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The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide 2017 {$15 and Under}

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Well, it’s that time of year again–yup, the one in which I scour the endless depths of the wilderness that is the Amazon search bar and emerge with dozens of fun finds for y’all.

I’m always amazed at what I still discover after years of doing this, even though I really suppose I shouldn’t be considering that a search for “llama sweatshirt” (more on that in another installment) produced over a 1,000 results all by itself.

Speaking of past years’ entries, you can find them here. There are lots of listings that are still active and at similar prices.

ANYHOO,without further ado, I give you the Under $15 edition of the Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide 2017.

amazon gift guide under 15

I’m a huge fan of a simple leather cuff bracelet, and this one is well-reviewed (as long as you’re okay with the blue one being more navy than royal…there are lots of other colors too) and so affordable.

Even in this digital age of smart phones and electronic planners, it’s hard to beat the practicality and prettiness of a cute notebook. Pair it with some glam pens like the ones below, and you’ve got the perfect package for a girl who loves to journal, plan, or doodle.

See? Pretty pens!!!

Is there anything better than a chunky knit hat with a fuzzy pom pom on top? Answer: yes, many things. But it’s still a winner in my book!

There is just something about a simple chevron necklace that can immediately take a plain tee to the next level. As in the one several levels beyond: I’ve been wearing this all day to scrub toilets and didn’t feel like changing. This is one cheap and well-reviewed. I might just snag
it for myself!

Another quick way to dress up an outfit without a ton of effort with a little rose gold + sparkle. I love this simple choker-style option.

It seems like all things “boho” are having a moment (or seven). I’m not a super-trendy person, but I’ve always been on board with a bit of bohemian flair, and these cute feather earrings are a great way to try out the trend without committing much money.

They’re just as cute in leather form.

We have several of these simple glass terrariums in our house, and I love how delicate and airy they are while still making a statement on a windowsill or on a shelf (or hanging, like they show in the pic). And considering that air plants are one of the few green things I’ve ever managed to keep alive on an extended basis, I’m just an all-around fan.

Aren’t these patio lights just so pretty and whimsical? I think they would look fabulous outside, but they would look just as great draped over headboard or hung in a little girls’ room.

I was JUST having a conversation with my mom (who is the natural supplement guru) about the benefits of hyaluronic acid for your skin. So between that, the benefits of charcoal, the gazillion positive reviews, and the good price…I already ordered me some o’ dis.

Considering the cracks in each corner of my screen even WITH a decent phone case, I’m thinking I may need to “invest” in one of these loop holders. Anything that results in my chucking my phone on the pavement less sounds good to me.

I’m guessing these are not going to be the most luxurious robes in the history of ever given the price and the fact that most people buy them as gifts for bridesmaids. But the reviews are mostly very positive, and it’s a fun gift for not much moolah.

I actually bought this fox sweatshirt as a “souvenir” on a family trip to New England this fall. And I really loved it. Until some of Ezra’s shorts bled all over it in the wash. Good thing Amazon has got my back with the very same sweatshirt for $10 less than I paid for it. #doh

I’m including it here as a PSA more than anything because it looks like it won’t arrive before Christmas. Just FYI: the sizing runs true.

Again with the boho earrings. Love the tassels!


I’m always excited when I find items with an Anthro vibe but without the
Anthro price tag. And this honeycomb vase fits the bill. So much more interesting than a plain glass bud vase. Cut a dozen white grocery store roses down short so they bunch up all pretty right in the mouth of the vase, and you’ve got yourself a great gift for anyone who loves slightly offbeat beauty.

I have a leather tassel keychain currently attached to my…well, to my keys, obviously. And I love it. It makes my keys easy to find without being bulky. Plus, it’s cute!

Who doesn’t love a good blanket scarf? Throw in a little plaid, et voila!
Instant gift perfection. Unless it’s for your Great-Uncle Merl. In which case, I’d suggest you keep looking.

I’ve never made it a secret that I love pretty books that are also good reading. You too? Or someone you know? Then you should totally order this copy of The Secret Garden for yourself or someone who is also a lover of pretty books. If you look at the “similar to” bar below the listing, you’ll see matching books in different titles.

A lot of times, the aprons I include have cute floral designs, but while I’m all about those too, I find myself really drawn to simpler designs lately. Like this striped option. I could even see giving this to my boys who love to help me cook.

Speaking of b+w stripes in the kitchen, these hand towels have great reviews for style and function.

Also, speaking of style and function, all three floral options of these fun bins are gorgeous. These types of storage are my favorite easy toy clean up that still looks good.

A makeup bag that’s stylish, witty, AND affordable? Yup. I’m a fan.

