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Welcome to the world, Theo!

Blog friends…

Meet Theo (or Theodore Sebastian, if we’re getting all formal).

meet theo

Theo finally decided to enter the world at 10:33 AM on Tuesday, December 30th, after 16ish hours of labor (more on that someday soon). He is 8 lb. 6 oz. and 21 inches of pure baby perfection (did anybody nail the stats?), and we are completely smitten.

And tired. (That might have something to do with the 1 hour of sleep I’ve had in the last 43. Oh yeah. And the labor/delivery thing).

But mostly grateful to God for graciously giving us another healthy little bundle to love.

Peace out, my friends! I’ve got some sleep to catch up on.

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The Winner of the Thankful Package…

Okay, so first of all, after reading all of your fun comments from yesterday’s baby names post, I no longer feel quirky.

Y’all are SERIOUS (and slightly psychotic–your words, not mine!) about your baby names!

5 letter first names + 6 letter coordinating middle names (with matching vowel-consonant-vowel order, of course). Biblical names that work in Hebrew and Japanese (I confess I don’t even know what this means). All J’s. Only Celtic/Nordic names.

It was a lively, interesting, and slightly insane discussion. I loved every single second of it!

Especially the comment that deduced that our Baby #6 is going to be named “Gerund Blue Blazes.” (You got me!).

And the reader who couldn’t even comprehend her husband’s suggestion of “Dominique” after their first was named “Leah” (her exact words: “While I was pregnant with #2, he literally suggested Dominique. DOMINIQUE?!?!?!?!?!?!??? (He said we could call her Q. I mean, I can’t even…”)). Girl, you are my jam. And you’re also responsible for my cracking up right in the middle of the boys’ math work. Love it.

You know what else I loved? All of your responses to the “thankful package” giveaway from last week. It was such a blessing to see who and what y’all are thankful for in your lives. It sounds like many of you have wonderful Mamas (me too!), friends, and friends-who-might-as-well-be-family.

And now, it’s time to say who won!

And that would be…

beth winner

Beth said in response to the prompt about someone who inspires or helps: “My dear friend, Angela, who knows when a brownie and some beautiful flowers help somehow. She never judges and always waits to process whatever I am going through. She also prays and speaks the truth in love. She is a gift from God to me!”

That’s awesome, Beth! Shoot me an email at blogabbie{at}gmail{dot}com, and I will get you hooked up with your goodies!

Happy Tuesday, guys!

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And then, there were 11…

Hey guys!

Here’s the thing: I miiiiiiight have been a bit remiss when I introduced 3 new furry members of our family.

I mean, they’re cute and all, but honestly there’s one other little addition around here that we might be a wee bit more jazzed about.


Yes, I realize that it pretty much looks like I ate too much in this particular shot, but let me assure you that I have daily proof in the form of little baby kicks (aka: the coolest thing ever) that there’s actually a human being in there (who currently weighs about as much as a burrito, come to think of it).


In case you’re wondering, I am 20 weeks along, which means…CHRISTMAS BABY!!!!!

(I had to sound all excited in case the poor kid can somehow read in utero and has x-ray vision…in which case, we might have bigger things to worry about than a kid who has to share a birthday with Jesus).

(Yes, I realize December 25th is not actually Jesus’s birthday).

(And that if the baby could really read and had x-ray vision, all of this would be read as well).

(Humor me).


Where was I?

ANYhoo, we’re super-excited! Well, everybody except the twins. They honestly have no clue, poor little things. They just like to poke my belly button a lot.

And now you’re caught up on the most momentous thing happening around here!

Start warming up your 50/50 guessing skills! I’ll have a gender poll up on the blog on Monday! ;)

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A little of this and that…

Because several of you have asked about it and because I’ve forgotten or gotten distracted at least half a dozen times…

The winner of the Jord watch giveaway (from, oh, a good 3 weeks ago), is:

AMY, who answered the all-encompassing Parisian foot questions with: “He said, “Aaah, Cherie, your feet and toes are absolutely beautiful. I wish my wife’s toes looked as amazing as yours do!”

Thanks, Amy, I’m blushing. Oh, and check your email for deets!


Well, if you live in the States, I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day weekend!

We did…mostly.

We started off with a potluck lunch at Mandy’s house, where she snapped this family pic for us.


