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5 Things Thursday: Sweaty Polka Dots

Remember when we used to do 5 Things Thursday? With a theme and everything?

Well, I’m bringing it back! (for today anyway). And all because my friend and fellow fitness enthusiast (and teacher), Peggy, texted me a picture of these adorable Nike Dual Fusion TR’s, telling me that they made her think of me. And I thought, “Man, I must really talk about polka dots a lot because she’s totally right. Those are so me.”

nike dual fusion polka dots

I mean, aqua shoelaces + dots? Um, yes please. However, when I tried to track them down, I discovered that they were completely sold out online, which means I’m not the only one who thinks they’re cute.

(Pssst: they also come in gray/white/neon yellow, and those are available)

But it got me thinking, if this polka dot enthusiast can do Thrifted or Grifted posts about them and even paint her washer and dryer with them, why not incorporate them into my fitness wardrobe?

So, I did a little poking around the internets and came up with these other four options  (which, when combined with the shoes = a throwback to 5 Things Thursday!) that you can buy that I would happily wear to the gym or even just out and about in some cases.

First up, this Adidas pullover combines my love of polka dots with my love of gray sweatshirts (are you surprised considering my penchant for all things colorful? Well, now you know: I looooove gray). It’s on sale for $39 (down from $65), which is definitely on the pricey side, but during chilly seasons, I could see myself throwing this on over my teaching top every single time, so maaaaaaybe I could justify it with that whole “low price per wear” argument.

adidas dot sweat shirt 


Next up, I’m seriously considering getting this Reebok Run Dot Sports Bra. I’m a Reebok One member, which gives me 25% off all apparel + free shipping and returns, but even with that, this bra would still cost $23-ish. Not horrific, but not crazy cheap either. Still, I really like the idea of its adding a pop of fun/pattern as it peeks out from under the almost exclusively black tops I wear every single week to teach.

run dot bra

I also like the fact that it’s not low-cut (full coverage sports bras are getting harder and hard to find) and that it has multi-colored straps in the back.

Next up is this Nike Knockout SJ Tank. I love it in this turquoise color, but in reality, the only one I can find in stock is a fuchsia and turquoise option that I don’t like quiiiiite as much, but it’s still pretty darn cute.


nike knockout tank

And lastly, and honestly, pretty much leastly, we have these crazy-town Adidas leggings. Let me be clear that I am NOT a member of the “leggings are pants” party.  However, I think these under a pair of running shorts in the winter would be a nice change of pace from your basic boring black (question: why do I keep thinking, “Flintstones?”).

polka dot leggings 

So, what do you think about polka dots + workout wear? Fun, or too twee for a sweat- fest?

P.S. If you find those purple/aqua Nike polka dot shoes in stock somewhere, I’m a size 9.5 (hello, Bigfoot, I know). Please and thank you. ;)  

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Move-it Monday: Life Lessons from BODYPUMP Launch 85

I guess you’ve already figured this out by the fact that I’m posting something new this morning, but…


And I’m even feeling somewhat normal (after that 2 hour nap I took yesterday).


One of the various busynesses from last week was Saturday’s launch of BODYPUMP release #85. It was fun, challenging, and, well, real.

I thought I’d share a few tidbits of wisdom I gleaned from this particular release.


The phrase, “Strike a muscle pose,” means very different things to different people.

From left to right {back}: Peggy, me, Sara, Mandy, Tiffany, Jenn, {front}: Austin, Cindy



Peggy: cheerfully show off my (impressive wing span)

Me: flex bicep and make an unsuccessful attempt at looking tough

Sara: admire fingernails

Mandy: Disco, baby!

Tiffany: two words—duck lips

Jenn: raise your hand if you’re Sure

Cindy: Happy, happy, happy!

Austin: I cannot be seen with these women. I will now bow my head in shame.


Even with further clarification, the results can be equally unpredictable. Oh, and Peggy’s shoes emit an otherworldly light with no help from electricity.


I think I’m laughing. But I might be sneezing. Or singing 80’s hair band music. Either way, it’s not pretty. Oh well.


Even when you’re wrapping up the busiest weekend ever and can only be bothered to put your hair in a ponytail, a quick pass over the bangs with the straightening iron is always a good idea. Clearly, Sara agrees.


