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A Month of Honor

I know this is what every mother of a newborn says every.single.time, but–well–I’m willing to be a cliche just for the chance to exclaim how ridiculous it that my seventh kid is already a month old.

Over a month, actually, because, despite my best intentions to get this blog posted last week on Thursday, when he officially completed his one month tenure on planet earth…it didn’t happen. And, yes, I know that I say that a lot. Ce la super-busy, constantly-distracted, nursing-daze vie. (And good for you if you actually deciphered that last sentence).

Honor is just the sweetest thing, y’all. I know I said the same thing about Theo on his one month “birthday” (and I would have said the same thing about the twins too if I hadn’t been too sick battling mastitis and shingles to blog when they were a month old. Yuck). And it was just as true. But in a different way. Theo is a ham. He dances. He squeals. He even does a dramatic, Hamlet-esque stagger/chest-clutch/collapse move when his brothers pretend stab him while playing swords. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen a 2-year-old do…especially since no one taught him to do it. But most of all, Theo SMILES. Almost all the time. A big, gap-toothed, cheesy grin that you can’t help but return. He’s been like that since birth, practically.


See? Solemn as a tomb. Clearly.

Honor is different, though. Equally winsome. But, whereas Theo is the constant life of the party, Honor is thoughtful and serious.


Apparently, he was digging the retro vibe at The Grove–a local restaurant with the COOLEST decor. 


He started smiling on Valentine’s Day (little love-bug that he is), but he literally has to work up to it. He gets bright-eyed and happy-looking. Then he wriggles his whole body, as if the smile is buried deep in his toes and needs to travel all the way up to his lips. And then, finally, after he’s cocked his head this way and that a few times, a crooked half smile emerges from a big open mouth. Once he gets going, though, it’s one smile after the other for a little while.

Shaun’s the best at extracting these hard-won smiles, followed closely by Ezra and Simon. Honor’s most content to be held by me (although, he’s a chill baby who will happily go to most anybody), but I rarely have/take the time to sit and coo at him like Shaun does (that implied that my husband has lots of free time…he doesn’t, but when he’s holding Honor, he is usually devoting his entire attention to him. I can be guilty of hauling him around with me like a sack of potatoes on one arm while I get lunch or pull laundry out of the dryer with the other).


Oh, Daddy. You’re so funny. 

To say that we’re all completely smitten with Honor is probably completely unnecessary but no less true. It’s not unusual to hear an exchange that goes something like: “Mama, can I hold Honor?” And then immediately: “And me next?” Followed by: “And then me?” And: “And then ME!” And finally: “Oh man! I wanted to hold him. Now, I’ll have to wait forever!”


Surrounded by his fan club. 

Everybody pitches in, but the older boys, especially, are sources of genuine and constant help. They hold him while I eat. They change his diapers. They fetch clothes and dress him. They load him in his car seat and carry him to the van. If they could feed him, they would do that too.

And almost none of this is because I ask them to (although, when I do ask for help, they are very quick to respond). They just adore their baby brother and are eager to be included or in charge of anything that involves Honor. They were the same way with Theo (less so with their sisters since they were so much younger when they were born), and they still are, but there’s just nothing like a brand new little human to get everybody’s attention.

I say this, yes, to brag on my sweet sons but also to encourage you mamas of little-bitties (only) out there that this day is coming if you keep plugging at training those soft little hearts. And it is a good day, indeed.

I know not everybody is into the newborn stage, but I love it. Much more so now than in the past (that’s my mama experience talking; I know now how fleeting it is). I think I would happily have a newborn in the house at all times if I could. There’s just not much better than holding a bundle of yummy-smelling squish for cheering you up or calming you down.


Hey, girl. Thanks for getting down on my level. How about you change my diaper while you’re here?

I love the grunts and the squinty faces they make when they stretch. And don’t even get me started on baby yawns. Even their snores are cute, for crying out loud.

Of course, I know that it helps (immensely) that I have healthy, easy-going babies who sleep well (Honor’s still holding steady at 6 hours a stretch at night, but I’m hoping he will bump that up soon). And I certainly don’t take that for granted. But babies are just cool, so that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Thank you, Lord, for Honor. We sure are tickled he’s here!

P.S. After looking at the pic of above of all 7 and then at Theo’s one-month pics compared to Honor’s, I’m starting to believe that, maybe, our kids look a bit alike. #yathink

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Strolling with Evenflo

Even though I have 7 kids, I’ve never owned a new stroller. Several new car seats, yes. But no new strollers. Which is fine. Because the secondhand versions I’ve owned have fulfilled their purposes well enough. But I’ve never loved a stroller system. Until now.

Meet the Evenflo Pivot Travel System.


{Disregard Della’s squint o’ death; she didn’t mind the fact that I sent them out in the cold to walk their baby brother around the block for me…JK! They dressed themselves in various and sundries–pretty sure Theo has socks on his hands rather than mittens–and headed out to brave the big, bad 45 degree chill without any prompting from me}

AKA: my new BFF.

It’s different from anything I’ve ever owned before in a myriad of ways but probably the most significant is that the stroller base is just that: a base. Which allows you to pop in either the car seat…


{Clearly the postpartum hair loss has not kicked in yet. Hello, lion’s mane}

…or the stroller bed.


The bed can be laid flat (ideal for infants) or tilted upward for optimal viewing, especially once baby gets older (it has straps to keep him snug and safe). It also has a handy cold-weather cover, which we have happily utilized on chilly mornings.


I love having the option to carry only the lightweight base and simply snapping in the car seat (the option I utilize the most). Most of my strollers have been unwieldy and heavy (especially the twins’ double stroller, which is a total beast), so I am loving how easy it is the toss the stroller base in the back of the van and then transfer the car seat right into it.

Speaking of the car seat, it’s my favorite!

car seat

{Can you spot my cute photographer?}

In fact, the very day it came in the mail, Honor ended up napping in it multiple times throughout the day because it’s so well-cushioned and plush that he went right to sleep every time we laid him in it. Even though he’s a big baby for his age, he still needed an insert in our last car seat to keep his head from lolling side-to-side. The Evenflo Pivot car seat has sufficient padding to keep his little noggin in place, though, so I don’t have keep up with an insert (major bonus in my book).

Also, while our last car seat was awkward to carry in the crook of your arm and hard to release from the base, the Evenflo Pivot car seat has a wide, smooth arced handle (Shaun’s first comment was how good it felt to carry), which is easy to slip onto my arm and doesn’t bite into my skin. AND! The best part? It comes out of the base without any complicated lifting/wiggling/coaxing (can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally woken a sleeping babe wrestling with our last model).

It also includes an anti-rebound bar built into the seat base, which limits the rebound impact in a frontal car crash and keeps my baby safer.