I’m not claiming it as our most photogenic picture of all time, but at least we’re all looking, which is always a winner in my book!

After a fun time with friends, we headed to my mom’s house for more food, swimming, and little-girl-scaring explosions of death fireworks.

Then, my mom kindly offered to keep our kids for us while we caught a late-ish showing of Dinesh D’Souza’s new flick, America: Imagine the World Without Her.

I would definitely recommend it if for no other reason than to provide an alternative perspective to the current popular political narrative. (If you have trouble finding it in your area, but they do have D’Souza’s first movie, 2016: Obama’s America, showing, then it’s probably actually the new one but mislabeled. That’s how it was in every theater that carried it in our area).

Sadly, by the end of the movie, I wasn’t feeling so hot, and by Saturday morning, I was in the throes of a full-blown stomach bug.

Honestly, though, if you have to get sick, there’s no better time to do it than when your husband and kids already have somewhere to go (I was supposed to go too, but, well…puking).

Shaun took the kids off to a celebration/get together at his parents’ house, while I spent the day like this:

sick day

I pretty much did nothing but alternate between napping and vegging on the couch, which got pretty old by about 8 PM but was definitely better than trying to chase twins and wipe bottoms when my legs felt like wet noodles.

And then, Shaun’s parents kept the kids on Sunday so I could fully recover without getting them sick since Shaun is leaving on a work trip this week. Which means I got another awesomely uninterrupted nap!

I tell you what: this getting sick business has its upsides! (Joking…sort of).

Which brings us to today,  when I had something completely different planned for you, which, due to all the aforementioned upchucking and nap-taking, remains in half-finished form.

I’m feeling tons better today, though, so I plan to back in full fighting, er, writing form tomorrow.

See y’all then!

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I’m back! (Sort of)


Hey guys! We made it back (eeeeeearly) yesterday morning, and I slept a whopping 10 hours (9PM-7AM) last night, so I feel…mostly human. I think.


My house looks like a cyclone went through it (there’s a reason for that that I’ll tell you about soon-ish), I have more laundry than I care to think about, about 3,456 pictures to edit, and some extremely clingy twins to hold.

So! I promise I’ll be back for realsies very soon. But for the moment. I’m going to plod over to the washing machine with a toddler on my hip and stare at the dial for a good five minutes before the words finally start making sense again (yawn).

I can’t wait to tell you about our trip, though. Let’s just put it this way: I was really looking forward to going on it, and then it totally blew any expectations that I might have had for it sky-high…in the best possible way.

Yeah. It was gooood.

Allrighty, so…I’ll be back soon.

Now, can someone point me in the direction of the laundry room?

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I’m posting at the Declare Conference Blog today!

Hey guys! Remember how I got to speak at Declare Conference last year? Well, this year, I get to contribute to their blog, and I’ve got a post up today talking about anxiety and how to beat it (complete with a story involving lost keys and small children, of course).

declare conference

{Can you spot me?}

Honestly, it was a good post for me to write (and reread) because I’m starting to feel the crunch of a whole lot of stuff that’s piling up very quickly and causing me to be anxious.

In fact, I may go read my own advice one more time (because, ultimately, it’s not really my advice at all) before I jump into my day before I start feeling (too) overwhelmed.

I hope you get a chance to hop over and read and that it encourages you as you face whatever stresses you encounter today.

P.S. Thanks for all your awesome advice on my shoe predicament yesterday. I’m totally trying the socks + hair dryer trick (check out the comments if you’re confused).

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The Sunday Evening News

Hi there, guys, and good evening!

Yep, I’m fully aware this is getting posted after 10 PM on a Sunday.

But seriously?

Yesterday’s post pretty much deserves to stay up for the entire (birthday) month, so two full days was the least I could do.

So…I wasn’t exaggerating a bit all those times I bragged on that husband of mine, was I?

Isn’t he amazing?? (Ummm…YES!)

I didn’t actually see the post until after midnight (which is when I went to bed after that incredible surprise party Shaun mentioned; and, yes, I will be doing an entire post about it because it more than deserves it!).

Also…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all the comment love.

I know some of you couldn’t comment, and I so appreciate your taking the time to send me emails and leave Facebook comments.

