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The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide for Kids {2017}

Kids are definitely the most fun to shop for (you get to imagine their delighted reactions), but it still can be a chore to wade through all of the kid STUFF to find a truly awesome gift. I’ve waded and waded and managed to come up with several options that I know my kids would love (if only they read my blog).

Hopefully, the kidlets you must buy for in your life will too.

Because what kid wouldn’t love to walk around lit up like a Christmas tree??

My boys would love this Perplexus maze ball. Only two left in stock of this one, but there are some options (for much cheaper) on Warehouse Deals.

If you’ve gotta have a night light, it might as well be shaped like a cat, yes? Of course, yes.

It’s a game! It’s math! It’s both, and it would make a great gift for a kid or two in your life!

I don’t know about yours, but my girls play with dolls. Like a lot. They don’t really care, but I like dolls of the cute variety. MOST of the ones I favor tend to be a bit on the pricey side, but this sweet little fox doll is pretty cute without breaking the bank.

I know this is kind of random, but of every dress up outfit we’ve ever bought or been given, our dino suit–with its swingy tail and horny head–has been a favorite among every single one of my children. This one is similar to the one we have and would hopefully provide its recipient with as much joy as it has my kids.

I’ve just about bought one of these teepees for my kids about 100 times over the last 5 years, but I keep telling myself, “Oh, you could make that…” See how well that’s been working for me?

Don’t be like me. Instead, buy this stripey version so your kids don’t periodically remind you about that heap of scraps you have in your closet that “you said you were going to make a teepee with that one time.” #truestory

This cute crocheted ballerina doll would be a favorite with my girls. Yours too?

This is my absolute favorite kids’ Bible. The illustrations are incredible, and the text stays very true to the details of the Biblical accounts it includes (which are MUCH more in depth than the usual “Noah/Abraham/Jonah” highlights) while still being easily understood by children.

My mom gave Simon one of these for his birthday, and we’ve all gotten a kick out of it. The price point + reviews on this one can’t be beat!

Bubbles. Every little kid loves them. Every mom very quickly gets tired (and lightheaded) from blowing them. Enter this ingenious device.

Here’s another version for suuuuuuper cheap! Not as good of reviews, but for the price, maybe worth the gamble?

The reviews on this little cash register are mixed (main complaint: the drawer sticks), but for the current PRICE ???!!! I think I might chance it for Theo. It beeps/scans food with actual prices, adds them, has a microphone, makes noise when you insert the included debit card, and comes with money, coins, and food. Whuuuuttt?

The girls and I saw the Wonder movie for Della’s birthday and really liked it, and I’ve heard great things about the book as well. I think it may be our next family read aloud.

Breakfast for dinner is a huge hit at our house. Imagine how much more so that would be if our waffles were shaped like MICKEY’S HEAD??

Got any mermaid lovers in your house? Satisfy all of their “under the sea” yearnings while keeping their tootsies toasty with this fun mermaid tale blanket.

Foxes AND hedge hogs?? Are they trying to KILL us with cuteness??

I snagged some of these for Honor so that his blankies wouldn’t match Theo’s (territorial, much?), and I love the black and white and how soft they turn out after the wash.

Simon and Della both got gifted paint by sticker books for their birthdays, and they both love them. Chances are, your kids will too!

You better believe books are high on my lists of best gifts for kids, and this “atlas” is a super fun option (we have it, and it’s great!) with awesome graphics.

We love these adorable Hello, World board books at our house. Theo will read them with me all day long, and the twins love them too. If you scroll down to “similar items,” you’ll find the rest of the books listed.

Speaking of books we love, all of my kids are entertained by this one. AS AM I. Seriously. My favorite right now.

I just bought this boxed set after both of my boys DEVOURED the first one in the series. (Definitely a good vs. evil situation, but not explicitly Christian).

Anything by Donita K Paul is also a huge hit with my boys who love all things dragon and warriors. (The books do have Christian themes).

And this oldie but goodie for Della.

If you don’t mind your little ending up looking like a juvenile member of a motorcycle gang, you might consider this nail sticker + tattoo kit. My girls would FLIP for this!

And again with the llamas! But isn’t he cute??

Surely I can be allowed one more if it’s in hat form???

These cutie-pie bandanas would make a great gift for a new mama who wants a stylish alternative to traditional bibs.

It’s a toy AND a clock. I bought my boys one of these each years ago when they needed an alarm clock, and we still have/enjoy them.

Phew! Typing up all of these gift guides has worn. me. OUT. But I’m coming back with ONE MORE (Lord willing) for the true procrastinators among you! Hope you’re already done, but just in case not, stay tuned.

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The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide 2017 {$15 – $50}

Hopefully, you guys have most of your gifts under control already, but just in case you still need some inspiration, I’ve got lots more fun finds in the under $50 category.

Would it be one of my gift guides without gold + initials in some form of dainty jewelry? No, no it would not. Love this bar necklace version.

