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Boho Kimono

In general, I don’t post tons of pictures of myself on the blog anymore. Which…I doubt makes anybody too upset. I mean, I did write a few posts back last fall about holding myself accountable here for weekday outfits, but…I failed on that one pretty miserably. I did a better job of actually getting dressed in general, and I even documented it (most of the time), but I just never got around to posting about it, and then, I thought it would be pretty silly to show you a round up of what I wore…for the past 4 months.

So…there you go.

I have officially gotten too lazy to blog about outfits for the most part. If that’s your jam, I’m sorry. If it isn’t, you’re welcome.

ANYhoo, that longwinded intro is sort of a hybrid warning/preamble to the fact that you are about to be bombarded with pictures of me…wearing clothes (huge sigh of relief for that second part).


So, I have to ask: what do y’all think about the kimono trend? I mean, it’s been going for a while, but it always takes me a loooooooong time to warm up to the latest thing, and I honestly have always felt that kimonos–along with most drapey, flowy clothing–are best for super-slim, long-limbed girls. Now before you go scolding me about complaining about my weight, I’m not. I just don’t have a leggy, lithe physique. I have muscular arms, curvy hips, a long torso, and relatively short legs. And despite being almost 5’7″, I “read” shorter, so lots of loose-fitting things don’t drape well on me.


Cue: my reader-friend, Amanda, contacting me about trying out some LuLaRoe gear. I’ll be honest–at first, I was hesitant. I’d mostly heard about how great their leggings are. But I am firmly in the leggings are not pants camp (unless, of course, you’re wearing a tunic that covers both bum and thighs), and there’s only about 4 months per year of leggings-tolerable weather in East Texas anyway, so I passed on that option.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they have much more to offer. I especially liked the look of their jersey maxi skirts, but since LuLaRoe distributor’s inventory turns over rapidly, and even they are never sure which prints they’ll receive, I never managed to snag a particularly gorgeous large-scale floral print I had my eye on.

BUT when Amanda sent me pics of a few kimono options she had in stock, I was intrigued. As mentioned above, I didn’t really think I could pull off a kimono, but with Amanda being so gracious to let me try out an item of my choice, I figured, “Eh. How bad can it be? I’ll give it a whirl!”

Turns out, not bad at all. As in, I really like it!


{I especially like the fact that you could wear leggings or more close-fitting pants with it, since it thoroughly covers the rear-view}

I wore this little ditty to church on Sunday, and, while I’ll freely admit that, as of this week, it is officially too hot to wear this particular version of it until–oh–December again, I like the fact that I could easily throw it on with some frayed jean shorts, a white tank, and some wedges, and–voila!–easy (breezy!) date night outfit. I also spotted a pic somewhere of someone wearing a kimono over a white shift dress with strappy sandals, and it was so cute, I’m definitely going to have to give that one a shot too.


Oh, and, as always, I had plenty of helpers around for my oh-so-fancy photo shoot.


Yup, that would be my almost 18-month-old running around with no shoes and the snaps of his onesie undone. Classy. (Not pictured: the other 5 kids lurking just outside the shot).

One more thing I like about this kimono? It’s a little like wearing a twirly dress.


Regardless of how much it looks like I am escaping from a bee attack, I can assure you (since I was there) that I am, in fact, twirling. #graceful4ever

So, what’s the takeaway? Um, kimonos are rad? Oh! I know! Don’t be afraid (like me) to try things that you think you won’t like. You might just be proved pleasantly wrong.

If you’d like to chat with Amanda about her LuLaRoe selections, you can find her on her Facebook page or Instagram. She’s an absolute sweetheart and will work patiently with you to figure out exactly what works best for you!

P.S. Ezra takes pretty much all of my pics now. Man, I love having a 10-year-old.

P.P.S. My jeans in these shots are Blank NYC Denim, and I “splurged” on them with some Amazon gift card money I had squirreled away because I’d read raves about how great they are. I asked a trusted source about sizing, since they didn’t have my actual size in stock, and she said, when in doubt, size up. So I did (because they did have the size directly up from what I normally wear). But…I think they’re too big. Well, I don’t think. I know. They are quite loose through the waist and hips, but I would probably only wear them with longer shirts, so that might not matter. On the one hand, they’re insanely comfy. Soft and buttery and pliable without falling down. All good things. But! Considering that they are skinny jeans, methinks the bagging around my ankles (you can see it especially in the profile shot from above) is problematic. Thoughts?


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I’ll Anthropologize ahead of time…

Shaun has been working most weekends for a while now, and this last one was no exception, so Valentine’s Day was pretty low key. Which was totally fine. We love a good excuse to cook a nice meal together and spoil each other a bit, but we also know that it’s not that meaningful as holidays go.

