The Best Fish Tacos EVER (even if you don’t like fish)

best fish tacos

About once a year, my husband and his dad go on a fishing trip for several days.

It’s their thing.

And every time they come back, they unload and clean their catch, and then they describe the trip, which always goes a little something like this: the food was really bad, we didn’t sleep much, the diesel fumes from the boat were so strong they gave us headaches, and we didn’t catch much.

Sign me up.

And yet they keep doing, and they actually seem to like it!

I guess it would kind of be like my describing a Goodwill trip with all five children to them. It’s 48% miserable but 52% exhilarating, so I keep going back for more (only, I haven’t actually gone to Goodwill with all five kids in like a year, so you be the judge between the boys and me about which one of us is finally learning our lesson).

ANYhoo, despite the fact that the boat they go out on always seems to have a record catch on the trip before theirs and then one of those most pathetic catches ever on the actual trip Butch and Shaun go on, they boys always manage to come back with a pretty decent mess o’ fish.

Problem is, I don’t like fish.

Or so I thought until I had really, really fresh fish. But, even when it’s crazy fresh, it’s still not my absolute favorite.

OR SO I THOUGHT until we used some of Shaun’s latest catch to make fish tacos for our friends, Rob and Jolinda, the other night.


They were AH-mazing. I simply cannot exaggerate how wonderful these tacos are, but let me put it this way: they’re rather time intensive in terms of prep, and we got started late, so when the Millers got to our house for dinner, we were madly chopping and dicing and mixing, but we still didn’t get dinner on the table for another hour and 1/2.

And even though they had to wait until their poor stomachs were twisted and growling with hunger, both Rob and Jolinda not only declared these the best fish tacos they had ever eaten, but they unequivocally proclaimed that they were worth the wait and then some.

Have I sold you yet?

Okay, so here’s what you’ll do. There are 4 parts to the recipe, so I’ll break them down separately.


We use corn tortillas for this recipe and usually just rub them with a little butter and throw them on the griddle until they’re slightly browned on both sides right before serving the tacos.

Apple Slaw

3 cups chopped cabbage

1 red apple, 1 granny smith, unpeeled, cored and chopped

1 grated carrot

1/2 red bell pepper, finely chopped

2 green onions, chopped (less if strong)

1/3 cup mayo

1/3 cup brown sugar

1 tbsp lemon juice

TIP: if you have a food processor, you could cut down your chopping time considerably by  using it to shred the cabbage (or you could buy it pre-chopped), the carrot, and the bell pepper. I would still chop the apple separately since it helps to have different textures within the slaw


Yogurt Sauce

1/2 cup yogurt

1/2 cup mayo

1 lime, juiced

1 jalapeno, minced

1 tsp minced caper

1/2 tsp dried oregano

1/2 tsp ground cumin

1/2 tsp dried dill weed

1 tsp cayenne

Note: this can be made ahead of time, but it gets considerably spicier the longer it sits, so you might adjust the amount of jalapeno or cayenne according to the heat you prefer based on when you make it. (Also, we made this without the capers or the dill weed because we didn’t have them handy, and it was still fabulous).


Beer Batter

We used this recipe, and it is so stinkin’ good. Don’t be intimidated by the huge amounts of paprika and garlic powder. They make the recipe.


Also, we used Amberjack, but most fish (the fresher the better) would work. 

Rabbit trail: The day I first made this recipe, Ezra was hugging me goodbye as I dropped him off at his Softa’s house, and he looked deep into my face and said, “Mama, you have wrinkles.” (This will be important in a second).

Cue: major blow to the ego.

As the twins and I made our way through the produce section at the grocery store about an hour after that, a lady walked up to tell me how pretty the girls were. I said, “Thank you,” and then she said, “Girl, I don’t know about you, but if I had twins first, I’d be done!” I laughed and said, “Well, they’re actually my 4th and 5th.” This lady gave me a flabbergasted look and said, “NO! I wouldn’t have thought you were a day over 24! You go ahead with your bad self doing whatever you’re doing, girl, ‘cause it’s working.” (Take THAT, Ezra!).

Ego slightly restored.

And I grinned and grinned. Because, let’s face it, she was just being nice. I don’t look 24 or anywhere close to it. But I’ll take every bit of encouragement I can get. You might be able to argue, though, that her “You GO GIRL-ing” went to my head a little bit because as I got close to the checkout, preparing to buy my first can of beer ever for the fish batter (yes, you read that right; I had literally never bought alcohol before), I thought, “Oh! I guess I need to get my ID out. I mean, after all, that lady thought I looked 24. So, surely I’ll get carded!”

And then? I went through the line, clutching my driver’s license at the ready, and the checker took one look at me, and…scanned the beer with no comment and no request for ID.

Ego completely deflated. Hmmph.

That’s okay, though, because I just ate an extra fish taco later on that night to drown my sorrows, and it totally worked.

The End.


P.S. Seriously. Make these. Even if the ingredients look weird to you. Even if you don’t think you’ll like them. They are pretty much a delicious party in your mouth. I’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t like them, and they’re currently in my top 5 favorite foods of all time.

We carried a jerry!

Hi there, folks!

Sorry to leave y’all hanging last week, but between a crashed computer and battling a nasty cold, blogging sort of fell by the wayside out of necessity.

So, just to catch you up on the last 5 days or so, I taught exercise classes (including subbing a 5:45 AM slot while battling the aforementioned cold, which = pathetic kicks and punches), shopped a local (MASSIVE) consignment sale (twice!), hung out at my mom’s house, had pizza picnics at the park with the kids, and stayed home from church with a sick kiddo.

In other words, pretty much life as usual.

One thing was a little unusual, though, and in the best possible way.

If you’ve been reading along for a while here, then you know that one of my favorite ministries is Parental Care Ministries. I’ve talked about them several times here, and y’all have even helped me raise money to build them a classroom, supported Sarah, and just generally prayed for and rejoiced in their successes.

