The 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge {Round 7}

Welp, it’s that time again. Time to run around Goodwill like a mad woman throwing shirts that might be grand but could be disastrous in my cart, all while shoving snacks in babies’ mouths and praying for zero diaper blowouts.

Oh, wait. You mean, that’s just me? Well, all right then. I guess you’ll just have to experience all the “fun” vicariously!

So, about a month ago, I got the chance to go to Goodwill for the first time in ages, and I “just” had the babies with me, so I figured I would issue myself a 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge (you can catch up on rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6), in which I give myself 1/2 an hour to find as many complete and completely thrifted outfits as I can (it takes me longer than that to try them all on).

I’m not going to show you each “try-on” outfit one at a time because, quite honestly, this was a really good trip, and by the time my 30 minutes were up, you practically couldn’t even see the twins under the mountain of clothes I’d heaped on my double stroller.

But I am showing you a quick look at some of the outfits that I threw together with what I had to work with in the dressing room.

goodwill challenge round 7 1 goodwill challenge round 7

You’ve probably noticed that I’m not wearing any shoes in these shots.

That’s because my Goodwill, which formerly had been thrifting shoe mecca, is now an abysmal home to all things synthetic, dingy, and questionable. I used to have to make myself put shoes back because, really, how many adorable $3 shoes should one girl own? (Don’t answer that). But now, I barely give it a cursory glance as I fly by with the stroller.

Not sure what happened, but it makes me sad.


I came home with quite a haul at ridiculously good prices (several things inexplicably rang up much cheaper than the tag said) and have worn pretty much everything at least once (and several things a lot…those green shorts, for example).

So, here’s a look at the “real-life” outfits I made from what I brought home and what I already had in my closet.

flamingo shorts

Not that this is a much better picture than the Goodwill dressing room one, but I snapped this quick shot in the gym locker room as I got ready to take the kids to a movie. It’s almost impossible to tell in this photo, but there are pink flamingos on my shorts. (Oh, yes, there sure are).


flowy top

Another blurry mirror shot. This one is in my mom’s bathroom, and I’m wearing a cute flowy top (don’t remember the brand), and my fave “new” AE skinny jeans that are crazy-soft and ripped in all the right places (both from this haul).


I consider this to be one of my most awkward pictures of all time, semi-wet hair and all, but you get the idea.  I wore this outfit to dinner at my friend Jolinda’s house (aren’t her flowerbeds insanely gorgeous??), and the top is from this challenge.


This Target dress was a fun little $4 find. It’s completely sheer, and my husband was teasing me about the fact that I was wearing a complete outfit (white tank plus a lace skirt) under my other outfit, but hey, sometimes, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to be able to wear her new thrifted dress!

IMG_3789   IMG_3795

This next top was a favorite with y’all when I did some real-time Goodwill Instagramming, but if you look up at the outfit I actually took a picture of in Goodwill, you probably won’t be surprised that several folks were pulling out the Snow White references. IMG_3851

In real life, I wore it with some mint green skinnies and colorful wedges on a breakfast date with my honey.



Next, we have the most awkward picture runner-up (I really should not be photographed when my hair is only half dried), which took place on a hot Friday night date to Lowe’s (with all the little girls in tow, of course). peasant top

Those are those same AE skinnies + a fun peasant top, a thrifted Fossil bag (from Clothes Mentor), and my Noonday necklace.

Funny story: see that SUV pulling up behind me? It turned out to be some friends of mine from church who were out on a MOPS scavenger hunt! I got the privilege of taking their picture for one of their items.


And then we have Exhibit What-in-the-world-am-I-doing-wearing-a-sweater-and-jeans-in-July-in-Texas?????

I wore this little ditty on a trip to Plato’s Closet to take a crack at their $1 clearance rack. Sadly, I left with zero, zilch, nada, but Mandy was considerably more successful.

Speaking of Mandy, this is what I wore for a girls’ night out (which equals dinner plus trips to Target, Marshall’s, and Ross, all before 11 PM).

green shorts

Those LOFT shorts are my absolute fave right now. They’re slouchy and soft and just the perfect shade of green to go with tons. I wear them at least twice a week.


So, there you have it, folks! Another round of the 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge DONE. I’d definitely call this one a success!

Now, if only I could convince my Goodwill to show me where they’re hiding all the good shoes…

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More closet cleansing + your goodies are on their way!

Hey guys! I’ve got a fun 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge post coming for you, but first I thought I’d give you a heads up that if you bought something from last week’s Closet Cleanse, then you should be receiving it by the end of the week. I am rather (uber) slow when it comes to getting everything packaged, labeled, and sent, but I get there eventually. So don’t despair! Your goodies are coming!

Speaking of which, I thought I’d put a few more items up for grabs while I put the finishing touches on today’s post.

