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Hannah’s Maternity Shoot for Baby #2

Do you remember about two and 1/2 years ago when I posted Shae’s and Hannah’s engagement pics? (That would be my bro and his wife, if you’re new-ish here).

Well, I must have done something right enough to earn a repeat (I strongly suspect the fact that I’m family and charge, well, nothing were the biggest factors, but I’ll happily delude myself that it was due to some merit) because I had the privilege of snapping some maternity shots for their super-cute family a couple of days ago.

And I say, “family,” because exactly 9 months to the day from their marriage date, Hannah gave birth to my cutie-pie niece, Halleli. #honeymoonbaby

And now, she’s expecting Halelli’s sure-to-be-equally-cute baby sister, Eliyana, any day. (Not that you’d be able to tell because she’s just the tiniest pregnant woman you ever did see).

Speaking of Halleli, I do believe that she has the baby smolder mastered.



She’s a thinker, this little girl, and it’s not that easy to wrangle a smile out of her (although Shaun has always been able to get one with almost zero effort; she has good taste), but when you look this good serious–really–what’s the point in wasting all of that effort smiling?

She’s awfully stinkin’ cute when she does smile, though (thank you, husband, for playing peekaboo like a fool behind me pretty much the whole time I snapped pictures).


Go ahead and feel disgusted that Hannah looks this good 39 weeks pregnant. I’m right there with you.


Oh, how I love tiny baby booties!


And sweet sisters.


If you’re not a professional photographer (raises hand high), I’ve got a tip for you: take your pictures in a peach orchard at sunset. Then, everybody will be too focused on all of the prettiness around to care whether the shot is perfectly clear. If the peach orchard belongs to your neighbor, and you can tramp over from your own property, all the better.



“Halleli, where is Eliyana?” Girlfriend knows what’s up. Or…down, in this case.



Happy girls are the prettiest!


I have to laugh at these pictures in our field, which looks a bit scrubby and unkempt until the evening sun is sparkling down on the each green blade of grass, and you plop a couple or three cute humans in the middle of it. Then, it’s all CHARMING! and PRETTY!


This one was a Pinterest recreation. I’m sure not going to show you the original for comparison, but I still think it turned out fun.


And this version was my idea. Because the husband kissing the belly is, like, the most original thing ev-ah, Abbie.

Either way, it’s pretty sweet in b+w too.


And this one, here, is pretty much modern day reality: daddy wrangling the toddler while mama looks up the pose she wants on Pinterest. How did we ever take family photos without it?


And just in case you’re sick of sun flare…


It was so much fun to take pictures of three of my favorite people in the world and made me even more excited to get to meet a fourth!


Hannah brought us dinner…because she’s super-thoughtful like that. And, since I had already decided before I started Whole30 that I would make exceptions for hospitality, I got to eat ravioli and cookies! Woo!

So, what do you think? Didn’t they they turn out cute? Sometimes, I start to get super-critical of my limited photog skills, but then, I remind myself that it’s not about the perfect bokeh or the just-right angle.

Hannah will always treasure these memories, captured when they were just three (on the outside anyway). And I will always treasure getting to be the one to capture them.

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A Dress Worth a Thousand Pictures (Wanna help me choose?)

Okay, so a thousand is probably a biiiiit of a stretch, but we are doing family pictures soon, and I’m thinking it could easily take a couple hundred to get something decent out of our crew. Every now and then, I realize that I am attempting to coordinate the smiles (or at least not outright scowls and/or slack-jawed drooling expressions and/or closed eyes) of EIGHT human beings, 7 of whom have absolutely no interest in doing family pictures, 5 of whom are susceptible to lollipop bribes but only for as long as their unreliable short-term memories remind them of what it was for, and 1 who tends to fixate somewhere in the region below my chin and above my waist. And I think, “I must be totally cray-cray to even try this.” (And my husband starts singing, “Aaaa-meeeeen, Praise the Loooooord!”).

But try it we are, and, since pictures in the buff is a non-option (and eeerrbody joins my husband in his song), I’ve coordinated some spring-y outfits for us all.

Here’s the idea:


These are the older kids’ exact outfits, and Theo has a cute, coordinating little blue/white plaid shirt + pink shorts (think I can convince Shaun that they’re red?). Shaun will probably be in a solid chambray shirt that coordinates with the older boys.

Which just leaves me.

I knew I wanted a dress. And I was pretty stuck on the idea of a maxi, since I wasn’t too keen on any wardrobe malfunctions (the twins have a tendency to “flip” Mama’s skirt, you know, just for fun. And what fun it is).

