First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who gave me feedback on house colors yesterday!

I loved reading all of your thoughtful, smart ideas about the best way to go about choosing the best color for us.

I haven’t made a decision yet (cuz that would be quick), and I just found out from the husband that my “deadline” has been extended a bit, so you may be hearing more about this, but for now, I thought I’d show you my two favorite options so far, courtesy of the Sherwin-Williams Paint Visualizer:

Fullscreen capture 3152012 112407 PM

The color match is not exact, but this is Option 4 + coral shutters and ivory trim.

Fullscreen capture 3152012 113533 PM

And this is the best approximation I could find for our current house color with the shutters also in Quite Coral (yes, the same Quite Coral I used on my dresser makeover and my master closet…LOVE). I also lightened the trim considerably from our current house color.


Oh! And don’t forget that tomorrow, I’m having my big:

Lots of fun fashion/shoes (many of them name brand) for fantastic prices, and 25% of the proceeds benefit Parental Care Ministries!

Okay, so enough about me. Let’s talk about you lovely folks, specifically the fantastic goodness you guys shared at last week’s party!

I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you about Gigi’s Cheese Ball recipe from It’s Overflowing. She’s not even my Gigi, but I’d like to give her a hug for being willing to share her scrumptious looking recipe!

I am a firm believer in the adage that spray paint makes just about anything better (Benjamin Franklin said that, right?), but it never once occurred to me to spray the bottom of my shoes! Now I want to do my whole closet in different colors. Be sure to check out these fabulous pink-soled shoes over at Meredith and Gwyneth

And while you’re there, you should probably gawk at her prettily styled new Ikea Expedit book case. Fab.u.lous.

I’m definitely a sucker for a great yard sale chair transformation, and this one from Woven Home is just perfect in its simplicity (I love the pop of blue from the pillow against all the creamy white).

If you’re like me and can totally get in a rut when it comes to teaching/helping your kids learn, you should definitely check out these great tips for creatively encouraging reading and writing shared by Grasping for Objectivity. I’ve already tried them several times this week with my own boys, and they loved them!

Do you know how expensive maternity jeans are? And how crazy frumpy they can make even the cutest preggo woman’s behind? But what if you could extend the life of that pair of fabulous jeans throughout pregnancy? No what if! You CAN, with this awesome tutorial for  DIY Maternity Jeans from Crafty Cousins.

Oh, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share another fun clothing tute with you. Life is {Sew} Daily shared a great ruffled t-shirt refashion, which is simple, yet so, so cute!

And finally, My Sister’s Suitcase strikes again with this Cutie Pie Button Art that speaks for itself. These ladies have such a knack for taking trends (I’m seeing buttons everywhere these days) and putting just the perfect twist on them to make them fresh and new!

Well, that wraps up last week, but I can’t wait to see what you’ve got for me this week!

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  2. Abbie! Thanks so much for the feature and sweet words about our button art 🙂 You are so much fun, and always share the best ideas with all of us! I’m loving your new house color options… I actually like your current house color with the new shutters. Can’t wait to see what you decide. Thanks again!

  3. Oh Abbie, your current color with the lightened up trim and the coral shutters is AMAZING! Fun to see it all put together in the visualizer! Good luck decision making!! (I just think it’s amazing because I am a through and through green girl…and I love all variations of orange! So, it’s just through my color preference filters! But, like I said before, it’s very “you”…Have a lovely weekend!!)

  4. Hey Abbie.. It has been a bit since I have been blogging… But I am BACK!!!! 🙂 I just finished my Sewing Room and Revealed it yesterday and just linked it up… Hope you enjoy!! Thanks for Hosting!!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the invitation to join your party! I’m so thrilled to learn about your free for all event!!

  6. As always, thanks for hosting! Love the color visualizer! My favorite is the second option – your current house color with the coral shutters. The green and the coral coordinate better in the visualizer and appear more inviting.

  7. With the coral shutters, I like the grey better but that’s just me.There’s a local Mexican restaurant here that painted their building that green/coral combination and all I think of now when I see it is burritos and margaritas. Which isn’t bad, if you’re a restaurant that sells those things.

  8. I like the current house color with the coral–the combo has a little more pizazz and “sass” for me than the grey and coral, not sure why. I’m sure either way it will look great once it all comes together!

  9. I am trying to figure out colors for my house too…SO STRESSFUL! I am sure it will look awesome!

    Thank you for hosting


  10. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for the feature!! You’re too sweet.

    I love both of those house colors, but I think my fave is the second one. It looks so happy!!

  11. Thanks so much for hosting! Picking a house color is hard for sure. Great options – I like #2 just a bit more.

  12. Thank you for hosting! Good luck deciding on your house color (that was the hardest decision to make when we built, I thought). I like the second one. Have a great weekend.

  13. Those were my two top color choices, and they both look great in the mock-up! Can’t wait to see what you decide. Thanks for hosting.

I love hearing from you guys!