Hello and welcome! I’m Abbie, mama to 8-going-on-10 (second set of identical twins due in October), Bible-believing Christian, home educator (and homeschool graduate myself), fitness instructor, Spanish teacher, bargain-hunter, perpetual furniture rearranger, and wife to one very good renaissance man.aboutme1

Such a renaissance man, in fact, that, though he writes software for a living, he still has the skillz (yes, with a z) to have built our family not one, but two, DIY houses. I documented our first 9 month build, but never got around to getting all of our second build’s info into one post. Blame it on how long it took (2 years!), how many more kids we had than the first time (5), or sheer laziness. But! I did share our house plans if you’re interested. And there’s a semi-recentish Christmas tour of the downstairs if that’s your jam. (Plus tons more pics of the interior on Instagram).


Oh! And I’m a soon(ish)-to-be-published author, which is the culimation of a life-long dream that God brought to fruition in his perfect way and timing.


Speaking of God, I am passionate about Biblically rooted, sound theology and pointing women toward the one true God found in the pages of Scripture. Jesus is not my homeboy, my good teacher, or my social justice hero, but he is my Lord and savior, and I am so grateful for his blood on the cross that covers my sins. If you’re curious about my views on the inerrancy of Scripture or how I use it to approach cultural issues, you can read about that here.

I also get really fired up about helping mamas claim their identities and find simple, doable rhythms for their days that allow them to create an environment of realistic joy and peace (we’re not talking about sitting around singing Kumbaya , y’all) in their homes. You might find my Mama Life Hack series, my penny reward system, or several of my other most popular posts (tab on the top of my home page) helpful.

For a woman who writes a lot about motherhood and has so many kids, you might be surprised to know that I never planned to have 10 kids before my 38th birthday. But then again, I never planned not to (you can read about our open-handed approach to family planning–plus how I felt when I first found out we were having twins–here). I tell you what, though: I definitely never planned to have twins twice. In fact, before our girl twins, I begged God not to give me multiples. But, man, am I glad he didn’t listen or else I wouldn’t have these cuties. (You can read their home birth story here). As I am prone to say: hard is not the same thing as bad, and the twins are one of the best proofs of that.


Have your eyes glazed over yet? I totally understand. If, for some crazy reason, you want more, though, you can read 31 things about me + my  “getting to know you” posts in part 1part 2, and part 3.  I’ve also been known to talk about my favorite books and my favorite movies (here and here).

I hope you’ll find a comfy chair and stay for a while. We live in the Piney Woods of East Texas (think lush, green, rolling hills, not flat, brown, tumbleweeds), and, while I can’t stand sweet tea–quick! somebody revoke my Southern Loyalty Card–I’d offer you a glass of ice cold mint tea made with leaves from the bush in our backyard in a heartbeat.


Have a question for me? Or just want to say hi?  I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I love this, Abbie, and am excited about seeing what is to come on this page! I have looked to your blog for fun and encouragement my entire motherhood journey so far

    1. Oops! Got that backwards, Abbie. Sent you my comment as a message and posted my message as a comment. Here’s what I meant to be public:

      Love the redesign of your site, Abbie. Everything looks terrific, plus it’s very user-friendly. Good work! I’m enjoying clicking around the new categories (and also feeling inspired to whip my own blogs into better order).

  2. Love your new “about” page! Just perfect & fits you well 🙂 It is so much better than some I’ve seen that just leave you guessing…….and the pics are priceless. Can’t wait to hear all about them 🙂

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