The night before, though, we stayed up late making my favorite dessert of all time for a special breakfast in the morning for the whole family.


Art print available at Paint and Prose

And they were worth every calorie-laden bite.

To make up for hardly seeing each other on Valentine’s (and, perhaps, more importantly, a Sunday), we finagled a date on Monday night instead. But, at the last minute, our babysitter fell through, and I couldn’t find a replacement.

Oh well, I thought. Dinner at home with the family is good too.

But I couldn’t get the thought of a night “on the town” with my man out of my head, so I called my ridiculously nice mama, and, sure enough, she and my dad agreed to come over and watch the kids at our house so we could head out to have some good food, see one of the worst movies I’ve experienced in a while (Hail, Caesar…yuck), and enjoy some local frozen custard.

But mostly, we were just thrilled to have a chance to finish our sentences and hold hands and hang out in a COMPLETELY abandoned movie theater (apparently, everybody but us got the “terrible movie” memo).

So…thanks, Mom and Dad!

Also, I jumped on the chance to get dressed up like a toddler pounces on her twin sister’s neglected Barbie (not that I have any experience with that).


I found that psychedelic dress on a birthday trip to Anthro last October and developed an immediate crush, but, even at 50% off, it was still $98, and I just couldn’t swallow that one. But then, a few weeks later, we were back in Dallas for my my sweet niece’s first birthday, and I managed to squeak in the door of an Anthro about 15 minutes before it closed. And–lo and behold–they had the very same dress in my size for…$35. (It would have been even less but they wouldn’t let me stack my birthday discount on top of the sale they were running. Hmmph!).


So, I bought it, brought it home, and hung it in my closet, where it has dangled in neglect for the last 4ish months. Our date was super casual, but I decided that dress was getting worn, darn it, regardless of how many raised eyebrows I got. (I got a few).


I paired it with a thrifted $3 sweater (also from Anthro, originally) and some leopard print heels that I scored at Nordstrom Rack last summer in Colorado and love in theory but feel more than a little sketchy about in actual practice (my 33-year-old feet aren’t nearly as enamored with heels as my 25-year-old ones were).


{P.S. We didn’t manage to get a straight-on shot of the dress before the camera battery died, but there is one on my Instagram…which, honestly, is the best place to see lots of pics of the house and the kids and other fun tidbits that don’t make it onto the blog}

Which…brings me to the title of this post. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. But you may not thank me for it if you’re a fellow Anthro-lover (of the clothes, not the prices, of course). I apologize (anthropologize…ha. ha.) ahead of time if you get sucked in.

A friend added me to this Anthropologie resale site on Facebook (thanks, Angie!), and I’ve been having way too much fun browsing the wares since. (It’s my favorite frivolous, my-brain-has-shut-down-and-refuses-to-do-anything-useful activity while Shaun and I watch a Fixer Upper rerun right before bed).

Some of the prices are decent. Some are laughably exorbitant (You want me to pay $200 for a sweater that I saw on clearance for $40 a few months back? Really? No thanks). Every now and then, you find something amazing for a great price (I just bought a mint condition white lace dress that I’ve been hunting down for a while that was originally over $200 for $25 shipped), but most of it is more than I’m willing to pay. Somehow, it’s still entertaining to browse and watch how frenzied the true Anthro-addicts get over finding their “unicorns” (their term for an elusive, sold-out item that they’re hoping somebody snagged in their size before it went bye-bye and is willing to sell to them, regardless of the price).

Other than the white lace dress, I’ve bought two things (one was perfect; one was a little small and will have to be resold) for a grand total of $55 shipped, but I’m fine with the price in this case because I’ve also sold multiple items (for maaaaajor profits because they were all bought for super-cheap at Goodwill or thredUP–that link gets you $10 off your first thredUP purchase and gives me $10 credit too), and I somehow have a loophole in my brain about spending a little more than I normally would on something I really love if I’ve already paid for it by clearing more items out of my closet.

I have to admit: I’m loving this FB sale site business. In the case of sites like the Anthro one, everyone is so motivated to stay on the site in good standing that there’s very little chance of shipping/mailing fraud. And, in the case of the local swaps, I like that I can check out the Facebook pages of the sellers if I have any concerns (I actually have never bought anything from anyone that worried me, but I like that I have the OPTION to stalk them first :) ).

And there you have it, folks. A very colorful outfit. A date night recap. And a tip you may or may not thank me for later.

Never let it be said that I don’t do eclectic. Because I most definitely do.

Are you guys Facebook swappers too? I feel like–at least around here–it’s taking over garage sales and Craigslist as the preferred method of selling something that’s worth the effort.