The stroller, itself, is the easiest to maneuver that I’ve ever used. I can steer it, no problem, with one hand, which is kind of a big deal, since that’s usually how many hands I have available (because there’s always somebody else that needs me to wipe a nose or hand out sippy cups with my other one).


{Pretty much everybody–from Ezra down to the twins–can navigate this stroller because it glides so easily}

Another plus? There’s a generous amount of space between the basket on the bottom and anything that might block it on top. It’s an easy-to-overlook perk until you find yourself trying to deposit or retrieve a bag or snacks from underneath a stroller only to have them snag hopelessly, requiring a full-stop (and an inevitable pile-up of small bodies behind you) and rummage situation.

When Evenflo (nice post sponsor!) contacted me and offered me an option of stroller systems, I took my time reading reviews and ultimately decided on the Pivot system, since I love to walk the trails near our gym with friends and wanted something that maneuvers easily and handles well on rough terrain.

I am happy to report that it does both.

Honestly, I couldn’t be more pleased with this travel system. It does what a stroller system should do–make my life easier. And while “hard is not the same thing as bad” may be my motto, I see no point in making things needlessly complicated.


{Honor stayed snug and happy in his car seat, even though it was time for him to eat}

The Evenflo Pivot Travel System simplifies traveling with a baby, and I am a big fan of that and it.


{Also a big fan of the car seat canopy with a peephole that my sis-in-law, Hannah, made for me}

Although Evenflo was kind enough to provide me with product, all gushing is entirely my own. 

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What a Big Honor

Just thought I’d pop in and let you guys know that #babynumber7 finally (FINALLY!) made his big (somewhat literally) arrival this morning at 2:25.


His name is Honor Daniel, and he measured in at 9 lbs. 1 oz. (one ounce smaller than Simon) and 22″ long.

So…big boy! Although, I feel like the above pic makes him look considerably heftier than he is.


{Or not; he looks like a giant here too}


{Nothing more attractive than a daddy loving on his baby}

So far, he’s a super-chill sweetheart, except for when you put him down. Ha! But even then, he just kind of bleats like a cute little sheep, so, of course, we pick him right back up again.


Sorry for the blurry pic. It’s hard to get in there for a decent shot with all of those little sister/cousin hands petting him.

I’ll share a detailed birth story when I’ve had more sleep, but I just wanted to thank all of you again for praying for me. His labor was hard, and I felt every one of those prayers as God was faithful to pull me through with each contraction.

And now…to sleep! (Maybe; feel free to pray for that too)

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I Like Wall Flowers

First up, I can’t miss the chance to wish #theodorbs a very happy second birthday today!


I should just write a blog all about what a joy it is to be his mama, but it would no doubt be an extremely sappy one, especially with my pregnant, hormonal self in charge of the keyboard.

Suffice it to say that Theo is a delightful kid. Not all of the time, of course. Hints of the “terrific 2′s,” as Shaun called them the other night, are definitely starting to surface. But, as a rule, it would be hard to imagine a happier, more infectiously sunny kid. Aaaaand it doesn’t hurt that he’s still a wee bit Mama-obsessed, so I get all the best snuggles (I’m sure that will change almost instantaneously once #babynumber7 shows up).

ANYhoo, as much as I could just ramble on and on about his sweet, soft voice, the way he says, “Thank ‘ummmm,” and just how precious it is when he giggles into the palms of his hands, I’ll cut myself short and move on to, certainly not a worthier topic, but a less sentimental one.

And that would be: wallpaper.

I’ve loved wallpaper since before we built our first DIY house. But I’m actually pretty glad that Shaun talked me out of most of the options I was considering when we were first building because I don’t really think I knew who I was design-wise. (Definitely had to learn the hard way that I didn’t want most rooms in the downstairs to be a different color after I repainted, um, well, most of the rooms in the downstairs).

In fact, the only real wallpaper (that Winnie the Pooh border in Ezra’s nursery circa 2006 does not count) that I’ve ever hung is the Amy Butler wallpaper in the twins’ (now Theo’s…no I never did change anything; and no, he’s never seemed to mind) nursery.


{Old wallpaper…meet the new girls in town}

I still love it more than 4 1/2 years later–an indication to me that I should now be allowed to use wallpaper in the new house, since I apparently know what I like (in this arena, anyway) and haven’t changed my mind about it 40 times.

Which! Is why I’ve been snapping up wallpaper deals anytime I run across them. The stuff is expensive, yo. But I’m happy to say that I have yet to pay more than $55 for a roll (that covers 70ish/sq. feet, so we’re talking $0.71/sq. foot). And most of the time, I’ve paid much less (like that time I scored the Petal Pusher wallpaper for $20!).

Strangely, most of my best scores have been from Anthropologie, which, while a prohibitively expensive place to shop 90% of the time, is a great source for hard-to-get stuff on clearance.

So, far, I’ve gotten:

1. Oh Joy! Petal Pusher wallpaper in gold for $20.wallpaper

I plan to use it behind the vanity in the girls’ shared bathroom.

2. The same design in black for $35 (also from Anthro on major clearance; it and the gold above are still available elsewhere for $140/roll).


I’ll be putting that one behind the vanity in the main downstairs bath with moody teal cabinetry and brass accents.

3. This Peonies design (also from Anthro on sale for about $44…still available elsewhere for $198!!)

wallpaper2It’ll go behind the vanity (sensing a theme?) of the downstairs guest half-bath.

4. This Acorus design from for $55 a roll. (Currently on sale for $41…grrr).


It will go on one wall of the master closet and is SO much prettier in person. My sister-in-law saw it and said, “Well, if that just doesn’t scream Abbie!” with a big smile on her face. Ha! She knows me well.

And last but not least…

5. This Papillon wallpaper in teal from for $20/roll.


This one was a really fun score because I’d been wanting to wallpaper one wall of the girls’ play room, but it’s vaulted, which means a lot of space to cover, which means lots of moolah. I’d pretty much given up that “dream,” until I stumbled upon this gorgeous butterfly wallpaper in ivory and teal for only $20/roll. That means that I can do the entire wall for less than $100!

And with that, you’re all updated on my wallpaper escapades for the moment, but I have one more I’m working on that you may just have to wait until I get it up on the walls for the big reveal. I know. Try to contain your excitement.

So, what do y’all think about wallpaper? I know a lot of people think it’s way too big of a commitment, and I get that. But I find myself willing/excited even to take the plunge on this one. Probably mostly because each one of these choices represents one accent wall in a room, instead of a huge, 4 wall kind of deal.

Any cheap/stylish wallpaper resources I’m missing? Happy to hear as always.

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39 Week Pregnancy Check-In {Baby #7}

Hi there, guys!