So, in typical me fashion, I’m showing you all three of the options so you can help me choose, if you’re feeling so inclined.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

First up:


Couple things: 1) Shaun and I snapped these pics quickly, and I didn’t realize that I needed to adjust the bodice of this dress lower, if you see what I mean. That’s easy to fix, though, because the straps are adjustable, and I’m wearing a cream-colored tube top under the dress that makes adjusting it lower fine without modesty being an issue. 2) I just threw on that belt with the dress because it felt like it needed something, but I also think a pink ribbon might be fun, since this dress already picks up on the purple and seafoam colors of two of the little tutu dresses the girls are wearing and might be fun with a pop of that bright pink in the first dress. Thoughts?

And next we have:


It’s hard to tell with this picture, but I’m wearing the same cream-colored tube top from the above pic with this dress. I’m thinking I may break down and rub on some sunless tanning lotion before the picture. I mean. That is a particularly pale shade of Caspar I’m working.

And speaking of “ghostly”…


This one is definitely going to take a bit (or a bucket) of self-tanner to pull off. I also think it could use a belt, but again, hastily snapped pictures do not equal perfectly accessorized dresses.

Oh, and sorry to be cryptic, but the girls and I will be sporting matching accessories that should provide a bit of wow to all of our looks, if I manage to pull them off (AKA: get them made in time). You’ll just have to wait until I show you the completed shots to find out what they are. :)

So, let’s do a side-by-side comparison really quick, shall we, and then let the voting begin!


So, what do you think? 1, 2, or 3?

I welcome any suggestions for accessories you might have as well.

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Theo is 1 Month Old!

Today, this little stud is…

It’s craziness. Truly. I know that, usually, when time feels like it’s flying, you’re supposed to say something like: on the one hand, it feels like it’s been forever, but on the other, it feels really fast.

Nope. It just feels fast. If I were to respond without thinking to the question: “When was Theo born?” I’d probably blurt out: “Last week.”

Apparently, this is life with 6 kids. I’m going to blink a few times, and he’ll be handing me a grandchild to hold (yipes!).

In exactly twenty minutes (at the time of my writing this), Theo will have been on this air-breathing earth for precisely one month. Cue: brain explosion.

In the past 4 weeks, there have been moments of absolute chaos (the night all of the “big kids” came back from my mom’s house was a fiasco. It thunder-stormed. No one slept. The 4-year-old got so upset that she peed on me…at 1 in the morning. As soon as one kid got settled down, another started shrieking. And I remember staring bleary-eyed at Shaun somewhere in the vicinity of 3:45 AM and understanding exactly what that shell-shocked look in his eyes meant, no words needed). Exhaustion too. And “peed on” has been a bit of a theme, actually. But an even bigger theme is joy.

And I wouldn’t trade any of it (okay, I might have traded the moment I realized that I had leaked all through my shirt–thank goodness for baby carriers to hide the stains–in the middle of a Dallas mall on Theo’s circumcision day).

Theo is an absolute doll. Happy and easygoing. Super-interactive. Sleeping well (although, at 5 hours a night, he’s way behind the curve for most of his siblings, who slept through the night by month one…try not to hate me too much). SMILING. Since week 1. No lie.

Want proof?


These are shots I shared from week to week on my Instagram feed (if you want the latest and greatest #Theobaby shots, following along there is your best bet), and it’s hard for me to fathom how different he looks from day-to-day. You’d think I’d be all jaded with this baby business by #6, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever wanted one of my children to just stay little as much as I do for him.

I’ll write a post soon(ish) in more detail about what life with six is like, but for now I thought I’d just bombard you with a few more shots of Theo at one month (because this is the first time since week one that I’ve actually gotten my act together to take any pictures with my big-girl camera. And that right there is proof-positive that he’s Baby #6, amiright???).


I didn’t manage to capture a full-on smile before he got tired of posing for me, but he’s been sharing his cute little crooked, open-mouthed, wrinkly nosed grin with us since practically week one (at first, I couldn’t believe it, but he’s never stopped, so I’m calling LEGIT!) onemonth2

Della insisted that I include this one because, “He’s holding his fingers up for how old I am!!!!” (insert super-high-pitched squeal of excitement). onemonth3 onemonth5 onemonth7

Ack! Isn’t he the cutest? (Not that I’m biased or anything).