If you, like I, are a fan of multi-tasking and household items that do it too, then you’ll probably want to take a look at this pretty Rifle Paper Co. to-do list that doubles as a mouse pad. I have one, and it’s fantastic!

And there you have it for our under $15 installment!

I definitely could have burrowed even further down the rabbit hole of Amazon’s seemingly endless options, but my kids are making requests for food and other such unreasonable things, so I’d better sign off.

I’ll be back soon with round two!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide {2016}

I know I’m a bit biased, but I pretty much have the best mama in the whole wide world. I seriously don’t know anyone who is more giving, loving, practically helpful, and involved (in a good way) than she is. We’ve always been best pals, but I don’t think I’ve ever been more aware of just how awesome she is than this year when she’s been helping me home school the kids (they, of course, adore her, and I find myself waffling weirdly between jealous of their experience with her as their “Softa” {as a rather “grandma-deprived” child myself} and just so thrilled that they get to have it).

That said, I don’t know that I’ll be buying my mom one thing from this Mother’s Day Gift Guide List since she reads my blog (hi, Mom!).

But if YOU’RE in the market for a gift for a mama in your life (yours, a sister-in-law, friend, aunt…you get the idea), OR if you just need to send a few hefty hints your husband’s direction (nudge, nudge), I’ve compiled my usual list of things-I-love-and-think-you-will-too.

Disclosure: this post contain Amazon affiliate links because Amazon is the (just dated myself), and I practically don’t buy things from “real” stores anymore because that requires getting dressed, and it just makes sense to promote the store that lets me shop in my p.j.s and get my stuff via Prime shipping.

1. A gift guide of mine just wouldn’t be complete without a Rifle Paper Co. product. I love them so.

to do list

I hadn’t run across this Rifle Paper Co. Great Things Notepad before, and I absolutely love both a) the aesthetic and b) the saying: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” If that’s not comforting to this mama who feels like she never finishes a “big” (think: cleaning out the pantry) project in under a week (split into 37 different little scrubbing/sorting sessions), I don’t know what is. Maybe all of those small efforts really will pay off some day!

2. Have a coffee-lover in your life? Then, they might just love this Presto 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker. I am not a coffee-lover, but if the 3,054 4 1/2 star reviews of this best-selling product are any indication, it makes really hot, really great tasting coffee, holds up well, looks pretty, and is an amazing price for the value. So, there you go.


3. I don’t usually include items over $50 on my gift lists, but Mother’s Day just might be one of those moments to splurge, so I thought I’d throw this Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron on here just in case someone is looking for an extra-special gift, and this one fits the bill. I’m actually seriously considering getting it for myself because I managed to come home from our Colorado vacation last summer without my good straightening iron and have been making do with a Walmart cheapie version that does a whole lot more flattening than straightening. (Ruuuurl cute).


My hairstylist has this one, and I always marvel at how smooth and sleek my bangs are after one swipe. It’s seriously THEE best my coarse, wavy/curly, ultra-thick hair has ever responded to a heating iron.

P.S. The best I can tell, this is the authentic Babyliss product (I read through a lot of reviews and “answered questions” boards to determine that this link–and this link only–appears to be legit on Amazon. Any others I found were universally declared to be knock-offs), and I’m thisclose to pulling the trigger myself. I’ll be sure to do an update post if I do.

4. I love functional things that are also pretty, and this Sakroots Artist Circle Critter Travel Case Cosmetic Bag, Natural Peace, One Size definitely fits that bill. It comes in all kinds of fun patterns and has great reviews for functionality and style.


Best part: it has three separate transparent compartments that all unfold and are clearly visible when you hang it by the hook provided.

5. I keep stumbling upon Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus, and I’m really liking what I see so far. That said, I haven’t read it yet, but it would make a great gift for a busy mom who needs encouragement/scripture/direction/prayer all rolled into one.


6. I don’t bake a lot of pies, but I still use my (clearance Anthro) rolling pin often enough that I keep mine hanging on the wall behind my sink. If I didn’t, I would be so tempted to go for this White Marble Rolling Pin with Wood Base. It’s super-chic looking and would look so great against the wall with some pretty wooden chopping boards stacked behind it.


7. Speaking of which…I use cutting boards every day, but mine are far from pretty and stay squirreled away in a drawer. I’m loving the trend of displaying cutting boards against the kitchen wall, though, and this Paddle Cutting Board would be a great start to a collection (awesome price…great reviews).


8. I think I’ve recommended a Tocca perfume trio before, but it’s totally worth mentioning again. I have a tendency to get headaches after about 30 minutes of wearing a fragrance, but I never have that reaction when I’m wearing Tocca, and I have yet to try one of their scents that I don’t at least find pleasant (there are at least two that I downright adore). The price for this Tocca Eau de Parfum Viaggio Holiday Collection is incredible. (Shaun bought me a similar trio the Christmas before last, and I still have plenty left).