PCM started, not as an official organization at all, but instead as the response of one godly Ugandan man (with a painful past of abandonment and abuse), whom everyone affectionately calls “Pastor Emmy,” to God’s call to practice “pure religion”—caring for the fatherless and the widow. He started by taking needy children into his own tiny home with dirt floors until he had 35 children sleeping end-to-end on those floors. And over the past decade, by the grace of God, Pastor Emmy’s passion for being the hands and feet of Jesus to the struggling children of Uganda has spread. And spread. And SPREAD. Until, by now, I’ve lost count of just how many PCM schools—each with several hundred students—have been started to care for and educate the orphans and the needy.


{Evy wasn’t feeling super-cooperative, but I’m pretty sure Pastor Emmy has held his fair share of ornery toddlers}

My family has had the privilege to sponsor a precious girl named Harriet for the last four years. We love getting her letters. She calls me Mama and Shaun, Daddy (even though her parents are living) and all five of my children her brothers and sisters.

Well, last Saturday, our city (which is the American headquarters for PCM) hosted a Carry a Jerry event. To clarify, a “jerry” is the can that Ugandan children (and many others worldwide) have to carry back and forth to their water source, to the tune of 10-20 miles each day just so they can have “clean” (sometimes not so much) water for drinking and washing of any sort. Can you imagine not being able to turn on the tap and see clear, cool water flow out of it? Y’all. The few times my water has been off because of some sort of malfunction or bad weather, I can’t tell you how impatient and irritable it made me each time I walked to the sink, twisted the knob, and…nothing happened.

And yet, this is their reality (minus even the possibility of knob-twisting).

And YET…this is their attitude:


{This is Adrine…moments after she met Della; she proceeded to hold her for another half hour, and Della loved it!}

So, Saturday, our family participated in the family Carry a Jerry walk/run, which basically consisted of Shaun, the boys, and I jogging along for about a mile, taking turns “carrying the jerry,” while the girls rode in strollers.


{I carried the jerry in my right hand while running and pushing Della in her stroller, but that can is not nearly as big as most of them are. Side note: Simon did AMAZING! He ran practically the whole mile, and I was genuinely running to keep up with him at the finish line}


{Shaun came through with the next round—hilarious to me that our family is big enough to come through in shifts—because Ezra was already starting to not feel well, and had to take several walking breaks. He still finished strong, though, and I was so proud of him!}

Obviously, our jerry-carrying experience was hardly a true taste of what these amazing children do every single day just to get access to a basic necessity. But the event itself was just so stinking enjoyable and humbling and awesome and fun.


Because of these lovely people!


(You can hear a clip of their singing here)

The PCM Uganda choir of 17 children came to America to perform mini-concerts all around East Texas (and beyond), and although neither Harriet nor Sarah are part of the choir, Harriet’s best friend, Shallon, is. Christie, PCM’s sponsor coordinator, had already texted me Shallon’s picture, so when I saw her, it was like spotting a friend!


{We made sure to snap a pic so that we can send it to Harriet with our next letter; I love how, out of all our kids, only Ezra is actually looking and smiling}

And when we actually met Shallon, it felt that way even more! There is something so artless and infectiously joyful about these sweet people.


{So, Nola obviously had not gotten the same hair consideration as Evy; I did put hers up soon after this}

I can’t even express it other than to say that Jesus just SHINES out of their faces. The moment you meet them, they hug you and tell you how grateful they are for you (I found myself saying back, “No, we’re the ones who are grateful” and completely meaning it. I think, in many ways, they have more to offer than I do). They take your children from your arms and hold them and play with them with no self-consciousness or worry about offense. To them, we are all related, and this is just one big family reunion! And they’re right! But how quickly we lose sight of that fact when we focus on denominations and cliques and get so bogged down nitpicking theological ambiguities.

The clarity and conviction of the love of Jesus that blazes forth from these kiddos’ faces is undeniable and incredibly convicting and inspiring all at once.

Tears started leaking out of my eyes the second this happened…


(that’s the first Ugandan runners leaping jubilantly through the finish line of the 5K that came before the family run/walk)

…and they pretty much didn’t stop completely until we left.

(Which is why I’m wearing my sunglasses in every picture; I didn’t want my kids constantly asking, “Mama, why are you sad?”).

Thing is, they weren’t sad tears. At least not mostly. But amongst the happy tears were a few tears of conviction at how much more prone I am to complain than my dear Ugandan brothers and sisters in Christ who are so much more “underprivileged” than I.

Another fun treat was getting to meet this pretty lady.


This is Kristin, and she and I have emailed back and forth a few times (once she figured out that I lived in her area) and interacted via Instagram, but we had never officially met. I spotted her while we were eating our picnic lunch and thought, “Man! She looks familiar!”

But I couldn’t quite place it until she walked up and introduced herself. I’m so glad she did! We ended up chatting while we waited in the face painting line for our kids to get smeared, and she was a delight. Her husband, Jamy, and Shaun hit it off too, joking about how they’d never talked online or ever seen any pictures of each other (such a strange virtual world we live in, no?) and yet were still glad to meet each other.

The weather was gorgeous, and, even with five small children to wrangle, and Ezra’s not feeling very well, the whole thing was just such a joyous celebration of the Lord and His love for us.

I can’t say enough how big of a blessing PCM is in our lives, but I want to encourage you to find out more about them yourself. They are a small ministry with a selfless, hardworking staff that I know personally here in the States and tireless, godly, devoted pastors and leaders in Uganda. Every bit of their resources are poured right back into those precious kids. There are alwaysmore kids who need sponsoring, so if you’re looking for a “worthy cause” to invest in, let me assure you that this one is and that you will easily reap just as many, if not more, benefits than you extend to them.

P.S. Shifting gears dramatically, I need to thank all of you guys for your awesome feedback on my breakfast nook. There were so many helpful, thoughtful suggestions, and I really feel like I’ve got a better handle on the direction I want to go with it. Y’all are so nice!

♫If you’re going to San Antonio, be sure to wear a flower on your dress ♫


I’ve talked about packing several times before here on the blog. About how I used to be a major over-packer. About how I have mild packing anxiety (I’m always afraid I’m going to forget something important…hence the over-packing).

Well, as I’ve taken more trips over the last several years, I’ve gotten considerably more adept at remembering the important stuff and not taking too much of it.