I hope your Christmas was lovely and relaxing and rejuvenating. Mine was…mostly. But I must admit that, by the end of the actual day, I was pretty ready for it all to be over. The kids were hyper. I was ultra-tired. And everything just felt really loud and overwhelming (you know you’re worn out when the thought of getting off the couch to wipe your 4-year-old’s bottom is “overwhelming.” Amen?). Thankfully, the day AFTER Christmas was magic. Slow morning. Calm kids. Yummy leftovers. A nap!!! And then Shaun cooked steaks for dinner (he might or might not have started a grease fire on his first go-round, but the end result was delicious, and the house only smells marginally of flambeed butter after we aired it out for an hour or two).

I may do a more formal Christmas recap if I feel extra chatty this week, but for now, I thought I’d do a quick pregnancy check-in, since 1) I’ve done a HORRIBLE job of keeping up with these this pregnancy (I think my last “official” one was at 30 weeks) and 2) this pregnancy is almost done (I hope), and it’s kind of now or never.

And in the same classic “nobody actually asked me these, but I’ll answer them anyway” format that I’ve always used, here we gooooooo…

39 weeks

Hello there, #babynumber7. You have a whole lot of excited peeps just waiting to meet you!

How are you feeling?

Tired. Big. Achy. Tired.

Ha! Isn’t that how every 39-week-pregnant woman feels? But seriously, other than the normal creaks and twinges, I feel fine. Probably a liiiiiittle too normal for my liking, since it seems unlikely that this little guy is going to emerge any time soon. But then, we already knew that.

I’ve had a few more “real” contractions that will hiccup along for a half hour or so, but nothing to signify any real shift from my state of “ridiculously pregnant” to “ridiculously pregnant-with-impending-labor.”

I still don’t feel antsy, though. So, that’s good. I guess. We’ll see.

Still exercising?

39 weeks2


#pregnantgymselfie at aaaaaalmost 39 weeks? Check!

Yes, although there are definitely days that I think: “THAT’S IT! I’m getting subs for the rest of this pregnancy. That was PAINFUL.” But then, I feel fine, and it seems silly to get a sub when I’m clearly perfectly capable of teaching, and it gives me a chance to get some exercise and get out of the house. So, I go teach. And it’s “great” (at least as great as it’s going to be). It’s kind of confusing. I’m definitely taking it one week at a time.

I did quit teaching Grit at about 35 weeks, and that was a pretty big relief. High intensity ANYTHING (I mean, I still teach BODYCOMBAT, which is a mixed martial arts class that many would consider high intensity, but it’s still not the same) was starting to feel pretty rough on my ligaments, joints, and abs, so I pulled the plug on that around Thanksgiving.

Anything new to report?

The baby’s definitely head down, and he’s started doing this grrrrriiiinding thing against any bone he can connect with. It’s real fun. It basically feels like the end stages of labor but without any contractions or actual progress. Like I said. Fun.

Also, my legs/feet have been swelling like mad over the weekend–probably more than they ever have–but I think that was mostly due to too much hustling and not enough sleep (I might or might not have stayed up til the wee hours finishing sewing some aprons for the girls on Christmas Eve, which is when they really ballooned). Now that I’ve had a chance to rest with my feet up for a day or two and have been taking my magnesium supplements more regularly, the puffiness is still there, but under control.

39 weeks1

Anything you’re still hoping to get done before he comes?

Eh, I have some organization projects I wouldn’t mind banging out, and I could stand to thoroughly clean my room. But! I figure, even if my midwife has to deliver a baby in a less-than-pristine bedroom, if he surprised me by coming tonight, I wouldn’t complain.

I do have a fun girls’ dinner to go to tonight, courtesy of some sweet friends–hence my “fancy” outfit for these photos (I was giving it a trial try-on to make sure that everything fit and allowed for a) sitting comfort and b) proper food consumption and figured I’d have Simon snap a pic, since I don’t wear much other than p.j.s and workout clothes these days ;) ).

I was definitely hoping that he’d hold off for Christmas, and now that he has, Theo’s birthday + a Christmas get-together for my side of the family (both on Friday) are the only “momentous” events to complete before my schedule is pretty much clear.

Are you still eating healthy, nutritionally balanced meals that help support both yours and your baby’s growth and well-being?

Ha! I think we ALL know nobody asked this. But Y’ALL! I have eaten SO bad for the last week. I’m not an over-eater in general and especially not now when I fill up suuuuper fast. But chocolate has been my very close companion of late, and if it’s sounds good, I eat at least a little bit of it. I just can’t seem to make myself care anymore. Which…when I think about this baby’s potentially not coming for another 3 weeks, it’s a bit of a scary prospect since a) I’d rather not deliver an 11 pound baby naturally (or otherwise), and b) gaining 10 pounds of baby weight in the home stretch would just be silly. Get a grip, girl!

Any clue about this baby’s personality?

Other than wiggly, I don’t know for sure. But I guess I would also say “reactive.” I don’t *think* I’ve ever had another baby in utero that responded so definitively to any kind of external stimuli. If I sit a certain way, and he doesn’t like it, he lets me know! (See above about “grinding”). If the midwife puts the heart rate monitor on my stomach, his heartbeat changes instantly. If I move, he moves. Not gonna lie. I’m a little worried that he’s going to be a restless sleeper, but I am definitely hoping/praying/trusting the Lord for the best.

All around, even though pregnancy is not my favorite, and this one, in particular, has had more pain and irritations than most of my others, I’m super thankful that the Lord has allowed me to carry another healthy baby to full term with zero complications and–honestly–no real reason for complaints. He is so good!

To say that I’m excited to meet this little dude would pretty much be the world’s biggest understatement at the moment. To say that I don’t want to do labor at all would be a bit of an understatement as well. And, yes, I realize those two are at odds with each other.

Ce la pregnant vie. 

What about y’all? Pregnant homies? Non-pregnant ones? How was Christmas?