How are your #3week50bags challenges going? Did you think I forgot? I’m actually going to be posting an update on mine on Friday. I’m a little off the pace, but I’m hoping to catch up today and tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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The good news is I’m still getting dressed…

Well, when I last posted about the effort I’ve been making to get dressed in “real” clothes each day, I posited hopefully (but honestly also doubtfully) that I was going to attempt to do a weekly update.

I should have known better. (I did know better).

Between homeschooling and soccer practice/games and piano and Shaun’s work trips and teaching fitness classes and birthday trips/parties and everything else in between, I’m doing reeeeeally well to a) get dressed in something decent and b) snap a quick pic of it.

Throw in the extra step of editing the pictures every week, and…fuhgeddaboutit…

So! With all of my vague excuses out of the way, let’s proceed, shall we, with another photo dump of the aforementioned “something decent” I’ve been wearing since the last update.

There have been multiple days that the snapping of a quick pic didn’t actually happen, so I promise I got dressed more times that it would appear here, but there are still plenty of days that I spent decked out in gym clothes (anybody else feeling like I should change the title of this post to “disclaimers?”).

weekday wardrobe

{Ignore the stuff on the floor, m’kay? I was laying things out for a gallery wall}.

So…the second that I saw this pic, I took that awkwardly placed belt off and just let the shirt hang loose, which was waaaaay better.

The rest of the shirt is fabulous, though, because who can really complain too much about its tendency to wrinkle when you’re supposed to look like you’ve been on safari (wrangling toddlers…hunting big game…tomato…tomahto). Nothing here is new (the jeans are Goodwill, the boots are from Target, several years back), but I still remember the Anthro clerk’s face when she found out that my shirt was only $8. It’s the same look that a different Anthro clerk gave me when we stopped in on a trip to Dallas for my birthday recently, and I managed to snag a cute decorative doo-dad (I don’t honestly know the name for it) for $3–originally $40.

Absolute incredulity.

And I just wanted to tell her: all you’ve got to do is be dedicated enough to sit on the floor for 20 minutes, rooting around in the deepest recesses of the sale cupboard, and you, too, can bring home something pretty for 90% off.

Hashtag most patient husband ever.

But back to the clothes.

weekday wardrobe1

I’m not real adept at plaid, in case you can’t tell from my less than enthused expression, but this lightweight popover from Target for $5 from the super-clearance rack felt like a nod to the trend without doing the full-on plaid button up + puffy vest + artfully ripped jeans + Hunter boots thing that is so ubiquitous on Pinterest. Plus, layers are not my friend right now. It’s hot, y’all, and mopping floors in puffy vests is just plain silly.

weekday wardrobe2

Did I mention that it’s hot? Actually, this week, it’s been a liiiiiittle cooler, but not enough that a tank top and shorts aren’t warranted. Both of these are more Target super-clearance buys, and the sandals are from Greece.

weekday wardrobe3

This was an attempt to appear fallish with my dress-over-jeans (both from Goodwill) thing I’ve got going on. But again my expression gives me away. I was sweating. Thank goodness for busy prints on black backgrounds to hide underarm rings (charming? very). Come ON, fall!

Oh! And just in case you’re sick of fuzzy cell phone pics, I had Shaun take a shot of each of my birthday trip outfits (I only packed three things for a 2 day trip! I think that my recovery from my former over-packing habits just might be complete. Don’t worry; I won’t stop going to meetings).


Top: thredUP (new customers can use that link to get a $20 credit on their first purchase), Jeans: Clothes Mentor (old), Shoes: Payless (old), Bag: Anthro


Dress: thredUP, Boots: Amazon (bought with a Christmas gift card last year; there’s only one non-stellar review on that particular link, but I really like them!)

What do you wear to eat messy (but delicious!) Thai food? A print dress, of course. Stain-hiding for the win! Also? My mom got me that pretty apricot bag for my birthday. How she knew I needed one to match the flowers on this dress, I’ll never know. She’s a good mama.


Top: thredUP (yes, you’re sensing a theme), Jeans: VS (old), Booties: American Eagle (old)

Does anybody else’s hair do better the day after they wash it?? I feel like there’s something a little funky going on with my hair in the Day 1 birthday trip pics, but it seems to have simmered down by Day 2.

I’ll spare you the Day 5 pics.

So, what about you guys? Is fall going strong where you live? Or are you wondering if you’re going to be celebrating Christmas in shorts with a fan + ice water like I am? More than anything, we need rain. We had soooooo much this past spring that it was a downright pain, but now? Burning bans abound. Sigh.

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Wardrobe Wednesday: Making an Effort

Hey-ho. It’s Wednesday. And I’ve yet to accomplish one single thing from my Project Elephant list. So that’s…going well.

I did, however, manage to finally get together a post that I’ve been planning for a while.