But I am proud to say that on a trip Shaun and I took to San Antonio last weekend, I really outdid myself.

I packed everything I needed plus clothes for the twins, and I even managed to round up the boys soccer uniforms, socks, shin-guards, and shoes in—wait for it—37 minutes. THIRTY-SEVEN.  It was almost as miraculous as the time I got in and out of Wal-mart with five kids and two carts full of groceries in 38 minutes.

And then? We were getting ready for a date night on the River Walk, and I put on my thrifted J. Crew dress (Goodwill, $6), which is really pretty and fits great but is a tad on the plain side for my taste.

And I reached into my perfectly packed suitcase for my new Anthro belt and came up with…nothing. I checked all the pockets. I checked the car. I muttered a lot of about how I just KNEW that I had packed it. I am not crazy (debatable). I just KNEW IT!


Turns out I was right. But it took my husband’s rooting around in my “perfectly packed” bag to find it. Which, of course, made me feel a little bad for all those times I tease him about not being able to find something in the fridge when it’s right in front of his nose (he was the one who found the strawberries when I looked right past them this morning, too, so there’s a worrying trend developing).


(Isn’t the belt fun in black and white?)


One drawback of packing everything in 37 minutes is that you don’t necessarily take varying weather conditions into account. Like the fact that, sure, the high on Saturday was supposed to be 76, but the low was in the 50s, and it’s always colder down by the river.

I rarely wear strapless dresses, and even when I do, I almost always have some sort of jacket or sweater over them, but last weekend, I literally brought nothing long-sleeved.

Lucky for me, there’s a shopping mall right on the River Walk. Shaun and I ducked into a store right before dinner, and I snagged a $12 cardigan in the perfect shade of teal to match my belt and shoes and instantly felt more comfortable in multiple ways (less tugging and readjusting and a lot more warmth).

We ate at Paesano’s on the River Walk, and it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a while.

san antonio

Just in case you’re in the San Antonio area or planning on visiting, I highly recommend the Chicken Artichoke Pesto pizza and the Parmesan Crusted Chicken Piccata there. Both were beyond yummy.


Of course, not all aspects of our trip—in fact, the very reason we took the trip in the first place—were as enjoyable as that date night.

But I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow…

Have you ever bought something on the fly after you forgot to pack something you needed?  I have several times, but I always try to make sure that I buy something I would want in my closet anyway. (I think  it worked this time, considering that I am wearing the teal cardigan I bought as I type this).

A Color Conundrum (aka: wanna help me redecorate the breakfast nook?)

I mentioned last week when I showed you my awesome “industrial chic” shelf that I’ve finally gotten most of the rooms in my house pretty much how I like them.

Buuuuut…I’m also a perpetual tweaker.

Which is why we’re returning to the breakfast nook today to take another look at something I’d love to change/fix.

Here’s what the view from the kitchen looks like at this point.


This picture is fine. I’m happy with the colors on the walls. I like the rug. I like the shades.


I’m not as thrilled about the super-dark chairs.


I do like the pattern, and they’re in perfect shape (I scooped them up, newly reupholstered, for $50 each from an antique store that was going out of business).

But they’re just a bit too somber and traditional for the vibe I want for this room. Plus, I would really love some contrast with the ultra-dark stain on the wood of the chairs/table/benches.

A while back, I decided the easiest fix would be to take down the shades (that I sewed 4 years ago) and use that cheerful fabric (Pottery Barn’s Bettina…long since discontinued) to recover my chairs.

But when I finally got around to testing it out, I discovered two things:


1) Holy COW is there a lot more light in the room without the shades (even though they have a white background)


2) I’m not convinced that the Bettina fabrics works super well right up against the rug.

So, now I find myself with a bit of a conundrum, not to mention several different permutations of things I could do to solve it.

Do I…

Leave the shades down to allow more light in, recover the chairs with the Bettina fabric, and find a new home for the rug?

Put the shades back and find a different fabric to recover the chairs?

Leave the rug, trust the Bettina fabric to work better on the chairs once it’s actually shaped to fit them, and find a different, sheerer fabric for the windows?


I just can’t decide. And while the actual execution of any conclusion that I come to will probably take months, I still like to have a plan for a room in the back of my brain whenever possible.

Which is where you nice folks come in.

I always love enlisting your decorating help and am so grateful that you’re so generous with it.

Just to give you an idea of a few things I could do and a few fabrics I like, here are the same pics as above with some fabric swatches.

jo jo option

This fabric is called “jo jo” in aquarius by Premier Prints, and I love that it’s playful and light but not crazy busy. I also think it works fairly well with the rug. If I were a photo shop pro, everything would be to scale, etc., but just so you know, the dots on this fabric are approximately 1 1/2” across.

Another option is this:


This one is called Morrocan Lattice in Clementine by Michael Miller. Obviously, it would NOT work with the rug, so that would have to go, but it would give the rest of the space a whole lot of punch. I’m not sure it would lighten up the chairs as much as I’d like, though.

And then there is this one:


Yup, that would be the neutralest of the neutrals. Since I want a lighter look for the chairs, I could, of course, just go with a natural-colored burlap or linen. The fun thing about this one is that, although you can’t see it in the pics, there’s a sparkly gold thread running through the burlap, so at least we’d get a bit of sheen to fancy things up.

On the flip side, if we assume that the Bettina fabric is going on the chairs, these are some options for the window shades.

window shade options

The burlap is the same gold sparkle that I just showed you above, and the yellow is Duralee’s Stockholm Sungold fabric—definitely more expensive than the rest of the options at $20ish/yard—that I already have a yard of. It’s a really nice weight, and those big, mustard-colored flowers are HUGE.

I could definitely keep going with different combos of chair and shade fabrics until all of our eyes were crossing, but instead, I’ll just leave you with this Urban Outfitters rug to consider throwing in at least one of those mixes (I personally think the Jo Jo + this rug + the Bettina on the shades would be pretty awesome).

uo rug

So, now that I’ve thoroughly overwhelmed informed you about the options, would you pretty please do me the favor weighing in on what you think?