There’s a fair chance that I won’t post another update until he’s six-months-old with the way time is slipping by, but I couldn’t resist sharing a bit of his wonderfulness with you guys.

P.S. Our It Works 3-winner wrap giveaway ends TONIGHT! Super-easy entry. Don’t forget to get your name in the hat to win!

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Snapshots with my kids

My crew is pretty used to “family pictures” by now.

But when I started tossing Mama-approved outfits at each of them on Christmas day after we got up from our naps and started getting ready to head to Softa’s and Sabba’s (my parents), there was a collective groan of: “OH NOOOOO…again???”

After all, we just got a round of Thanksgiving shots in that resulted in quite the miraculous occurrence of all of us looking at once (although, if you saw our family shot from Christmas, you might have noticed that we managed an even more miraculous repeat. We’re getting good).

But I didn’t quite get the shots I wanted that day. Not a huge surprise, given the number of small humans involved. And yet, I was determined to try again.

Plus, I played the: “This is Mama’s only Christmas present from you guys. Puh-lease??!” card. (I know; I’m rotten).

So, everyone was stuffed into something a bit nicer than the p.j. bottoms and t-shirts smeared with telltale traces of eggnog french toast we’d been sporting all morning and hustled out onto my parents’ pier yet again.

I had visions of cute posed pictures with the kids gathered around my belly jockeying for a position to kiss their stubbornly comfortable little brother or silly, “spontaneous” shots.

But after we managed to nab a good family shot, the twins were done and wanted nothing other than to be held by either Mama or Daddy. So, I gave up on the group shots and instead asked Shaun take a picture of just me and my children, one at a time.

And the results were…better than I expected.


As much as I don’t love my physique at (then) 40 weeks pregnant, I know I will love having these to look back on. Della is in such a fun, spunky stage these days. She is full of hilarious, jumbled up witticisms, punctuated with very serious uses of words like, “Actua-wee,” “Wih-wee,” and “Pwobwee.” She’s also a bit of toot, with “spunky” being code for disobedient some days. But mostly, she’s sweet and helpful, and I’m really loving seeing her grow into her status as “big girl” of the family. evynm

Evy is my little fairy sprite. She has a perpetually mischievous twinkle in her eye, and you can tell that she’s pretty much always thinking–usually about how to raid the pantry without Mama’s catching her. But, as much as she loves to pretend that she’s independent, she can’t help but climb up in your lap every now and then for a quick snuggle, and the second she sees someone in distress, she runs off to find a blankie to make them feel better (blankies are the twins’ love language).


Ezra is such a firstborn–smart, kind, helpful, people-pleasing, and more than a little high-strung. He loves to pitch in and be noticed for his efforts. A kind word and a hug go a long way with this tender-hearted kiddo, and he is great at doling them out too. Plus, he gives the best foot-rubs, practically every day. nolanm

Nola is my little drama-queen. Everything is either sunshine and rainbows or dark clouds with pouring rain. She is an unabashed snuggler who would be happy to be held pretty much all day long. Every single time I get done teaching at the gym and open the nursery door, she squeals, “MAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAA!” and tumbles across the room straight into my leg, which she proceeds to hug as if she hasn’t seen me for weeks. It’s awesome.


And Simon is my little fashion model (we joke about farming him out to GAP to pay for his college education). He has such poise and confidence beyond his years that, sometimes, it’s hard for me to fathom that he’s only 7. That is, until he breaks into giggles over one of his sisters’ tooting at the breakfast table and proceeds to talk my ear off about dragons and asking ridiculous questions like, “What if the earth were made entirely of waffles, Mama?” He loves to pester people and get under their skin, but he’s also great at noticing unexpected details and quietly fixing things that need it when the mood strikes him.

Of course, my kids are so much more than these little paragraphs can hope to encompass. But the best thing of all is that they’re mine. No one else has been entrusted with their welfare, well-being, and training up in the way of the Lord.

In fact, as I typed those words, I was reminded of this print from Lines of Grace:

you are the mama your kids need

{Pic via}

I think I need to have those words tattooed backwards on my forehead so that, when I look in the mirror, I’m reminded that God doesn’t make mistakes and that His grace is pursuing me every single time I lose my temper or respond impatiently or punish unfairly. I am the mama my kids need, not because I’m perfect (or even very halfway decent, sometimes) at this mothering thing but because God gave these kids to me and no one else.

It’s so good for me to see them like this–individually–and not merely as a hungry rabble of tiny humanity to be pacified and put to bed as quickly as possible (just being honest; Mama’s tired sometimes).