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Christmas House Pics + Rambling

This year, I surprised myself by getting almost all of my Christmas decorations up before December 1. That has to be some kind of record for me. Not actually posting about it until the week of Christmas? Yeah, that’s more like it.

living room2

For the past two years, I really feel like we’ve nailed this whole celebrating Christmas thing (in its most frivolous form, anyway). We’ve started early and taken our time, listening to oodles of carols, making cookies at least once a week, decorating gingerbread houses with friends, trolling the local neighborhoods for the best lights with hot chocolate in hand, even getting our craft on (still have a little PTSD after making 9 {!!!} handmade dolls last year).

living room1

But this year has been a whirlwind. And I can’t even pinpoint why. Truly. I keep looking back over the last 3 weeks trying to locate the source of the time-warp it feels like we’ve all fallen into…without any success. We’ve done a lot of the things that I mentioned, but it still doesn’t feel like we should be anywhere close to Christmas day.

living room

Of course I know (and fully endorse) that Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with how much sugar you consume or how many times you watch It’s a Wonderful Life (we haven’t managed it yet this year). But I still love the slower pace the season seems to bring (especially considering that we don’t attend many parties or brave the shopping crowds practically ever; oh, how I love thee, Amazon Prime).

living room8

And so, I find myself clinging to every last moment of this week, cherishing each moment of family togetherness (I’m currently sitting on the couch, weathering #babynumber7′s knees and elbows to the ribs as I watch Evy, Nola, and Theo wallow all over Shaun on the other couch and feeling very contented).

living room11

I’m not even that desperate yet for this baby to come out.

living room4

{Please tell me that you are shaking your head at the travesty that is my smudgy mirror. I snapped these shots with the last remnants of light on an already cloudy day and decided I didn’t have time to spare for cleaning it first; I would love to say it’s clean now, but…it’s not}

Which…is interesting because, two years ago, when I was pregnant with Theo, I had to force myself to strike a balance between enjoying the moment and wishing they would all just speed along a little more so I could meet my baby boy (and, let’s be real, not be pregnant anymore).

living room3

Maybe it’s just that he was due two weeks earlier, and I was already “overdue” on December 20th (by two days), instead of “only” 38 weeks, but I just haven’t been as worried about when this little guy will show up.

living room9

Partly, that’s due (hmmm…bad choice of words) to the fact that I’ve had considerably fewer Braxton Hicks “scares” this time around. If I remember correctly (no guarantees of that), I’d already had 3 rounds of, “Holy cow, this kid is coming. What the what??!” plus almost constant contracting that I just ignored as a general bad habit of my over-active (teasingly so) uterus by this point with Theo.

living room10

This time, I’ve only had one incident of: “Um…what is going on?” at 36ish weeks, while Shaun and I were enjoying a fancy 7 course dinner we got to attend because Paint and Prose sponsored the paper goods for the event (that was fun and yummy). And I definitely wasn’t ready for him to make his entrance before the two-toned chocolate mousse came (not to mention more serious concerns about having a baby so early), so I was happy when that round of weird contractions quit after an hour and 1/2.

living room20

ANYhoo, suffice it to say that, this time, I’ll be happy to enjoy Christmas day with a big ol’ belly to rest my plate of pie on. Once New Year’s rolls around, though…I bet you’ll hear me singing a different tune. Strangely, the chiller I feel about this kid coming in his own time, the more I almost *worry* that he’ll show up early and catch me unawares. Because my birth kit’s not ordered yet, and I have no clue where the bassinet is.

living room21

Obviously, not THAT worried.

living room12

{Kind of in love with my rosemary Christmas mini tree with sparkly lights + a pretty gold pot from ProFlowers; it makes the whole kitchen smell delicious}

In any case, regardless of when this little dude decides to make his entrance, I’m grateful for this last week of Advent to focus on the wonder of Christ’s birth, to read more books with the twins, to enjoy more snuggles with Theo (we have a joke that whoever gets the privilege of receiving a Theo snuggle–because he is just cuddliest little bundle of chubby, firm little toddler limbs and soft skin–is “winning”), and to finally get a craft or two made with the big kids.

living room18

I think we may attempt snow globes as gifts for the cousins.

living room17

{The stockings were hung from the stair rail with, um, thumb tacks; there’s a reason they don’t write Christmas poems about houses like ours}

living room19

{See? The light was officially GONE!}

I’ll let you know how that goes. I expect there might be a glitter explosion and a hot glue burn or three, but at least we can say that we tried.

living room27


{Nothing says Christmas like a giant cow skull festooned with fake poinsettias and ornaments}

living room26

{A “toolbox” full of ornaments for the breakfast nook, and…done!}

living room collage

{Because I know you were just dying for a collage recap}

So, what about you guys? Anything you’re trying to squeeze in before Sunday? Did this month fly by for you too?

If I’m not back before Sunday, here’s wishing you a week full of peace, joy, and the love of Jesus, the Savior of the world!

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My Best New House Scores

Just like the last time we built, Shaun’s and my roles are pretty clearly split between a) designer (me), and b) builder (him). Well, I should clarify that he plays a HUGE role in the designing of the actual house, since we design our own blueprints from scratch, but when it comes to finishes, lights, flooring, etc., it’s mostly me. He actually has a great design eye, and I definitely consult his opinion on most decisions, but he also gives me mostly free rein because he knows that I’ll a) research the tar out of every decision and b) find the absolute best deal available. It’s like a treasure hunt for me, and, while it can get tedious, the satisfaction I get from knowing that I made a decision that we’ll all enjoy (hopefully) and saved our family oodles of money is pretty rewarding.

9 years ago, before Pinterest and the true rise of the online response to the DIY movement, almost all of my research and deal-finding involved a whole lot of hoofing it–to Lowe’s, Bruce’s Bargain Barn (yes, an actual place…basically a glorified junkyard full of home improvement store cast-offs at usually great prices), Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, and the like. I found some ah-mazing deals (like the time we bought out the entire end-of-year clearance aisle at Lowe’s–$7,000 worth of merchandise–for $500, then turned around and sold a few of the items we scored to recoup our money, thus giving us free: lighting, flooring, tile, and more). But it was a lot of hours of hauling two little boys from place to place and doing fun things like schlepping carpet home in the back of my dad’s lurching pick-up truck in torrential rain.

This time, although I’ve done my fair share of store visiting, the vast majority of purchases have been online. And, while I never pay very much for anything–in store or on the internet–a couple of deals have been too killer not to share.

So, I mentioned briefly here that we did eventually make it to Charleston, SC, after our initial attempt was foiled by the hurricane, but I never did blog about it. I meant to. I edited the pictures and everything. But it just didn’t happen (let me know if you’d still like me to or if that ship has sailed).

It’s worth mentioning, though, that I scored this first find while in Charleston, and it made the trip that much sweeter.

1. I’ve loved this Oh Joy Petal Pushers wallpaper in gold for forever, but I’ve never been willing to pay $148 for one roll of wallpaper. Imagine my delight, then, when I stumbled upon one–and only one–roll of it in the clearance section at Anthropologie in Charleston. Even with an extra 40% off promotion, it was going to cost $60, so imagine my even greater delight when I got it to the checkout, and it rang up for…$20 {!!!} I refrained from squealing in the cashier’s face…but only just.

best deals5

I think my face says it all.

So, what am I going to do with it? Glad you asked. The plan is to put it behind the vanity wall in the girls’ bathroom, which is peerrrrrfect because I’m shooting for a girly, flowery but still sophisticated vibe in there. Plus! I was waffling back and forth on splurging on a pretty floral tile in that space, since it’s a small amount of square footage, and this little roll of golden goodness totally closed that book for me…and saved me a fair bit of moolah.