The options I’ve given you are to establish a look I’m going for, but I’m not necessarily stuck on any one of them, so if you have an alternate version that you think would work great, fire away. I’m open to any suggestion as long as it’s not: I don’t like anything and think you should just scrap everything and start over. (Believe it or not, I have gotten that suggestion before about other rooms, so if that’s how you feel, that’s fine; just don’t tell me. : )).

So,  what would YOU change?

The Twins are 18-months-old!

Two things:

1) Thank y’all so much for your sweet comments on Monday’s shelf post. I’m glad you guys thought it was as awesome as I did. But darn you all for wanting a tutorial! Just kidding. I did want to say, though, that I will do my best, but since my husband made it all sneaky-like, I won’t have much in the way of pictures, so be prepared to try to understand my convoluted written directions.


2) GOTCHA! I can definitely say that Tuesday (April Fool’s) was one of my most enjoyable blogging days to date. As the, “I totally fell for it!” comments came rolling in, I was practically chortling (just used that one in Words With Friends, so it’s fresh in my mind) with glee. I just love the fact that I received a concerned text from a friend because she hadn’t had a chance to read all the way to the end of the post. And then there were the obviously-didn’t-actually-read-it shares on FB that  went something like: “See?? I KNEW it. STOP THE OIL PULLING.” Snort. I even fooled my pastor, y’all. That was fun. Of course, now you’re expecting it, and I think it was the very fact that I’ve never done a post like that before that made it so believable, so I’ll probably never do another one (or will I?….muahahaha).

Anyhoo, thanks for playing along and being such good sports with my little prank. Y’all are rad.

In other news, last night, I watched Nola sitting in a big person chair eating Lil’ Smokies out of a big person bowl, simultaneously all nonchalant and, “Hey, look at me and bad self” and wondered when my baby morphed into a little girl.

At one point, she almost knocked the bowl off the table but stopped it and pushed it back from the edge and then resumed eating with even greater nonchalance and bad-selfness. And I almost shed a little tear for the fact that my “twinnies” (Della’s word for them) are babies no longer.


In fact, at 18 months (as of the 24th of March), I’d say they’re officially toddlers. And, although I am at a complete loss as to how I ended up with identical twin toddler girls when I am absolutely certain that they were tiny and bald and utterly helpless, like, yesterday, it doesn’t change the fact that I’ve got a couple of awfully cute little girls (babies, no more) on my hands.

Here’s proof:


{Evy, pink; Nola, blue}

You may recognize this bridge from my Sisters post. Not only do I like the look of it, it’s basically in the back yard, so to speak, of the gym where I work, which makes it awfully convenient as photo shoot locales go.

All of these shots were taken in a whopping five minutes, both because the girls tend to yank any bows or clips out of their hair in much less time than that and also because, well, they’re two 18-month-old toddlers. Photo sessions lasting longer than 5 minutes are met with much resistance (aka: weeping and gnashing of teeth + elaborate escape attempts). Plus, I had to go teach class right after we took these pics.


Even so, I managed to snag a few cute ones, although I’m pretty sure this may be the only one where they’re both facing me (although not both looking; that would be asking too much, apparently).


{That random black thingy by Evy’s feet? Yeah, I didn’t notice it until we were almost done}

I think I just happened to catch Nola in this pose, but she might actually be admiring/showing off her adorable Joyfolie shoes (which I received at a steeep discount for a review way back before the twins were even born). Both the twins are shoe-obsessed and will find random pairs in all shapes and sizes around the house and bring them to you and thrust a foot out with plaintive little, “Schoooo, schooooo?” requests.


{Their dresses were a recent clearance buy from Old Navy, by the way}

For some reason, I really love this next one. They’re both just focused and in their own little adventuring world.


Sometimes, that’s pretty accurate, but they’re usually a bit clingier than that. Or at least one is at a time. They trade off. Fortunately, although they’re Mama’s girls (which I love), they’re also content to be carried by/played with/fussed over by their big brothers and sister, all of whom happily oblige.


“You coming, Evy? Oh, and quit making that face, or it might freeze like that, and I would totally be the prettier one for keeps.”


“See? Toldja.”


Honestly, they are pretty much the best babies toddlers (choke) imaginable. They sleep all night (in the same crib) and never make a peep at bedtime (probably because they can’t wait to get in bed and whisper secrets). They also take awesome naps during the day and wake up happy and jabbery.

They eat well (Nola, especially; I think she’s just trying to maintain that pound-ish lead she’s always had on her sister), play really well much of the time, have the sunshiniest personalities, and are very liberal with their kisses.

But for all their similarities, they are also vastly different. I’ve mentioned a few of their distinctions before, but most notable is Evy’s tendency to close her mouth primly and emote with her eyebrows and eyes, whereas Nola’s mouth is almost always open (usually because she’s shoveling food in it), and she is prone to gesticulate wildly and bounce around in her seat. Their voices, too, have become different enough that unless both are crying at the same time, I can tell who is who even from another room. Evy LOOOOOOOOVES to “draw” (I have to really stay on top of her because she seems to have a radar for markers and pencils), and Nola is big into baby dolls (she walks around most of the time with one tucked under her arm). 


Mostly, though, they are both just huge blessings in our lives. I know I’ve said it many times before, but I will say it again: I was so shortsighted for thinking I didn’t want something just because I knew nothing about it, and it sounded hard, and I’m so glad the Lord paid me no mind. Hard, it is, sometimes, but it’s always so, so worth it.

An open letter of apology to my readers about oil pulling…


It’s really embarrassing to admit this, but…

I think I jumped the gun when I wrote my post praising the virtues (or at least the potential) of oil pulling a little while back.

I mean, I knew that I was writing a bit prematurely since I had only been doing it for 2 1/2 weeks, but I had seen such improvement in the whiteness and cleanliness of my teeth that I just couldn’t resist.

Lesson learned.

A little less than a week ago, I started noticing some odd, mottled yellowing beginning along my gum line, especially on my bottom teeth, and within a few days, more and more discoloration started to show up on several of my upper teeth as well.

