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Gilded: A 7 minute chair transformation

A few years ago, I bought this chair (plus another just like it) from the back room of a furniture consignment store.


The store owner wasn’t even done spray painting them black, and one of them was missing a rung and another was missing a spindle, but I still paid $30 for both (even though if I’d found these same chairs at Goodwill, and they had wanted $15 each, I would have choked) because I loved the lines of the bamboo, the store owner thought she was doing me a big favor by coming down from $40, and—oh yeah—I never find chairs like this at Goodwill.

They’ve been living in my, well, living room (fitting, no?) for 3 years in the state in which I bought them…not completely finished and a little rough around the edges.

And then, the other day, I just couldn’t take it anymore (apparently, my moratorium on gnarly chairs hanging around my house is a mere 36 months). I was over the black finish, and all I wanted to do was paint them GOOOOOOOOOOLD.

So, I did.

And, y’all. Let me just say that if I could marry a spray paint, it would be this one:

rustoleum gold


It literally took me 7 minutes to go from black to gold when I was painting my chair. SEVEN. MINUTES. ONE COAT. People. That’s ridiculously awesome. (And, no, this is not a paid post for Rustoleum; I actually did get this excited about spray paint).

The color goes on super-even and covers completely with no drips (even though I over-sprayed several sections because I was in a hurry). And it is such a pretty shade of gold.

Want proof? Here’s the chair after seven minutes of spraying (okay, plus a little bit of dry time) and after I snagged a pillow from our bedroom to spruce it up.


What’s that? You need a side-by-side of the before and after? Of course you do!


(FYI: for any of you who are not into gold and are thinking, “I liked it better black,” I get that if metalics are not your thing, but let me assure you that if you saw it in person, you would not  have liked it better in black).

I snapped these pics with my phone since I was in quick project mode, so the full effect of just how dull and uneven the black paint job was compared to the new, oh-so-shiny gold is not coming through very clearly, but I did take a few more close-ups so you could appreciate how smooth my 7 minute paint job was (with no credit due me at all).

chair after   

{Look, Mom! NO drips!}


I don’t think the chairs will be staying in my living room. In fact, I know they won’t, and I’ve got the perfect spot in mind and will be showing you where my gilded beauty ended up next week.

Until then, y’all have yourselves a wonderful weekend! I had the most interesting junking trip ever that lasted until almost 1 AM last night, and—wouldn’t you know?—I found something else to spray paint gold!

So, now you know what I’ll be doing this weekend. What are you guys up to?

P.S. Don’t you love how I just slipped that reference to an epic, middle-of-the-night junking trip in there and then left you hanging? Don’t worry. I’ll share soon.

P.P.S. The floral pillow was $7 from Ross.

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Try-it Tuesday: How to paint a desk GREEN—an Annie Sloan paint review

I’ve got something FUN to show you today!

But first…the back story:

For quite a while (like 6 months), my boys’ room décor consisted of blank walls and a mattress on the floor.

No joke.

Poor little guys.

Of course, they didn’t care at all.

After all, it was almost like a slumber party or a campout on their bedroom floor every night.

Then, finally, we found a set of bunk beds on craigslist, and I bought a comforter set (cowboy-themed in neutral tones) and coordinating curtains, and…

That was it.

I didn’t like it, but my boys were really into horses at that point, so I thought I was doing them a favor.

I’m not sure they ever noticed their mother’s clever nod to their equestrian obsession, but I sure did.

Every time I walked in the room, I shuddered a little.

See, I’m not a big fan of themes.

My least favorite are of the “bedroom in a bag” variety where everything comes prepackaged and has the Disney logo emblazoned on every last pillowcase and wall decal.

But my “subtler” cowboy theme wasn’t doing it for me either.

Problem was, I didn’t have any better ideas.

Seriously, my mind was a total blank.

I can plan girls’ rooms.

But how do you make a fun room for a couple of small males whose idea of stylish home décor is hanging socks and mittens on every single one of their dresser knobs? (Not that that’s ever happened at our house or anything).

And then it hit me: COLOR!

I already love it. And I am already a firm believer in its transformative powers. And I certainly ain’t skeered of it.

So why not go a little crazy with it in their room?

Which is exactly what I did, and I’ll show you more of that next month.

But for today, I wanted to show you one piece that I had in mind from the moment the word “color” became my inspiration for their room makeover.


Ain’t she a beaut? And so colorful too, right?

Um, no.

Truth is is this beast is one of my mom’s Goodwill scores for practically nothing that she let me steal from her and make-over.

With a little of this:


Clearly, I was so eager to get at the paint that I did just that before I ever remembered to take a picture.

Now, I know I’ll probably get at least one comment saying something like, “Why in the world are you redoing furniture when you have newborn twins?!!!”

And it’s a fair question.

But they still do a whole lotta this these days:


{See how I managed to work in a gratuitously cute twin picture?}

And, quite honestly, projects help keep me sane.

So when I got the chance to try out Annie Sloan’s famous chalk paint, I jumped at the chance.

Especially since they had one shade—Antibes Green—that just so happened to be about an exact match for the funky, fresh color that I’d had in mind for a desk for the boys’ room.

Now, I am no furniture whiz—mostly because I’m too lazy to do all the prep necessary to make the end product really turn out well (I am not a fan of sanding or priming or any of that other business).

But that was the best part. Because word on the street was that you didn’t have to do any of that mess when working with the magical properties of Annie Sloan’s paint.

Just paint, wax, and—voila—instant furniture genius-ness!

And you know what?

That totally would have been true if it hadn’t been for this:


Yup, that would be all the glue left over from an ugly veneer top that we pulled off.

To remedy that eyesore, I started out with this:



Eventually, though, I got a brain and transitioned to this:


Aaaaah. Muuuuuch better. Especially since power tools = FUN!

And then I got to the really fun part and start brushing on the paint.

And you know what?

It really is magical.

This stuff goes on super-smooth (I used a 2 1/2” angled Purdy brush like they recommended) and dries with zero stickiness.

Again, I’m not much of a painter, but even with a rather beaten up piece to start with and my uneven brushing, the brush-strokes were minimal, and the application couldn’t have been easier.

It dried quickly and only took two coats to completely cover the wood tones underneath.


{Here’s the green without any wax and after only one coat}

The wax was just as simple to apply because it was super-soft and pliable and wiped off easily.

They recommend using a 1” brush or a rag for the wax.

I chose the rag approach, beginning with the dark wax and applying it to all the desk’s creases, crevices, and corners, wiping off the excess as I went.

Then, I smudged it all over the desk for a bit of a distressed look.

At which point, I had this:


Finally, I sealed the entire thing with a layer of clear wax and buffed it with a soft cloth.

And then, I did a little styling (because that’s the FUN-NEST part of all!) and came up with this:


Color galore!

Be still my heart!


No themes here. exactly, but—really—what little boys’ desk would be complete without a dino or two to watch over the joint?

A huge thanks to Annie Sloan for sending some of their fabulous paint and wax to try! I’m a huge fan and would happily redo another piece using their products.


What do you think of the boys’ green desk?

Did it make you curious to know what I’ve done to the rest of the room?

You’ll have to be a bit patient for that one, but I’m pretty excited about how it’s all coming together, and I can’t wait to show it to you!

P.S. Stay tuned for Wardrobe Wednesday tomorrow! I’ve done some {FUN!} retail research for you that you won’t want to miss.

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