The Sunday Evening News

Hi there, guys, and good evening!

Yep, I’m fully aware this is getting posted after 10 PM on a Sunday.

But seriously?

Yesterday’s post pretty much deserves to stay up for the entire (birthday) month, so two full days was the least I could do.

So…I wasn’t exaggerating a bit all those times I bragged on that husband of mine, was I?

Isn’t he amazing?? (Ummm…YES!)

I didn’t actually see the post until after midnight (which is when I went to bed after that incredible surprise party Shaun mentioned; and, yes, I will be doing an entire post about it because it more than deserves it!).

Also…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the comment love.

I know some of you couldn’t comment, and I so appreciate your taking the time to send me emails and leave Facebook comments.

The unofficial grand total was over 150 (and I read every single one and grinned my face off the entire time; might have gotten a little misty-eyed too), which means that PCM and I are going to be very happy campers indeed because my husband is going to look like this after all:

I also know I promised you guys a Q&A post, and I’ll get to that tomorrow since Shaun kind of threw a monkey wrench in those plans (the nerve).

But for tonight, I’ll leave you with an announcement, which is the winner of the date + hours in labor contest, we had a few weeks back.

Adrienne @ Free Time Frolics said:

“I vote for the 24th. And nice, fast labor and 2 healthy babies. As for weight I say 7lbs 2 oz and 6 lbs 12oz.”

And since they came on the 24th, and my labor was either EXTREMELY LONG or very short for me (8 hours)—depending on how you look at it—then I’m going to say she got close enough.

Email with your address, girl, and I will send you your $10 Walmart gift card!

Alrighty, folks! That’s all the news for the evening.

Until tomorrow!


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7 thoughts on “The Sunday Evening News

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