9. I keep seeing rave reviews for these dark chocolate barkTHINS–enough so that I’m both a) curious and b) a little relieved I’ve yet to cave. If you have a chocoholic in your life, I think it’s a pretty safe bet she’d love these.


10. I’m always on the prowl for a headband that will actually keep my hair out of my face without slipping off the back of my (apparently bullet-shaped and rather large) head. If it’s cute, well, all the better!


I don’t personally own this one (yet), but, if over 250 five star reviews are any indication, this non-slip running headband just might do the trick. It comes in a variety of fun patterns and colors too.

OH! And if none of these suggestions caught your fancy, be sure to check back to my under $10, under $25, and under $50 Christmas gift guides. Lots and LOTS of other fun ideas, most of which are still available/similarly priced.

P.S. Remember when I posted about Beauty Counter skincare? Well, I’m fiiiiinally out of every last thing that I bought (yes, it took that long), and I am ready to reorder. Because, even though their products aren’t cheap, they are literally the only ones that I’ve ever been able to say, without a doubt, made a visible difference in the clarity, tone, and evenness of my skin. (My husband and friends noticed too…that’s never happened before). And clearly, they last forever. I had my girl, Noelle, start a “social” (basically an online party) so that I could order through it to get hostess rewards on my own purchases, but several of you had expressed interest in how to order ages ago, and I did a terrible job of following up with that. So! If you are at all interested in getting some product–either for you or for a gift–you can use the social link to do so. NO pressure, of course. But I thought I’d mention it since I’m ordering from it myself.

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: The Funniest Tea Towels

So, I’m working on putting together a little Mother’s Day gift guide…as I am wont to do.

And I stumbled across Primitives by Kathy tea towels.


These are the funniest (and cutest) tea towels I’ve seen in a while.

That said…I don’t get the impression that they have a whole lot of worth as actual tea towels. The reviews are generally good because of the clever designs, but the quality of the towel itself doesn’t sound like it’s stellar.

Still, at an average of $6-12 per towel, it might just be worth a chuckle for a mama in your life who likes to display cute things (rather than actually dry her hands on them).

Here are just a couple that caught my eye:

For the devout germaphobe…

tea towel1

For people like me that genuinely struggle with h-anger…

tea towel2

For the girl who’s reached her limit…

tea towel3

For the girl who gives/need encouragement…

tea towel4


For the realist…

tea towel6

{This one might be my favorite because it speaks such profound truth}

For the hardcore dieter…

tea towel cupcake

I could go on. Seriously, there are 6 pages of designs for everyone from a dog/cat-lover to a grandma (Mimi, Nana, etc.) to a Marine wife. (P.S. Some of them are questionable, but there are still plenty to choose from among the raunch)

Oh! And there’s even this one that would work great as an end-of-year teacher gift…or a reminder for every homeschool mom everywhere…

tea towel teacher

So, there you go! A cute, easy gift for any mom/teacher/aunt/friend/sister/neighbor in your life.

Happy Friyay!

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links, which means that I receive a small percentage from any purchases you make.

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Amazon Gift Guide {Under $50}

Ready for Round 3 of this gift guide crazy train?

All right then.


I established my love for wristlets a couple of day ago in our $10-$20 list, so it should come as no surprise that I love this shimmery Fossil version.


Not too surprisingly, I’m kind of in love with this turquoise breadbox. I think the price is a bit steep, but, then again, I’ve never seen one quite like this, so if you have someone you can splurge on who would love this look, it might be worth it. It also comes in red and white.


Ditto on the total lack of surprise that I would love an aqua colander. Again, it’s not especially cheap, but it IS good-sized (5 quarts) and waaaaaaay cuter than the white plastic version I use. Plus it has great reviews!


Okay, so I know that I usually recommend the best deal possible, and this is a bit steep for measuring cups, but, um, they were reeeeeally pretty? That’s honestly my only defense.


And then, there’s this guy. SWOON. I probably cannot adequately express how fantastic I think this tea kettle is. I mean. The color, the retro style? Le sigh. Throw in a reasonable price and and a bunch of good reviews, and it’s kind of perfect, don’t you think?


I recommended the recipe cards that go with this gorgeous recipe box the other day, but what I didn’t realize at the time was that this box comes with twice as many cards already in it as there are in the separate set of cards. Which…makes the $40 price tag a little more palatable (when you consider that the recipe cards alone are $14.99 for 12, and the box comes with 24).

The box comes in several designs (including a black and gold polka dot), and I love all of them.



I love this tote. The gray stripes. The cognac “leather” (no, it’s not real) accents. The shoulder + crossbody option. The roomy size. It looks both fun and practical. And the reviews claim that it’s both!


