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Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL {#83} + a $50 Novica GIVEAWAY

Hello lovelies! I’m sure you already know what day it is, but just in case…


First up, before I forget (again), the winner of last week’s Yancy Not Nancy CD/DVD giveaway is:

Heather Coddington

Check your email, lady, and get excited because your kids are going to LOVE you!

So, I mentioned how I’m not the best Pinterester in the world in yesterday’s Real Family Rules post (did you see ours? we’re a mess!).

But then I saw this:

pinterest free shot wedding

And I thought, “Well now, I do believe I could spend lots of time on Pinterest to plan a free second wedding.” Heck, I see married women doing it all the time. Maybe they know something I don’t? I just start a 10th Anniversary Vow Renewal board and cross my fingers that the Pinterest money fairies have our anniversary date on their calendar. Riiiiiiiight.

In fact, I think I’ve got a few ideas for you to get some free bling for that perfect Pinterest wedding…

Maybe something a little like this?


moonstone earrings/gold vermeil pearl dangle earrings/Gold vermeil chrysoprase flower earrings/pearl and chalcedony flower necklace

All of those pretty pieces are from Novica, and they also have a great selection of Long Dresses and Skirts.

You could get any one (in some cases two!) of these with your $50 gift certificate if you win. Woot! If you’re not the in market for bling, Novica also carries bags, home decor, and a plethora of other fun, stylish finds.

Simply fill out the easy Rafflecopter form below and cross your fingers. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Oh, and a quick reminder to keep chomping away at your Project Elephant tasks. I’ll be showing you round 2 on Monday.

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Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL {#82} + a Yancy Not Nancy GIVEAWAY!

Good morning, everybody! First up, have you read my Project Elephant post yet? Because I will take as many fellow passengers on that crazy train as I can get on board!

five days five ways | because every day is different




Today marks the end of our first week of school, but the beginning of my homeschooling journey this year (I homeschool my boys on Mondays and Fridays; the other three days are spent at a tiny Christian private school where Ezra and Simon make up 7% of the student population). Yesterday, I took a trip to our local Christian bookstore for a few last minute school supplies (aka: distractions for the almost-3-year-old who insists that she’s starting “schwool” too). And then, Della, the twins, and I ran errands in “town” all. day. long. The twins and their car seats were filthy from a constant supply of bribes snacks. Della teetered on the brink of a meltdown every time we entered a new store, and she spotted yet another brightly packaged doo-dad she couldn’t have (“I carry it, Mama, okay? I take it home wiff me. Pweeeeeease?” Ugh. Heart of stone, right here, people).

But, ultimately, we survived. And here’s a large part of the reason why:

little praise party

That would be Little Praise Party: Happy Day Everyday by Yancy Not Nancy. It’s a cd chock full of happy, sing-along kids’ worship that works as an awesome distraction and mood-lifter for tired toddlers and fussy babies. (Not to mention frazzled mamas).

I met Yancy at Declare, where she led us in a mini-worship session one evening. I’ve led worship myself in some capacity since I was 15-years-old, so, as much as I’d love to just be able to lose myself in the words, I often find myself fighting to turn off the portion of my brain that’s (over)analyzing the technical aspects of what’s going on. Hooray, then, that Yancy’s voice is so smooth and spot-on-key that I briefly thought she might be lip-synching (she wasn’t)! I was able to sit back, relax, and enjoy her peppy brand of kid rock, all the while thinking, “Della would love this.” HOORAY again that she was nice enough to send a Little Praise Party cd home with me for the munchkins.

We pretty much haven’t taken Happy Day Everyday out of my van’s cd player since we got home, and just as I suspected, my little Della-Lou is a huge fan. But the boys and the twins are right behind her, and it’s an absolute blast to see the three oldest clapping and waving and air-guitaring to their fave: “Hosanna Rock.” Even better is hearing Della singing, “Evybody pwaise da Woooord, evybody pwaise da Wooord” as she putters around playing with her dolls. 

Happy Day Everyday is full of singable, upbeat songs with God-honoring lyrics like: “Everybody praise the Lord” (in case you needed a translation), “Jesus died for you and me, but on day 3, Jesus rose again. Jesus is alive,” “Love, love, love one another and be kind,” and “Go into all the world.” There are even several fun holiday songs (the boys practically shout when they sing: “Happy, Happy, MERRY CHRISTMAS!”).

So, why the Yancy Not Nancy plug? Well, we love our Happy Day Everyday cd so much that I asked if she would give one away to you guys too.

And guess what? She said yes! Not only that, but she’s including a fun Little Praise Party: Happy Day Everyday DVD so your kids can sing/dance along with the fun animated videos that accompany her songs.

Yancy’s music ministry isn’t just limited to kid-friendly songs, and her kid-friendliness is not just limited to music. She also has a slew of preschool resources beyond the worship cds that you can tap into to entertain and teach your kiddos about Jesus. There’s even a Little Praise Party APP in there where you can watch all of her preschool videos!

So, let’s get to this giveaway, shall we?

Just fill out the easy Rafflecopter giveaway form below, and if you win, have fun watching your kids bee bop to great, God-centered music that won’t make you want to bang your head against the car window after five minutes (I find myself humming several of the songs as I do laundry and dishes throughout the day).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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