I know lots of people take their coffee seriously. The closest thing I can come to relating is in how seriously I dislike it. BUT. Even though the most obvious beverage to carry around in this NO spill wonder that keeps your drinks hot for hours might be a cuppa joe, it would obviously work just as well for my beloved ho-cho (hot chocolate) or for a cold drink as well. My friend, Chelsey (a coffee drinker), has one of these and loves hers for the unspillability (sure, why not?) of it if nothing else.

And now for a cup for those who prefer to take things stylishly. It may not be spill proof, but at least it’s cute!

This jewelry “box” is another one that falls in the Anthro-esque category. I love the combination of rustic with a little glimmer.

There is only one of these Fossil wristlets available for less than $40 (they’re usually $70) from Warehouse deals, but I absolutely love the super cute b + w + cognac leather combo. May the best woman (aka: the fastest with a keyboard) win! (Scroll down and look the for the blue text to find the Warehouse deal price).

I mean, I know we’re not 12, but still. These socks ARE pretty cute.

I have one of these and love it. (And how cute is it that you can label everything with chalk?)

It’s entirely possible that I’ve recommended this EXACT box set before. I know I’ve recommended the books separately, but I can’t remember about the set. Either way, it’s a great price for all four books. It would make a great gift for one, OR you could split up the books and give them to multiple people.

I don’t know why cute raincoats are so fun. But they are. And this navy and white floral option is surprisingly reasonably priced (because raincoats are expensive, yo) with good reviews.

I know fiddle leaf figs are pretty much the trendiest plants in the history of ever. Plus, they’re expensive. But if you (or someone on your gift list) has a green thumb (because, apparently, they’re also finicky) and some patience, this $30 version could be just the ticket!

Some people collect art. I’m more partial to garden stools. And poufs. But I’m happy to say that I rarely pay more than $50 for either and almost always considerably less. Amazon Warehouse Deals always has great deals like the one above. I love these to go beside a chair for a drink or a book. My kids like them as actual stools. We both win. (As with all Warehouse Deals, you have to click through the link then scroll down to the see the discounted price, which is over HALF off what it says in the pic above).

Gotta love a cute, mama-themed graphic tee.

And again. I don’t know why llamas are so popular (can you say OWL replacement??), but they make for some pretty cute graphics. Plus, I do love me a good long-sleeved gray tee.

Letter boards are all the rage these days, and I can personally attest (because Shaun got me two small ones for my birthday) that, while expensive, they are super-fun! This one’s actually a pretty sweet deal for this size board PLUS letters.

I LURVE this minty green cake stand plus glass dome. I find cake stands surprisingly versatile/useful in both decor and baking. And you can never go wrong with mint #imho. Sadly, this one has jumped in price $10 since I first jotted it down for the guide, but it’s still cheaper than it’s similar World Market counterpart.

Got a camera-lover in your life? What about gifting them this stylish bag for all their gear?

I just can’t help myself with pom poms. Keep in mind that these are pillow covers only. The better to stuff from your graveyard all those old pillow forms in your closet. Just me? Whoops.

It took me a long time (um, $30 years?), but I finally have what I would call a “signature fragrance” (Tocca’s Stella). But I love ALL of Tocca’s scents. They’re earthy and rich without being too, um, “mature” (catch my drift?). They can be expensive (but considering that my $70 bottle of Stella easily lasts me 2 years, I’m not mad about it). But this set includes a fair bit for a reasonable price and would make a great gift.

I mean, its sparkly slippers. Need I say more?

Okay, I told you I have a thing for stools. But did I mention I like faux fur too? Well, I do. So, put ‘em together for less than $40, and you have a winner in my book. Not to mention a fun gift for a decor-lover in your life.

AGAIN with the stools!!! I get asked where I get these stools (I have 6, but they come in packs of 2) ALL of the time on Instagram. The above link is your answer (scroll down for an Amazon Warehouse Price). I wait til they go on sale or I can catch them from the Warehouse, and they are SOOOOO worth it. Cute, sturdy. Practically unflippable. Small enough for even Theo to tote from one place to the next. I can’t say enough good things. They are fantastic for kids, but even I use them every now and then, and I love how sleek they are to look at.

Floral duffle. Meant to be…given to someone who loves cute bags! ;)

This poncho is a fun find…

As is this ruffly option, which has a VERY similar version at Anthropologie that costs almost 4 TIMES as much!!

Speaking yet again of Anthro, they have this very same milk bottle measuring cup situation for one dollar LESS (ironically enough) than Amazon. Free Prime shipping definitely evens the playing field, though.

Love this pretty camera strap, and so does pretty much everyone who reviewed it!

I have a mint desk lamp similar to this one I got from Target 2ish years ago that I got asked about all of the time from the old house. I think I might actually like this one even better because of the wood accents.

I love it when cooking utensils match. Double love it when they’re GOLD!

Something else “fun” (and by fun, I mean informative and potentially slightly depressing): this scale that not only weighs your food but will also spit out a caloric reading for you.

I love dough bowls. I don’t actually own one because they’re either a) expensive or b) really expensive. But this one is both affordable and interesting because of the unique live edge.

And that’s what I’ve got for our under $50 category. I’ll be back on Thursday with a kids’ guide, so if you have any last minute deals to snag, stay tuned!

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