Side note: I now know why my children look a little afraid of me sometimes.


It’s a bad idea to lie down for the chest press track with your ear right by the rather large speaker. Not only will you be unable to hear what the person teaching that track is saying. But you will be unable to hear period for the rest of the class.



Conversely, it’s a very good idea to shave your underarms and blow your nose before class, just in case your fellow instructors deem it necessary to take a shot like this one.



When you yell at your participants, there’s a pretty good chance you could end up scaring your fellow instructors as well (Sara appears to be inching away from me slowly).



Perfectly posed shots aren’t nearly as fun as the spastic ones.



If you attempt posed photo-ops in the hallway with your bestie, you will get photo-bombed.

(Side note: It’s not fair to look as good in spandex as Mandy does when you’re 5-months-pregnant).


P.S. The sweatier you get, the more the unruly bangs incite rebellion among their folicular neighbors, which means that #3 really should have read: “Skip straightening iron and go straight to bobby pins.”


Even when you completely flub the lunge track and are jumping up on the box when everybody else is down on the ground and vice versa (not that I did any such thing, mind you), if you bring cute twin girlies with you to class, no one seems to care.



Zip front exercise tops should be the de rigeur attire for all nursing mamas. Those things are awesome!


This is the Instagram version of the above pic that Austin took for me. Thanks, bro!

So, there you have it—10 little nuggets of universal wisdom that will no doubt rock your world should you ever find yourself launching a Body Pump release…as the mother of twins…while wearing a zip front top.

You’re welcome.

P.S. Just because I love a bit of good, drama-filled suspense…here’s a quick heads-up that I have something super-exciting coming for you on Wednesday. Prepare yourself. : )

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Move-it Monday: 5D5W Fitness Tutorial Round-up

A while back, I asked you lovely folks what you would like to see more of in the fitness department on Move-it Monday, and a very common response was: “I need exercises I can do at home. I don’t have the time or money to get to a gym!”

And I get that. I do. I mean, yes, I teach at a gym. But if I didn’t get paid to do it, I probably wouldn’t mess with the hour-long round trip and $8 in gas.

However, since I haven’t had much free time to create new fitness tutorials for you guys, I thought I’d delve into the 5D5W archives and do a round-up of some of the home-friendly fitness moves I’ve already blogged about.

First up, we have the quintessential core and arm-strengthening exercise—the mighty push-up:

push up 

And then, its little cousin, the tricep push-up:

tricep pushup 

Also, all you need to know to punch it just like we do in BODYCOMBAT:



Oh, and kick it too!


And then there was my stuttering attempt at a body-squat vlog tutorial.

And then the crazy, red-lettered planking vlog. Oh, and the esquiva vlog (gesundheit!).

So, yeah. That should hold you guys for a while.

Please let me know if there’s something specific y’all would like me to cover, and I’ll do my best to oblige (just as long as it requires minimal flexibility; I taught yoga for a year, but I’m a whole lot more Bicep Curl than Downward Dog).

P.S. Don’t forget to get in on our $75 Shabby Apple gift card giveaway while the gettin’s still good. Entries close tonight!

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Move-it Monday: Home Workout DVD Picks

A few weeks ago, I asked you what you would like to see in future fitness-focused Move-it Monday posts. And there were various responses: post-natal routines, toning exercises, charts, etc.

But the most common request was for workouts that can be done at home. In the future, I’ll probably put together some more vlogs to show you my favorite moves. But for today, I’ll stick with recommending DVDs you can use at home.

Disclaimer #1: I have not personally tested any of these exact DVDs (although I have done/am certified in/or have at least limited experience with several of the programs), and my recommendations are based on Amazon’s user reviews and word-of-mouth from people I know. 

Disclaimer #2: I actually hesitated to include any of the product pics since they pretty much feature the teachers wearing very little clothing—which is not surprising considering their bodies are their brands, and they want to market their brands as successful. However, since a blog with a bunch of text and no visuals is a boring blog indeed, I grabbed the pictures that featured the least amount of the 3 B’s in each one and just left out the ones that were overboard.