Know anybody who loves cozy pajamas? These have great reviews, come in all kinds of designs, and are waaaaaay cheaper than practically every other flannel pajama set I looked up.


This one could have gone in the under $20 category (by about $0.35), but I didn’t spot it at the time. Still, I had to include it. For all of the coffee + tea lovers out there, this would be a fantastically practical and beautiful gift.


Holy cow, is this ice bucket the cutest! (Did you see the bee design?). If you’ve got someone who loves to throw outdoor parties on your list or someone who would love a stylish planter for a little topiary bush, this would do the trick for both (though probably not at the same time).


Hello, gorgeous. These copper mule mugs have great reviews and are just so stinking pretty. I can’t imagine putting them behind cabinet doors. But I CAN imagine proudly displaying them on a counter top or open shelving. Great reviews!


These furry pillows are all the rage and add a bit of fun texture any room. And you would be hard pressed to find one for less, even in a discount store like Marshall’s (this one is 18″).


I’m pretty sure I’ve recommended this candle on at least one other gift guide (maybe both), but it really is the gold standard of yummy-smelling, pretty candles. So, if you’ve got a candle-lover in your life, this one’s a pretty safe bet to please.


These pretty Gracie China floral plates are a bit on the pricey side, but they have a very Anthropologie-esque vibe, and at $12/8 1/2″ plate (comes in a pack of two), they’re a considerably lower price point than Anthro’s usual $18-24 for the same size.


I love pom poms. They’re just so whimsical and sweet. And this blanket looks super cozy (the reviews agree). Win! Especially for the girl in your life who’s always cold!


I’ve recommended this book before. But it bears mentioning again. Because it’s a fantastic book. And if you have anyone who loves design + pretty pictures + practical decorating advice, then you need to get them this book!


These are genuine leather, comfortable, well-reviewed, cute, moccasin slippers. Need I say more?


This one also could have gone in the under $20 category, but…better late than never. Great reviews! And, well, it’s The Pioneer Woman! So, it has to be good, right? ;)


I’ve recommended this Efy Tal initial necklace in every single gift guide I’ve written (I have the M for “Mama”), so I don’t guess I’d better stop now. It’s a fantastic necklace. My only complaint is that it’s easy to break the chain, since it’s so delicate. But that’s just the nature of the beast if you like dainty jewelry (which I do).

P.S. In all of my research, I ran across a couple of items that just captured my attention but definitely are not in the “super affordable” category. But just in case you have someone SUPER special on your list that you’ll be splurging on, I thought I’d share.

First up:

Isn’t this Martha Stewart Dutch Oven a beaut? Obviously, I love the color. But it also has good reviews. And, even at over $100 (the price today is $117. Just the other day, it was $109), it’s a mere fraction of the price of a Le Creuset ($260 for one cooking pot? Nope).

And then there are these:

These Joules rain boots comes in a wide variety of adorable prints (I am especially partial to the ditsy, the bee, and the bird print) and have great reviews. They cost $75 a pair, which is about half of the retail for Hunter boots (I got a pair for Christmas last year, but I shopped around and found a great deal first). I’ve worn my Hunters a ton–even more than I thought I would (we’ve had a rather rainy spring and fall), so if you live anywhere where you get even a decent amount of rainfall and like to wear boots (or know someone special who fits those categories), these would be a super-fun gift. Just FYI: this link takes you to an option with all of the prints available for viewing, but quite a few of them are sold out in multiple sizes. If you see a print you love, search for it separately on Amazon because I found quite a few individual pattern listings with more sizes available (apparently, they run small, just FYI).

P.P.S. I’m working on a list for the menfolk, due to popular request. I should have it done by tomorrow, Lord willing.

And there you have it! An Amazon gift guide for under $10, under $20, and under $50. Phew! I hope these help you figure out something amazing for the special people in your life.

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Amazon Gift Guide (2015) – Under $10

As promised, today I’m rolling out all of my favorite Amazon finds for under $10. If you want more options be sure to check out last year’s under $10 list. A lot of the items are still available for the same/comparable prices.

gift collage

So…why Amazon? Well, honestly, because they’re the bombdiggity (just dated myself, didn’t I? shoot).

They have crazy fast shipping (especially if you’re a Prime member, which is totally worth it, in my book), fantastic customer service, and pretty much every item under the sun available for shipment to your doorstep at about the best possible price you could hope for.

And, no, this is in no way a sponsored post (although, I have used affiliate links, which means that I earn a tiny percentage if you actually buy something, so we BOTH win!). I just think Amazon is doing lots of things right when it comes to sales.

So, without further ado, let’s take a gander at today’s finds, shall we?


