So, a little over a week ago, as I was going through the links from our first ever Feature Friday Free-for-All, I got a little lost in my girl, Kendra’s, blog—The Good Life.

Kendra actually blogs for Goodwill, which means that the vast majority of her posts have something to do with awesome finds—either in the home or fashion arenas—from there.

Anyone else thinking that maybe I missed my calling? : )

ANYhoo, I ran across a post about a 15 minute challenge that she and her friend issued themselves—to put together an entirely thrifted outfit in 15 minutes.

Their outing was a success, but before I ever saw the pics or the outcome, I KNEW I wanted to do this.

You already know I’m competitive (especially with myself).

You’ve probably picked up that I like a challenge.

And you KNOW I’m obsessed with Goodwill.

So, I issued myself the same challenge, with the following handicaps:







(I had to save that one for last).

So, the handicaps and I piled into Sienna, the racing-striped van last Thursday and headed for good ol’ GW—our favorite place on earth (though you might not know it from the “Nooooot Gooodwill” moans emanating from the backseat).

We found ourselves a basket with (mostly) working wheels and set right to work.

Unfortunately, even though I brought the fancy camera, the battery died the moment I turned it on (you’re supposed to charge those things before you leave for picture excursions? I’ll try to remember that next time).

So, cellphone pics it is (at least for the first part…read on, dear friends…read on).

We started our quest @ 4:29 PM, and within 4 minutes, this is what my basket looked like:


I had originally thought I would stick to the 15 minute limit.

But after seeing the options I already had to choose from…

I knew I was going for it.

Not one full outfit, but THREE head-to-toe Goodwill slam-glam outfits in 30 minutes, with all THREE kids in tow.

It was on like Donkey-Kong!

(If you’ve ever tried to hurry through Goodwill with three kids, one of whom is a baby, another who defines speed in the same way turtles and snails do, and yet another who sometimes has the attention span of a gnat, WHILE trying to make wise fashion choices, you can understand that the next 26 minutes were somewhat frazzled ones. Candy-canes were handed out with reckless abandon. The phrase, “Do you want me to tell your Daddy?…” was bandied about. And multiple brother-brother trips to the unsanitary hades purgatory that is The Goodwill Bathroom were encouraged).





So, how did I do?

Judge for yourselves!


Target top: $4, Banana Republic Capris: $4, Yellow Flats (Brand???): $3

TOTAL: $11


Venini Sweater: $4, Abercrombie Cords: $5, Cato Aqua wedges: $3, Target Scarf (NWT): $2

TOTAL: $14



Levis jeans: $5, Mixit Jacket (NWT): $4, Bow flats: $3

TOTAL: $12


Venini Sweater: $4, Max Studio skirt (NWT): $4, Leather Pumps: $4

TOTAL: $12

And now for the pretty pics, since I’ve been wearing my loot this week and wanted you to get a good gander at just how big I scored!



I didn’t buy every item you saw me trying on in the dressing room due to sizing issues of some sort or another, so here I paired my 60% silk/40% wool Venini sweater with the aqua wedges and scarf that you saw and some thrifted American Eagle jeans + a GW belt and necklace.



Whoa! I accidentally typed in “5,000” instead of “500” for my pixel width, and let me tell you, crow’s feet at 10X magnification are not a pretty sight at all.



Love the details on this skirt!


Finally, I put my new plaid jacket together with my Anthro/GW jeans, a clothes-swapped black tank, and the aqua wedges.

So…what do you think?

Did I conquer my own challenge?

4 (almost entirely) unique outfits.

3 cute items, NWT (including a skirt I’d already passed up for the Marshall’s bargain price of $25, even though I really wanted it)

3 pairs of fabulous shoes.

Well, I know what my answer is!

But I want to know from you: should I do it again? Do you think thrifting lightning could strike twice?


P.S. Before I forget to tell you (again)…

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 with the “sub-theme” being:


…tell me yours, and I’ll tell you mine.

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  1. Wow! I can’t do that with just one child and a husband there to take care of her! Those are super cute outfits, too!

  2. Oh my heck. Ok. First, I love that last jacket so much I’m green with envy. Second, what the WHAT?!? is up with your prices at GW? The GW here as sweaters for $10-13. Yeah, pre-owned! I refuse to shop there because of that. So your GW has me green with envy too.
    This is the second post of yours that I read and consider myself hooked. Newest follower, here!

  3. Good finds. I have that skirt from Marshalls in my closet – picked it up at TJ, but can’t figure out what to wear it with. THanks for the inspiration!

  4. oh my heck, you’re so cute. I want to go to THAT thrift store!! I don’t know how I could ever be so lucky to score such awesome brand names like that!? WITH your kiddos in tow (I have three, so I totally get that). That was one insanely successful thrift trip. Good work!!

  5. You should totally do it again!!! Love that first outfit, and the skirt – what a skirt. I can also imagine it with boots, and a tweed scarf. Oh my! Wish my local was that good. 🙂 (Although shopping for things when you are pregnant is a bit of a challenge!!! LOL)

  6. I am way impressed with your mad goodwilling skills!!! And with three kids to boot!!! Mad props off to you girl!!!!!

  7. You look adorable in all your things, great job!! Loved the tubby time pic!! thanks for joining in for VIF xo

  8. I rarely click on link about clothing, but you caught me with your title because I am a regular at the Goodwill 10 block away! I love every single outfit, but that creme colored outfit with that amazing skirt is….wow. I also love the unexpected yellow on the footwear. oh….and your hair is to die for…:)

  9. Wow! Great finds, I never go into our goodwill, because I usually have my kiddos in tow – you are inspiring. I love the white/cream skirt best of all your scores.

