Today, for Wardrobe Wednesday, I’m linking up with The Pleated Poppy as always, but I’m also joining Cori of La Vie Petite as she hosts the Holiday Accessories theme of our big Christmas linky party!

five days five ways christmas linky party | because every day is different

To me, nothing says holiday cheer like a fantastic scarf (or 7…though, not at one time : )).  Of course, owning 7 (okay, more) is pretty ridiculous around these parts since last week, the average temp was 76 or so.

But it’s been less ridiculous than usual because the last couple of days have been chilly.

Like, quick-kids-get-in-the-van…no-don’t-stop-to-fix-your-shoelaces-or-you’ll-get-squished-by-the-door-that-Mama-is-desperately-trying-to-shut-as-quickly-as-possible-because-she’s-so-cold…chilly.

Like, 31 degrees chilly.

Quintessential scarf weather!


So, today, in keeping with the holiday accessories theme of our party, I  thought I’d show you two scarf-ey looks, one casual, one a little dressier that both feel festive and perfect for the Christmas season (suddenly, I feel like I should be selling perfume at a department store counter; that last sentence was very “canned,” but I’m leaving it…with the disclaimer that I did not steal it from a commercial for J. Lo’s exclusive new holiday scent…and no, I don’t know if she really has one…but probably). 

Option 1:


I was going for a bit of a twist on classic Christmas colors and patterns (no pattern says Christmas like “stripes,” right? Why am I suddenly craving a mint-flavored candy cane?) by wearing a ruffly scarf in a funky, fresh shade of kelly green rather than the usual evergreen…green most commonly associated with Christmas.


I’m not saying it’s revolutionary or anything, but it worked for me. 

Except that, by the time I got done doing my usual 10-second timer camera silliness, my feet felt like blocks of ice (I might have underestimated the low for yesterday just a smidge).

Long-sleeve tee: Clothes-swap ($0), Sweater: Factory Connection ($8), Jeans: Gap Outlet ($17), Shoes: Goodwill ($3), Scarf: Victoria’s Secret (Some sort of crazy-cheap online Christmas special from a few years back)

TOTAL: $30

Option 2:


For option two, I opted for jewel tones, which technically aren’t that Christmasy…


…unless you add a gorgeous scarf you just happened to have scored at a fun indoor flea market in your…er…my hometown:


Ain’t she purdy?


I love the intense emerald green, and the mix of lace, frothy chiffon, ruffles, and even an oversized rosette. About as girly as they come and the perfect holiday accent scarf, if I do say so.


Even with the long-sleeves and the tights, I was fuh-reezing, so I grabbed my thrifted fuschia Tulle peacoat and attempted to button it up so my scarf would actually do some good (no, I’m not just posing here. I really was trying to get my stiff fingers to work well enough to fasten the buttons…and yes, I am a weenie when it comes to cold…thanks for pointing that out).

Top: GW ($2), Skirt: Target ($10), Tights: Gap ($2), Shoes: Antonio Melani ($15), Belt: GW ($1), Coat: Tulle/GW ($10), Scarf: The Mustard Seed ($16)

TOTAL (I’m cringing as I tally this): $56 (Whew! Nothing like my usual $15-for-an-entire-outfit but still not as bad as I expected).


Outside of scarves, two other accessories scream Christmas to me: pretty, shiny things, and red, red nails.

Check and check. 

The pretty, shiny is a mint condition Guess clutch that I scored at (where else?) Goodwill for $3, and the nails were courtesy of a rare mani/pedi (the last one I got was on my birthday) that I indulged in while my mother-in-law had my boys yesterday.

It was supposed to be an attempt at regaining sanity with my hubby’s still gone on work-trips.

Of course, then everything ran long, and I was worried I wouldn’t get back to the gym daycare in time to pick up Della before they closed, and I was pretty sure my toenails weren’t going to dry before I did Combat and thus were going to be messed up (they didn’t, and they were), and I ended up leaving the nail salon feeling more stressed than when I came in (because, obviously, my life is super-hard).

Dontcha hate it when that happens?

But my nails look good, darn it! : )

So, what about you?

What accessories make you feel all warm, cozy, and ready to belt out every verse in the 12 Days of Christmas?

P.S. Don’t forget to link up your Holiday Accessories post at La Vie Petite, or, if you’re not a blogger, stop by to check out all the prettiness!

P.P.S. The theme for this week’s:

five days five ways | 5 Things Thursday



I’ll be showing you 5 things I did to make mine, but there won’t be a linky at 5D5W tomorrow. Instead, the party will take place at Mandy’s house, so be ready to link up there in the morning. I’m putting the finishing touches on mine and can’t wait to see what you guys have dreamed up!


  1. Lovely Abbie.
    Thanks for linking to the Simply Christmas inspiration Party at Shabby Art Boutique.
    Festive hugs ~ Kerryanne

  2. You are just too adorable. ^__^ I love your sense of humor. The outfits are very cute! Don’t you just love the Goodwill?? I get so much of my clothing from there and it’s amazing what you can find. some of my favorite stuff comes from there. For me, my favorite winter outfits are my sweater dresses. I have two of them, both bought on sale for about $10 each and they’re awesome. They’re so classy and yet warm and snuggly. My hubby just loves them too and they’re great to throw on when I’m in a hurry since I can shove on a pair of tights and pretty boots with them. 🙂

  3. Lovely Abbie.
    Thanks for linking to the Simply Christmas inspiration Party at Shabby Art Boutique.
    Festive hugs ~ Kerryanne

  4. What cute scarves! They hide a multitude of sins for those of us that need it! What an adorable coat too! Stopping by from Feathered Nest.

  5. I LOVE your jewel-tone outfit with your dark hair. That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! The striped green shoes are super-cute as well!

  6. Absolutely love that coat! I’m looking to score one similar this weekend. Wish me luck!! I think both outfits are very pretty and they look good on you. Green is my favorite color so of course I would totally rock either of those scarves!

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