I might have played that whole, “This is Mama’s Christmas present,” thing in the first place to get my way, but I don’t think I had any idea what a gift these pictures would really be.

Something tells me God did, though.

P.S. My husband, who rarely asks for gift ideas, admitted to being stumped this year, so I confessed my deep, dark secret–that I’d been longing for a pair of Hunter boots for years now. I had even done all the research on the best price and found a color I loved and everything.  The official Hunter boots site is having some pretty decent sales right now if you’re on the–ahem–hunt for a pair of your own and don’t want to pay full price.

P.P.S. Would y’all pray for me? This little boy is refusing to budge so far, despite days of contractions, some of them so sharp and painful that I have to stop walking/talking and breathe through them. God has been very gracious to guard my heart against full-on frustration up to this point, but I’m running out of “time off” before we start back to regular life, and it’s hard not to get anxious. I’d love if it you’d pray that he COME OUT ALREADY, but more than anything, I’d appreciate prayer for my heart–that I would rest in God’s timing and be filled with his perfect peace. Thanks, y’all.

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A Thanksgiving Miracle (Family Photos)

I am so thankful for this blog…for many reasons.

But one of the biggest is that it has forced me to take of my family.

Well. I guess “forced” is a strong word.

But, for years, I was the girl who hid from the camera and grimaced awkwardly when I did have to be in a shot. I was the girl who didn’t even own a camera (and this was before phones that took great pics) until I was 25, and even then, I forgot to bring it with me to important events or have it out ready to use at home at any given moment.

But since blogging, I’ve really stepped up my camera game and discovered that, not only am I oh-so-grateful to have captured literally thousands of sweet,memorable moments over the last 3 1/2 years, but I actually enjoy the process.

Which brings me to that Thanksgiving Miracle of this post’s title.

For the last 3 Thanksgivings/Christmases, I have bundled my family into coordinated outfits (always assembled pretty last minute from whatever we already had in our closets) and hustled us out to the pier on my parents’ pond to snap a few pictures. (You can see 2012′s and 2013′s if you like).

We’ve also done several other family photo shoots and lake pics that I’ve shown you here on the blog.

But in all of those attempts at cute, posed togetherness, I don’t think we’ve ever before achieved this:


That’s right. Every single one of us is looking and smiling. See? Miraculous.

I posted that shot to my Instagram and Facebook page the day we took it, and someone (a mama who knows what’s up) asked how many shots it took to pull this off. The answer? Um, quite a few. It was definitely sandwiched between many wiggling, sneezing, half-closed-eyes shots. But it happened, darn it!

So did this:


Could have been worse, right?

Oh, and, perhaps even more impressively, THIS!


That would be all 13 members of my immediate family (yes, I’m counting the little boy in my belly) looking pleasant and aware that a camera is pointed in their general direction.

Even my ridiculously adorable little niece, Halleli, got the: Smile and Look memo.


{Although, I don’t think my brother got the “clean your shirt” memo. :) }

Nola was the least cooperative of our entire clan…


…but after a week of fussiness and digestive issues (hello 2-year-old molars), I was just thrilled to have the twins participating on any level.    thanksgiving8

Ezra, on the other hand, it always ready to smile and “do the right thing.” He is such a sweet, good big brother/cousin.

And these two?thanksgiving9

You’d never know from this shot that their similar personalities tend to produce a bit of–ahem–friction on a regular basis every now and then.

Oh, and in case you needed it, here’s proof that Nola wasn’t the biggest fan of family photos.


This shot makes me laugh so hard because of how dramatic Nola’s expression is. She is alittle woman of high highs and low lows. And, according to her, this was a very low moment. I think this was the best shot we got of all the cousins, and it just went downhill from there.


I would have loved to have nabbed a few more shots that I had planned out in my head. But I have long since resigned myself to getting what I get when it comes to pictures with kids in them. And, with those low standards in place, I can honestly say I was thrilled with our results this year.

Of course, these pictures represent only a tiny fraction of our Thanksgiving weekend, which was full of food and family and fun.


Not to mention that this handsome little dude got to share his birthday with Thanksgiving for the 2nd time in 7 (!!!) years.

I hope that all of y’all had just as enjoyable a weekend and are still finding things to be thankful on the Monday after.

Oh, and anybody else a little freaked out by the fact that there are only 3 1/2 weeks left until Christmas??

