Bright Eyes, Bright Heart

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: Before you head for the “X” button, let me emphasize that this will not (usually) be my attempt to solve the mysteries of the universe. I’ll probably get “deep” at times, but the truth is that “Thoughty Thursday” might have been a better title for this segment. This is my carte blanche to write about whatever-the-heck strikes my Thursday fancy. Possible topics include: 1) What I ate for breakfast. 2) The day’s most bizarre quote from one of my three children. 3) Why I’m obsessed with parentheses (have you noticed?). 4) The mysteries of the universe.
The only thing I can promise you about this day is that it will begin in my head and end up on this screen.

The topic du jour? (See below).


Meet Della…aka Adelaide Elizabeth…aka Ladybug, Della-Lou, Della-Bella, Bright Eyes (I’m starting to see why I was never called by my given name as a child. Apparently, it’s a genetic thing).

She has wild, swirly, dark hair that parts the same direction as mine and lies down on one side only to sprout at odd angles from the other, defying any and all taming methods.

She has the truest blue eyes and the most feminine eyelashes, with just the right amount of flirty curl at the end (Lord help us).

Her cheeks are epically chubby and perfectly smooth and firm.

She has rosebud lips, a husky, low little baby voice, and smells like sunshine all the time (except for her feet, which begin to sour only hours after I bathe her).

She “horsey-kicks” when she is excited, and her smile could provide enough wattage to power a small city.

She is my daughter, and she is wonderful.

Fun story: from start to finish, my labor with Adelaide lasted 34 hours (and, no, I’m not to the fun part yet). Fortunately (from a pain perspective), most of that was just stalled labor, but at the lowest point of despondency and fear that I wouldn’t be able to deliver at home as I’d hoped, God gave me the above image. Those are two ladybugs perched on my husband’s hand. He found them in Adelaide’s room and brought them to me just as the tears of self-pity and frustration began to roll down my cheeks. We had already decided one of Adelaide’s nicknames would be “Ladybug.” Pretty cool, huh? But not nearly so cool as the fact that we have never before or since seen ladybugs in Della’s room.

So why am I tooting only Della’s horn so loudly when I also have two boys who are pretty amazing in their own right?

Two reasons:

1) Ever since I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, I’ve wanted a girl. And Adelaide has so far fulfilled my every hope for a precious, frilly creature to love and dress up. The fact that she loves me back so unreservedly (she’s been a big-time Mama’s girl since 3 1/2 months) only makes our bond that much sweeter.


2) I wanted to show you pictures of her room, and it’s way cuter than the boys’ (a work in progress). ; )

But that will have to wait for next week, so for now, I’ll just leave you one more shot of unbearable adorableness:


You’re welcome.


  1. Great, i’m excited to make the post. I don’t mind at all if you post the picture of Lila, my blog was public for a long time and then blogger started having the blog show up in searches and I am really bad at keeping things unspecific so going private seemed the best idea. Give me your email (can you see mine?) and i’ll send you over an invite. Oh and yeah, 7 kids….it’s fun and crazy all at the same time 🙂

  2. I would love for you to send me an invite! 7 kids! Wow! That’s inspring. We may end up there someday. God knows. And I don’t mind a bit about your blogging about them. It would make a great blog-post. If you ever feel like you’re okay with my doing the same on my public blog, I probably would too, but I totally understand if you’re not comfortable with that.

  3. I will keep in touch – if you don’t mind I may have to blog about Lila’s “twin” – my blog is private so she won’t be all over the place – let me know if that is ok. Also, if you are interested I can send you an invite to my blog…it’s just life with me, the hubby and 7 crazy kids but i’m *pretty* good at keeping it updated with pictures.

  4. I told my husband that we needed to send each other updates every six months so that we can see what stays the similar and what changes. So…yeah. I guess you can see Della on the blog, and then you can post a picture comment every now and then, so I can see how Lila compares. Too funny!

  5. Lila was born 12/14/10 – CRAZY! I am going to have to follow your blog now so I can see how Miss Lila’s twin keeps growing – this is kind of fun 🙂 By the way – Della is adorable and I am in love with her room!

  6. yes she does have the dimple – it’s crazy – i’m glad I found your blog, this has been fun. How old is Della?

  7. HOLY MOOOOOLY! You ain’t kiddin’!! I showed this to my husband, and he practically jumped out of his skin! Wow. That’s uncanny! She even has a dimple in her left cheek like Della does (at least it looks that way in the pic) and her ears pierced with gold posts! Cuh-razy. What a pretty girl (of course I think so : )). Thanks for sharing!

  8. I just have to reply, I found your blog through Miss Mustard Seed and was SHOCKED when I saw the picture of your daughter – I have a little 7 1/2 month old named Lila who looks SO much like your little Della that it caught me off guard! I’m going to add a picture so you don’t think i’m crazy, hope you don’t mind.

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