I know there haven’t been that many clothing/style posts of late. Several of you have expressed an interest to see them come back, but…

I haven’t had much to show.

With Shaun traveling so much (often leaving on Sundays), we haven’t been at church as much as usual, which kind of negated the one guaranteed time a week that I actually made an effort to get dressed.

The rest of the time? I’m ashamed to admit that I’m wearing P.J.’s or workout clothes (mostly those) all the live-long day.

We live in the country, and other than the UPS guy (does he count?), we don’t get regular visitors, so I can kind of get away with this.

But honestly? I just felt kind of gross all the time. Sure, it was practical. But it wasn’t attractive. Or motivating.

And there are a lot of clothes in my closet languishing in the land of the unworn.

So, I decided to start making an effort, even on the days when I have to be at the gym later in the afternoon, and it would make more sense just to wear the same clothes all day long.

I’ve been making said effort for a couple of weeks now–not every day because sometimes it really does make sense to wear workout clothes aalll day–and, even though I had ambitions of showing each week’s outfits to you one at a time, that hasn’t happened yet.

So, I figure a big photo-dump is better than nothing at all.

In the future, I hope (we’ll see how it goes) to get the photos posted at the end of the week in a Weekday Wardrobe feature, but for now, we have Wardrobe Wednesday: The Making an Effort Edition.


Outfit 1: Top + Shorts from thredUP (that link gives you–and me– a $20 credit, if you’re a new customer) sandals from Greece

Outfit 2: Top – GAP, Shorts – Old Navy (old), sandals from Greece, Necklace – on sale for $3 from Walmart (still had them last time I checked)

Outfit 3: Top - J. Crew (got mine when it was on sale + an extra 50% off…which they do sometimes), Shorts – Target (from this summer), Shoes – Marshall’s


Outfit 1: Top - GAP, Jeans – LOFT (this summer), Cargo vest – Old Navy (old), Shades/Purse/Shoes – local FB swap ‘n shop

Outfit 2: Top – thredUP, Shorts – American Eagle, Sandals – Ross

Outfit 3: Top – Madewell (on major sale), Shorts – J. Crew Factory (ditto), Sandals – Ross, Bag - Anthro (I got it when they had an extra 30% off + free shipping, but it’s still on sale right now)


Outfit 1: Brought to courtesy of: I was majorly overhauling my closet and was tempted to hide all the mess before I took the pic but decided you would appreciate a little reality instead (Shirt was a gift from my sis-in-law, Jeans are Joe’s – $3 from Clothes Mentor, Shoes – Ebay)

Outfit 2: Dress – thredUP, Booties (or are they Shooties? I don’t claim to know) – Anthro (on major sale last spring)

Oufit 3: Top – thredUP, Jeans – Clothes Mentor, Shoes: Payless (old)

(Most of these were church outfits; I don’t clean bathrooms in dresses + b/shooties)


Aaaaand there you have it! A round up of what I’ve been wearing when I actually manage to put on real clothes these days.

Which would not include today (yet) as I sit here typing this in my P.J.’s. Off to remedy that!

Happy Wednesday to you! May you find time to put on real clothes and apply mascara today. And if you don’t, may you not care one single bit!


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Okay, so first off, I’m so glad that y’all got a kick out of Monday’s ThredUP post. I wasn’t sure how many of you would already be familiar with it or might think I was a bit of a nut for getting so excited about having used clothes mailed to my door, but apparently, if I’m a nut, y’all are too because I got an inbox full of referral requests in addition to your blog comments.

HOWEVER, although I went through every single name I received and sent referrals to each of you, I know for a fact that not all of them went through (some of you emailed and let me know, and then some of them just refused to show up in my referral history).

So! If you’re still interested in a $10 code to ThreadUp and are thinking that I’m ignoring you…I promise I’m not. I just can’t figure out how to make them all go through.

HOWEVER (again), I *think* you should be able to use this code whether or not you got an email from me.

Let me know if it works for you!

Okay, so you know from my anti-getting-dressed rant on Monday that I’m not super into wearing normal clothes these days.

Which is why, I have to admit, that this post is a bit of cheat. Shaun snapped these shots of me after church one day a couple weeks back (I think I was 37ish weeks along). But I never actually got a post written about them.

polka dots4

The funny thing is that, even though I’m still measuring about a month behind, at almost 40 weeks now, I’m getting every belly-reaction possible–from the woman at Beall’s who said, “Goodness! You’re about to pop, huh?” to the lady who made me turn sideways and told me I couldn’t possibly be ready to deliver a baby because my belly wasn’t big enough (both of these occurred on the same day while I was wearing the same outfit).

polka dot2

So, I have no idea what to think about how pregnant I look or not, but I know this: I’M READY.