2. I’ve also always loved the look of “x-stools” (my name for them). But, at an average of $200 a pop, I’ve never even considered them seriously. Until I stumbled upon this Tally Ottoman in Wayfair’s clearance section (online).

best deals

Cost? $40. (They still have some in stock for $60ish, which is also a good deal). I bought two for the end of the guest bed–the perfect solution, since there won’t be a footboard, and I wanted somewhere for my guests to be able to sling their jackets or sit to put on shoes.

3. I love these long-armed sconces, but they can be surprisingly pricey. Even the meh-reviewed ones from random Chinese stores on Amazon are at least $60.

best deals1


It goes without saying, then, that I was pretty thrilled when I scored 3 of the ones above for $24 each–in the online clearance section of All Modern’s website (which is a sister company to Wayfair and Joss and Main and carries many of the same items). They were originally $120! I plan to Rub ‘n Buff them with brass and use them over the kitchen sink, but if that doesn’t work out (the arms might be too long), I have several other places I can use them throughout the house.

4. I stalked these Rowan bar stools from Grandin Road for months, y’all. They were originally $200 but had been marked down to $80 each. Which is already a great price for a sturdy, large, all wood bar stool. But! Each stool came with a $20 shipping surcharge, bumping the price up to $100 per, and we needed several. I just couldn’t quite bring myself to pull that trigger. At least not until Grandin Road (which is also where I bought the lights over my kitchen island) ran a Free Shipping + 25% off special around Black Friday, which waived the surcharge and dropped the price to $60 each SHIPPED (no tax).

best deals2

I absolutely love these stools. They are even prettier in person, which we know because we unpacked one to test it out in our current kitchen. They are wide and stable and great for kids (with the high backs and the NON-swiveling aspect…I will never buy another swiveling stool). Sadly, they sold out before I could share them with you, but I managed to snag as many as I needed before they did (or maybe I bought the last ones they had…who knows?), so I was a pretty happy camper.

5. This sink was another one that I had my eye on for a while. It had high reviews for design/appearance but mixed reviews for durability (it tended to chip), so I was a little hesitant. But I wanted it for a laundry room sink (so no pans clunking around in there), and the price–which fluctuates between just under to just over $100–couldn’t be beaten for a white sink with this look, quality, and size (it’s 33″ wide). I finally pulled the trigger, praying that mine would show up without any flaws, and it did! And it’s beautiful!

best deals7

My mom was there when it arrived, and she couldn’t believe it wasn’t a $200-$300 sink at least.

6. I included this Anthro rug when I did my master bathroom mock-up a few months back…

anthro rug

…but I never intended to actually buy it, since it was pretty ridiculously priced. But then, it went on sale with an extra 40% off. And I decided to go for it. It still wasn’t cheap, but I had been finding so many good deals that I decided that I would splurge on this one thing. But you know what? It sold out AS I was checking out. At first, I was bummed. But then, I did a little research and found this beauty from RugsUSA.

best deals4

It’s different, obviously, but it has the same vibe, and costs–get this–1/5 of of the price of the other rug. In fact, I scored ALL off the rugs below from RugsUSA on their Black Friday sale and knocked out pretty much all of our remaining rug needs (we’re not doing any carpet) in the new house for LESS than I would have paid for that one Anthro rug!!! Note to self: splurging is almost never worth it.

P.S. While this rug is still a reasonable price, I paid literally half of what they’re currently asking for the 4X6, so I really did score a pretty amazing deal.

best deals6

(You can just see the floral one I bought peeking through on the top right there. It’s much prettier in person; and you can see a baby bump peeking in at the bottom of the frame. Not sure it’s any prettier in person, but I’m excited to meet the tiny human that’s causing it).

7. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another “on the ground” purchase that pretty much made my Tuesday last week.


I spotted this 11 and A HALF foot solid wood church pew on a Facebook swap n’ shop and couldn’t believe it hadn’t been snagged already. Because? It was only $100!!! That’s a whole lot of pretty wood for 100 greenbacks. So, I woke Shaun up, told him the happy news, and he basically looked at me like this.bench1

Notice that his expression did not change AFTER we (and by we, I mean he) rearranged all of the seats in the van, and then we loaded all of the kids up and drove 20 minutes in the rain to haul it home.

No, but seriously, he thought it was a pretty cool score too (I think), and, being the stellar husband he is, humored his crazy, pregnant wife with grace and patience.

So, what am I going to do with a giant church pew? Well, optimistically, it will be a bench for a dining room table that Shaun builds, but if that doesn’t work out, I’ll definitely find a place for it on our front porch.

Aaaaand…there you have it! 7 of my giddiest deal-scoring moments during this house-building process.

Just in case you’re looking for tips on how to do the same, I think I’ve probably already spilled all of the beans, but:

1) Check local Facebook swap ‘n shops regularly. Way better than Craigslist (or actually leaving your house to go garage-saling) and rife with amazing deals.

2) Shop the online sales weekends. Black Friday was definitely a good one, but most of the stores I mentioned run very similar sales during most other “holiday” weekends.

3) I didn’t mention any specific deals from, but I’ve bought all of our faucets + a lot of our lighting there because–once you start ordering from them, they regularly send you percentage off coupons (at once point, I got a 20% off coupon, which applied to my entire order, so that was pretty sweet). PLUS! If you sign up for Club O Gold ($19.95/year), they give you 5% back (which you can then use on a future purchase). If you’re a casual buyer, it might not be worth it, but if you’re making multiple purchases for a house build or renovation, then the 5% back adds up very quickly…especially considering that their prices on the faucets I bought (brand: Kingston Brass) were almost always the cheapest on the internet (not true of all of their items, but definitely true in this case).

4) Type the word “clearance” into Wayfair or All Modern’s search bar to get a list of awesome (and not-so-awesome) deals. There’s quite a bit of junk, but I’ve scored fans, lighting, and home decor for pennies on the dollar because, when the deals are good, they’re really good!

Or! If you’re looking at a specific item, be sure to check for the small print below the main description that says something like, “Buy clearance items from: $_______.” That link will take you to cheaper versions of the exact same item. It SAYS that they are returned/open box items, but all of mine have been shipped to me undamaged in the original packaging.

If you’re interested in $10 off your order to any of these stores, you can send me your email address (blogabbie{at}gmail{dot}com) and I’ll send you a share code (I get $10 too), but, really, I just wanted to share this find because it’s been a surprisingly helpful one to me and one that I had no clue about before I started all of this research.

So, what about you guys? Any bargains you’ve scored lately that you’d like to brag about? Any brilliant, money-saving tips you have for me? I’d love to hear both!
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The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide {Christmas 2016}: Under $100

Alrighty, guys!

I’m back for my last installment of this year’s Amazon gift guide. This time, I’ve rounded up a group of items that–hopefully–will at least jog your thoughts for those bigger gifts that you still have to buy. Some are practical. Some are pretty. Some are both.

