No vlog today, folks!

But after last week’s planking challenge (and vlog!), I would love to know how your abs are…

Sore? Angry? Confused? Feeling a little betrayed?

Sorry about that.

The only thing I can promise you is that if you keep up the planking, you and and your abs will be on speaking terms again soon!

In fact, they’ll be thanking you.

What I cannot promise you is that reading the following will make your sore abs any better.

Because if you laughed as hard as I did, it’ll probably hurt a bit.



And that’s all she (I) wrote today, folks!

Because this is where you come in:

I want to know…

When you get bored with an exercise(or easily distracted a la our bacon-obsessed friend from above), what do you do to bring back your focus or zap the boredom?

And if you’re not an exerciser but want to be, what kinds of posts could I write for you to help you get started/focus?

If you’re not an exerciser and couldn’t care less, please share you bacon-themed recipes below.

Seriously, folks. I’m all ears.

Talk to me.

Because it’s Monday.

(Oh, boy, is it Monday ; )).

P.S. Got something yummy to show you tomorrow for V-day. If you’re an exerciser, you’d best get started now!


  1. I don’t really have a good answer to your question. I soooo wanna love exercise, but I force myself to do it to lose weight and be thinner. That’s it. I’ve wanted to feel that “runner’s high” but instead I only feel my burning thighs ;). Even after I’ve exercised for months & months, I could quit every day. I alternate between several different things. When it isn’t freezing cold, I power walk with my neighbor for an hour at 6am. Some other days I do boot camp dvd’s by Lindsay Brin. (I really like her cuz she’s a mom of three littles also and she keeps it real on her blog ;). Some other days, I watch Netflix on my iPad while I walk/run on my treadmill. I like to change it up a lot to keep from getting bored. Lindsay just posted a fit friday workout on her blog that alternates between running half mile increments and doing toning exercises. I’ve kinda liked the new challenge. Have no idea if any of this was remotely helpful to you, but it is where I’m coming from. LOVED the bacon funny!!! That could so be me every day…haha!

  2. I’m struggling to get back into exercising. I admit I get bored with it. Maybe if you introduce one new exercise each week it would help. Sometimes we just forget about certain exercises and it’s great to be reminded.

  3. Yea, me and planking are not BFF’s but I know they will benefit me in the long run, so thanks for the motivation.

    By the way- I’ve awarded the Versatile Blogger award on my blog! 🙂

  4. Hi:

    Bacon doesn’t do it for me, but it was still funny!

    My recent motivator to exercise again, especially running, was a 5K that I ran this weekend. Knowing that I will have to race (and that I paid the entrance fee) forces me train. Otherwise, I’d be a sloth on the couch!

    Can you tell us how you squeeze in exercise on the days you don’t teach an ex. class? Because that is the hardest part for me.


  5. I’d much rather be eating bacon – maybe I should hang some strips over my treadmill! Music is a great motivator – gotta have my iPod! Just started running – not fast but it’s a start. Now you’ve guilted me into getting on it – so gotta run!

  6. Going to gym classes are the best motivator for me. I love zumba (so much fun) and I try to take some body sculpting classes. I make it to the gym 2-4 times a week, depending on the week. I would like to figure out an excercise plan for home when I can’t get to the gym. I have some videos but I get bored with those quickly.

  7. This is the absolute hardest! But the best motivation for me is knowing that someone else is expecting me at the gym. Whether it be a gym buddy, a class that I frequent, or the greeter at the door. Also, I got the new hulu app on my phone. So, I can catch up on my shows while I’m on the elliptical. So I get a guilty pleasure mixed in with my workout (and the hour zips by in no time!), and can keep the tv off when I get home.

I love hearing from you guys!