So, I really had you guys going on this one! It was kind of fun to watch the numbers teeter back and forth all day long. In fact, when I went to bed at midnight, it was 51% Exhibit A to 49% Exhibit B.

However, when I woke up this morning, the gap had widened to a whopping 53% (A) to 46% (B).

Y’all pulled it out in the end, but I think this week’s T+G more than amply supports my motto that “if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.”


Tee: Ann Taylor Loft ($3), Jeans: Paige/bought from Mandy at her So Vintage Market—she originally bought them from GW ($15), Jacket: GW ($4), Shoes: Steve Madden/GW ($3.50)
TOTAL: $25.50

Tee: GAP ($7), Jeans: GAP ($50, bought with birthday money several years ago), Cardigan: Target ($5), Shoes: Dillard’s ($7)
TOTAL: $69

Oh, and the 5 free entries into the Shabby Apple Jewelry Giveaway go to Amanda Triplet, who said, “Ok. I chose ‘A’ for thrifted based on the fact that, while the jeans in outfit ‘B’ seem to be distressed (on purpose) there are no signs of wear & tear on the bottom, and yet the jeans in ‘A’ are almost immaculate except for that last photograph with the shoes, which shows obvious signs of wear around the back edge. This indicates that they have been previously worn, probably by someone just slightly shorter than you, or someone more prone to flat shoes. And that is my conclusion. :)”

I couldn’t help but smile at what a shrewd eye she has. I actually hesitated to post the pic of the shoes where you could see the wear on the back of the jeans. Still, despite how often I get accused of trying to fool you guys, I’m actually all about full disclosure. So I figured if that swayed your opinion, then…so be it!

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