So, here we go!

under100 collage


I can’t think of a better gift that you could give anyone than God’s Word. And a great option for long drives or listening at night before bed or…really any other time you can listen but can’t read…is this set of audio cds. I realize that technology has advanced far beyond the common cd, and yet, I still find it most convenient to have a hard copy I can pop into a player (especially in the car). This would be a great gift for someone “old school” like me.


Along the same lines, I mentioned that we were doing the “something you wear/read/want/need” for our kids again this year, and, for the boys, who have oooooodles of hard copy books to read, I’ve opted for audiobooks that we can listen to on our daily trek to and from the gym in the car. We already have the stellar BBC version of entire Chronicles of Narnia series, but I’m really tempted to get this one too, since it’s done slightly differently (the “narrator” is taken out and put down as the actual thoughts of the characters–a liberty which the reviews say actually works well) and includes a different voice for each character (the BBC version is read by one person per book).

I haven’t pulled the trigger on Narnia yet, but I did get this audiobook on Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and I’m considering these Father Gilbert Mysteries (although, the fact that the reviews–which are excellent!–warn that some of the material is too serious for younger listeners has me thinking I should wait).

This is another one of those where, if wholesome audiobooks intrigue you but you don’t love the sound of any of these, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the listings, and they have several more suggestions by the same company (all are produced by Focus on the Family Radio Theatre. All are supposed to be superbly done).


I haven’t included hardly any gifts for men on these lists, but this leather + canvas backpack, which holds a 15″ laptop, would make a great guy gift. Or girl gift. I’d certainly carry it too!


I love essential oils! I’m not really that “oily,” as they say–meaning that I don’t consistently start my day by rubbing specific blends on my body–but I am a believer in their medicinal qualities. I have been known to oil myself or my kids up for everything from colds to rashes to fevers and more. Sadly, my diffuser broke months ago, and I didn’t replace it until recently, but this option is considerably more stylish than the one that I found and would make a great gift for an oil-lover in your life.


I just bought one of these Instax Mini 8 cameras as a gift for the whole family. Not only do I think my kids will have an absolute blast taking pictures of–well, let’s be honest–walls and empty toilet paper rolls, but I have a VERY practical/self-serving use in mind. It’s probably 89% of the reason I bought it. We sponsor several children through various organizations, and I DREAD writing them letters for one simple reason: printing pictures. The letter-writing part is easy! But having to go to a store and print pictures gives me mild hives (yes, I know it’s ridiculous, but it’s also true). And yet, I know that they love receiving those pictures, so I’m over-the-moon excited about the prospect of instantmini snaps we can include in our sponsor letters! Woot!


One thing I hope to do in the new house is have a rolling garment rack in the master closet on which I can set out clothes for the week. I’m hoping it will help me get dressed in “real” clothes every day and utilize my entire wardrobe (or, at least, highlight the items that never get worn, so I can weed them out). We’ll probably make our own DIY pipe version, but if you or someone you know is on the hunt for something similar that’s cute and reasonably priced, then this one should definitely be in the running. It comes in bronze (shown; the other options are cheaper), black, and white.


If you’ve got a lover of nostalgia in your life, I can’t think of a much cuter gift than these Crosley record players. They come in a variety of punchy colors and have generally good reviews (although, they’re not known for amazing speaker quality).


I love these cable knit poufs. I’ve been on the hunt for one for the nursery in the new house for a while, and I think this one just may be what I choose. It comes in TONS of color options, has good reviews (for the most part), and is the best price I’ve found outside of a major sale (Prime shipping too!).


Another fun home trend is these sheepskin rugs. I already got one for the nursery, but it would also work great as a thrown across a chair or in any small space that needs a bit of cozy texture.


Have a basic sewer in your life? I can personally attest to the fact that this is a great, lightweight, cute (!) starter machine. It has fabulous reviews and is really reasonably priced for all of the features that you get. I got the same machine for about $40 less for Della on a Black Friday sale, but it was also refurbished (haven’t had any issues). So far, we’ve only experimented with the most basic of functions, but it’s a great little machine!


I know, I know. A toothbrush? Really, Abbie? But seriously. I got one of these as a gift for Shaun a couple of Christmasses ago, and he LOVES it!


If you read my review of our Amazon Echo, then you already know that I’m a fan. And that hasn’t changed. We use our “Alexa” on a daily basis for entertainment (mostly music + a few games), education, and practical things (like shopping lists, setting timers, and ordering cat food and toothpaste from Amazon). Well, the Echo Dot lets you do all of those same things…but at a much lower price point. As far as I understand, the main difference is in the speaker quality (the full-sized Alexa’s speaker is rather impressive). If that doesn’t bother you, then this miniature version would make a great gift for the multi-tasking techie in your life (or even, as I noted in the review, the non-techie–AKA: me).

And…we’re done!

Hopefully, all three of these guides (or, again, any of the ones in the past, which still have plenty of options that are still available) have been helpful for you. We’ll be back to our regular, non gift-guide program next week, but–in the meantime–happy shopping!

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The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide {Christmas 2016}–$35 and Under

Welp, it took me longer than I’d hoped, but I’ve managed to round up another fun collection of goodies from Amazon for your perusal.

First up, though, I wanted to point you to something fun that Dayspring is offering this year. It’s called The Shepherd on the Search, and it’s a sweet, Christ-centered alternative to the Elf on the Shelf as you place the shepherd in various places around the house on his quest to find the King. As your children find him each day, you can take a moment to read from the accompanying book and focus on the Advent of the Christ…until finally, your kids find the shepherd in the manger (included) with baby Jesus on Christmas day!

We have one, and–while I must admit that we haven’t started hiding the shepherd because, um, I’m pregnant and forgetful and just late on all things in general these days–my kids ask me about it often, and I plan to start tomorrow (because “better late than never” should probably just be tattooed on my forehead).

And now, without further ado, I give you:

giftguide collage under 35

Okay, so fair warning: this gift guide may be a bit “house product” heavy, since that’s the mode I’m in. But I hope that at least a few of these suggestions will be useful to you or someone you know.


So, I saw this idea on Anthropologie’s site and thought: Wow! Clever! I even screen-shotted it to remember for the new house (see above about pregnancy if you want to know what happens to ideas I don’t document in some manner). Basically, you attach the rods to your kitchen wall–under a cabinet or behind the stove, perhaps, and then you hang things from the s-hooks. Dish towels, coffee mugs, pot lids, cooking utensils. Pretty much anything you can think of. Of course, the Anthro versions were a little prettier than these stainless steel plain Janes, but they also cost 3 times as much, and I am a firm believer in the power of spray paint and Rub n’ Buff (even if you have to do a touch up every now and then).


