First off, let’s get two things out of the way:

1) Have you checked out this round of Shop My Closet yet? Lots of cute (cheap!) clothes and shoes in various sizes, and 30% of the proceeds go to PCM (a ministry local to me that supports orphans and pastors’ kids in Uganda).

Also, while you’re browsing for clothes be sure to enter our Bath and Bodywork $25 gift card giveaway! (Might as well smell nice while you wear your new-to-you clothes, right?)

2) I’m battling an absolutely epic head-cold, so I’m probably not going to “talk” as much as usual, and when I do, I may not make any sense.

Clear? Okay, good.

So…pretty much every time I go to Goodwill now, I attempt a 30 minute Goodwill Challenge (check out Round 1 and Round 2 if you haven’t seen them yet!).

So, what is it?

It’s a mad (as in the British sense of the word) dash through a rather disorganized store in search of (at least) 3 separate, complete outfits that I would actually wear (sorry, no culottes or jeans jumpers allowed).

I’m not always successful, and I sure-as-peaches never make it out of there in less than an hour 1/2 because, while I limit “the hunt” to 30 minutes, the trying-on process—in all it’s spilled juice, picture-taking, tantrum-enduring, sibling fight-solving, filthy bathroom-visiting glory—not to mention the checking out process (which always involves my asking for a manager to ring me up so I can haggle for the best deals) are where the bulk of the time (and my sanity) goes.

This particular round of The Challenge went pretty well with the exception, I think, of shoes.

But I’ll let you be the judge.

Once again, I was moving too quickly (and shoving too many snacks in Della’s mouth to keep her happy) to take progress shots, but I did make my deadline, and here are what the always lovely fitting room shots revealed:


Only my second venture ever into the strange world of jeggings. Somehow, when they’re olive green ones, it seems less weird. No idea why.


These pics are from several weeks ago, but clearly I was already planning ahead for “the belly.”


And yes, I’m shuddering a little too at the sight of my bare feet in contact with that floor.


Yet another blousy top. Loved the threads of gold running throughout but didn’t love the fit.


There are those white pants you guys couldn’t believe I’d actually gotten at Goodwill.


And the silky polka dot tank that psyched you out for another round of Thrifted or Grifted.


I’m kind of kicking myself for not buying these pretty gold Nine West heels that were in puuurrrrrfect condition.

(That spelling of “perfect” would only make sense if they were kitten heels, but they were closer to 3 inches,. So, it’s really random. Hey! I have a head-cold! Don’t judge).


And here’s my favorite outfit I didn’t buy. (Well, I bought the jeans and the belt).

By the way, notice the handsome (incredibly bored, yet remarkably patient) little boy background?


I didn’t think I could pull off the color yellow in the top, but after seeing the pics, I kind of love it. Bummer.

(Stage 2 of boredom: scratch head in bewilderment that Mama would EVER find Goodwill interesting enough to come back to once, much less twice a month!)



Yet another pair of white pants and another stage of boredom (subdued acceptance of one’s—stinky—lot in the life).


“What’s that you say, Mama? This is the last outfit, and we will be home before the beginning of the new millennium? I’ll perk up for that!”

Okay, so if you’re tired of grimy, blurry pics, let’s get to the good stuff.

What did I actually buy, and how did I wear it?

Well, I bought quite a bit on this round, including, but not limited to:

White Old Navy trousers ($4)

Blue American Eagle trousers ($5)

American Eagle skinnies: ($5)

Old Navy jeans skirt ($4)

New York and Co. polka dot tank ($4)

American Eagle brown lace tank ($2)

Floral tank dress ($4)

Green Mossimo tank ($2)

Pink floral exhilaration shoes ($3)

2 Belts ($2)

2 bangles ($4)

So, the grand total for my haul was something like: $40.

Not too shabby, right?

And now for how I actually wore them (you’ve seen some of these already).


Top: New York and Co./GW ($4)

Trousers: American Eagle/GW ($5)

Belt: GW ($1)

Shoes: Mossimo (you can actually buy them from Shop My Closet right now!)/GW (free from a friend)

TOTAL: $10

The trousers were part of the challenge (you can actually see them peaking in from the right side in most of the dressing room pics) and paired perfectly (I thought) with the polka dot top.


And there are those white Old Navy trousers in all their glorious pristine…whiteness (head-cold).

(And that is where the “thrifted” tag was supposed to be!)

The next one you haven’t seen yet, unless, of course, you read my other blog, Secondhand or Bare Bottom where I post pics of my 100% thrifted looks (though not very consistently for the last, oh, 17 weeks or so. First trimester pregnancy has a way of making you not care where your clothes came from as long as you are, indeed, clothed).


If you want to know more about that cute, pink purse, be sure to click over for the deets!

