My readers (that’s you guys!) are the absolute BEST!

Sunday, when I had a mild case of the blogger-comparison blues (which quickly got zapped by a healthy dose of CHURCH!), I got several sweet comments from you lovely people assuring me that I was not alone in my insecurities. 

So, today, I thought I’d show you guys how much I appreciate your following along on my little blog-world adventure by treating you to 5 reader accomplishments that have impressed me this week:

1. This pretty Starburst Flower Crochet Blanket that Carole of Gingerbread Girl so cleverly made. I was literally walking through the craft section of Walmart last night (all three kids in tow, of course) thinking, “I need to learn to do something with yarn.” This cinches it:

2.  This adorable flower headband from the olive tree, which, by the by, has one of the cutest site designs I’ve seen in a while. Great job, Christina!

3. This colorful desk makeover by Kelli of More Bang for Your Bucks. Pop on over to check out the scary (her words, not mine!) before.  You won’t even recognize it!

4. This gorgeous cake (Turquoise and red together? Yes, please!) that Evie of Brown Paper Packages whipped up after a bit of…umm…trial and error.  Please head on over to read the entire post. It’s quite entertaining!

…and finally…

5. This fantastic one night nook makeover from Michelle of Our Wonderfilled Life. Isn’t that “Number 7” pillow just adorbs? (Even better since it’s the number of people in her cute family…including quadruplet boys!!!)

A huge THANKS (get it? huge thanks? big letters…never mind) to every single one of you who takes the time to read and to these ladies, especially, for providing me with some inspiration for my Thursday!

Oh! And I have a big (or is it little? you’ll have to be the judge) reveal for you tomorrow for Feature Friday (yes, I know that’s a new title to you guys…we like to shake things up around here!).

P.S. I have brand-spankin’-new buttons on the right sidebar that I’m just a little too proud of. I would be honored if you felt the absolute necessity to grab one! : )


  1. I’ve been trying off & on to learn to crochet. It has always made me drool!! It isn’t that hard and I got the basic stitches down from watching YouTube videos. I just need to practice cuz I just made a wonky washcloth….the tension & counting stitches was the hardest part for me. Here’s to another try!!!

  2. Such a treat Abbie to be featured, thank you and for the sweet words!! I will proudly display the new button, which I love them by the way {nice!}. YOU are inspiring as are all of these features, so pretty!!

    Excited to see what you have in store for tomorrow!

    {hugs} Michelle

I love hearing from you guys!