Along the same lines, I love the idea/look/space-saving potential of this pretty mug rack (actually a bottle-drying rack, but who’s nitpicking?). The white is pretty, but there’s also a black option that’s considerably cheaper.


And again with the clever, home-organization theme. Have you seen these stair baskets? We’re always stacking shoes and other paraphernalia on our stairs that we then haul upstairs. This basket is a stylish, convenient way to corral all of those floating items, which you can then cart to their correct location in one batch. It even has handles! (Of course, it only works if it matches the height of your stair treads).


I think that I linked to headphones veeeerrrry similar to these in another gift guide, but this particular link has 4 different floral design options, and they’re all adorable!


Ditto with this recipe tin. I have definitely linked to this style before. But this particular design is new, a good $8 cheaper than the other options, and comes–as do all–with recipe cards included.

I have one and love it both for functionality and design.


When I did my dining room mock-up for the new house, one of the three options included curtains in this pretty floral fabric. Several of you asked me where it was from, but I didn’t know at the time. Now I do! The company is Greenland (they make tons of pretty textiles!), and this shower curtain is only one of several items you can get in this design (I scored the girls’ bunk bed quilts–for the new house–for an absolute STEAL from a different site in this fabric).

If you love the fabric but aren’t in the hunt for a shower curtain (as a gift, of course #wink), just scroll to the bottom of the listing, and they’ll have all of the other products they make in this design for you to choose from.


I’ve mentioned before that my biggest skin challenge (other than hormonal acne…thanks, Eve) is my dark under-eye circles. Well! This little tube of magic definitely knocks those babies right out. Fair warning: a little goes a LOOOOOOOONG way. Although the price is high for a tiny amount, I fully expect to get at least a year’s use out of my one tube (I’ve already had it for 5 months and barely made a dent) because it takes so little to do the trick (plus, if you use too much, you end up looking cakey, with makeup settling in the, ahem, creases).


If you have a Fixer Upper fan in your life, well, chances are, they’ve already read The Magnolia Story at least three times. But just in case not, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the reviews are pretty much unanimously positive. I guess that’s not too surprising considering the somewhat rabid devoted nature of Chip and Joanna’s followers, but for the comments to consistently be that the book is down-to-earth, funny, and inspiring–as well as well-written–definitely piqued my interest. I think I’ll be snagging this one with an Audible credit (Chip and Joanna are the narrators too…because, clearly, they never sleep).


I feel like this is something Joanna, herself, would wear–except with #shiplap across the front, of course. Cute trucker’s hats are such a fun way to hide dirty hair, and this particular design comes in at least 4 different colors.


Okay, so $25 for a coin purse–even a name brand leather one–isn’t that great of a steal. But! If you follow that link, at least one of the color options is only $14.99, with Prime shipping, which is a pretty great deal for a useful little gift with a recognizable name.


So, I hear about Turkish towels all the time, but I’ve never actually used them. Everyone seems to agree on their cuteness factor, but it seems that the actual functionality can vary widely. These are pretty and–according to the reviews–absorbent and useful too! I’ll be ordering a set for our downstairs bathrooms for sure!

Also, these would make a great stocking stuff or add-on gift if you split up the 8 towels among girlfriends.


Oy, with the house stuff, already, Abbie! But seriously. I ordered this one on the spot. It’s such a pretty/handy way of gathering so many useful sink items in one place. And! It helps with counter clutter (my nemesis).


I’m assuming that every mama of long-haired little girls has already discovered this gem, but just in case not (or if you have a friend/sister/aunt/cousin who laments her inability to deal with tangles), this brush will be your best friend. It’s not magic, but it does help a whole, whole lot with the rather tedious task of unraveling long, tangle-prone hair.


So, this hoodie hails from China, and, therefore, runs quite small (according to the reviews), so if you get it for yourself or someone else, be sure to size up. But it has a) cute patterns, b) a hood (my fave!), c) thumb holes, and d) a cute zipper detail at the neck. For a reasonable price (with Prime shipping).  I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I’m tempted!


Another hot home trend? Bread/cutting boards–especially the ones with handles! I’m a cutting board (for function) devotee myself, so I get the practical side, but I can’t deny that the handles definitely up the design factor. These two have great reviews and Prime shipping! Perfect for the function and form lover.


These tea towels are just the cutest and considerably cheaper as a two pack (with Prime!) than most of this artist’s other listings!


I mentioned in the under $15 gift guide that I have always had a thing for pom poms. Including in blanket form. This one has great reviews at a good price, looks super soft and cozy, and comes in a variety of colors.


I think I already included this marble rolling pin on a former gift guide, but I own one now (and bought one as a gift), and I have to say that, it’s even prettier/more solid/impressive in person. I don’t know HOW they’re selling a solidly constructed, marble rolling pin for this price, but it’s definitely the kind of kitchen tool you can proudly leave out on the counters.


Could I really write a gift guide without including a cute set of measuring cups? I think not. This birdie design does the trick!


I mentioned this book in the under $15 guide as well, but I really can’t say enough about how adorable the illustrations are and how much fun it is to read through all of the state’s random facts.

Last year, we used the “something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need” model for our kids for Christmas (we will this year too), and I purposefully bought pretty, well-reviewed, interesting books for our kids that look great on shelves and are just as engaging when you open them up.

Even if you’re not interested in the 50 States book, you should definitely scroll down to the bottom of the listing for lots more similarly stylish/good options. That’s how I found a lot of the ones I bought.

Speaking of which…

The Wonder Garden is a GORGEOUS educational book. The illustrations are mesmerizing, and–while I don’t love its evolutionary slant–the animal facts included are just as engaging.

Again, if you like the look of this one, scroll down, and Amazon will give you lots of similar suggestions.


And what would a Christmas gift guide be without a good set of slippers? These are well-reviewed and have several options that are well below the listed $35 price tag.


Have a craft-lover in your life? Or maybe you just want your Christmas packages to be extra cute this year? This 12 count washi tape bundle would be a great solution for both!


I love the pastel colors and funky diamond-angled designs of these coffee cups. Again, a great way to buy in bulk and then split up for gifts for your Bible study girls or whatnot.


This is another design from Greenland (told you they make cute ones!). One of the rooms in the new house is designated as “the toddler room” (at least for now), and I’ve been struggling with a design that’s fairly gender-neutral while still all-around cheerful and kid-friendly. I think this whimsical/colorful feather print a white background might be just the thing.


I love these delicate post earrings. I’m a fan of costume jewelry, but–on the opposite end of the spectrum–I skew towards minimalist, dainty designs. And Honeycat (the brand that makes these earrings) makes lots of pretty options that fit that bill exactly, so if these earrings aren’t your thing, but simple jewelry is, be sure to browse their selection.

Phew! Well, there you go!