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Guess the Number (Kid Photo Shoot)

Saturday night, the twins and I went to “town” to pick up a few last minute things for today. (AKA: the first day of full-time homeschooling for us in 2 whole years…gulp).

I was hoping to find some storage baskets to hang on the wall, so I ducked into Marshall’s. I didn’t find my baskets (boo!), but I still love a good excuse to troll their aisles stuffed with randomness.

And, let’s be honest: it doesn’t get much more random than this:


That would be a giant six made out of greenery and wire, complete with a burlap ribbon hanger and built-in twinkle lights.

I picked it up out of pure curiosity at first. But then. Oh THEN, an idea for a photo shoot with my kids rapidly formed in my mind. So, I hung that $12 piece of awesomeness on a stroller handle and tried not to poke anybody (the greenery is quite prickly!) on my way to the front.


And then, Sunday morning, I dressed my kids up all cute-like, even though we weren’t going to church because Ezra had been running a fever and was still feeling sub-par (not that you would know it from the pictures…he’s a trooper!). And then, my husband and I had an extended “discussion” about whether I had, indeed, brought home a 6…or was it a 9? Which I finally won when we figured out that the supposed “hooks” on which he had hung (see how I did that?) his entire argument for the number 9 were actually intended for holding the battery pack for the twinkle lights.


The entire debate ended with all of my children prancing around the room, parade-style chanting, “Ma-Ma’s Riiiiiight!” Awesome.



I managed to snag quite a few similar shots, but pretty much the second I tried to get the twins to themselves, Evy decided she was done. I sent Shaun to the house to grab some bribes (aka: homemade chocolate chip cookies), but all that got me was this:


Total absorption in cookie crumbs and zero attention left for mama.

Still, I can’t complain too much when I managed to capture jewels like this one.


And this one:


Oh, and we can’t forget this!  take7

And even though it was actually a 6 (so sorry, babe), one of the things that sold me on it in the first place was that when/if God blesses us with another kiddo, we can flip that bad boy over and use it for a prop with all of us in the picture (I suppose I could keep it around for if we ever hit #9 in the kid department, but that’s an overwhelming thought at the moment. One kid at a time, Abbie. One kid…oh wait, I have twins).

P.S. Anybody else out there doing this homeschooling Mama thing with me? I’d love to hear from you, pray for you, and–well, why not!–have you pray for me too!

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A valiant attempt at family photos…

Last year, when we went to Lake Livingston, Donna, our wonderful, thoughtful, super-energetic hostess, also doubled as our photographer to take some family pictures for us down on the pier one evening. I had thrown some somewhat coordinating outfits in our bags at the last second, and we managed to get some cute shots.

This year, I was determined to at least try to replicate that lake pier shoot, even though we didn’t have anyone to take the pictures. A camera with a self-timer is a wonderful thing, no?

Problem was, the weather kept being uncooperative. As I mentioned yesterday, watching a storm is cool and all, but it’s not exactly conducive to picture-taking.

In fact, every evening during the “golden hour,” either something would come up (aka: we were too busy watching something fascinating about sharks) or the sky was dull and very un-golden.

Finally, the morning we were leaving, the sun was just right for pictures, so I hustled everybody into cute clothes, slapped some makeup on my puffy morning face, and we all headed down to the pier to pose.

Sadly, I completely forgot to account for the outside humidity and how drastic the change in temps would be between the indoor, air-conditioned space and the muggy, warm outdoors.

So, yep, my camera lenses fogged up. We didn’t have just tons of time before we had to skedaddle back home (Shaun had a flight to catch for a work trip), and even if we had, having your kids hang out on a pier in their clean, cute clothes while you wait for a camera lens to unfog and try to keep twin toddlers from tripping off the edge is pretty much a fool’s errand.

So, we snapped away anyway in hopes the cloudiness would wear off quickly. It didn’t really, and several of these shots are hazy as all get-out. But we took them, darn it. And I’m showing them to you! So there.


I’m pretty bummed that this one didn’t come out clearer. Every single last one of us is looking and looking pleasant, and that is a miracle of such epic proportions that I don’t expect a repeat until…well, maybe ever.


Same here with the bummed-ness. Definitely would have been a framer (darn you, humidity!!!)


We’re going with this b+w shot of the boys being “artsy,” but we all know it would have been loads better if it weren’t foggy.IMG_4233-001

Things finally started clearing up a bit right about the time the twins lost all patience for photos (of course), but I still managed to get a few okay shots before the weeping and gnashing of teeth commenced.



Evy wasn’t in this shot because she was busy doing this.