I’ve sung the praises of Efy Tal jewelry in my last two gift guides (I have their gold filled charm with an M–for “Mama,” of course–and it’s gorgeous and super well made), so it only makes sense that I would recommend these dainty initial discs. If you’ve already purchased an Efy Tal necklace in the past and want to add onto it for any reason, then you can for a super-reasonable price. The smallest discs are only $9.90 (yes, I realize it says $15 on the graphic, but that’s for the larger options), and considering that your options are 14K gold-filled or genuine sterling silver, it would be hard to imagine a better-priced way to build a beautiful and meaningful charm necklace for you or as a gift.


I pretty much always include nail polish packs in my gift guides because I don’t know too many girls who wouldn’t like to get a pretty polish as (at least part of) her gift. They are great stocking stuffers and teacher’s gifts too! And the color scheme on this particular set is really pretty!


If you know of someone who loves pretty packaging + journaling, then this little Q & A a day journal is the perfect gift. With prompts like: “Can people really change?” and “What are you reading right now?” it gives even the most blank-minded journalers something to write about. It’s so cute, it would even make a great coffee table book for guests to write in.


Who says you have to be a kid to play with stickers? Rifle Paper Co. never disappoints, and these gorgeous grown-up stickers are no exception. They would work great for everything from labeling party favors to fancying up the envelope of a thank you card (and quite a few things in between).


It’s hard to imagine playing Nerts with cards this fancy, but if you just so happen to know a card-lover, these are definitely a cut above (ha. ha. see what I did there?).


These pens are THEE best. Seriously. I have them, and I love how vibrant the colors are and how smoothly they write. I have very fickle handwriting. I feel like it can look nice with help from the right writing utensil, and these are definitely the ticket. You’ll also understand better why I think they’re a great gift once you’ve seen the next item…


Again with the childish things that are now kosher for adults to do. COLORING! With beautiful, ornate designs, this book is delightful all on its own but would be an absolute blast to add ink to (see item # 6 if you want a complete gift for any doodler in your life).


Did you know that it’s kind of hard to find a travel mug with decent reviews that’s not ugly? Like truly unattractive? There are lots of cute ones out there, but they all seem to think you’re just going to put them on a kitchen shelf and admire them because practically every decent looking one is universally considered to be downright lousy at accomplishing its one primary goal in life–keeping your hot drinks, well, hot.

This one is pretty in a simple way AND well-reviewed!


If you happen to have someone on your list who loves: a) picnics b) throwing parties and/or c) things that are functional AND super-cute, then this patterned disposable cutlery would be perfect!


If you’ve got a seamstress or DIY queen in your life, all of the reviews claim that she will LUUUUUURVE this cute little white tape measure. I know that I use the tar out of mine, and it’s way better than trying to work with Shaun’s stiff, bulky man version.


Have a sporty girl in your life? Then this a great deal on grippy Under Armour athletic headbands. Trust me. These puppies are a life-saver when you’re out running in the wind or doing a street brawl downward punch in BODYCOMBAT (yup, it’s a real thing).


These lip glosses don’t have the cutest packaging in the world (imho), but they do have amazing reviews, and the price simply cannot be beat. Another one that’s great to buy as a pack and then split up to round out gifts to girlfriends or teachers.



Ah, wet brush, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. And Della says amen too! If you’ve got or know a little girl with a tender head or just lots of hair to brush through, GET THIS NOW.



This adorbs tea towel would be a great gift for a coffee-lover. But hurry! There are only a few left!


A Jonathan Adler pencil pouch for $10??? Quick! Grab it before someone else does!

Aaaaaand there you have it!

15 fun little finds for under $10 (well, that last one was $10 exactly, but who’s counting?)! I’ll be back again soon with the next price range installment. Happy shopping!

Did any of you manage to score any epic Cyber Monday deals? I tried, but I was too busy packaging all of your Paint and Prose orders. So…I guess I’m not complaining too much. ;)

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Amazon Mother’s Day Gift Guide {Under $50}

With Mother’s Day just a little over a week away, I thought it might be fun to do a round-up of gift ideas from Amazon again a la my Christmas guides from the last two years (you can find them here, here, here, and here, and MOST of the items from those lists are still available and would also make great Mother’s Day gifts).

While a lot of these items are practical, I always find myself drawn to the colorful, the quirky, and the unique, so if you’re anything like me, but your mom’s not, then you can just buy yourself a Mother’s Day present. (I won’t tell anybody).

Of course, these would also make great graduation or end-of-year teacher gifts, so your recipient demographic is pretty varied, I’d say.

ANYhoo, without further ado, here are my picks for Mother’s Day gifts.



I’m a big fan of cutting boards. Now, mine aren’t very pretty, mind you, but I still use them all. the. time. This bamboo set is a top-rated, best-selling item on Amazon and looks like the perfect surface for cutting or even as a cheeseboard.