I shouldn’t be. I should be totally content with being pregnant for another few weeks (since I probably will be), but the reality is this funny meme that my friend, Shanna, sent me:


Ha! Right??

Of course, I agree with the “overdue” part being in quotation marks since I genuinely believe that God’s timing is perfect and that babies come when they are good and ready.

HOWEVER (take three). While I haven’t even reached my official “due date” (which ranges anywhere from tomorrow through Sunday, depending on the source of the info), and  I’m MOST happy with whatever date gives him the healthiest entry into this world, it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t prefer him on the outside where I can hold him rightthisverysecond.  polka dots

I will say, though, that–while it’s been a lesson long in coming–I think I’ve finally, mostly (pretty much) gotten the hang of not worrying about it too much. (I almost lost my mind when, after having Ezra, my first, 6 days early, my next two BOTH showed up two weeks “late,” and then the twins hung around for 39 weeks and 4 whole extremely uncomfortable days).

Just the other day, as I felt that familiar antsy feeling creeping up my spine, I forced myself to open my Bible to the Psalms right then and there and read about God’s unfailing goodness and how He has a plan for my life that far surpasses any that I could conjure up. It helped a lot. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t get a bit frustrated again yesterday (hey, I need lots of reminders). But every time I turn to Jesus with my jitters–which is usually the truly overdue thing in my life–I’m amazed (I shouldn’t be by now) at the almost tangible peace that overtakes my anxious heart.

As my blog friend, Ruth, is always saying, “Motherhood is sanctifying.” And, I might add to that, “Pregnancy too!” :)

Of course, pregnancy is hardly the most anxiety-inducing thing on the planet, and I know many of you have worries that far surpass anything I’m dealing with right now.

So, I thought I’d take the opportunity to turn this post around to you and encourage you to take your worries to the Lord today, whatever they are.

And, if you want, you can even email me at blogabbie{at}gmail{dot}com if you’d like me to pray for something that’s keeping you up at night, and I would be honored to lift you up before our Father in heaven. I mean, you’ll get prayed for, and I’ll have something other than the fact that I’m not in labor to focus on when I wake up in the middle of the night. It’ll be good for both of us, I promise!

Linking up with Lindsey

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I’m having an affair with (Shhhhh…don’t tell Goodwill)

There is a point that I reach in every pregnancy where getting dressed just sounds like a joke. A cruel, sadistic joke that had to have been invented by a man, who, by laws of nature, will never have to experience this particular level of extreme clothing aversion.

Of course, by “dressed,” I mean in anything other than items made from the stretchiest of materials. (Wandering around in the buff sounds even crueler–especially to those around me–than actually clothing myself).

And I am here to say, my friends, that I have reached that point. At 39 weeks and change, there are very few items in my closet with whom I am still on speaking terms. Last week alone, I had a girls’ night out and a date night with my husband–both of which are rare and cherished occurrences. And yet. They required semi-cute outfits that didn’t leave 3 1/2 inches of belly exposed. Ugh.

Now, in all likelihood, I’ve still got a ways to go (my babies tend to be fashionably late to the party), so the 6 items I have left in my closet that still look decent and cover the bump will be on constant repeat for the next ____________ (insert more days than I care to even consider).

So, what’s a very pregnant girl to do?

Why, browse for clothes for when she’s not pregnant anymore (which might be in 2015…yipes!), of course.

And where is said very pregnant girl to do such browsing?…since actually going to a store and trying on anything would be enough to send her on a crying jag of such epic proportions that it might take a very large Coke Icee and several Snickers bars to quell it? Oh, and especially since said pregnant girl doesn’t exactly want to drop a wad of cash on these after-baby clothes that may or may not fit for another 3 months (optimistically).

The answer:

Have you heard of it?

It’s an online used clothing consignment site that lets you search by brand name, size, item type, color, and pretty much any other qualifier your heart could desire until you find just the right thing in just the right size.

The pictures they display are usually quite clear and detailed, they carry a huge variety of brands, and–maybe best of all in my mind–they give each article of clothing a “wear” rating and include a description of any possible flaws.

I was fairly unfamiliar with the site until a few weeks ago, when I did a FB poll, and several lovely peeps assured me of their good experiences with ThredUp and even clued me in to a 40% off an entire order coupon that I could use.

So! With my coupon code copied to my clipboard, I proceeded to spend a Friday evening snuggled next to my husband, watching a movie with one eye while browsing ThredUp for the best deals with my other (apparently, I have very talented, slightly schizo eyeballs; just don’t quiz me about the movie plot).

And you know what I discovered? Some really amazing deals.