The unofficial grand total was over 150 (and I read every single one and grinned my face off the entire time; might have gotten a little misty-eyed too), which means that PCM and I are going to be very happy campers indeed because my husband is going to look like this after all:

I also know I promised you guys a Q&A post, and I’ll get to that tomorrow since Shaun kind of threw a monkey wrench in those plans (the nerve).

But for tonight, I’ll leave you with an announcement, which is the winner of the date + hours in labor contest, we had a few weeks back.

Adrienne @ Free Time Frolics said:

“I vote for the 24th. And nice, fast labor and 2 healthy babies. As for weight I say 7lbs 2 oz and 6 lbs 12oz.”

And since they came on the 24th, and my labor was either EXTREMELY LONG or very short for me (8 hours)—depending on how you look at it—then I’m going to say she got close enough.

Email with your address, girl, and I will send you your $10 Walmart gift card!

Alrighty, folks! That’s all the news for the evening.

Until tomorrow!


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Move-it Monday: At last

Hey there, friends!

Look who finally decided to get a move on and come out in the wee hours of the morning!


{Pronounced: Eh-van-jeh-lin

We’ll call her: Evy—pronounced with a short “e”}



{Pronounced: like the tree

We’ll call her: Nola}

Yup, that’s right. They are actually do exist outside my belly, and they are the absolute picture of health and sweet little baby perfection!

Birth story coming soon, but for the moment, I’ll just leave you with one more shot of their epic cuteness before this tired mama falls asleep at the keyboard.


{Yes, they’re identical, but Nola is so much chunkier than Evy that it’s easy to tell them apart}

God is soooooooo good!

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Happy Bloggy Birthday to Five days…5 ways!

So, I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sing myself a happy little bloggy birthday song (I may even have a cupcake to celebrate) because exactly one year ago today, I embarked on this journey called blogging.

And boy, has it been fun.

And hard.

And a pretty ridiculous amount of work at times.

I know that may sound silly considering that it’s just a little bitty speck of real estate on the internet where I show you my Goodwill finds and my children’s cuteness and rooms in my house that I’m proud of (after I’ve first moved all the debris that would normally be in the shot out of range so you won’t see it, of course).

But I rarely write a post in under 2 hours (and that usually doesn’t include photo-taking/editing, etc.), and there are plenty of other things that go along with blogging that have nothing to do with the “finished product” that you guys see (those of you with blogs of your own are nodding your heads right now).

I’m still learning more about all of those “other things” as I go…

But mostly, I’m learning to let go.

Blogging is hard for my personality.

I’m what I like to call a selective perfectionist. Which means I like things to be just so…in some areas.

And then I’m perfectly capable of letting others slide in ways that would horrify and mystify some of you.

I’m also competitive—used to be to a fault but now only to a sometimes annoying degree.

And above all with myself.

Sure, I compare myself with others just like everybody else does, and it never comes to any good since I either end up feeling woefully inadequate or full of ugly pride as a result.

But mostly, I compare myself to my own standards—what I think I could/should be accomplishing.

And I’m kind of hard on myself if I don’t measure up…to myself. (Confused yet?)

So, yeah.

Blogging, with all its built-in horn-tooting and numbers-counting is a dangerous thing for a girl who likes to set/achieve personal goals and then break her own records.

And there have definitely been times that I’ve gotten sucked into the blogging vortex of “have-to-itis.”

You have to do Twitter, or you won’t succeed.

You have to do lots of giveaways, or no one will like you (in the blog-world or on Facebook…Oh, for the days when liking someone meant you wanted to go to a movie with them).

You have to have amazing photos, or no one will even look at your posts.

You have to have a big week-long, blogiversary celebration, or no one will be impressed by your achievements (don’t get me wrong; I would have LOVED to have done that, but it just wasn’t a good use of my time right now, and I accepted that…that’s progress, right there, folks).

There have been times when I have stayed up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too late, ignored my children and husband, fretted over blog-traffic, counted links, done projects that I have no use for except to post them on the blog, and just generally worried way too much about this whole blogging business.

And that’s the bad.

The ugly.

The stuff I would love to pretend I’m above and way too mature for but totally am not when I let my perspective get skewed.

But it’s getting better.

In fact, I pretty much never check my blog stats anymore, (even though it’s very sound advice to know where your traffic is coming from so you can optimize those avenues and not expend effort on areas that don’t “grow your blog”).

