(If you’re wondering what I did for “Week 1,” it looked almost identical to this week).

Although it might not seem like a fitness instructor would need much motivation to exercise, there are definitely moments (read: days at a time) when exercising seems like more of a chore than a treat (which is how I usually view it…I’m weird, I know).

And I’ll be honest—between the last month + of holiday indulgence and the inevitable pound (or four) that creeps up on me whenever I reach that point in nursing my babies where it’s more about comfort than sustenance, my pants and my hips have gotten into a bit of a tussle that I’d like to end with a decisive win for The Pants!

So, here are my fitness goals for January 9-15 (a.k.a the SECOND WEEK OF 2012…can you believe it??):

Monday, January 9nd: Teach BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP (subbing for another instructor so she can go to the memorial service for little Haven Grace).

Tuesday, January 10th: 45 minutes on the elliptical while I do my Bible reading (at 6 AM, hopefully), 100 push-ups (5 sets of 20).

Wednesday, January 11th: Teach BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP (back-to-back)

Thursday, January 12th: 45 minutes on the elliptical while I do Bible reading + practice new BODYCOMBAT release.

Friday, January 13th: Teach BODYCOMBAT + 100 push-ups (5 sets of 20).

Saturday, January 14th: Practice the new BODYPUMP.

Sunday, January 15th: REST (!!!)

Now, if this list seems a bit frenetic, please know that for the past 2 months, I’ve been averaging closer to 3 days of exercise a week, which was appropriate given the busy season, but it’s a little low for me.

So…even though I know this is not a normal list for most folks, it’s very doable for me at this point in my fitness journey, and it’s the kind of kick in the pants I need to feel energized, healthy, and strong as the new year begins.

I know that fitness/weight loss/get healthy goals are on most people’s minds each January…

So, starting next Monday, I’ll be introducing one simple fitness move at a time that packs a wallop in terms of results.

I’ll also give you a suggestion of how many times to do it per/week and pledge to follow my suggestions for the week (i.e., if I show you how to do burpees and tell you to do 20 per day, 3 days a week, then I will do them as well).

That way, we can all be in pain get fitter together!

I don’t have a move for you this week, but I do have a fitness tip:

Wear the right stuff. (And no, the brand doesn’t matter).


This is classic BODYCOMBAT garb for me: 1) fitted, breathable sleeveless top so I don’t overheat or get tangled up in sleeves while I’m punching and 2) loose, longish shorts to make kicking easier (and more modest…these are actually rolled up in the pic because I was doing stuff around the house, and they’re long enough to actually get in the way of kneeling to scrub bathtubs and such).

But I’m not wearing perhaps the most important elements of my “uniform”: MY GLOVES.

Boxing gloves not only make me feel much cooler—exposed girly wrists do not look tough when you’re punching—but they also add just a smidge of resistance (they probably weigh half a pound each), which helps with toning and makes me punch harder.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference.

So, what about you? Got any plans to sweat this week?

What about tricks or gear that help you work harder?

I’m all ears!


  1. Once upon a time…. I would have been able to rock a workout schedule like that one. Now it’s onto a kettlebell workout three times a week with a little bit of cardio mixed in just to get back into the swing of things. Maybe in a month or two I’ll be back in the workout groove. At least I sure hope so.

  2. Ha! What’s so funny is that I usually DON’T have fitness “goals” because it’s just what I do since I teach. But I thought it might be fun to actually write down what I more or less do anyway so I could be held accountable by you guys.

  3. Thanks, Chelz! Isn’t funny how we are all so different? Your body holds onto the pounds while nursing, and mine tries to get more when I’m not. Thanks for following and reading! ; )

  4. love your blog! thanks for joining our family- we are now following you too! love your post and i cant wait to get started working out again. i hold onto the last few pounds until i finish nursing, so in a month or so i will be sure to use some of your tips! o and your arms look amazing!


  5. nice schedule I wish I am as motivated, you look great! thanks for the follow and the comments, im following you back now

  6. Can’t wait to see your moves! I’m always looking for new fitness things to try 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following! I’m a new follower of yours as well 🙂

  7. I make it easy for myself. I do Insanity and I pop in a DVD everyday. They tell me which ones to do and I do it. If I leave it up to me to figure out what to do, I fall apart. It’s a two month program that I have done once already. When I’m done, I’ll move onto another program that you might be familiar with. The Les Mills Bobypump. Can’t wait!

  8. Nice to see someone else with fitness goals! I workout, but have NO other friends here who do (except my hubby). So it’s motivating to see someone else who’s getting out there!

    Thanks for sharing,
    @ Creatively Living

  9. I am trining for a marathon in April and this is my second week in training. I feel it’s easiest to stay motivated when you write it down. Maybe it’s the OCD in me, but once I write it down, I have to do it so I can check it off my list.
    P.s. I LOVE bodypump! I used to do it all the time and can’t wait to do it again after my marathon!

  10. I have some plans…the thing is following through on them. Today is the 9th of January and it is still just a thought in my head. Maybe your fitness tips will help me kick this “funk” I’m in. I will be watching and following you! 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!