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M is for: Mix and Match

Have you ever done a clothes exchange with girlfriends? If not, you totally need to. It’s a great way to get rid of clothes that you have outgrown (or that have outgrown you) and score some cute, new-to-you pieces…FOR FREE.

I’ve heard these types of deals called Naked Lady Exchanges before too (I’m thinking that term was created by a man), but you certainly don’t have to do anything intimidating like strip down to your skivvies and change in front of a room full of girls.

Although…for both of the clothes-swaps I’ve been to, at a certain point, everybody mostly stops caring and starts throwing tops on over t-shirts and trying on skirts over pants just to get a rough idea of the fit.

My friend, Jolinda, hosted this round, and we had such a good time eating snacks, chatting, and sifting through the clothes (we sat in a circle and held up what we brought; whoever wanted it, claimed it, and if there was more than one person interested, we rock-paper-scissored for it).

Here’s a peek at some of the outfits that I threw together with my clothes-swap take-homes and what I already had in my closet.

IMG_7845-001  IMG_7844 IMG_7838-001 

(Top: clothes-swap, $0, Jeans: Goodwill, $3, Jeans jacket: J. Crew outlet, $45, Boots: Amazon, $15)

Truthfully? I love the colors of this outfit, and I’m good with the side-view, but I think I look downright frumpy from the front. Too many layers. Too loose skinny jeans. Weirdness with the ankle booties + the jeans hem. Weirdness with the tan undershirt I chose. I could go on. Can you tell I didn’t actually look in the mirror before I walked out the door? Proof that some outfit visions should stay in my head.

Still, that top/dress was free, which means that if I want to pass it on to someone else or take it to Goodwill just because it didn’t work super-well for me, no harm no foul!

I had better luck with the next round of goodies:


I scored those cute olive-colored khakis, that striped shirt, AND that awesome scarf at the clothes exchange, and then I paired them with my J. Crew denim jacket (which, at $45, was a splurge but which gets more wear per dollar than practically anything else in my closet right now; I throw it on with everything) and a pair of $3 Goodwill espadrilles and wore it to the painting party I mentioned in yesterday’s “mediocre” post. 🙂


I also came home with a comfy-cute pair of American Eagle jeans and a navy/white striped shirt with a hoodie (I ❤ hoodies big time). I added my camo military jacket from JcPenney ($15) and a pair of camo shoes (with glitter stars, naturally) from Walmart (a long time ago) and called it good for a birthday party on a chilly evening.  This isn’t my chicest look ever, for sure, (I kind of look 12) but there’s something about laidback clothes that still make you feel decent for, oh yeah, FREE that can’t be beat—especially when you accessorize with an adorable baby-girl twin on your hip.

I wore yet another clothes-exchange find recently, but you’ll have to wait until I do an Allume style post for that one. 

All in all, our clothes-swap was a raving success. Everyone left with something they loved, and we all got rid of things that had been lurking in the backs of our closets for way too long (I came with 4 bags and left with 1, so I’m calling it a win!). Plus, we had fun. I mean, I’m all for decluttering my closet, but when I can do it with friends and food, my motivation goes through the roof.

What about you guys? Have you ever participated in a clothes-swap? This was my second time, and both times I’ve come away with things that I really like and will wear/have worn a lot.

How do you deal with the “problem” of multiple people interested in one item? Not that an all-out cat fight wouldn’t have been a smidge entertaining (Jolinda was actually a little disappointed at how polite we were all being; she wanted more rock-paper-scissor action than actually took place), but I found myself thinking on several occasions how grateful I was for how different each of our styles/tastes were and for how gracious everyone was. A drama-filled clothes-swap would ultimately be a stressful one.

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