Want proof?

thredup collage

I was very picky with my selections–only choosing name brand items that were described as “like new” condition, with a starting price point of $12 or less (most way less)

And while, yes, it probably looks like I bought items for next spring (which, hey, may be the most realistic projection for when I can fit into them), the truth is that our Texas winters tend to be mild enough that I should be able to wear the shirts under layers like cardigans and the dresses with tights, boots, and jackets as soon as I’m able to squeeze into them.

To my delight, all of the items arrived in true “like new” condition (I’m pretty sure several of them, including the shoes, had never been worn) and were exactly as described/pictured on the site.

And now, because I’m sure you’re dying to know the total for my haul, I am happy to announce that I got 2 dresses, 4 tops, one pair of shoes, and one wool-blend zip-up hoodie (ah, how I love hoodies!) for…

$50. 58 

And I never left my house. (#holla)

Saaaaaaaay WHAT?!!!

Shipping was free on orders over $50 (did I nail that or what?), and then there was the 40% off coupon, so I got about the best deal I possibly could have. But still. Mint condition, cute clothes, shipped to your door for only a little more than Goodwill prices?

Can’t. be. beat.

And before you think that I have signed up to be a spokesperson for ThredUp (although, apparently, I should, huh?) this post is simply a public service announcement to all of you fellow thrifties who love a good deal as much as I do.

In case you can’t already tell, I’m a fan.

So, spill: have any of you ever tried ThredUp? Were you as impressed as I was? I was genuinely happy with everything from the packaging (which was cute and thorough) to the clothing quality and accuracy.

Did this post give you a hankering to try it for yourself? If so, shoot me your email address at blogabbie{at}gmail{dot}com or just leave it in the comments, and I’ll send you a friend share code that gives you an automatic $10 credit if you’re a first-time customer. In full disclosure, it also gives me $10 for sharing, but, while it probably seems like this was the ulterior motive of this post, the truth is that I was just so excited to share about my score that wrote the entire post, hit publish, and THEN went to the site and realized that I could use the friend-share code with as many people as I wanted (I had previously thought it was a one time thing). So…NO PRESSURE at all, but if you’re interested in giving it a go…we both win! ;)

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Bump Style + Life Lately

Wanna hear something crazy?

I will be 36 weeks pregnant this week. I know, right?

I mean, that’s, like, legit or…something. And, after feeling like this pregnancy has draaaaaagged for the last 8 months, this whole being-right-at-the-tail-end business has really sneaked up on me.

Probably because I’ve been in a combination of survival + extra-busy mode lately. Shaun has been traveling for the last two weeks and home on the weekends (hence, the survival mode), and while he’s gone, I’m pretty much in P.J.s or exercise clothes all the live long day.

The extra-busyness has come on the weekends, when we’ve had soccer games (the season is over now; I’m not particularly sad about it) and two weddings in as many weeks to attend.

So, as far as clothing goes, I’ve been swinging on a rather wild pendulum from slob-fest to way more dressed up than I pretty much ever get. Like the time I wore this emerald green maxi to my good friend, Katie’s, wedding. katieweekend4 Sadly, this blurry shot is the only one we got with Katie and her new husband, Matt. But I did enlist Shaun to snap a quick shot of the full dress. Both with my coat on… katieweekend1 and off…


{The no-coat thing didn’t last long at all. It was chilly!}

Of course, as much as I loved getting to see a friend tie the knot, I have to admit that her wedding’s being a couple of hours away gave us a pretty awesome excuse for an extended date. We ate dinner at one of our favorite places, then headed to Dallas on a Saturday evening, watched a movie (The 100 Foot Journey–highly recommend! It’s fun and clean, plus it was a late-run movie, so we paid a whopping $5 for both of us. SCORE!}, and then had a leisurely morning (breakfast at La Madeleine, YUM!) and early afternoon before heading to the wedding. katieweekend3

{This is what I wore to dinner and the movie}

I’m grateful that I can still wear some of my low-waisted regular jeans, like these trouser-style ones that I’ve had since Simon was born. It makes me feel a little more normal and cute when I actually do bother to dress the bump these days.

However, THESE Big Star jeans that I bought from Mandy several years back have seen their last wear before this baby makes his grand appearance. At least, as long as I don’t want him to come out with a “Big Star” button imprint on his noggin. katieweekend {As you can see, I’m still loving my Kenneth Cole leather jacket splurge} Oh, and as far as what you’d see at a soccer game, this is about as fancy as it gets.

soccer mom

Of course, church is always a good reason to actually get dressed these days, so I hauled out this royal blue J. Crew shirt I bought on clearance months ago, intending to save it for “the end.” blue shirt {Yay for non-blurry pictures!}

But then, it occurred to me that this sort of is “the end,” and if I’m going to wear it this side of pregnancy, I’d better get after it.

So I did.

Thankfully, the wedding we attended this past weekend was indoors, but it’s still a bit of a challenge to find something that fits over the bump as is still warm enough and dressy enough.