Disclaimer #3: These are all my own recommendations, and while I am including links to Amazon, none of them are affiliate links.


Since we’re all motivated by different things, I’ve broken the workouts down into the following categories:


Les Mills Pump Workout


This is the home version of BODYPUMP, which I teach at my gym. And while I haven’t personally done it, the reviews from people that have done both indicate that this is a comparable workout. It comes with a bar + weights, a nutrition guide, tape measure + measurements chart, and a variety of workouts with a program guide to help you put them together successfully).

Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Price: $194.80


Les Mill Combat


This is the home version of my favorite workout format EVER. If you’ve been reading for a while, then you know that I love me some BODYCOMBAT! And while, again, I haven’t actually done the home version, the reviews indicate that it’s fun, engaging, and intense (although able to be modified to multiple fitness levels). There are various “tracks” to follow—all with cheesy names like “Supreme” and “Ultimate Warrior.” You can either do the workouts in your own order/pace or follow their program guide. Comes with: “7 different workouts, Fitness Guide, Nutrition guide, Tape measure and measurement tracker.”

And while I’ve included it in the “kick-boxing” category, it actually incorporates multiple martial arts formats such as taekwondo, karate, capoeira, and more.

Best yet (I think), the instructors are the BODYCOMBAT program directors, Dan Cohen and Rachael Newsham, and I pretty much think they both rock the house.

Rating: 4.1/5 Stars

Price: $74.80



I used to be certified in Turbo Kick before I started BODYCOMBAT, and I really liked it. It’s a dance-infused kick-boxing workout that’s sweaty, good fun. I prefer the more grounded, hardcore feel to Combat, but if you like to dance and punch, this is the workout for you. The set includes 12 workouts on 11 DVDs

Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Price: $144.80

If you can’t/don’t want to spend the money on a complete workout series, Cathe Friedrich’s Body Blast: Kick, Punch & Crunch and Legs & Glutes DVD is also highly rated and gives you 2 hours worth of workouts.


Contains two complete workouts: Kick, Punch, & Crunch and Legs & Glutes.

Rating: 4.9/5 Stars

Price: $41.95


This includes such a wide range of DVDs that you might be better off just typing in “toning DVDs” and seeing what strikes your fancy, but Jillian Michael’s workouts consistently come in as some of the best reviewed (by the largest amounts of people), and they’re very reasonably priced.

By far, her most popular (with over 3,000 reviews) is her:

30 Day Shred


Rating: 4.6/5 Stars

Price: $8.27

Her No More Trouble Zones DVD is also very highly rated at 4.8/5 Stars and costs only $7.99.




“Complete set includes a nutrition guide, calendar to track your progress, and 10 intense DVDs for a great workout.”

I’m actually considering ordering this since I’ve heard lots of good things, but it’s definitely not for the faint of heart or lungs. Best for advanced exercisers. It’s also pretty easy to find a better deal on a barely used set on Ebay.

Rating: 4.4/5 Stars

Price: $144.80


Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout


Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

Price: $11.96

Yoga Pregnancy: Pre and Post Natal Workouts


Rating: 4.4/5 Stars

Price: $6.10

Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout

Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

Price; $9.69


Hip Hop Abs Extreme DVD Workout—Extreme Cardio, Abs, and Dance


I’ve actually done portions of this one, and it’s fun because of the dance-y aspects, but I don’t know that I’d call it “extreme.”  But you can definitely make it more or less difficult, depending on how enthusiastically you do the movements.

Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

Price: $22.90

*There is also a complete Hip Hop Abs series that costs about $80 and gives you a lot more variety.

Ballet Beautiful: Total Body Workout


As the small print says, these are “ballet inspired workouts,” not actual dance routines. But if you have a classical dance background, you will probably appreciate the familiarity of the moves.

Rating: 4.1/5 Stars

Price: $12.73

Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD Set

71FtWl 9NWL._SL1500_


Based on the extremely popular Latin dance group fitness program, this home version includes small dumbbells and various DVDs with dance workouts that incorporate merengue, salsa, reggaeton, calypso, cumbia, hip-hop, and belly dance.

