Okay, so first of all, I have to know…

How did you do with our squat challenge?

Thumbs up? Down?

Can’t sit down?…

(I’m not sorry if that last one’s the case. Not even a little bit).

For my part, I have to admit that doing full-range goblet squats is…different…than I’m used to (click the link if the phrase “goblet squats” confuses you, or you’re picturing me squatting to drink out of a cup or… something).

 Not different bad or necessarily harder since there are not nearly as many of them as I do in BODYPUMP…

But different.

And that makes it different good because whenever you change things up a bit, your body tends to sit up (if it can still move), take notice, and adjust, usually in the form of new muscles (whoop!).

I hope you enjoyed our little challenge (even if your glutes didn’t).

Would you do me the favor of giving me some feedback in the comments?  I’d love to hear how much Tylenol it took to feel better your thoughts!

I will be issuing another challenge for you next week (yes, complete with a vog…er…vlog), but today I thought I’d show you a few quick shots of our BODYPUMP 80 launch (launch: a class in which all of our gym’s BODYPUMP instructors all present a new set of music/moves to our members) on Saturday.


We decided on an 80’s theme (because it was release #80…check, check), and I figured I would bring back the side-ponytail in a major way. (I wish I had thought to raid my mom’s old pics of me so I could have shown you just how hard I rocked the side-pony in my younger days.  My hair was the perfect blend of frizz and out-of-control wave to make it truly atrocious!).

I’m not sure what retro look Mandy’s representing here, but I think it’s called, “I-just-washed-my-hair-and-it’s-super-pretty-and-shiny!”

And I’m almost positive that didn’t exist in the 80’s.

Absolutely disgusting, : )

On the flipside, she assured me that I looked authentic because I had the “perfect 80’s bangs.”

I was a bit nonplussed at first because how I remember 80’s bangs is NOT how I picture my bangs, so I did a little research, and this is what I came up with:


And, no, I did not choose the worst photos I could find (hardly). These are just 3 of the first 5 that popped up.

Mandy, as my best friend, you have to promise me that the next time you think I have hair that looks like it got into a smack down with a can of hair spray, a teasing comb, and a box of perm-solution—and lost—you will personally escort me to the nearest stylist and make her fix it!


Because we are all busy mamas, we did our 80’s-i-fying at the gym about 20 minutes before we actually did the class.

(Notice how closely Jenn is watching the trajectory of my scissors. I don’t blame her)


And here we have Miss Flower Power, 1974, and Madonna circa 1988 (aka, Mandy and Sara).


And here we all are (Jenn, Tiff, Pegs, Sara, Mandy, Me) in our chopped t-shirt, crimped, leg-warmered ready-to-get-our-Pump-on and SWEAT.IT.OUT glory!

Don’t we look totally bodacious?

Too bad I didn’t get shot of us after class, when the crimps had wilted, the baggy t-shirts had stretched until they were practically pooled at our waists, and we were, like, totally sweaty.

It was, like, totally gnarly, dude.

Okay, I’m done (like, totally).

P.S. If you’re playing along with our five days five ways | 5 Things Thursday

“Getting to Know You” Series (if you missed Part 1 and Part 2, be sure to check ‘em out!)

I’m enjoying finding out about you all so much that I thought we’d go another round with this theme:

are you for real


This is your chance to tell me anything quirky, unusual, unbelievable or unexpected about little ‘ol you.

(I have a feeling I’m going to especially enjoy this one!)


  1. I absolutely LOVE Body Pump – I’ve been doing it for 3+ years and it has changed (and continues to change) my body!!! I am Body Combat instructor and have participated in several launch themes – but this one is by far the best I’ve seen!!! 🙂 Such fun outifits, but also completely “durable” for a Body Pump class 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. I did the back-curl…big time. I was very proud of it, in fact.

    If it ever does come back in style, and I even so much as glance sideways at a picture of it, it’s time to stage an intervention!!

    Good to know you’ve got my back!

    I promise I took no offense, but those Google pics were too good to pass up! : )

  3. Thats awesome! I went to an 80’s party last year and yea I totally had that look going on. I crimped my hair than did the side pony tail and I cut a half shirt that used and rubber band to tie the shirt than I rolled up my jeans and wore those old school white keds tennis shoes! (my mom still actually had some!) I felt like I was back in elementary school!
    Also I gotta tell you your blog is awesome! I will be following and linking up as often as I can! I love that you add your fitness inspirations. You may be interested in my blog (which I have just picked back up after 2 years! haha) I have started to create workouts for people to do at home.


  4. Now I don’t remember saying you had the “perfect” 80’s bangs… just that you were the only one of us that actually had enough bangs to pull off the 80’s bang look… but you know it wasn’t a meant as an insult by any means! And my mama had heavy front bangs all through the 80’s which was my reference point…rather than google… 😉 But if you do pull out the curling iron and do the back curl I will surely do my duty and call an intervention…! {you know it’s coming back into style…eventually…}

  5. Got in my intermediate squats. I already do an exercise DVD that has squats in it, so I wasn’t too sore, but was glad for the increased incentive to burn a few more calories!! Love the fitness ideas…keep ’em coming! I live in the boonies with 3 littles so all my fitness is logged in the comfort of my own home.
    Love the 80’s fitness pics…..you guys look great!

  6. Squats were a success! And full range goblet squats are definitely a little different than the halfsies! I definitely only made 2 sets of 10 a day 4x last week… but that’s better than nothing, right?!

I love hearing from you guys!