First up, this cute pair of  “U” trouser jeans.

trouser jeans

trouser jeans 1

trouser jeans 2

98% cotton, 2% spandex

Size: 26 (fairly true to size, though they are stretchy and could go up to a 27)

Inseam: 32″

Price: $4

Shipping: $5

Next up, this Daytrip dress.

owl dress

100% cotton

Size: M (runs on the small side)

Price: $4

Shipping: $5

And finally (for now), this silky polka dot top from New York and Co.

polka dot top

polka dot top 1

95% polyester, 5% spandex

Size: XS (could fit a small, but best for small busts and has a built in bra lining)

Price: $4

Shipping: $3

Stay tuned for the 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge!

A bedside table swap (aka: a sneak peek at Della’s room)

I won’t even mention how long ago it was that I showed you the inspiration for Della’s big girl  room, but just know it’s been a while. And the thing is, it’s mostly done. And it’s been mostly done for a while. But the last 12% or so has had me stumped.

I wanted to do a gallery wall but couldn’t seem to find all the pieces I wanted for it. I couldn’t decide whether or not  to paint a vanity because I couldn’t decide on a color that I loved with everything else. And if I didn’t paint it, I didn’t want to keep it. And so it just sat there.

There were little projects here and there (mostly involving spray paint) that I kept putting off because of all of the other little details nagging at the back of my mind.

And then there was the issue of the bedside table.

Della listens to music each night, so she needed a place for her music player and her water cup, plus any other “necessary” odds and ends beside her bed.

But Della’s bed is very low, and finding a small table that doesn’t overwhelm the space or seem comically disproportionate to the bed has proven to be unexpectedly similar to solving a quantum physics equation hard. 

Enter this cute fabric-covered bird table from Hobby Lobby. It was the last one on clearance, and it mostly went with the colors in her room, so I snapped it up and brought it home to roost (see how I did that?).

bedside tableTEXT

It’s cute, right? There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it by itself.

Except that it didn’t take me long to figure out that it wasn’t quite right for the space. Too tall. Too much competition with the rug, which I luuuuuurve. Not that that kept it from staying there for months because I couldn’t seem to find a better option.

Until Saturday, that is.

On a trip to Target for something else entirely, I spotted an adorably funky little table that looked like it just might finally be tiny enough and the right colors to make the space work how I wanted it to.


And you know what? I was right!

Now, I fully expect to get at least a comment or two saying, “But the first one was better!” And I get that. Because it is a very pretty table.

But I think when I show you the entire space you’ll see why the Target table was the better choice.

So, when will that be, Abbie? I mean, after all, it’s taken you two years (oops, I wasn’t supposed to mention that) to show us this much! (In my defense, you got another little peek back at Christmas, not to mention when I showed you this aqua and white stenciled desk).

Well, you know how sometimes something small just clicks, and all of a sudden, everything else just falls into place? For some reason, buying this little table was like that.

Suddenly, I knew what color I wanted to paint the vanity (which means it’s staying). I knew which art I wanted. Heck, I even knew how to end world hunger.

Okay, sadly, not that.

But I think I can say with relative confidence (see how I hedged there?) that I will be doing a full-on reveal of Della’s long-awaited (who are we kidding? you gave up waiting 18 months ago) big girl room very soon because I have a vision, ya’ll!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what Della thought of her new table…

della pillow

I don’t really know because she was too busy getting uber-excited about her new ombre ruffle pillow I also snagged on the same trip to Target (I don’t guess anybody who’s ever set foot in Target should be surprised that I walked out with a ruffle pillow and a bedside table when I went in for stools).

So, what about you guys? Does getting one little thing right sometimes break through a case of decorating block? I tend to get hung up on the details, so getting one of those banged out usually gives me a bit of push.

When was the last time you went into Target for something specific and only came out with the item(s) you had in mind? I think a feat of such Herculean strength would require avoiding all decorating aisles, party aisles, office supply, beauty, and clothing. So, yeah. Basically the whole store.

New Kitchen Lights (and a quandary)

I mentioned last week in my lighting roundup post that you guys might be surprised by the pendants that I chose for our kitchen island.

I said that because, after all of my openly professed love of color, it only seemed natural that I would go for one of the loud options. But the thing is, even though I do prefer vibrant looks to neutrals (at least for my own home; get me in a neutral-lover’s house done well, and I always adore the layers of texture and calming colors), and I have been known to layer color upon color,  I don’t like to take it too far.

And I knew that, for our kitchen, as much as we’ve already got going on, I wanted something that would provide a bit of sparkle and contrast over something too attention-drawing.

Which is why, after a ridiculous amount of deliberation and many consultations with Shaun that went something like: Me – “What do you think of this one.” Shaun – (cocks head and squints) “It’s ooookay, I guess”…I finally showed him this picture…


…and his answer was an immediate, “THAT. I like that.”

Which is awesome, since I’d already been leaning toward one of these designs.

We liked the look of the three grouped together so much that we bought one of each.

kitchen lights 3

I’m super excited about the wow factor they’re going to bring to the kitchen. We’re going to try them with old-fashioned Edison bulbs for a bit of added funk (hopefully, since there are three, and we also have recessed lighting, it won’t be too dim).

The best part is that three of these cost what just two (or, in some far out just dreaming scenario, one) of some of the others I liked cost. They are $69, $79, and $89 respectively (from left to right) from Grandin Road, and they are BIG. So you get some serious bang for your buck.