Honestly, these knives are a little bit funky, even for me, but they would definitely make dinner prep more fun.


On the completely opposite end of the chopping spectrum, this is a decently priced, well-reviewed, very neutral knife set.


A good friend gave me this book, and I love how Lisa Jo Baker (whom I’ve met in real life) conveys her mothering experiences with humor and empathy.


These candles are amazing. Yes, they’re kind of pricey, but the pretty packaging + yummy scents + a decently long burn time definitely make them stand out.


These little woodland creature thank you cards are SO stinkin’ cute. I love the pastel colors and chic pattern combos.


This light, quilted throw is so bright and cheerful that it makes me want to wrap up in it with a mug of hot tea, even if the forecast for the weekend is 85 degrees and sunny.


I love Tocca perfume. I wear Florence, and it hits all the right notes of sweetness, musk, and spice. I’ve had my mini-bottle for over a year now, and even though I use it often, a little goes a long way, and I have lots left. I’ve sampled several other scents and liked them all.


This tea towel just makes me happy. Actually pretty much everything by Sarah Watts does. Her designs are so pretty and whimsical.


I’ll be honest, these timers don’t have the greatest reviews, but they are so adorable that I might be okay if they didn’t always work perfectly.


This one’s another Sarah Watts design and would be a great gift if you’ve got a sewing-lover in your life.


This tea set is pretty and has multiple color options, so if you like the look but don’t love the color of this one, be sure to check out the others.


I don’t know too many women who don’t love good nail polish, and the following three sets all have great colors for any skin tone at reeeeeally good prices. It would be super-easy to buy a set and split it up among multiple teachers/grads/mamas as a fun add-on to a larger gift.


I wouldn’t normally recommend a $40 recipe box, but then again, I’ve never seen such a beautiful recipe box. Honestly, I love pretty much everything Rifle Paper Co. makes, and this is no exception.


I know I’ve recommended this necklace several times, but I really do love it. Mine has an “M” on it for “Mama,” which would be an appropriate gift for any mother, in my humble opinion. But you could also just choose the initial of whomever you’re gifting it to, or even her children’s initials if you want to add multiple discs.

Disclosure: these are affiliate links and, should you purchase any of these items, I will receive a small percentage of the cost at no extra expense to you.

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The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for Women {$20-40}

Hey guys, and HAPPY FRIDAY! (Can you tell I have a date night lined up with my husband tonight?)

So…from what I’ve been able to see on Amazon, this year’s gift guides (see the first here and the second here) are really hitting the spot! You guys are getting lots of great deals without ever having to leave your house, which makes me really happy! It’s like we got to go shopping together, even though we’ll probably never meet. :)

I’m back today with our last (and priciest) gift guide today. But even with everything starting at $20, I still think there are some pretty fun/great scores here (and most are below $30) that would be worth a “splurge” if you know of someone would love them as much as I would!



I know that not everyone shares my love of color, but I think both of these floral quilted throw options are just gorgeous and amazing prices for the quality (based on the rave reviews) and style (which could easily be found at Anthropologie or another boutique-style store).


I’m completely in love with this blue crate (there are other color options and sizes too). And for $25 (shipped free with Prime or a qualifying order of $35+), it’s about as good a price as you could expect for its size/style/good reviews.

If y’all are fans of Fixer Upper, and I know from this post I wrote about it that you ARE, then you know that Joanna Gaines would fill this crate with a fresh batch of brightly colored Crayons and use it as a multitasking table centerpiece.

I can see its being used as a caddy for craft supplies or silverware or baking/coffee supplies or…can you tell I like it?


I’m a fan of carryall totes, especially in fun, bright prints that can wipe clean, and this Fossil option (there’s one other pattern if you don’t love this one) is a great price. I’m not a designer bag girl at all, but I do love the quality and style that you get from Fossil, which is one of the few brands that I consistently buy when I can find a great deal.


I realize that buying shoes for someone else is a risky venture (so, maybe this is just for you…shhhhh…I won’t tell if you won’t).

But I’m including these because a) I have a very similar pair that I wear A TON and which always get compliments and b) because these have amazing reviews (over 600 of them!) for style and comfort and come in a vast array of colors. Plus, they’re a fraction of the price for the TOMS desert wedge booties that they’re mimicking (it depends on the size/color comb, but many are below $30), and most of the reviews said they couldn’t tell the difference.

I’m finding myself sorely tempted by the black linen with rattan wedges, but I’m exercising self-restraint (barely). :)

P.S. Don’t be scared off by the funky red ones in the pic or the price. That’s just the one that shows up by default. There are lots of more neutral options (or even an allover cheetah print if you want to go completely–ahem–wild).