(I wore this outfit on a date with the hubby to hear Bill Cosby, who, at 74 is still a heckuva lot funnier than most people half his age).

And last of all, here’s a look at my grocery shopping/bank run outfit from yesterday afternoon (and no, I don’t usually wear wedges and a skirt to buy milk).


That bag’s pretty cute..but nothing compared to my best accessory of all.


Oh! And last Friday,  I got a chance to get that mani/pedi my husband commanded me to get two weeks ago (I didn’t get it that day because he came home early, and I figured he’d be much more interested in my getting a shower before he got there than in my having perfectly painted nose and tails…okay, so that wasn’t the cold talking…I meant to type that…but only because, when I was telling Shaun that I got my “toes and nails done,” it was almost a physical effort to get my tongue to not to say “nose and tails,” instead. Darn pregnancy brain).


So, there you have it.

Another successful 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge and how I wore the results in real life (every single outfit you see was less than $15 total. Woot!).

Scored any fabulous deals lately? 

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  1. You have really inspired me. I’m losing some weight right now, and I’ve already told my husband that I’m going to hit the thrift stores as I need clothes in smaller sizes. I thrift shop all the time for craft and sewing supplies, but I’m going to start hitting the clothing racks too. Thanks 🙂

  2. Love the idea of placing a cap on the time I spend in thrift shops, because I often spend 3 times that amount of time and leave with nothing.

  3. I was so happy to hear that you actually are in the store for an hour and a half…because I tried to find and try on stuff in the 30 minutes and just couldn’t do it!!! Although…I did go in just the other day (without kids this time) when I only had 30 minutes and came out with 2 pairs of shorts, 1 tshirt and 3 tank tops. Not too bad! You are too stinking adorable and I love all the cute outfits you pair together! And totally laughing at the kids faces in the pics because mine give me the same looks;-)

  4. I just discovered you and your blog today~what a treat! You made me smile! Love your Goodwill challenge. I’m a new follower! Hope you will return the visit~Angie

  5. I looooove these challenges! So very fun to read- it’s like I’m shopping with you {except I don;t have to endure the concrete floors!}
    xo Becca

  6. First let me say I just love your hair!! Second I think that yellow shirt totally rocked and is my favorite color, bummer is right! Third I’m interested in this process you speak of haggling prices at Goodwill which involves the store manager?? I’d love to be able to talk down prices, tell me your secret.

  7. First off, great hair in the goodwill shots!! I like the tops and the skinny jeans. You got some great shoes too and great mani/pedi. And my girls have the same reaction at Goodwill. LOL. And yes, where did you get the phone cover, I really like it.

    Hope your head cold is better.

  8. Very cute outfits. I especially loved the white trousers and polka dot top! Your hair looks gorgeous. And where did you get your phone cover… too cute!! 🙂

  9. I also got a FAB pair of white Ralph Lauren pants that fit puurrrfect 😉 at the thrift last year!!

  10. These posts have inspired me to start thrift shopping too! I tend to be there for longer than half an hour but I’ve been finding some pretty awesome things, thanks!

  11. You need to hire out as a personal shopper if you can magically make those outfits out of GW clothes! I cannot find anything remotely cute at mine…but maybe that’s because it’s in Amish country (nothing against them of course…but the clothes…). Those olive green leggings are awesome!

  12. I’m amazed by your skills in finding cute outfits at GW! I’m usually too burnt out from searching through the books and housewares for my next art project. Not to mention dodging the folks who insist on pushing around a cart with one item in it who ALWAYS find their way to my aisle and proceed to follow me around the store. Next trip I must try this 30 min challenge! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  13. Love the outfits and the ideas they inspire. BUT I am particularly happy to start my day with giggles at the “nose and tails” comments. Thanks a ton for the laughs. Love reading your blog everyday. I have lots of things in my life to make me smile, but there’s always room for more!! God bless 🙂

  14. i love all of your outfits! 🙂 my kids, too, are subject to sitting around{more like MESSING AROUND!} in the teeeny goodwill dressing rooms. “MOM! Are you done yet?!?!” hahaha!
    i LOVE that yellow top, too! looks great on you!

  15. WOW – you are amazing!! My best deal recently was a pair of brand new express jeans for $7. Is your goodwill sorting clothes by color instead of size? All the ones around here are…it makes checking for clothes BRUTAL. I don’t really want to look through, say, all the blue shirts…I just want to look through all the “small” shirts. I haven’t been checking the clothes section nearly as much since they made that change!

  16. That yellow top is fab!!! And I actually think the one with the gold stripes running through it looks hot on you – but that’s my 5c worth! 🙂 And then there are those white Old Navy trousers – woo! Yes.
    I too find it a real challenge to shop with little peeps – so when I do go, I try to make it on my hubby’s 1/2 day so he can take them to the back corner and read to them from the huge stack of books. 🙂 A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!