seriously. Easiest. sewing. ever.

6. The coat was also a bit long, so I folded under the bottom hem, and stitched a quick seam using the current one (white) as my guide


7. I hauled her out her bed, sleepy-eyed and confused, plunked the coat back on her, snapped a quick pic, then buckled her up and drove off to teach BODYCOMBAT.

IMG_1952I realize this is a bit of an awkward pose, but her feet were planted like the roots of a 100-year-old tree, folks, and I have about a dozen other pictures with them in the exact same position because I couldn’t get her to budge an inch no matter how many crazy dances or silly faces I made. She was barely awake. 

But see how much better the fit is? Not quite as adorable as the huge version, maybe, but definitely more practical

(By the way, I’m not the only one who uses this method. Mandy from Biblical Homemaking beat me to this post a while back, and she even altered the width of some pants with great success!)

So…you may be wondering how this relates to you if you don’t have kids.

Well, this is actually only maybe the third time I’ve tailored my kids’ clothes. Most of the time, I’m doing some sort of quick nip-tuck to my own thrifted finds, like this mustard cropped cardi that I wore to Super Night with Super Mom.

Size: XL.

It was okay. There wasn’t any real necessity for its being super-fitted, especially with the outfit I wore it with.

But when I took it with me to Blissdom to pair with my already super-flowy floral maxi, I knew it need a little taking in.

So, I employed the exact same process that I used on Della’s coat, and voilà!

Literally five minutes later, I had a much better fitting cardi—especially in the arm/torso.

So, how about we take a gander at my latest project:


It’s the perfect candidate for this kind of fix—a, Anthro-esque tunic dress that’s super-comfy and has really pretty colors (and even a draw string waist, which helps with the fit) but at two-three sizes larger than my normal range, it’s just too blousy and “figure-enhancing” for my taste.

Price?: $16.99, regular price from Marshall’s.

But I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s Wardrobe Wednesday post to see the big reveal (and the shoes I chose to wear it with; I’ll need a bit of help from you guys on that count).

I know. Mean.

Sorry about that. (Don’t I sound it?)

So, what about you guys? Are you intermediate sewers like me? Never touched a needle in your life? Seamstresses extraordinaire?

I’d love to hear your stories and tips, so feel free to share away in the comments! 

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Happy Birthday, Adelaide Elizabeth!

Today, my Della-girl, my sweet, sweet Ladybug, my gorgeous girlie who has brought immeasurable joy to my life…turned one. ONE year old. I can hardly believe it!


I love you, Della-Lou! You have added a piece to my heart that I didn’t even know was missing, and I am thankful to God for every second I get to spend with you.

P.S. Get a load of that fantastic tutu!! And it’s okay for me to call it fantastic because I didn’t make it. You’ll never believe who did, but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s Try-it Tuesday to find out!

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Feature Friday Place-holder

I’ve got my Feature Friday post all written up for you but have yet to get the time/light to take the pictures that I want. I hope to very soon, though, so take heart. I will have a {big} post for you soon(ish).

In the meantime, I’m offering up my youngest as a place-holder. She’ll do, right?


Should it even be legal to be this cute first thing in the morning?


I promise she liked her breakfast more than this picture implies.


One of her nicknames is Bright Eyes for a reason.

Stay tuned…

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