I confess that I stole this cookbook from Mandy’s list (be sure to check it out; she’s got great, affordable picks for the whole family). It’s been on my mind to buy for myself/others for forever, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

The Forest Feast is universally hailed as absolutely gorgeous, not to mention super-simple to follow, with delicious recipes.


If you know someone who loves ho-cho as much as I do, then this milk frother would be an ideal gift. And if you have a coffee-lover in your life (which, I realize, is most of the world, even though I’m a weirdo), well even better! (Since frothed milk is pretty much the thing that makes lattes everybody’s fave).

It has amazing reviews as a great bargain for how well it works (more expensive models run upwards of 3-4X its price).

Speaking of coffee, this thermal mug would be a super-fun and practical gift for the caffeine addict on your list.


I love PiP studio products. They’re bright, fun, cheery, beautiful, great quality. In a word: perfection. And, thanks to my super-sweet husband’s gifting me pieces of PiP china for special occasions over the past two years, I have a decent collection (you can see most of it in this post).

I can’t wait to have tea parties with my girls!

I don’t have this tiered cake plate, but it looks just as pretty as the rest of their offerings (and a smidge cheaper than usual) and would make a fabulous gift for a lover of beautiful serving-ware.


If you love James Avery (or know someone who does) but don’t love the price points, then this sterling silver floral filigree option just might be the perfect ring for you/your loved one.

Great reviews!


Likewise this sterling silver Jeremiah 29:11 ring, which would be a great unisex gift and gets good reviews as well!


And while we’re on the subject of beautiful jewelry, check out this “I love you to the moon and back” sterling silver cuff bracelet.

Fabulous reviews and just so pretty and whimsical.


Okay, I’m not gonna lie: the reviews on this cake plate are a bit mixed. It sounds like it’s not the highest quality (although no one disputes its beauty), but if you didn’t have a super heavy duty use for it, it might be worth the gamble. Because it is just cute as heck!


This book caught my eye because–duh–it’s pretty! But it can serve also two purposes. It has great reviews as a coffee table book, but quite a few people said that they dismantled it and framed the art on their walls, and it turned out really great. So, if you know someone who loves pretty art, DIY projects, or both, then The Art of Instruction might just be the perfect gift!


I have to admit that these headphones kind of make me giddy. They have great reviews for functionality, but they’re also just so stinkin’ fun! They kind of remind me of the technological equivalent of that PiP cake plate from above, and that’s definitely a good thing in my book.


Here is the promised gold + acrylic stapler that would look so great stocked with the brightly colored staples from our under $10 list.

Because seriously, if you’ve got to have something as utilitarian as a stapler sitting out in plain sight, then it might as well be shiny, right?


This is pretty pricey as journals go, but if you know someone who is a Kate Spade lover, then this Penny for Your Thoughts book with multiple colored ribbon markers is actually a lower price point than almost all other options I found.


And that, my friends, concludes my Amazon Christmas round-up for 2014! Phew! That was A LOT.

I hope you guys find something for your favorite girls or maybe just have a good list for future birthdays or…whatever. I know I’ll be referring back to it when I have a special gift to give!

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The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for Women {$10-20}

Hey guys! I hope y’all found Monday’s installment of our Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for Women helpful.

Just as an FYI, I ordered quite a few of the smallish items from that list either as gifts for this year or to squirrel away for the future, and many of them have already shipped (even when their estimated delivery dates were a ways off), so if you’re worried about Christmas arrival times, the odds are looking good for getting most things in if you order this week.

So, this morning, I’m back with our next installment of goodies, in a slightly higher price point, but all still totally affordable.

User note: if you click through an item that has multiple color options, and it wants you to “add the item to your cart,” go ahead and do that, and then click on the actual item link on the next page to be taken to all of the color options. You may not want that ACTUAL item in  your cart (and you may just want to browse), but it won’t let you see the rest until you add it. Don’t worry, though. You can take it right back out once you’ve had a chance to look.



Continuing with the owls-can-do-no-wrong theme that seems to be ruling the universe these days, I give you these adorable, retro-inspired S+P shakers. Perfect for the kitchen that needs a touch of whimsy. (Great reviews!)

Owl Salt and Pepper


I’m a sucker for cute ceramic measuring spoons (my kids are equally fond of breaking them), and I love that these have bright pops of color without being ornate or overly themed. (Again with the good reviews).


I don’t know if you’ve gotten the memo, but plaid is IN. I love this long shawl-style pashmina scarf for its muted colors and ultra-cozy size. (Good reviews).


On Monday, I showed you a fun owl pillow, but if you’re up to your ears in all things owl, how about going for yet another trend that has been raging for quite some time? This deer head silhouette pillow cover would look fabulous by itself on a chair or mixed up with a bunch of other patterns.