As much as I don’t want to show you this, I really feel like it would be better if you had a realistic expectation of the side effect you could experience if you started oil pulling as a result of my post (sorry!) or have been doing it for some time.

april fools 1

{It’s way too embarrassing to show you a closer up picture, but this one is gross enough to give you an idea, I think}

Of course, I freaked out and ran to the trusty (or not so much?) internet to self-diagnose.

And this is what I discovered: apparently, some people can have a weird reaction between the coconut oil and the plaque build-up on their teeth, producing this unsightly brown discoloration.

In fact, awesomely enough, there seems to be some sort of connection with exercise, so the more you exercise, the more likely you are to have this reaction.

Just my luck.

And the awesomest part of all? It takes (at least one) trip to the dentist to fix it. Some people said theirs only went away with expensive professional whitening.

Y’all. I am SO sorry to have led you astray like this. I promise to do a better job in the future of vetting my information (I don’t know how I missed all of this during my initial research). And I reeeeeally hope none of you who have started as a result of my post have experienced any of the same issues I’m having.

Really, that’s all. I feel so bad.

But before I leave you totally depressed and down for the day, I did just want to say one more thing…






april fools

P.S. To be very clear, while I am in no way claiming that oil pulling is the cure-all for, well, anything, I have experienced zero adverse effects from using it and continue to see the same good results that I reported in my initial post.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

(I’m off to plan something maniacal for my children!)

A shelf story (AKA: the coolest shelf EVER)

We have lived in our house for 4 and 3/4 years. And I am just now starting to feel like I’ve gotten most of our rooms how I more or less want them (I think I’ll be tweaking everything ‘til the day I die).

Part of that long, drawn out process is because we only had two children when we moved into our pretty much, sort of, kind of, mostly finished 95%  DIYed house (which is code for: it was definitely livable, but there was still a ton to do).

And now we have five, with 40%  of our brood arriving all at once in the form of identical twin girls.

Another part of that is because it’s taken me this long to more fully understand my own design aesthetic. I’ve repainted a lot of rooms, y’all. And, most of the time, it was less that I was sick of the color and more that I finally had to acknowledge that whatever color combo that sounded amazing in my head just wasn’t working on my walls.

Naturally, between the constant bottom-wiping and repainting projects, certain things that I’ve wanted to do something about for forever have taken a backseat to the more necessary aspects of running my household.

Things like this big black hutch that took up way too much space in my breakfast nook.


Sure, it’s cute, and we got a great deal on it from a furniture store closeout when we got married. Plus, it served its purpose of hiding our messes pretty well (it swallowed up everything from kids’ drawing supplies to tangled up technology to rarely used plates and decorations).

But it was just all wrong for the space, mostly because it was waaaaaay too deep (it encroached about 6 inches upon an already too narrow walkway).

Also, the black was just so…black. I thought about painting it many, many times, but never felt motivated enough to keep it to put the effort into it.

Finally, after a big kick in the pants which I’m leading up to, I posted it on our local swap and shop, and pretty soon I saw the words: “Would you consider a trade…” scrolling across the top of my phone. And I thought, Noooooo, I want to sell the thing, not trade for another piece of randomness. I’m trying to be intentional, here, people!

And then I saw who had the left the comment and what she wanted to trade. It was a friend, and she was offering a mantel, which was quite possibly the only thing that would have tempted me (I’ve been on the hunt for a decorative mantel for years).

So, we swapped and were both happy, happy, happy!

Of course, that left a huge blank spot on the wall, not to mention a very messy breakfast nook table strewn with all the aforementioned junk necessities that had formerly found a home in the big black hutch.

It wasn’t blank for long, though.

Let’s rewind a bit, shall we?

Back in November, on a visit to my crazy-talented friend, Sheila’s, house, I spotted a table she had designed and built using pipes + wood and fell in love with its “industrial chic” vibe. Plus, I’ve always liked the look of this World Market shelf.

So, I told my husband I wanted to make a tall, shallow, open shelving unit out of pipes and boards. We went to Lowe’s and scouted out the pipe (and I got an education in just how stinkin’ expensive that stuff is!), and I jotted it down on my mental “someday” list.

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day and the aforementioned kick in the pants. My husband and my brother have a side business they’ve started, and both of them had pulled several literal all-nighters (which spilled into the next day as well) filling orders in the week leading up to and the week of Valentine’s. So, yeah. Shaun was tired, to put it mildly. And I wasn’t expecting too much of V-day.

I certainly wasn’t expecting him to take me out to his workshop that morning and show me my dream “industrial chic” shelf that he had secretly put together in all his “free” time, finished and gorgeous and pretty much exactly how I wanted it (one of the shelves was too tall, but that’s only because I overestimated my measurements when I first described my vision to him months before).

I was giddy!

Shaun fixed the too tall shelf (poor man had to completely disassemble and reassemble the shelf), and I stained the shelves with Early American (the same stain we used on our patio table), and then I loaded my V-day present up with all kinds of prettiness that I had never had a place to display before. 

Ready to see? (I can only imagine how much after such a long intro).



Ain’t she a beaut?


She measures approximately 13” D X 54” W X 72” H. She is the perfect size for the space (because we were able to custom-design her), and she makes me smile every single time I walk in the room.

Here are just a few of the reasons why.


Isn’t that silver teapot gorgeous? (Ignore my reflection). It’s sort of a family heirloom, and my mom spent forever polishing off the tarnish, so she could pass it on to me. Until Shaun made my shelf, I didn’t have a good place to display my teapot, but now I get to see her shiny silver face whenever I want.

Oh, and let’s not forget quite possibly my favorite worldly possessions: my khaki rose PiP china. I’ve mentioned before that Shaun has been giving me pieces from the collection over the last year, but some of them were still boxed up because I just didn’t have a place to put them.


IMG_9894 IMG_9900 IMG_9918

Now, I do.

 I even decided to stack the boxes that the china came in on top of my new shelf because, seriously, how could I not?


I love the intense pop of color they add to my other more neutral elements, like my brand new (FAKE!) Ikea plant. (Side note: how in the world did it take so long for this black thumb to get on the fake plant bandwagon??)


A few other faves are this random, quirky rooster…


…this little vintage ashtray…


…this ginormous, chunky pitcher from Lowe’s ($7)…


…and my $6 “vintage” baskets that I scored at Ross.