25 options under $35 for the home/makeup/craft/book/fashion/organizational-lover in your life.

Stay tuned for one more guide this week (Lord willing).

P.S. I added a few items–including a very funny coffee cup–to the Under $15 guide.


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The Ultimate Amazon Gift Guide {Christmas 2016} – $15 and Under

After Black Friday + Cyber Monday week, I’m beginning to feel like the Queen of the Internet. Between packaging and shipping Paint and Prose orders (y’all kept us hopping! Thank you!), I’ve spent most evenings with one eye on the Gilmore Girls “Year in the Life” special (my reaction? Mostly “meh”) and the other on my computer screen as I hunted down thee absolute best deals on the last few lights/sinks/faucets/etc. we need for the new house. It’s definitely paid off (I scored the turquoise lights I posted about last week for over the kitchen island for an awesome price with an extra Black Friday discount!).

A friend of mine asked me and Shaun if we would miss all of this planning/building when it’s over, and we just looked at each other and laughed. So, yeah. The answer is no. We both love a good project, and this house is a good one. But neither one of us will be sad when all of these lights I’ve found are hung instead of sitting around the workshop creating a death trap for anyone who dares venture in in search of a screwdriver.

ANYway, all that to say that, in the midst of all of this house research, I manage to squeeze in a bit of Amazon recon too. And, just like I’ve done for the last–3??–years, I’m sharing my finds with y’all!

We’ll start with our first–and most affordable–installment: the $15 and under crowd.

This “category” is so exhaustive that I feel like I could have included about 50 other items, but just remember that, if you don’t see something you love here, you can always go back and browse my guides (I’ve even got one specifically for men!) from the past few years. Quite a few items are still available and for the same or similar prices.

And so, without further ado, in no particular order, I give you:



If you’ve got any pillows lying around that you’re considering donating to Goodwill, you should definitely take a gander at Amazon’s (extensive) pillow cover offerings before you load them up. Most of the covers are extremely reasonable ($3-$7) and cute as can be. (See “bike” exhibit above and “compass” exhibit below)


These monogram mugs are pretty and really well-reviewed. They look like Anthro but come shipped to your door for FREE (the notes say they’ll arrive before Christmas, and Amazon is usually pretty true to its word).


I’m all about dainty, gold, intial jewelry. It’s personal and pretty. I’ve had my “M is for Mama” initial necklace for years, but I’ve never had a bracelet to match. It would be hard to find a cuter or more affordable option.


As usual, I’m including something from Rifle Paper Co. because…how could I not? Her stuff is just so stinkin’ pretty, and these floral, stitched notebooks are no exception. They would make great stocking stuffers or fillers for teacher gifts if you split up the three-pack.


Oh, and speaking of pretty florals and writing, these pencil pouches are adorable, and at 5 for 6.99 + Prime shipping, you really couldn’t find a better deal on a cute, functional add-on gift.


Got a lover of organization in your life? This desk caddy–which looks way cuter in its TEAL option–gets good reviews.


I snapped this one up as soon as I spotted it. I haven’t gotten it yet, but it has great reviews, Prime shipping, and a (hopefully) flattering cut. Plus, I like the simplicity of the black/white + scrolly font.


I bought The 50 States book for my kids last year, and it’s a super fun (and adorably illustrated) way to learn some interesting trivia about–well–America’s 50 states. And this accompanying activity book looks like a great way to engage your kids in a playful learning experience. Bonus: because the illustrations are so bright and colorful, it’s makes a great coffee table/decorative shelf book too!


I don’t usually include a lot of children’s items, but this one is a game-changer, y’all. I know it looks like your everyday, average baby toy, but–and this is important–it super portable and has SUCTION CUPS! At lunch at Chick-fil-a with a friend one day, Theo started getting restless in his high chair, but he was still too little to be let loose in the zoo play area. My friend whipped this little wonder out of her bag, plunked it down on the table (the handy suction cups keep it in place), and Theo proceeded to happily fiddle with it for the next 20 minutes. Sheer genius! I’ve already given this as a baby gift and will do so again and again.


I ordered this one too! Haven’t gotten it yet, but it’s the top-rated/selling mask on Amazon and at 8.8 oz for less than $15, the price can’t be beaten! I’m interested to see if it helps my dry, winter skin.


Amazon always has a strong scarf game, and this blanket scarf (above) and floral one (below) are just a couple that caught my eye from the myriad of super-affordable, pretty options I scrolled through.


Got some hot drink lovers in your life? These canisters are precious and cheap! (Granted, they’re not large, but they would make a fun addition to a shelf or countertop).


Speaking of cute decor, this wire basket + bottle combo is adorable, handy, and decently-sized (12″ long). I love multifunction serving pieces, and this would work great for holding paper straws on a party table, flowers at the dinner table, or even silverware!


I’m a total iPhone rebel, and it’s not that easy to find great phone cases for my Galaxy S5. This one, though, is both sturdy AND pretty. And with a major Rifle Paper Co. vibe at only $9 (with PRIME), the price is insanely good.

Here’s your option if you are an iPhone devotee.

(If neither one of these fits your phone size, just search for the same terms plus your model, and it should pop up).


I try to include a polish pack with each gift guide because they’re such a cheap but still thoughtful way to finish out a gift. I love the teal + pink + berry combo here.


This wallet is designed SPECIFICALLY with the idea of allowing you to zip your smartphone inside the center compartment. I love being able to snag my wallet from my purse and have everything I need contained in one place without hauling the entire bag inside. (The floral design is, by far, my favorite, but if it’s not your jam, there are about 10 other options).


I realize this one is a bit of an outlier, but if you’ve got a DIY/decor lover on your list, you might consider this fun tassel project for her. The tassels have to be assembled, but would make great party or kid/craft room/closet decor once you’re done!


I love pom poms. I always have. So, I’m glad they’re actually in style now. This pom pom hat has great reviews for style and functionality and comes in a SLEW of great colors!


Another one for the littles (although I wish they made them in my size because the patterns are great!). This is an 8 PACK for $13 and Prime shipping. And they’re so stinkin’ cute that I almost wish Baby #7 were a girl just so I could buy one of these for myself. I guess I’ll settle for getting them for my cutie-pie 1-year-old niece instead.


People rave about these Capri candles, and while I’ve never owned one, I get the hype because whenever I’m at a friend’s house who has one, they are just the yummiest smelling things! This is one is a little under $15 (it’s a smaller size), ships free with Prime, and comes in 5 different “flavors.”

Aaaaaand there you have it! 20 great options for your loved ones (or, ahem, you). Stay tuned for the next installment ($30 and under) on Monday!

Disclosure: all of these are Amazon associate links, which means that, if you purchase, I’ll receive a small percentage, without its changing the price for you. So, we both win!

BONUS (I found some more!):

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