After a husbandless week filled with errands, exercise classes, homeschooling, more errands, projects, blog post-writing, and very little cleaning, my house is in need of some serious attention.

There are tubs and toilets to be scrubbed, toys to be organized, floors to be mopped, laundry to be done.

The list could (and does) go on.

But before the cleaning/organizing bloodbath whirlwind begins, I thought it might be nice to stop and take a moment to…


…of places I’d rather be right now.

1. Prince Edward Island


As an avid Anne-fan from an early age, PEI was always on my travel bucket-list.

I got to check it off over 10 years ago, but I would go back in an instant.


If you’re wondering whether the pictures overstate its beauty, they don’t.

In fact, they only barely capture the extent of just how breathtaking its green meadows and blue skies truly are.

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest



2. Costa Rica



This one may actually happen (thought not today, obviously).

3. Manly, Australia

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest



Two years ago, just Shaun and I took a trip to Sydney over New Year’s 2010.

It was, quite possibly, the best trip of my life, and one of the highlights was visiting the little beach town of Manly.

We took the ferry over several times because we loved its quaintness, its fantastic restaurants, and the solitude of its beaches at night.

4. A spa



Okay, so this one’s a bit more generic because I honestly don’t care where the spa is (although a spa retreat in Costa Rica doesn’t sound too shabby right now).


Pretty much anywhere where they’ll make my toes pretty and massage my head sounds good to me.

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


That last one is only marginally spa-related, but I’ve always been in awe of mamas who take the time to Bento-ify their kiddos’ food, and this spa-themed plate blows my mind a little.

5. A bookstore

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


…with a really good mug of hot chocolate.

Again, it doesn’t much matter where, but this particular bookstore is in Boulder, Colorado, which is a really fun city, so that would be just fine by me.

So, what about you?

Anywhere else you’d rather be right now?

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  1. PEI is on my list too! I grew up on the books and the PBS pledge week movies. There was a stretch of time that I was upset with my mother for misspelling my middle name, it’s just Ann.

  2. Wow, those pictures of Prince Edward Island look amazing! right out of a book. I’d just settle for a spa with the whole nine yards. This momma needs pampering!

  3. I have been to Prince Edward Island!! It is sooo beautiful, it is so unspoiled by tourists and large beach homes. My favorite part was driving down the backroads and seeing the ocean spread out for miles and miles.

  4. All of these places would make my list (well, except the spa – I’ve never been to one so I’m a little wary), but especially PEi. I’ve always, always wanted to go there!

  5. I would love to go to Tahiti – has always been on my list of places to go – I have been to many different places in the US and Canada (even Alaska and Hawaii) but haven’t make it to Tahiti yet (I’ve even been to PEI – and it is lovely!) but I haven’t given up hope yet!
    BTW – good luck with the housekeeping and I would love to be anywhere than were I am now (sitting in the hospital while my mom is the patient – not fun!)

  6. Oh PEI. I miss PEI (I am originally from Nova Scotia – another gorgeous place you need to visit – if I do say so myself). 🙂

    And Nova Scotia is my answer. I have lived away from home most of my adult life and miss it like crazy. I have only had glimpses of what it is like to live where you roots lie. Those connections to the people from your past, to your history. I wish everyday I could run into people who know me, my mother, or my grandfather, etc. Of conversations lingering over the checkout line.

    Yup, missing home. Maybe someday.

  7. PEI is on my bucket list!!! I even have clips on my Pinterest page (I will be adding yours as well, absolutely beautiful!!) Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. Oh man, I’m seriously dreaming today amongst a load of household chores!! All of your pics look wonderful. Never been to any of them, but would love to go. Right now, I’m dreaming of Kauai, Hawaii. Hubby & I have been twice and both times I left a piece of my heart there when I came home 🙁 Well, at least it is nice & sunny here in Texas today. I’ll close my eyes while folding laundry and dream of exotic beaches!!

  9. PEI looks really lovely. It hasn’t been on my list of places to visit, but maybe now…
    New England and Japan have been on my list for a very long time.
    And I love having my feet ‘done’. Mmmmmm. xx

  10. Oh, Girl! I’m from PEI… and you have just made me soooo homesick! I think I’ll call my Mom tonight and get her to talk about what she sees outside her window!

  11. Oh my husband and I were just talking about getting away recently. We are trying to make future plans of where we are going on vacation…and currently Ireland is a priority 🙂

  12. I’m with you on all of these. I’ve also always wanted to go to Madagascar and India. I wouldn’t turn down a trip to Morrocco either.

I love hearing from you guys!