And then are there the pipe fittings which are so pretty they make my heart skip a beat.


Seriously. Swoon.

Overall, though, I think my absolute favorite thing about this crazy-awesome shelf is how well it marries form and function.

Yes, it’s my kind of beautiful. And the top three shelves give me a place to display my favorite pretty things. But it’s also really practical, thanks to the bottom two shelves of baskets, which I stocked with kids’ craft/drawing supplies as well as picture frames, often-used serving pieces and other random supplies that I need easy access to. I even found a (much better) home for all the random technology  and mismatched dishes that were just taking up space before.


So, what do you think of my new shelf? If you’re interested, I can do a dedicated post on the details of how to make the shelf + the cost breakdown. Just be sure to let me know in the comments, and I’ll put that together if it looks like the interest is there.

Once you have a vision for a room in your house, do you knock it out right away or slowly chip away at your list? I definitely tend to spread things out, unless I have a specific deadline.

A Baby Shower for Halleli

Things are hopping in the sister-in-law + babies category around these parts. My brother’s wife, Hannah, is expecting their first baby in two weeks, plus we just found out that my other sis-in-law, Steph, (married to Shaun’s brother, Kyle) is pregnant with their 4th.

I have to admit that it’s pretty exciting to get to be involved in all this new baby business without actually having to carry the new baby around in my own belly right this second. :)

Speaking of being involved, I promised to show you pictures from Hannah’s shower that we threw last weekend, so I’m delivering the goods today.

In case you missed the inspiration board, you can go back and check that out, but I want to just throw out a disclaimer and say that the end result was not as ethereal as I would have liked. I know, I KNOW. I should never begin a post with a disclaimer, but even though my mom and I did lots of prep before the party, and we had help from our other two hostesses as well, we still ended up doing a fair bit on the day of, mostly because I reeeeeeally wanted to have it outside but kept watching the weather since Saturday was (of course) the only day of the week with a chance of rain.

Once all the food was completely prepped and all the decor had been compiled, we started to set up outside (since the online forecast had dropped from a 30% to a 0% chance of rain), but pretty much the minute we set up the first table, the sky started spitting on us, so back into the house we went, and it was a mad rush from then until shower time to get everything ready.

All that to say that my inner perfectionist would have been happier if I’d had another hour to fuss with the placement of each decoration, but it’s probably a good thing I didn’t because the point of this party was not be Pinterest-worthy but instead to be a blessing to Hannah.

And she looked like this most of the time (at least the smiling part…she didn’t walk around sideways with her hands under her belly…that would have been awkward), so I’m guessing we accomplished our goal.


Isn’t she just ridiculously tiny and adorable? Pfffttt. Darn cute pregnant ladies. (Every now and then, I stumble across a picture of me at 38 weeks pregnant with the twins, and I audibly gasp; that was one BIG belly).

AAAAAand now to the actual party pictures.

Mandy was nice enough to nab some decor shots for me as I was running around finishing up the last minute details, and I grabbed a few more toward the end, so between the two of us, we got some fun detail shots, but this was the main shot of the full table that I had.


The attendees had already descended upon the food like a hoard of hungry locusts the proper ladies that they were, but as you can see, we had plenty left (my mom and I have a tendency to make enough food to feed small armies).

On the menu?

  • Chicken salad croissant sandwiches
  • Pimento cheese sandwiches on the yummiest nut bread ever (baked fresh and local)
  • A fruit tray (Sam’s always has the best produce)


  • A veggie tray with a side of dip in one of my pretty PIP china bowls


  • Mini cherry cheesecakes (I’ll share the recipe soon)


  • Mini carrot cake cupcakes + a mini cake for Hannah to take home


  • Salad with Craisins, almond slivers, and feta cheese


  • Pink lemonade, which we served in my aqua mason jars with the adorable striped pink and white straws.

IMG_9769 IMG_9724

  • Water with lemon and orange slices


It was quintessential chick food, which was great, because it was a room full of chicks!


IMG_9672 {Bonus points if you can spot Nola}

I included this next shot, not because of the decor but because if you look closely, you might spot white paint on the inside of my left arm (there was more on my leg, but my skirt covered it).


That’s because I had spent the previous evening spray painting a mirror to turn into a chalkboard for my new little niece’s room.


For the shower, I scrawled, “Praise the Lord for little girls” on it and hastily scratched some flowers in the corner right before the shower started, but I asked Hannah to choose a Bible verse that she loved, and I’m going to use it in conjunction with the baby’s name to make some chalkboard art for her nursery.

So…what is her name?


It comes from the Hebrew word, “Hallel”(which is where we get “Hallelujah”), which means “praise.” It’s pronounced Hah-LEH-lee.


We also used that pretty garland to do a playful little message on the food table.


The flowers were another one of my favorite shower elements. I got them at Sam’s Club, and when I first got there,  I was disappointed that they didn’t have what I was looking for, but then I started eyeing the pink and white carnations and imagining them with sprigs of chartreuse green, which is exactly what we ended up with.


I think we managed to make 6 or 7 small bouquets with $25 worth of flowers, which is pretty amazing.

Probably my very favorite decoration of all was this adorable diaper cake.


It was made by Hannah’s other sister-in-law, Lia, and I thought she outdid herself matching the shower’s color scheme (which just so happened to closely mirror baby Halleli’s nursery, so the diaper cake should be able to serve as decoration there too).


My mom put together a game in which you guessed the identity of common baby essentials inside favor bags just by feeling and shaking them, and here they are all laid out on the diaper cake table. It was a really fun way to give Hannah lots of practical necessities.


Hannah got all kinds of other great loot too…


…including the pack n’ play AND complete car seat and stroller system from her registry.


{I’d forgotten how much first-time mama showers ROCK}

In case you’re wondering where my kids were, Daddy had the older three at Grandma’s while the twins trundled around begging food and generally being cute.


This is Evy, and looking at this picture, I can’t believe a) how long her hair is (they both still refuse to keep clips in their hair) and how much red is in it.


It makes me laugh because, even though their Aunt Hannah is only related by marriage, the twins’ hair color is almost identical to hers.


