Five Things

…in black and white

1. Baby girls who are so impressed with themselves for learning to stand up “on their own.”


2. “Just because” flowers from the sweetest man God ever placed on this earth (my husband…just to avoid any confusion. check, check…)


3. Five-year-olds who have the cutest smiles and still think that the Bible Memory Card game with Mama is cool.


4. Gorgeous platters for $2 at Goodwill that sell for $40 everywhere else.


5. Brothers who love each other, their long-johns (even though it’s 105 outside), and critters (so much so that they watched the interesting but very sloooooow March of the Penguins from start to finish and loved it!).


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2 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. That photo of your boys in their long-johns is PRICELESS! LOVE it :) And your baby girl is super cute too :) Love all your 5 things.

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