Layers. A summer dress + a sweater, tights, boots and  coat (not pictured, obviously) = covered up, hopefully event appropriate, and warm (it’s been unusually chilly for the first few weeks in November).

So, there you have it, folks! A recap of life lately (minus the super mundane parts, although…I’m working on that post…no, seriously) + how I’ve been styling the bump in the home stretch.

Home. Stretch (probably with the emphasis on the word “stretch,” but we’ll see).

How has November been treating you guys? If you think to pray for us as we make it through week 3 of Shaun’s being gone, I’d appreciate it.

And what about Christmas music? Anybody listening yet? We’ve never started this early before, but we turned it on during a craft activity the other day, and now I can’t stop!

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Date Night Slice

Ezra, Simon, and Della spend pretty much every Friday night at my mom’s house. Sweet, right? (In both the surfer-dude and the man-that’s-so-nice-of-her sense).

And even though that means that I still have two kids at home with me, it feels like a break.

Plus, it gives Shaun and me a better shot at having a date night if we really want to try hard enough.

Which…we rarely do. We almost never hire babysitters, and, honestly, by Friday night, we’re usually both so beat that my bringing home our favorite Thai food after running errands with the twins is the highlight of our evening.

But last week, we were both going a little stir-crazy. I hadn’t gone to “town,” so there was no Thai food to be had, and the thought of rummaging through the fridge for leftovers wasn’t doing it for either one of us.

So, we drove to “town” (this is seriously what we call the closest city to us) and ate at a new restaurant that I’d been to just the week before for Mandy’s birthday.

tuscan slice

{Skinnies: Goodwill, Top: GW, Button-up: Old Navy (a while back), Boots: MIA (ooooold)}

I threw on this little ditty, feeling bad because I wasn’t so sure Shaun would love it–kind of a bummer for him since I usually spend my Friday nights decked out in workout clothes or, better yet, a ratty tank top and yoga pants. So, if I’m going to get dressed up, it might as well be his style, right?

tuscan slice1

But he ended up declaring it a hit. Apparently, the neutral colors and overall comfy look beat out his distaste for layers, ruffles,  and all other forms of sartorial frou-frou (I’ve talked about this before, but if he had his way, I’d be dressed in a simple tee and worn-in jeans more often than not). tuscan slice3

For my part, I was a fan of the flowy top + stretchy jeans combo, which let me consume my fair share of some seriously delicious spinach/artichoke dip and wood-fire pizza and did an admirable job of disguising my then-32-week-pregnant bump.

Miraculously enough, even though the twins went with us and even though we gave them pretty much free rein of our huge booth (which meant lots of climbing in and out of what’s left of my lap), I managed to emerge with hardly a trace of pizza sauce or mozzarella grease on my cream-colored shirt.

Now, that’s a date night outfit win!

Do you guys shoot for regular date nights, or are they pretty hit and miss? Honestly, putting the twins to bed and collapsing on the couch next to my favorite person with a plate full of yummy food I didn’t cook and a good movie to watch feels pretty date-nightish most weeks. But it’s always nice to shake things up, even if there are still a couple of twin monkeys along for the ride.

Does your husband have a “look” he loves on you? Fortunately for me, even though Shaun definitely has preferences, he tends to be pretty complimentary no matter what. Good, good man.

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The Parisian Lady Tee

On my birthday weekend, the last stop on our “way” back from Houston was actually a bit of detour to an outlet mall.

I had grand plans of getting some Christmas shopping done, since the idea of buying for myself at 30 + weeks pregnant was far from alluring. IMG_5235

But the sales at all the kids’ stores were less than stellar, so we basically walked the entire loop of the mall, stopping into a few stores here and there, and then vamoosed.    IMG_5237-001

If that sounds like a rather lackluster shopping trip…I suppose it was…although I’ll take an excuse to wander around, sifting through sales racks and holding my husband’s hand any day.

The one notable exception was the Parisian Lady tee.


I spotted this fun graphic tee on (the online version of the outlet store) a while back for $17.99 and really loved its cheerful, cheeky style. But, with shipping being $5 and my having no idea about the quality or fit, I wasn’t quite willing to shell out $20+ for a t-shirt I couldn’t easily return.

Turns out, they had one Parisian Lady left in the J. Crew outlet at this mall, and it was my size (or close enough, given the belly). It was $29.99, though, and the store guy I talked to said they didn’t match online pricing.


HOWEVER. The outlet store had an extra 50% off of sale prices dealio going, so I decided to take the plunge. Even better, they had one other shirt that I had been eyeing in just my size–also on sale with the extra 50% off (and this one had been over $30 online, so there was no way I was going for it without being able to try it on). That one ended up being a winner too, and we even threw some shorts for Shaun into the mix, which brought our total to a whopping 3 items.

