Ready for Thrifted or Grifted results?

Here you go:

60% of you said A was thrifted, leaving 40% who were convinced it was B.

The majority triumphed (yes, it was A), but I have to say 2 things:

1) Y’all’s obsession with frayed pant cuffs is out-of-control! I suppose I acknowledge it as a legitimate reason to vote “thrifted” when I’m inviting you to scour ever inch of my ensemble for telltale signs.

But do none of you have jeans in your closet that you bought at a store (that doesn’t sell used underwear) that have a bit of fraying on the bottom? 

Because I know I do.

Plus, I really wish the pictures could have done the jeans justice because, a) the wash on exhibit A is much more high-end looking than B, and b) the fraying is definitely intentional and very subtle.


2) Y’all’s “buttons-don’t-match, pockets-too-boxy, looks-like-an-orphaned-formerly-shoulder-padded-part-of-a-90’s- power-suit, “over-arching 70’s/my grandma’s closet in a bad way look” (yes an actual quote) smack-talk about my poor, innocent blazer has got her crumpled up in a heap in the corner wiping away a few tears with her own sleeve-cuff (and nobody puts Baby in a corner).

Baby (yes, we’re still talking about my blazer…sheesh!) wanted me to show you this:


That’s right.

She’s from Target, people.

New. With. Tags.

(And yes, the tags were rolled up those in those cuffs y’all didn’t think matched).

(Anybody else annoyed that there’s not a grammatically correct work-around for using “y’all” as a possessive without having two apostrophes? No? Dang. I knew I was a freak).

Anyhoo…yes…you were right about the thrifted outfit:


Top: Goodwill ($3)
Blazer: Isaac Mizrahi, NWT/GW ($6)
Jeans: U by Yanuk/GW ($5)
Shoes you loved SO much (me too): Nine West/GW ($3)
Belt: GW ($1)
Earrings: GW (gifted…yes I get gifts from GW)
     TOTAL: $18
Top: Old Navy ($6)
Blazer: Mossimo ($7)
Jeans: Factory Connection ($10)
Shoes: Steve Madden ($20)
”Belt”: Steinmart ($12)
Earrings: Factory Connection ($3)
    TOTAL: $58

But what blows my mind pretty much every time is the price difference.

 Exhibit B is THREE X more expensive than its thrifted cousin, and not one single item in B cost more than $20.

Shoooo-whee, it’s easy to spend money on clothes in a hurry!

Oh, and the winner of the 5 free entries into our Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway (you have until midnight to enter!) is Lisa, who said:

“Well I LOVE them both!!! And I agree that you do look awfully smug in A and that those shoes are very very very very..did I mention VERY cutie patootie! That being said..I really don’t know why I am going with B but I am. So there. My brain told me to so I did. It is B. This is my first time to do this and I really hate to be wrong….It is B right?”

She made me laugh, and I felt like I really owed her something nice to make up for her having to be wrong (which, according to her, she hates) on her very first attempt at T+G divination.

P.S. I have a blast every.single.time we do T+G, and I love that you guys get such a kick out of examining every last crease and fray of my outfits. Any supposed indignation on my part in response to YOUR responses is all an act and part of the fun and games (though I am going to go get Baby out of her heap and put her neatly on her hanger now).

P.P.S. Stayed tuned for 5 Things Thursday, coming very soon!


  1. How Cute are you!!! SO glad I stumbled onto your blog… I LOVE it! And these outfits are SO fabulous! I can’t ever find good things at the Thrift Shops! Oh and I linked up a few things today, hope you like!

  2. girl i must have the WORST eyesight in the world because i can’t see any fraying in any of the pix. and i’m nose-to-screen sister, lol!!

  3. Hey cuz! Commenting for the first time to tell you that you should feel free to use the possessive form of “y’all” with no extra apostrophe. The internet will tell you that, since there’s no official ruling, you should do whichever you like, but I feel strongly that we should be able to treat it like a proper pronoun. Much like “yours”, “hers”, and “its”, this particularly pronoun doesn’t need one. 🙂

  4. The most hilarious thing is, EVERY (literally, every time) I read thrifted or grifted my brain reads “gifted”. And every time I always think “She sure does have nice people giving her clothes as gifts all the time, I wish my friends/family knew me that well… they rock!”. And then I remember.

  5. Wow, I just found your blog yesterday and am a new follower! Like you, I love to shop at the thrift store, of course I’m so cheap I am often know to shop the thrift store bargins (1/2 off days, 25% of green tags, etc!)
    You have a great eye for style!
    Dee Dee

  6. O.M.GEEeee!!!! I can’t believe I won!!!! I won’t mention the fact that I was as The Fonz would say..”Wwwrrrrruuuuooonnngggg!”, at this time. I will deal with that emotion later. Right now is about doing the happy dance and celebrating my win! You like me….you really really like me! Well my comment anyways…I want to thank you for this distinguished award and I will always strive to do my best to be worthy of it! Feel free to visit my blog if you get bored! 🙂

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