Poor thing had a major flare-up of allergies and had puffy eyes and a runny nose for half the day.


I am happy I got this one of Ez. Such a fun, cool kid. (Side note: he insists that he lost three top teeth, but only two replaced them, which totally freaks me out about where the third is lurking. Anybody else had this happen?)


Another almost framer, if Evy weren’t so puffy and miserable-looking, sweet baby.


This one, though. This one is definitely going on a wall somewhere. Oh, how I love my girlies!

And there you have it, folks.

A fundamentally flawed, fairly unsuccessful, but-still-worth-a-try attempt at family lake photos.

I suppose we’ll just have to keep going back to try again. What a hardship that’ll be!



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Confessions of a Wannabe Stylist (Fall Family Photos + Tips)

Have you entered to win $75 from the Pleated Poppy yet? (I’m linking up with her for What I Wore Wednesday today!).

I have this fantasy that I would really love being a magazine stylist. I can imagine putting whole photo shoots together with one fabulous bracelet or torn-out picture or pretty plate as the inspiration for the elaborate, perfect-down-to-the-last-detail finished product.

In reality, though, I’m pretty sure I would be a stressed out mess with damp armpits and a tension knot tighter than my almost-3-year-old’s sphincter—at least when she’s sitting on the potty—at the base of my neck. And while I massaged that sucker, I’d be busy second-guessing the placement of that bowl or the scarf on that model. Plus, I’d be worrying about how many more months of potty-training my fragile psyche could take before I snapped and bought stock in adult diapers since that’s clearly a good investment for us.


“Hey Maaaaamma. I just made you a present!”

fall photos 3

Not too surprisingly, I’m sticking with my day job because a) baby girl twins don’t get all, “I’m sorry, but I don’t do horizontal stripes” on you when you dress them in high-water leggings (apparently, they just had a growth spurt), and b) I don’t think anyone wants me “styling” them when I’ve got soggy cracker crumbs and goodness knows what else all over my shirt.

fall photos8

(From left to right: Nola-13 months, Simon-almost 6, Evy-13 months, Ezra-7 1/2, and Della-almost 3)

Plus—bonus—when you find an adorable green/navy polka dot shirt dress that you would wear if only it came in something other than toddler sizes, you can buy it for your toddler instead and begin what will surely become a longstanding tradition of living vicariously through her.

fall photos 4

“Mama, you can’t fool us. We know these ‘shirts’ are actually six-month dresses that Great Aunt Tonya gave us last Christmas. What, you couldn’t spring for something in our actual size?”

fall photos5

{Can you tell that I am attempting to will all 6 of our heads in the same direction by the sheer force of my concentration and ability to smile while talking through clenched teeth? It almost worked!}

fall photos

Little boy clothes are so much better than they used to be. Seriously. Chambray shirts for my not-quite-six-year-old? Swoon. Also, sweet brother love? Swoon again.

fall photos7

I love Evy’s expression (center), which clearly says, “Who are all of these laughing people and why am I forced to sit here in their midst?”

fall photos9-001

And in this one, it’s Della’s expression that takes the cake. Either that, or Nola’s “Thriller” moves.
fall photos10

Not that it took Della too long to catch on to the zaniness (pardon her glowing green dress. For some reason, it reacted more strongly than any other color in the picture when I lightened it).

fall photos14

Good grief. Seriously, y’all. Sometimes, I just look at my children and think, “How did I get so blessed?” Of course, 5 minutes later, I’m thinking, “Where is the nearest bus stop and will they pick all of them up if I put a bow around their middles?” But still. They’re pretty great kids.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering about my philosophy for styling our family for pictures, here’s how I like to roll to keep things coordinated but not too matchy-matchy.

styling family photos

I’m certainly no expert, but these guidelines  have served me well for our other photo shoots as well (you can see how I applied similar concepts in  our prenatal shots, our family photo shoots 1 and 2, Mother’s day pics and our lake pictures)

Clothing sources (I’m only listing the ones I bought recently):

Della’s dress: Old Navy outlet (about $8 after a coupon)

My dress: Anthropologie (a $50 splurge; I posted about it on the blog when it was still full-price; it’s sold out online, but you might be able to find it in stores. I bought mine 2 weeks ago in South Carolina at Allume)

The twins’ leggings (which have adorable ruffles on the bum): Old Navy outlet ($3 each after a coupon)

Ezra’s shirt: Target ($10)

Simon’s shirt: Kohl’s ($10 after a coupon)

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