Another fun trend is the pom pom beanie. I’m honestly not sure I can pull this one off with my rather large head size + mop of thick hair, but I love the idea of the playful pom pom atop a thick knit cap. This one comes in quite the color selection, so if you don’t like the look of this one, be sure to click through to see the others.


Confession: I first started compiling this list a good two weeks ago, and when I stumbled across this Champion hoodie, I managed to snag the pink in my size for–wait for it–$10 shipped!!!

It’s since jumped in price, but at $14.99 (+$2 shipping) for select sizes/colors (you’ll have to click on the different combos to see what price shows up for you), it’s still better than you’ll find at Target unless you score a major sale.


Okay, so I kind of don’t even want to post this one because I want time to figure out a way to justify buying this pretty Fossil wallet (even though I don’t need it) or at least thinking of someone to buy it for…before it sells out.

I know that the link says that the price is $40 and shows a red option, but be sure to click all the way through the link and click on the gray colorway (my favorite option anyway), which is the only one under $20.


I have no practical purpose for this backpack, since I would probably destroy it with my rough, stuff-and-grab ways (although, it has good reviews for both appearance and quality) in mere days. But it’s just SO stinkin’ cute! Also, it comes in several different color options (my fave is the teal…shocking, I know).


I’m not gonna lie: I ordered these the second I saw them. Not only am I always needing an extra pair of scissors (it makes me so nervous when I can’t find my sharp ones because I find myself wondering exactly who is going to show up with a brand new haircut…or a big gash on their face) but–hello!–they’re gold!!! Oh, and they have great reviews for sharpness and functionality too, if you’re into your scissors actually being worth a flip at–you know–cutting and stuff like that.


I have contemplated ordering these Puffin classics designed by Anna Bond–the super-talented lead artist behind Rifle Paper Co. (my fave company for all things paper)–since I first spotted them on Amazon for about 30% less than you can score them anywhere else.

I haven’t quite managed to justify the splurge since I already own versions of all three of the titles offered (this link only shows The Little Princess, but if you look below at the other “suggested titles,” you’ll see the other two), but just give me time. :)


Again with the owls already! But, honestly, I think these are some of the cutest, funkiest, most authentically Anthroesque owl mugs I’ve stumbled upon. Totally rad gift for the on-trend, yet slightly off-beat, girl in your life.


Another one of my favorite paper companies is Cavallini. They have the prettiest nature-themed calendars and such, and this bird journal is no exception.


See? I told you I love Cavallini. These vintage-inspired mini-notebooks are practically too cute to write in. But they would be perfectly great for gifting, no?


If you’ve got someone who loves to cook in style, then this laser-cut utensil holder would look awfully pretty corralling all of her cooking paraphernalia.


This six pack of lip gloss has great reviews and lots of versatile colors–perfect for gifting as a pack to the lip gloss addict in your life or splitting up into stocking stuffers!


Okay, I confess: I have three of these tin chalkboards (you can see one behind my sink in my kitchen redo and one in my recent living room post). And I LOVE them. I got mine on major sale from Urban Outfitters a while back, but this price is quite good too. They just add immediate depth and fun to any space and, with the scalloped edges, are a nice change of pace from your average chalkboard piece.


I discovered something in all of this “research” I’ve been doing: mouse pads are EXPENSIVE! I wouldn’t have thought it considering that it’s basically a piece of foam, but I was lucky to find anything even remotely cute for less than $20. This one was one of the winners and is more reasonably priced (but there is a shipping fee, which bumps it up considerably).


This is another fun statement necklace option. Just be sure you click through to see the aqua option, since the one showing in the link is more than $20.


I wouldn’t normally pay $10+ for a single tea towel, but this one is pretty darn cute and would be worth the extra coin for a kitchen-girl who likes the vintage flour sack look. Again, very Anthroesque but with a lower price point.


I love the simple style of this sterling silver initial ring. Plus, unlike many of the initial options I looked at, it has great reviews and lots of initial options still in stock.


Get a load of this set of (really) well-reviewed Shany “professional” cosmetic brushes for less than $13. Pretty much too good not to include, no?

I’m not too skilled with brushes, but I’m tempted to order these and play around to see what I think.


I was originally going to include these moc slippers with my $20+ gift guide, but they’ve since dropped in price, so here you go! Lots of color options!


Oh, and last but not least, here’s a super-fun option for the girl who loves to bake cupcakes!


So, there you go!

23 (such an awkward number) items under $20 sure to please at least ONE of the women in your life!

Happy Shopping!

Again with the disclaimer: each of these items contains an affiliate link, which means that if you buy them, I will receive a small percentage of the price, at no extra cost to you.

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