Rating: 4.3/5 Stars

Price: $169.53


The Biggest Loser: The Workout – Weight Loss Yoga


Rating: 4.6/5 Stars

Price: $7.29

Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown

Rating: 4.1/5 Stars

Price: $7.99

Pilates for Beginners and Beyond


This is a boxed set that includes:

Pilates for Inflexible People / Pilates Complete for Weight Loss / Pilates Complete Sculpt and Tone and is designed to ease you into the world of pilates, even if you are not already strong/flexible.

Rating: 4.2/5 Stars

Price: $20.99


Obviously, this list is hardly comprehensive, but if you’re looking for programs that I can recommend personally or that are enjoyed and used by large amounts of people, these are at least a good start.

I’m hardly the fount of workout DVD wisdom, though, so if you’ve got a recommendation of something that worked great for you, I’d love it if you left it in the comments so everybody could benefit!

“Now get out there and move something!”

(You were supposed to be imagining my yelling that in my best Jillian MIchael’s inspirational voice).


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Move-it Monday: Fitness updates + a Question for you!

Today is BODYCOMBAT launch. It’s the day we look forward to every 3 months or so when everybody on the BODYCOMBAT team at our gym can have a real, live, grown-up excuse to buying new, matching fitness gear and punch, kick, and yell to our hearts’ delight.


Got a load of laundry you don’t want to face?

Come to BODYCOMBAT instead and picture that stinky pile of clothes as you back-kick your stress into the next zip code.

Potty-training driving you crazy?

Come to BODYCOMBAT! It’s non-contact, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t imagine karate-chopping your way through those dirty diapers! (Just wear proper protective gear).


I mean it when I say I’d probably be a lot meaner person without BODYCOMBAT.

Some people do yoga (which I like it). Some people watch TV (and I’ve been known to do that too). Some people go shopping (you know I love me some shopping).

But for stress relief, nothing quite tops the exhilaration of beating the air to a pulp with my fists for me. Pure. Adrenaline. Rush.

(We’re going to wear purple, in case you were wondering).

bp launch

Here’s our BODYPUMP team from last week’s launch (and yes, the tall, beautiful girl in the center did used to be a beauty queen and totally has the pose down; we all try to emulate it, but nobody does it like Tiffany…especially not me).


So, why all the fitness talk?


If you’re a long time 5D5W reader, then you probably remember when Move-it Monday was exclusively dedicated to feats of fitness…okay so not much “feats” (I just used that for the alliteration) as fitness tutorials, suggestions, and various other (hopefully) inspirational tidbits about working out and whatnot.

And then I got pregnant with twins.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I did not stop exercising. Oh no. I dragged my expanding self up to the gym over and over again, ad nauseum (sometimes literally) until those two little girls in that huge belly finally came out.

And I’m glad I did. It never failed that, no matter how little motivation I felt going into my workout, I always came out revived and invigorated, not to mention considerably smellier. And I have no doubt that my home delivery went considerably more smoothly because I had maintained my fitness level (if not my shape).

But at a certain point, it seemed a little bit ridiculous to be doing fitness vlogs and photo tutorials when I couldn’t see my toes, and I had a habit of turning around in the kitchen and knocking down some small child or another with my girth.

So, Move-it Monday broadened its scope and began to include other topics such as home decor tweaking and, every so often, even a completed project or two.

And I’m sure some of you breathed a big sigh of relief and starting reading my blog on Monday again. : )  And I get that.

But still.  This is January—AKA: National I’m-Actually-Going-to-Make-Fitness-a-Priority-NO-I-Really-Mean-it-This-Time Month.

And I’m well aware that going to an actual gym is not necessary to be successful in a fitness regime.

So, here’s my question for you:

If I were to begin working in Move-it Monday fitness posts every so often again, what would you like to see?

Home exercises? A focus on toning? Printables? Fitness logs? Technology?

I’d love some feedback so that I can better know whether I’d just be annoying you with fitness talk, and, if not, what would best suit your needs as you work towards a healthier lifestyle/body.

Make sense?

Hope so!

So…fire away. And wish me luck tonight (or come join in on the fun if you’re local!)

I’m ready to kick it!

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Move-it Monday: An exercise review (in cell phone pics)

If you’ve been following along here on the blog for any amount of time at all, then you know that I love me some exercise.