Oh, and I couldn’t leave these out:


Hannah’s aunt made them as party favors. The best I can tell, she made them out of Styrofoam cups. Aren’t they the cutest??

And here’s a group shot of all the hostesses with Hannah.

IMG_9798 {My mom, Beth, Me, Hannah, Holly, a friend from church, and Lia, another of Hannah’s sisters-in-law}

I can’t wait  for baby Halleli to come out! And I was so honored to get to do something to (hopefully) make Hannah feel special and loved during this special time in her life (first babies only come once!).


P.S. If you want to see pics of other showers that I’ve helped host, you can check out Jolinda’s and Mandy’s baby boy showers as well.

Wardrobe Wednesday: The Green Skirt {3 ways}

On Monday, I promised that I would reveal what I’d bought at Anthropologie on our spontaneous Dallas trip, and I mentioned that you might be surprised. Honestly, I was talking less about the specific items I chose and more about the quantity of them.

I’ve only ever set foot in an Anthropologie a dozen times or so, and of those dozen times, I’ve only ever bought an article of clothing (and always only one) maaaaaaybe 4 times (including this dress, which was totally my husband’s “fault”).

This time, though, I was armed with a wad of cash that I’ve been hoarding from selling items on our local swap and shop. For some reason, I’m willing to pay more for things I really want from a store I love when I’ve “earned” the money, and I have it in hand (I rarely use cash for anything).

If you recall, these were the items I took with me into the dressing room.

anthro collage 2

Both the red and the blue dresses were the same, and I wanted to love them, but, although it’s hard to see in the pics, they were covered in a swirly ruffly design on the fabric, which didn’t do too many favors to my already wide-ish torso (I’m not bashing myself; my bone structure just isn’t narrow through my rib cage).

But everything else I loved.

So…everything else I bought.

Shocked, much?

Here’s how it broke down:

Green wool blend skirt: $19.99

Floral top: $39.99

Green mixed print top: $19.99

Black top: $9.99

Floral belt: $19.99

Throw in a plate for $8, and I wiped out my swap and shop stash, with one dollar to spare. Now, that’s precision spending right there.

Did I pay more than I normally would? Definitely. Especially  that floral shirt. My fingers kind of faltered when I typed 39.99. For one shirt. But I loved it, and I had brought that money specifically for a trip to Anthropologie and told myself ahead of time that if I had enough to buy something that really caught my eye, I wouldn’t guilt myself over it.

{It’s debatable whether I actually listened to myself since I just wrote a whole paragraph justifying the money I spent : )}

ANYHOO, in the spirit of my pink pants {3 ways}, floral shirt {3 ways}, and white dress {3 ways} posts, I thought it might be fun to style that fun, flippy green skirt 3 different ways, using only the pieces I bought at Anthro (plus shoes I already own).

And so, I give you first…

the sophisticate

I can see wearing this option to a bridal shower or even a business meeting.



I especially love the playful touch the polka dot heels give the look.

Next, we have…

the cowgirl

Both this shirt and the black one from above actually have a  slightly loose and flowy silhouette on the bottom, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to sleek tucking in, but with a belt and boots, I thought the puckering at the waistline actually worked pretty well with the casual, cowgirl-esque vibe. I would wear this one to church or for a dinner out with girlfriends.


And last, we have…

the artist

Did I mention I love this shirt? Shockingly enough, so does my prints-averse husband (okay, maybe he doesn’t love it, but he expressed surprised approval without my prompting, which is a pretty big deal for him). He was less enthused about my floral belt, but I’m choosing to ignore that one because I absolutely adore it.


{Did you notice my spray painted Goodwill heels? They’re still going strong!}

I would wear this version on date night (I  guess I’d have to lose the belt, huh?) if we were going somewhere fancy or maybe to a wedding.


And there you have it, folks! 3 different ways to wear one green skirt (obviously, I haven’t gotten over my emerald color crush yet).

Did you have a favorite of the three? {I’m torn between the last two}.

Also, do you find yourself willing to pay more when you’ve already designated cash that you earned specifically for shopping? I don’t know why, but there’s just something mentally freeing to me when I can separate out a portion of money as “mine only.” I still love a good bargain, but it doesn’t seem as imperative when I’m not spending my husband’s money on it. 

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy.

A spontaneous trip to the Big D

The last few weeks have been busy. Like BIZ-ZY. (Because misspelling and capitalizing it conveys my point so much better). I feel like I say that a lot, and I probably do. After all, we are in an incredibly busy season of life. The fact that we have five small children, two of whom are involved in soccer at the moment, and we are required by some unspoken law to, like, feed them multiple times (insert eye roll) would be enough to keep us hopping most of the time.

But throw baby showers and spring break and house projects and rental house repairs and trips to visit family and extra work for Shaun into the mix, on top of the usual gym classes, blogging, home schooling, full time jobs, church, and—oh yeah—the constant food-making, and things get a bit out of hand. (P.S. I did a fun interview with Kelli of Eat Pray Read Love a little while ago about how I don’t really do it all if you want to check it out).

The week before last, Shaun was slammed. Last week, I was (okay, he was too) because I can’t just throw a baby shower. Oh no, I have to clean out and organize my refrigerator, my pantry, my breakfast nook…even my Tupperware drawers, for crying out loud. I have to replant my flower beds and spray paint everything in sight and sew new pillows and hang wall art and sort through all my kids’ clothes. What does any of this have to do with baby showers, you ask? Um, nothing, as far as I can tell. But between that whole advent of spring business (doesn’t sunshine just make you want to scrub things?) and the fact that having people over always gets me in a frenzy of unrelated but much-needed activity, things have been cuh-razy up in here.

The shower went great (I’ll show you pictures soon), but by 6 PM Saturday evening, I was done. Like “I’m going to lie on the couch and rest my eyes for just a sec and keep an ear out for the twins crying while I wait for Shaun and the older kids to get home…whoa! Did I fall asleep? They’re already home”…DONE.

So, Sunday morning, we woke up and kind of said, “Hi, remember me?” all around, and as Shaun and I sat on the couch mustering the energy to bathe and dress five children for church, we looked at each other and said, “What if we did some sort of family day today since we’ve all been passing in the night and running ourselves ragged?”