When we got to the register, somehow it came up that it was my birthday (Shaun said it, not me), and the guy ringing up our purchases congratulated me. And then I mentioned to him that I’d signed up for the J. Crew Factory birthday rewards (which was supposed to give you an extra 20% off your entire purchase during your birthday month) but had never received the promised email. I just kind of trailed off because he had already made a point that they were a separate entity from the online store. I figured he would probably say there was nothing he could do.

But no. Instead, he said, “Tell you what–I’ll give an extra 30% off on top of your extra 50% off. How does that sound?”

To which I replied by doing cartwheels around the bin of striped ties next to me. No small feat with this belly, I tell you.

Just kidding.

I haven’t been able to do a cartwheel since 4th grade.

I did thank him profusely for his kindness, though.


And then I wore my Parisian Lady tee with polka dot skinnies (from Old Navy a while back), striped wedges (from Target last spring), and a smile almost as smug as the Parisian lady’s herself.

I think we all know the moral of this story.

Never do cartwheels while pregnant.

Always, ALWAYS ask for a better price if there’s any justifiable reason to do so. (I’m not quite brazen enough to wander up with a full-priced dress and ask if I can have it for 50% off just because. But I’m close).

Ever gotten special treatment (doesn’t have to be shopping related) just because it was your birthday? I feel like there have been other instances of this that I can’t remember at the moment. But getting two shirts I’d been wanting on my birthday for way less than the price of one online made this bargain-loving chick quite happy.


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Maxi-mum Wear

A while back, I spotted a smokin’ hot deal on Old Navy’s website for a soft, jersey maxi dress which was pretty much  universally well-reviewed as flattering and comfortable for–wait for it–$7 shipped. (it’s currently $10, but they pretty much always have a coupon code to stack with that).

I mean, my Goodwill generally slaps a $6 price tag across the board on pretty much anything–be it a denim jumper, 80′s mumu, or designer frock–that could remotely be skewed as something resembling a dress.

So, $7 for a brand new maxi that’s supposed to be decently well-made is pretty much a no-brainer. Especially when I don’t have to leave my house to buy it, and I can return it for free to the store if it doesn’t work.

In fact, it was such a “duh” moment for me that I bought it in three different colors. And, after I posted the deal to my FB page, several of you let me know that you’d bought it too. Heck, even my mom bought it! (Albeit as a gift for my sis-in-law).

I’ve worn all three version of it already, and I’m happy to report that it’s just as comfy as the reviews say.

As far as flattering, I really love the unconventional neckline, which looks like a halter from the front, but is actually a yoke style that connects in the back as well. It shows off your shoulders without being revealing, and, even though it requires a strapless bra, I still would rate the over all comfort level of the dress at an 8. (The material is sooooooo soft, and has a nice, heavy drape).

And, while it’s not technically a maternity dress, the tie is just high enough to work with my belly, and there’s tons of stretch to accommodate the bump.

The only complaint I have, really, is the inconsistency in the sizing.

I wore the navy version with a tie from another skirt on a date night with the hubs with flip-flops and was thrilled with the length, which just grazed the floor.


Pardon a) the weird shiny thing happening with my eyes (I tried to hide behind a pole to avoid the direct glare but clearly was only partially successful) b) the speckles on my top (you can stop wiping your screen now; they’re not going away). I think it’s toothpaste. But really, as a mama to five small humans, I can never be sure.


But then, there was the teal version, which I didn’t get a great picture of (this would be a cell phone shot snapped by Ezra).

blue ON maxi

It was considerably roomier all-around, but a good 3-4 inches shorter, even though it was supposed to be exactly the same size. I would have loved it a lot more if it had had the extra length, but I’ll probably stick to wearing it with flats in the future, which should help.

And finally, I channeled a bumblebee when I wore this ditzy-print black/white version to church last week.


It’s a size smaller than the other two and was definitely clingier overall and not as long as the first one (though a smidge more so than the second…I think).    IMG_4719-001

So, was I happy with my 3 maxis for under $25 (including tax)?


I’ll be putting away the smaller size until after pregnancy, but I can see getting plenty more wear out of the other two (especially the navy version) this fall.

Sadly, the navy is the only one left and only in a size large, but if you stumble across it for a steal in stores, or if they decide to restock, it would totally be worth a $7 “splurge,” in my humble opinion–whether you’re pregnant or not.

Scored any great deals (thrifted or new) lately? It’s so rare to score such an amazing price on something online that I was pretty stoked. As much as I love the thrill of the hunt at Goodwill or even an occasional run to the mall, there’s just something extra-special awesome about getting a steal on something from the comfort of your own couch.

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