In fact, I’m certified to teach two different formats—BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT—both of which I taught the day before I started the five-day-long labor process that eventually produced the twins.


So, as you can imagine, while taking a month off after the twins were born was a nice break, it also drove me a bit nuts.20121117_100837

I’ve been back for about a month now, and even though I get almost as much exercise from The 5 Kid Workout as I do while teaching/taking classes, there’s just something about being back at “the gym” that feels so familiar and comforting.

A lot of that has to do with getting to exercise with my friends and teammates.

I’ve even participated in two “launches” (which is when all the instructors in a format teach a class with new moves and music) since I’ve been back…


BODYPUMP (with half our team gone/injured; boo!)

{Not sure whose idea it was to do the whole leg-on-the-bench pose, but I’m going to vote “no” on that one next time}





One of our new BODYCOMBAT teachers, Gena (aka The Hulkette) and I even had a blast dressing up for class on Halloween (and no, I did not wear that shirt while teaching; I would have MELTED!)

Of course, although everyone assured me they were glad to have me back at the gym, I think they were most excited to see my adorable little exercise buddies.


{Not sure why Nola looks so terrified; she was smiling just a second before!}


{They both sleep as long as the music is on and wake up if there’s too long of a gap between songs}


{I love how theirs heads are tilted at the same angle in this shot}


I know working out doesn’t make a lot of people as happy as it does me.

But there are plenty of reasons I love to get my sweat on at the gym (or at home)—the endorphin rush, the community, the challenge of building strength and endurance…

But I’m not gonna lie.

One of my biggest motivators is food. Specifically sweets.

I don’t eat perfectly healthy all the time, but I could forgo pizza, pasta, and French fries entirely if necessary.

But chocolate?

Hmm…that one’s a toss-up.

And cheesecake?

Heck, no!

{Okay, so yes, I can cut out sugar completely…I’ve done it…but it’s a sacrifice for sure}

So, I exercise to ensure that I don’t gain 10 pounds every time I bake a turtle cheesecake (which, admittedly, is a fairly rare occurrence).

Speaking of turtle cheesecake, when done right, it’s my all-time favorite dessert.

And I’ve got a recipe for it I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow for Try-it Tuesday, which is done very  right indeed.

Which means you’ll either be sending me thank you notes or hate mail depending on the size of your hips after you try it. : )

Bring on the calories!

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Move-it Monday: I’m famous! (sort of)

About a month ago, a woman who had taken my BODYPUMP class a few times approached me after class one day and asked me if I would be willing to participate in an article she was writing about fitness and pregnancy.

Thinking that she probably wanted a quote or two about the importance of keeping your body moving from a pregnant instructor, I said I would be glad to help.

Then, she said she’d be bringing a photographer to my class and interviewing me at length, and I got a little nervous.

I told her I’d have to check with my gym to make sure it was fine.

Of course, it was. After all, it was free publicity.

I didn’t hear from her for a while, and I thought maybe she had changed her mind, until she contacted me, asking me if the following Wednesday would be a good time to send the photographer.

This was the part that had made me nervous, since, despite the fact that I have a blog and post a ridiculous amount of pictures of myself on it, I’ve historically been quite averse to having my picture taken—especially when the picture-taking must occur during my 36th week of gestating two human beings while I am attempting to concentrate on teaching a class.

But since I had already told her yes, I said that would be fine and crossed my fingers that it might fall through.

When I didn’t hear from her for another week, I assumed that it probably had…right up until the moment when a man carrying the biggest camera + flash I’d ever seen walked into class as I was teaching the warm-up…

And proceeded to stick around and shoot every (and I mean EVERY) angle of my very pregnant body for the next 45 minutes.

It’s pretty much a miracle that I didn’t accidentally tell my participants to stand on their heads and do the hokey-pokey or, worse, “Leave me the heck alone!”—the phrase that started rebounding around my noggin by minute #12 of flashes and having him lie on the ground underneath me to capture the “most pregnant angle possible” (his admitted goal).

ANYhoo, let’s just say that, while he was pleasant enough, I will not be saying, “Sure,” to any more newspaper articles any time soon.  I hardly felt persecuted or anything, but self-conscious-as-all-get-out is pretty accurate.  (Plus, I hadn’t warned my members since I thought he might not come, and they were all a bit bemused by my sudden celebrity).