Less than an hour later, we were on the road to Dallas loaded up with snacks and toys and the double-stroller.

First stop?


In-n-Out Burger! We only recently (and by recently, I mean 3 years ago) got these in Texas, and I hadn’t been in 11 years (since a visit to one in California), so we made a beeline for it when we saw a sign for one around lunchtime.

Honestly, it wasn’t as yummy as I remember, and Shaun said the Dallas version didn’t measure up to California’s standards, but it got our bellies full.

The best part , though (and the part that I am KICKING myself for not having a picture of), is that, as we were all piling out the door to leave, the person coming in the door said, “ABBIE!”

I looked up and saw a face that was so familiar, but because of being taken by surprise and having zero context for it, I just stared, dazed, for a second. And then it came to me just as she said, “Hey, it’s Emily from 52 Mantels!” Emily and I have been blogging buddies for over two years now, but we have never met in real life. She lives in Dallas, so there’s that, but otherwise, the odds of our running into each other on that day at that time are so stinkin’ slim. It was awesome! When I finally managed to express to Shaun that I’d literally never met her in person, he jut stared at me and said, “Wow. That’s crazy.”

Next, we headed to Northpark Mall, home to—da da DA!—the LEGO store!


Do you think they’re maybe a wee bit excited to be there?

After the boys had found something big to share, and Della had instantly picked out the girliest LEGO product ever  (a mini princess castle), we went to my version of the LEGO store: Anthropologie.

Sadly, my phone battery died before we even got out of the car at the mall (that’s what happens when your phone gets lost in the midst of shower preparations, and then you spontaneously run off to Dallas without having a chance to charge it), so I kept having to borrow Shaun’s phone to document everything. I wish I’d grabbed it and snapped some pics of that Anthro store because they had outdone themselves. There was a life sized  elephant (okay, maybe more like baby life sized, but still) made out of some sort of plastic-y scale thingies (technical jargon, right there) that was just too rad.

But not nearly as rad as the fact that my husband wrangled kids while I spent 45 minutes rooting through the clearance racks and trying things on.

Here’s what I wore to Dallas.


(A sweater, jeans, and boots because, even though it was March 23rd in Texas, it was 55 degrees and windy)

And here’s what I tried on:

anthro collage

Wanna guess what (if anything) I actually came home with? You’ll find out if you were actually right on Wednesday.

After Northpark, we headed to Ikea.


This was only maybe the 6th time that I’ve ever been to Ikea, and we had never used their childcare, so I was kind of excited to be able to shop while the kids played.

However. Apparently going to Ikea on a random Sunday afternoon is akin to doing your Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve. Everybody, their dog, their cat, and their goldfish was there. Which means that we got waitlisted for childcare. The first girl told us 15-20 minutes.

So, of course, we got ice cream.


{Oh, Ikea, you’re so clever with your automated ice cream dispensers}

And then we tortured our little sisters with our ice cream.


{After seeing this and the above pictures, I promptly French braided Della’s hair; it was a mess}


{“Mama! Della has ice cream and she keeps dribbling it on the floor all around me but won’t give me a bite!”}

The ice cream venture killed about 10 minutes. Then a series of field trips to the bathroom ate up another 10 (at least).

And still they hadn’t called our name.

So, the boys perused their complementary Lego magazines.


And I changed poopy diapers.

By this point, we had spent at least half an hour distracting 5 children just so three of them could have the privilege of entering Smaland.

So, I went back to the check-in desk to see if we’d somehow managed to miss our name being called. The girl shuffled through all the paperwork and informed me that 8 children were in line ahead of ours, so we were looking at another half hour of waiting.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. So we set forth with our brood, creating a mini roadblock everywhere we went. And let me just tell you: we were there for an hour and a half because, hello, it’s Ikea and you can’t get out of there fast, even if you try (I heard a lady loudly complaining to the air about how irritated she was that there wasn’t a shortcut to the checkout because she had been “tired for the last five MILES!”), and during that 90 minutes, various names were called on the intercom to come to Smaland either to deposit or pick up their children.

But ours never was.

Which was fine. Because they had tunnels to wriggle through in the kids’ bedroom displays.


Honestly, this picture represents maybe 5 minutes of our 90 minute trek from top to bottom, and even though the kids do remarkably well with stores after many, many  epic trips to Walmart and Sam’s with me, they were pretty sick of it by the end, and the twins were worn slap out, while still refusing to nap in their stroller.

We made it out alive, though,  and immediately did a GPS search for the nearest park so the kids could run off their pent up energy.

This is what we came up with:


{This is Hope Park in Frisco, Texas. Can you spot Shaun and Nola?}

Seriously. This park was the coolest kids’ hangout that I have ever seen.


It was HUGE, with multiple sections and everything from every type of swing imaginable to makeshift pianos and pipe drums. Not to mention myriads of slides and benches and pavilions and…Sigh. It was kid heaven and the perfect end to an enjoyable day ( just don’t ask Shaun’s honest opinion of those 45 minutes in Anthro and the last 20 minutes or so of Ikea :

)). dallas

{In case you’ve ever wondered how to get cardio exercise while pushing kids on a swing, try running from one swing to the next while holding a baby!}

We capped off the day with a trip to a local frozen custard shop (it was delicious!) and watching Frozen in the car on the way home (well, the kids did, while Shaun and I sat in the front and tried to recreate this hilarious video).

Want to know the best part? We got home a little before 10, dumped the kids in bed, and then got in bed by 10:15 ourselves. After a solid week of mild sleep deprivation, getting a solid 8 hours was just plain glorious!

And now you’re officially caught up on the events of our spontaneous Sunday foray into the big city. Do y’all ever just take off for the day and do something unexpected? We don’t usually, and I have to admit that I almost chickened out because I was tired, but I’m so glad Shaun stuck to his guns. Our family needed it.

What’s your equivalent of the LEGO store? Mine is definitely Anthro, even though I’ve only ever bought a few articles of clothing there ever, but my runner-up would definitely be Paper Source or any other pretty stationery store.

Any guesses on what I bought at Anthro? You might be surprised.