And I genuinely don’t care too much if my “numbers” stall out (although I love getting new readers…not a single blogger in the world could say they don’t and tell the truth).

But it doesn’t rule me like it could (and has a times) if I’m not careful.

I know I’m not alone in these struggles because I’ve read a lot of posts in which the blogger bemoans his/her attachment to the instant gratification of increased numbers, social media interaction, and, perhaps most importantly of all, comments.

Apparently, it’s a human nature thing.

Which makes me even more grateful that I have a God who cares about me and my character enough that He sometimes reaches down and forces me to take a step back and reassess.

That’s what this pregnancy with twins has done for me.

Forced me to slow down, reevaluate where my limited energy can be best spent, and look ahead to an even busier time in my life when blogging will simply have to play second (or seventh) fiddle to the need for sleep, food, snuggles, and other aspects of real life (the twins are jumping around in my belly even as I write this, so apparently they agree).

And that, folks, is pretty much where I stand after a year of blogging.

And it feels like a good place to be.

Because there are so many incredible things about blogging too.

Like the opportunity I get each and every day to connect with people like you whom I wouldn’t ever get to “meet” otherwise.

Like the chance to use my blog for good to help out PCM orphans in Uganda.

Like the platform it gives me to share my faith when sometimes, I feel like the only people I ever share the gospel with are my own children (not that they don’t need to hear it).

Like the motivation to get dressed in decent clothes (my husband always notices when I do) and get projects finished.

Like the fact that I get to write—which I love and hadn’t done regularly in over a year before I started this blog.

Like the incredible response I receive when I share a personal struggle and so many of you say you get it and are encouraged by knowing that you’re not alone, and that, by the grace of God, there’s hope.

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Blogging is good.

And bad.

Mostly, it’s what you make of it.

It’s a constant struggle for balance (but isn’t that “real life” too?), and it’s a struggle that me and my competitive self are determined to continue…at least for now.

I don’t know the future that God has planned for me (outside of a 40% increase in the number of children entrusted to my care), but I do know that I want everything I do—and that definitely includes blogging—to glorify and honor the One who gives me the ability to make even one single keystroke.

Have I always been successful in carrying out this desire?


I’d be lying if I said that every post that I’ve ever written has glorified God.

So many of them have mostly glorified me.

Because it’s actually almost impossible to blog without being a little bit narcissistic.

And that’s yet another facet of balance that I am striving to get just right.

But I will say this: I have tried, to the best of my ability, to be as honest with you as possible without compromising the integrity of my family or turning this blog into a tale of woe and negativity.

I’ve (literally) shown you my dirty laundry, confessed my weaknesses, and shared my failings as well as my successes, and I will continue to do so as long as I feel led to blog.

I hope that’s okay with you guys.

Because I’d love it if you stuck around.

And that’s really why I got on here today

—To say thanks.

For reading.

For commenting.

For sending encouraging notes.

For praying for me.

For helping me help others.

For caring about the mundane minutiae of my tiny little corner of the world.

You have blessed my life in ways that you will never fully comprehend, and I am grateful for each of you.

Here’s to another year of growing pains…and joys too.



You guys are the best!

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Trying to believe it Tuesday…

So…the votes yesterday were split about 60/40.

59% said GIRL.

41% said BOY.


59% of you were 1/2 right (don’t try to do that math; your brain could explode).

Here’s the bag that our sonogram pictures came in.

pink bag

Pink for GIRL, right?

Sort of.

You see, here’s one of the pictures IN the pink bag.


(And, no, you didn’t just develop double vision; that really is two babies in there).

So…apparently, it was pink for girlS.

Because that’s what we are having, people.


You go ahead and gasp. And I’ll wait right here while you pick your jaw up off the ground.

I’m still stepping on my own lip a bit.

Sort of.

{Imma ‘bout to go into story-telling mode, so if all you came for were the results, feel free to shut your computer and go get a bagel or something}.

You see, waaaaay back when we had our first midwife appointment, she measured me and said, “Huh.”

And then she called in her assistant who measured me and said, “Hmmm…”

And I said, “What exactly are y’all huh-ing and hmmming about anyway?”

And they both said, “Weeeell, you’re measuring kind of big for 10 weeks.”

And I said, “Big for whom?”