A phone interview and a video later (yup, pictures and a video…both of which occurred after I’d already taught a BODYCOMBAT class and had the sweaty underarms and frizzy hair to prove it), the article came out in the Sunday edition of our local paper.

And you know what?

It was good!

Not that I’m surprised, since the lady doing the article had taken the time to gather all of that information from me alone, and there were several other sources that the article referenced as well.

But I was a tad surprised that I (mostly) made sense and that the pics included didn’t make me want to cry (too much).

This is the one that graced the cover of the article

(and, FYI, that belt is for my mike; it’s not holding up my belly : ))

I only just saw the print article two days ago when one of my sweet members brought me her copy (and informed me that she had a) shown all of her friends, and b) assured them that I didn’t really look that big in real life…OY!), but there’s an online version that’s basically the same thing, except that it includes the video with me blathering on about why I keep moving while pregnant and a few shots of my actually teaching my class.

Since these are topics that you guys hear quite a bit about here on the blog, I thought I’d  share the link with you in case you want to watch a very sweaty, very pregnant version of me hand-talk my way (seriously, even my shoulders get in on the action) through the video.

And thus concludes the story of my (and the girls’!) 15 minutes of fame.

The end.

P.S. Yup. I’m still teaching. And, nope, it doesn’t seem to be encouraging the twins to come out. *pout*

P.P.S. Bring on the, “Get labor started!” suggestions. After two overdue babies, I’ve probably heard (and done) almost all of them, but—hey!—you never know.

P.P.P.S. Don’t forget about our big NOVICA giveaway! $50 to spend on any combination of jewelry, handbag, and/or house décor that strikes your fancy.  Yeeeeehaw!

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Move-it Monday: Pump Launch {82} + the passing of the torch

Last Saturday, I got my last launch out of the way before the twins come.

And since we only introduce new moves and music every 3 months, there’s at least a chance that I could be ready for the next launch three months from now, depending on when the girls to decide to show up.

Not too shabby timing, if I do say so. (I may be singing a different tune 3 months from now).


Tiffany (second from the left) is our gym’s resident creative genius. She has three boys, but she always manages to find time to make launches a little more fun with details like last week’s Olympic-themed décor.

{Go Team Pump!}


After BODYPUMP launch, Mandy and I had the chance to do something fun…


…and that was take rather than teach a BODYCOMBAT class.


{It is very weird for me to see my belly in pics from angles like this; always makes me do a double-take}

We have two newly minted and trained BODYCOMBAT instructors, which is pretty awesome timing since I’ll be out for several weeks at least after the twins are born, and Mandy was going to be left with quite the class load on her own.


Gena (left) and Courtney getting a taste of punching, jumping, kicking, and yelling into a mike.

They did great!

People have been asking me more and more when I’m going to stop exercising.

3 months ago, I would have said, “Whew! I don’t know how long I’ll make it.”

Things were aching and stretching, and my legs felt like absolute lead pretty much the moment I started running or pulsing. And that was when I still had some support from my abs.

But, even though, this time around, I haven’t experienced the 3rd trimester boost of energy that usually comes along with the nesting phase (boo!), physically, I’ve felt considerably less uncomfortable when I exercise than I could have possibly predicted.

With anywhere from 4-8 weeks to go (oh, I hope not 8), I can almost foresee making it all the way up to the end doing at least moderate exercise.

So, my answer when people ask me (with wide-eyed, worried expressions) how much longer I think I’ll be teaching or taking classes is now: “We’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll stop when it hurts.”

And, Lord willing, that won’t happen until the day when things start hurting for a completely different reason {shudder}.

Not looking forward to that part, but, man, I can’t wait to hold my girls!

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Move-it Monday: Olympic fever…what would you do?

First of all, a quick apology for the total lack of Friday post/party last week.

I assure you we will be back to our regularly scheduled program this week!

Due to a flight delay snafu, I ended up driving on very short notice to Dallas (2 1/2 hours) rather than our local airport (45 minutes) so I didn’t have to wait another day to see my husband.