Other than the fun, curvy shapes, the thing that sold me was the unique white-washed wood caps.

kitchen lights1

Other than color, my other decorating love is mixing textures. Like wood and glass. Or shiny gold against rough burlap. It just adds so much interest, no?

There’s just one teensy, tinsy little problem. Can you see it?

kitchen lights2


Yeah, I couldn’t at first either. But Shaun immediately spotted that little dark spot at the bottom of the plain dome.

kitchen lights2


Y’all. I can look and look (for weeks–heck–MONTHS), patiently biding my time until I find just the perfect something for my house at the perfect price. But once it’s here, that’s it. I’m done. I have zero interest in sending it back and then waiting for them to process the return, make the exchange, and send me a new one. I want that baby HUNG!

So, tell me. What would you do? Yes, it’s a very small imperfection (I would say that in person it is both less and more noticeable depending on the angle). But it’s a light I paid for that’s not perfect, and I am perfectly capable of getting a good replacement (assuming it doesn’t arrive damaged again, I guess). On the other hand, it’s so very small that maybe no one would ever notice.

Hm. It’s hardly one of life’s most important or pressing questions, but I’d still love to get your feedback on what you think I should do.


4 Pairs of Designer Jeans

Hi ya, folks! I’ve got 4 pairs of designer jeans up for grabs in various sizes. The first one to comment “Sold” with their (paypal) email address gets the pair they claim! (Don’t forget to specify which pair you want).

#1 – Citizens of Humanity Kelly Low-Waist Bootcut


98% Cotton/2% Lycra

Size: 30

Inseam: 31 1/2″

Price: $8

Shipping: $6

#2 – Citizens of Humanity Ingrid Low-Waist Flare


98% Cotton/2% Lycra

Size: 27

Inseam: 29 1/2″ (I’m 5’7″ and can wear these with flats, but I am long-waisted with shorter legs, so there’s that)

Price: $5

Shipping: $6

#3 – Lucky Brand Jeans (slight flair) jeans3

lucky jeans

100% cotton (these don’t give so make sure they’re the right size)

Size: 26/2 (true to size)

Inseam: 32″

Price: $5

Shipping: $6

#4 – BCBG Max Azria Sophie Twisted Flare


bcbg jeans

98% Cotton/2% Spandex

*Missing the covering to one back button (see pic); otherwise perfect condition

Size: 30

Inseam: 30″

Price: $5

Shipping: $6

Ogio Crossbody Bag

Hey guys! Up for grabs is this fab navy/white striped Ogio crossbody bag. It’s wipeable, has an adorable red/white floral sateen lining. Tons of pockets. Would make a fantastic school or even diaper bag, and is crazy-comfy to carry.

Measures approximately 12″X15″.

Excellent condition.
crossbody bag

Price: $10

Shipping: $6

First to comment “sold” with email address (please use the one you use for Paypal transaction) gets it!

Old Navy Strapless Dress + Ambercrombie and Fitch Jeans Jacket + MIA Wedges

Hey guys! How about another blog exclusive Shop My Closet item?

Well, 3, actually.

I’m selling this entire ensemble:

strapless dress

If you want to see more pics, go here.

Old Navy strapless knit dress (worn once).

SIZE: Small




Ambercrombie and Fitch light-wash distressed denim jacket, perfect condition.

SIZE: Medium (fits like an XS)

PRICE: $15



MIA wedges in good used condition




P.S. If you buy items together, I will combine shipping and give you a custom quote.

Comment with your email address and which item(s) you want, and I’ll contact you!

MIFM Closet Cleanse

Hey guys! shop my closet

This is happening right now over at @misformama on Instagram!!

However, I will also be listing items here on the blog for those of you without instagram throughout the day so be sure to check back in and see if there’s something you want.

And if you’re not my size, don’t worry! I’ll have some bags, shoes (okay, well you’ll have to be my size in those too), and accessories for sale too!

And then, there were 10…

I’m afraid that I’ve been very remiss in the introductions department around here. You see, we have a new addition. Actually, make that three new additions.


Meet Whiskers, Ginger, and Scout (top to bottom).

They’re the cutest little invaders, and regardless of the fact that the twins have done their best to choke them to death on numerous occasions, the truth is we’re all very happy they’re here.

They’re really rather remarkable felines.

They like to quietly ponder life’s greater mysteries. IMG_1590

“I wonder how long I can stand here in peace before Scout and Whiskers ambush me?”


“Not long, apparently.”

They play piano.


Their favorite song? Why, “Fur” Elise, of course. {Groan}

They do magic tricks every now and then.


Behold the Genius Ginger, and his incredible two-tailed cat trick!

They even do their best to blend in with the decor.


But mostly, they just lie around a lot and chase each other’s tales.


Oh, and they make my kids smile.

IMG_1735   IMG_1732

And that’s enough for me.

What about you guys? Any new additions in your house?

Are you a pet family? We’re not. I mean, my kids would (theoretically) be all about it, but we’ve tried our hands at fish and now cats, and while the fish were, ahem, not entirely successful, we’ve had the kittens for a few months now, and the kids are still feeding and playing with them, so we’ll call that a win.