Because, the thing is, I carry small. Even when I cranked out a 9 lb. 2 oz., 23 3/4” baby (that would be Simon, my second-born), I only ever made it to barely 40 cm (and he was two weeks late).

And with Della, well, I pretty much constantly got this reaction: “You’re how far along? But, but, but…your belly’s so small!”

Here I am at 1 week shy of 6 months pregnant with Della (Isn’t the fact that Simon is doing chest press with me with a mini-barbell just the cutest?)

pregnant flat belly

(This is not our house; we were on vacation in Arkansas; although, why I didn’t figure out a way to stuff that lovely, tweedy plaid couch with the ruffled skirt in the back of the van while I still had the chance, I’ll never know)

What can I say? I’m long-waisted, I carry low, and I don’t carry big.

And I’m good with that.

It makes my life easier. I can exercise like a nut right up ‘til the end, and I never feel horribly, achingly uncomfortable (though, considering that both of my last two were two weeks late, I did feel a little like swallowing a strongly worded eviction notice with a castor oil chaser by about 41 weeks).

But my midwives told me they weren’t using my unusual measurements as a guide. My uterus was measuring big in comparison with anybody.


Fast-forward to my next two appointments.

Everybody seemed to have forgotten that whole “measuring big” thing, and when I insisted on multiple people repeatedly measuring me for confirmation, everybody said, “Uh, no. You’re good. Everything’s normal.”

Last time when I went in at almost 18 weeks, I was measuring at 17 cm (for those who don’t know…you’re supposed to measure approximately 1 cm. per week pregnant).


We were in the clear!

Of course, that didn’t explain the unusually strong nausea and exhaustion (for me) that I experienced for the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy.

Or the fact that my belly is actually showing, when it wasn’t at this point last time.

Or the fact that my weight gain has been higher than normal despite generally healthy eating, lots of exercise, and the fact that I can still wear practically all of my clothes.

Or the fact that I’m having lots of worrisome aches and pains that I didn’t usually get until month 7 with my other kids.

OR the fact that as the girls (YIKES!) have started moving more, there have been times that it’s almost seemed as if I’ve felt kicks on opposing sides of my abdomen. (Guess it wasn’t almost after all).

It’s kind of like in Luke 2:19, when it says, “And Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart…”

NOT to compare my experience of finding out I’m having twins with the virgin birth in any way other than to say that all these quirky little differences were piling up quietly in the back of my mind so that, when our sono technician made the first swipe of the wand across my belly to spread the gel out a little more, and I caught a glimpse of tangled arms and legs and what looked like not one but two little round heads…

I knew.

And I wasn’t even that surprised, even though we have almost no history of multiples in either of our families.

My husband just kept staring and saying, “Whaaaaaat?”

And rubbing my leg while he cast anxious glances my way.

And the technician said, “Well, it looks like you’re getting two for the price of one. And you’re so calm!”

And I really was.

But 9 weeks ago, when my midwives said I was measuring big, I was not calm.  In fact, I was pretty panicked.

Because here’s the deal:

We’re kind of weird when it comes to birth control.

As in…we don’t use it at all and never have.

That might not surprise you too much considering that I’m 29-years-old and pregnant with my 4th (as far as we knew) child.

But it still makes us a bit on the freak side when it comes to childbearing.

And I’m (mostly) okay with that. (Although, being thought a freak is something that’s hard to be completely okay with ever).

I’m very used to the raised eyebrows when people assume that we’re “done” having kids, and I say something like, “No, we’ll probably have more.”

I’m used to the pitying glances at the grocery store, and the pretty much constant, “Whoa! You’ve got your hands full, bless your heart.” (And that’s with “only” three).

But we have very specific reasons for foregoing BC—the chief of which are 1) the conviction that God is sovereign and the author of every event in our lives, including how many children we have and when and 2) strong concerns about the side effects and potential abortifacient properties of chemical birth control.

But that’s not what this post is about at all, so if you want to know more about my “why,” feel free to email me using the button on the right sidebar, and I’ll talk more “in person.”

In fact, I only bring this up now because I wanted to illustrate something.

