…I could eat right up.

1. Strawberry snow cones always taste better at family picnics.


2. The crazy yummy Almighty Falafel has me craving a return visit to What About Kabob’s. Seriously jazzed to have (good!) middle eastern food in E. Texas!


3. This midafternoon snack made even a non-chocolate/peanut butter lover go, “MMMMMMmmmm.”


4. A pile of glossy Rainier cherries + my favorite robin egg’s blue Anthro bowl = instant smiles.


5. Please don’t tell me you’re confused about why a shot of Della made my list of things I’d love to nibble. Those cheeks! AAaaah! I’m so glad she’s mine!


Meet you back here tomorrow for Flicky Friday!


  1. Gotta thank you for posting about What About Kabob. For some reason, when I read your post initially, I thought you made some home made falafels. When I re-read it, I realized you were talking about an actual restaurant here in town that served gyros! Been there 4 times already since you posted this and it’s becoming one of my favorite places to get a quick bite to eat.

  2. I don’t know about the shawarma (which they’re calling their “gyro,” I think) personally, but my husband had it and said it was an 8 out of 10. Of course, he said my falafel was a 9…and I totally agree! YUM.MY.
    And yes, #3 is a graham cracker with about a tbsp of peanut butter and about a tbsp of choc. chips. Not the world’s healthiest snack…but not the worst either, and it satisfied a craving in a serious way! : )
    Oh, and yes, I do have a gorgeous little girl, don’t I?

  3. Love this post of yours. Della is so cute and precious! How can you not love those chubby cheeks and gorgeous eyes? I agree with you about Middle Eastern food here in our town… I would love some good falafel and shawarma. Also, what is #3? Is that a cracker with peanut butter and choco chips?

  4. Della’s picture makes me SMILE and after the day I’ve had it’s just what I needed!
    Thanks for sharing her with all of us!

  5. Oh goodness, those cheeks would definitely top my list, too! Our girls are growing up too fast!
    And Middle Eastern food in E. Texas? So happy! You should come visit me in Houston and I’ll take you to Ikea and World Market. 🙂

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