Which threw off my blogging schedule more than a little bit.

Not that I’m complaining.

In fact, thanks to my sweet mama, we got yet another mini-getaway out of the deal, spending the night there and watching The Dark Knight Rises (I give it a solid A), then shopping for lights for the addition (yes, even home essentials shopping can be romantic when you haven’t seen your hubby for two weeks : )).

And then, this past weekend, we did what every other American with a working television set did—spent approximately 48 straight hours glued to the screen as we absorbed match after match of men’s and women’s volleyball and race after race in the Olympic pool.

Okay, so that might be a tad exaggerated, but we really do love us some Olympics around here, and it’s one of the few times that we keep our television on for any extended period at all.

Both my husband and I were avid athletes growing up.

In fact, between the two of us, we have the following events covered: gymnastics, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, track, cross country, swimming, golf, racquetball, volleyball, and ping pong {which totally counts if you play as competitively as we do!}.

So, watching other people dive/lunge/leap/and otherwise punish their bodies to achieve gold is pretty much right up our alley.

And what better way to get inspired to start moving your tushy than by getting an eyeful of the results that hours in the gym can produce?

After all, we’re all super-likely to develop a backside you can bounce a quarter off of after only a couple of 45-minute sessions on the elliptical, right?


Speaking of things you can bounce a quarter off of:


{If the belly on the left looks a tad tight and crowded…it is}

Here are Mandy and I in our gloriously sweaty-mess state after last week’s Body Combat launch (translation: the quarterly class we do where we practice our brains out to learn new choreography to teach our members, then present it wearing matchy-matchies {not so sure day-glo orange and large bellies go together, but it sure was fun!}).

And now, back to the Olympics.

Our oldest is 6, but we have yet to enroll any of our children in organized sports (although they have been in the pool at least once a week since they were tiny and are currently enrolled in swim lessons).

They’ll probably play soccer this fall (assuming we manage to ever leave the house for the first several months after the twins are born) and then build their sports repertoire from there.


Of course, at least one of our children appears to have aspirations for the women’s bobsled team in the 2026 Olympics (she’ll be 16-years-old….YEEEEEikes!). Wonder if they’ll let her wear her tutu when she races. Doesn’t seem terribly aerodynamic.

Anyhoo, while browsing’s endless files of snarkiness, I stumbled upon this specimen:

forego youth

…and it got me to thinking, yet again, about how I will respond if one or more of my children shows a special propensity for a particular sport or talent.

After all, Michael Phelps didn’t start swimming until he was 7-years-old, but it certainly appears, from all accounts, that he’s only stopped swimming to eat (plate after plate) and sleep ever since.

And that’s a looooooong time to do nothing but swim.

Sure, he’s won 8 gold medals, but…has he lived?

I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, so I guess I’ll turn it around to you guys, since I’m genuinely curious:

If you had had the chance to become a top-level performer in any one arena (or if you did have that chance at some point in your life), would you have taken it?

And if your own child were to demonstrate an extraordinary ability in a particular arena, would you feel compelled to do everything within your power to foster, encourage, and foot the bill for that talent or would you feel that such a particular focus limited his/her other options in life?

I certainly have an opinion (which I will gladly share tomorrow), and so does my husband (we’re not quite in synch on this one), but I’d love to know yours!

Now, get out there and move something, and that quarter-bouncing tushy is sure to show up some day!

: )

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Move-it Monday: The only thing more fun than actual exercise…

…is making fun of it.

Now, granted, I’m one of those weirdoes who gets a serious amount of enjoyment out of sweating buckets and making my muscles burn (which isn’t too hard to do these days…Holy Moly…not having normal abs makes my calf muscles work SO much harder than they used to).

But there’s still plenty to laugh at when it comes to fitness, and there aren’t too many people more adept at mockery in general than the folks over at someecards.

Take this little gem for example:

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


Or this one, perhaps?

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


Or, best of all, this one:

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


{Don’t tell me you’ve never thought this when I’ve blathered on about BODYCOMBAT}.

I’m finishing up dinner prep {mmmm….chicken pot pie—click for my recipe} so I can head out the door for a sweat-fest in our 80 degree gym.

How are you moving it today?

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