  10. Some really great looks you found in such a short amount of time. but honestly you would look good in anything. Love the flats you got, the yellow are pretty cool. I’ll have to check out the clothes at GW.Thanks for sharing your inspiration at Sunday’s Best Party!

  11. The yellow flats are eight kinds of awesome. My college kiddo and I dress ourselves from Goodwill and many other thrifty ways about 90% of the time. I love the hunt.

  12. That was awesome!! I love GW too, my but you did good. I think I will have to try that Challenge myself. Di from Cottage-Wishes. Stopping by from A to Z stories blog

  13. First, I am totally jealous! Love your score! I’m a huge GW shopper too. Second, you are my idol now. I can’t do that with one kid in tow let alone 3. Last, you and your kids are absolutely beautiful. OK I’m going to stop praising you now, because I sound like a creepy stalker. But seriously, great job! I’m impressed. Please feel free to stop by my blog. I am a new mommy blogger and could really use your expert advice. Oh yeah, and I’m offering a giveaway valued at $175 for my Blog Launch Party, so there’s that too. LOL

  14. Oh wow, you did awesome!!! I love clothes shopping at my Goodwill’s, especially when I can find expensive brands of clothing for just a few bucks. I plan on going through my closet and dressers soon and getting rid of a bunch of stuff and getting a (mostly) whole new wardrobe.

  15. Just ‘found’ you via Home Stories A to Z. You’re my kinda girl- I’ll be back for more! PS- You are one pretty momma! Your kiddos are adorable too 🙂

  16. OMG, this is amazing. First of all, I can’t believe you went shopping with 3 kids. I don’t go with my 1. Second, you KILLED it. These finds are unbelievable. I’m dying over that little plaid coat and peep toes. BRAVO!

  17. Fantastic! I have bad luck with pants and shirts at our local Goodwill, but always seem to score a new dress and an occasional pair of shoes. I sometimes have to take the dress in a bit or modify it in someway, but that’s easy enough. I love thrift stores – I love letting other people wear my expensive new clothes first so that my own cost is minimal! 😉

  18. okay, you are my hero! i hit up the thrift store with the kids in tow this weekend and it was a disaster! i did get a couple cute shoes cut there was no way they were gonna let me try on clothes. your outfits are SOOOO cute! i love your style. 🙂

  19. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Just catching up on your blog (busy work week) and I cannot believe you pulled this off with 3 kids in tow!! I couldn’t have done it just by myself. I have never braved GW with my children!! I’m amazed by your savvy shopping! I have taken notes and plan to give it a go next time!! GREAT job!!!

  20. Do did an AMAZING job! With three kids in tow? Well, if it were an olympic sport, you’d be a gold medalist, for sure 🙂

  21. um this is totally awesome! i think it is a great idea to give yourself a time limit in a thrift story anyway you can totally get sucked in!

  22. Wow, I’m totally inspired to hit up ol’GW! I’m gonna give it a go this week with my three little ninjas and just hope I get out with one outfit as cute as your finds!! Thanks for the thrifty inspiration!

  23. hey! its janean @ thanks for your kind words! love your blog! so inspiring! and you are adorable! xoxo janean.
    ps im your newest follower!

  24. Can I just say I am so sad we are not “real life” friends because I want to go thrifting with you! I need a teacher haha! I am so in love with those aqua shoes!

  25. Abbie! This is AMAZING! You must have a great Goodwill. I especially like the floral shirt with those yellow shoes. Thanks for the tips you left on my blog! I appreciate them, so much. Loving 5days5way!

  26. Ah-mazing! My favorite look is the one with the jacket. So put together. Yes, lightning thrifting is a blast. The times when I hit, I hit big!

  27. You win the prize for best dressed! I love love love your style and the amazing things you find at goodwill. You have inspired me!!!!

  28. First I need to tell you that I laughed right out loud when I figured out your kiddos were what you were calling handicaps…oh goodness, you are too funny! You scored big time!!! Both with the kids and with the clothes…have a super week!

  29. GREAT JOB! I was at out local thrift store… and found Seven jean NWOT my size… $8.00.. I immediatly went home and washed them… and have them on today! Even though they need a little hemming done…
    I don’t know how you do it… but you find the most amazing items! Love the little plaid jacket!

  30. I will never, ever complain about only having 1/2 an hour, by myself, to run into GW. You ROCK! Love everything. I adore dressing in thrifted things, good for the earth, good for my pocketbook. So important to be a good steward of what the Lord has given us, and that doesn’t mean we have to look like we are a bunch of frumpypants! Thanks for the inspiration today!!! jules

  31. You are amazing! Haha! The Goodwill near me isn’t great but I did score this adorable top NWT and retail price was $50, my price obviously $4. It was thrilling!

  32. You made me giggle with the beginning…especially having a 4 year again; I have an understanding. Awesome finds! I love them ALL! I mean seriously you put me to shame on coordinating your GW finds; try as I might. I posted a pic from the dressing rooms of 2 different GW’s this week too. Although I think the floors in yours are the worst I’ve ever seen. Thanks for the heads up about the other blog. I have to check it out.

  33. This post was so funny! I love your “handicaps” and those GW bathrooms. . .ugh, well, this is how Luke and I do it: I stand at the door with a huge bottle of hand sanitizer, then I make him go in, while the whole time I chant: “don’t touch anything, don’t touch anything, DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!”
    love all the outfits you came up with!

  34. Wow, I’m so inspired…totally want to go to Goodwill now! and I’ve been thinking I need more flats. Just realized this week I don’t own a single pair of black ballet flats…the ones with bows made me drool!! and I love the plaid jacket, so cute!

  35. You did SO good! Love the B & W plaid piece! Yes, you should have been a blogger for GW! Um, you basically are. Maybe St. Vinny’s needs one??

    @ Creatively Living

I love hearing from you guys!