I’ve always been open to having lots of kids. We have no objections to natural family planning, but we really kind of stink at it…mostly due to a rather irregular cycle on my part and the fact that I tend to only get one normal cycle after breastfeeding to “reset” everything before I end up pregnant again (I can still remember reading books about the “rules” for naturally tracking your ovulation and how they were really consistent “except in times of breastfeeding,” and thinking, “Oh shoot. I’m in trouble!” : )).

But despite my openness, there has consistently been one thing that I have asked (no begged) God not to give me, and the conversation has always gone a little something like: “Lord, please. You know that it’s a sacrifice for me to say that I’m willing to have as many kids are you’ll give me, even though I’m not really a ‘kid person’ or a natural ‘mothering’ sort. Just please…PLEASE…give them to me one at a time. If I have twins, I’m serious. I might die.”

That may sound a tad dramatic, and I know plenty of people who say things like, “But I think twins would be FUN!” in bright, chirpy voices, but I’ll admit that my mental response has always gone a little something like: “Exactly what baby-fever-inducing crack have you been smoking??!”

I mean, I get the cute matching clothes and all.

But constant diaper changes?


Trying to coordinate two sleeping schedules?




Not in my dictionary.

After all, I’m already being obedient in a way that’s hard for me because I meant it when I said my prayers included that bit about not being a natural mothering sort.

Don’t get me wrong.

I loooooooove my kids.

Like to distraction.

I can’t (and do not want to) imagine life without them and would not trade them on their most annoying, snotty, drive-me-crazy-behavior days for any treasure in the world.

But I’m not that girl who dreamed of having babies.

Or loves to help out in the infant nursery.

Kids. are. hard.

(Can I get an amen?)

One at a time, they’re excruciatingly, frustratingly, over-the-top, maddeningly…HARD.

One at a time, they require every single ounce of patience, forbearance, and love that I can muster pretty much every single day.

And some days, when the last ounce is squeezed out, it still doesn’t seem like enough for them…one at a time.

But MORE THAN ONE at a time?

It almost seems cruel.

Like God is baiting me or something.

(Really, God, FIVE under SEVEN before I’m 30? You do realize I can’t care for my children if I’m in a mental institution, right?).

Or it would have seemed that way before I actually saw my sweet girls’ faces on the sonogram (they have dimples) and witnessed one of them elbowing her sister in the nose (how much you wanna bet that won’t be the only time?).

In that moment, when my biggest mothering fear (other than the death or serious illness of my children, of course) became a reality, all I could do was watch the screen in wonder, my mind racing with possibilities for names that weren’t too cutesy but still went well together (if they start with the same initial, it will only be because I happened to like names with the same beginning letter, NOT because I planned it that way).

Because God’s smart (and gracious) like that.

He knows how to ease us into something we were sure we could never handle and didn’t want (remember all those little “clues” piling up in the back of my mind?)—to overwhelm us with awe at the exact moment when we should be weeping on the floor.

Will I spend some time on the floor in a puddle of tears?

I have no doubt whatsoever.

Do I have a clue how I’m going to juggle homeschooling and 5 children—two of whom are infants (notice I didn’t say a word about blogging, teaching fitness classes, cooking, cleaning, or, oh yeah, breathing)?

No. Not one single clue.

But does the thought of identical twin daughters still thrill me down to my very tippy-toes?

Yeah, it kind of does.

And that, my friends, is an absolute miracle.

P.S. Every indication on the sonogram is that both girls are 100% healthy and perfect! (Praise Jesus!!!!!)

P.P.S. I’ve been pretty raw here, and I’m aware that some of what I’ve said may puzzle, annoy, and/or offend some of you. That makes me a little sick to my stomach. But I felt a conviction for you to understand where I’m coming from in this area, so please understand it’s hard for me and go easy on me if possible.

P.P.P.S. I you are a mom of multiples, PLEASE email me and let me know I’m not going to die. (If you think I am going to die, please DON’T email me!). I hear there are communities for us crazies and that some forums even have clothes-swaps for twins, etc., which sounds pretty stinkin’ cool. I’m totally new to the world of multiples (obviously) and could use all the help I can get!

P.P.P.P.S. Wanna get a glimpse of what their nursery will look like?

Here you go:


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Saturday ~ I heart nap time- Sundae Scoop ~ Tatertots and Jello ~ Be different Act Normal ~ Funky Junk ~ 2805 ~ Making Lemonade Blog ~I am Along for the Ride  ~ Lolly Jane


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