…is making fun of it.

Now, granted, I’m one of those weirdoes who gets a serious amount of enjoyment out of sweating buckets and making my muscles burn (which isn’t too hard to do these days…Holy Moly…not having normal abs makes my calf muscles work SO much harder than they used to).

But there’s still plenty to laugh at when it comes to fitness, and there aren’t too many people more adept at mockery in general than the folks over at someecards.

Take this little gem for example:

Source: someecards.com via Abbie on Pinterest


Or this one, perhaps?

Source: someecards.com via Abbie on Pinterest


Or, best of all, this one:

Source: someecards.com via Abbie on Pinterest


{Don’t tell me you’ve never thought this when I’ve blathered on about BODYCOMBAT}.

I’m finishing up dinner prep {mmmm….chicken pot pie—click for my recipe} so I can head out the door for a sweat-fest in our 80 degree gym.

How are you moving it today?


  1. LOL! Those are funny 🙂 Thx for the smile! I power walk w/ my neighbor every at 6:00 for 1 hr. We usually log 4 miles. I just purchased some weights to hold while I walk. I also try to fit in some weights at home. The walking isn’t my fave, but the accountability has been wonderful and having someone to chat w/ makes the time go by faster 🙂 Just amazed that you are still bustin’ a move at Bodycombat w/ those twins in tow…..You go, sista!

  2. I just did a class called Total Conditioning at our gym (Lifetime Fitness)…60 minutes of strength and cardio…great workout as I can hardly type now 🙂

  3. 30 minute run on the elliptical; 50 push-ups; planks; and 100 sit-ups….all at 5:00 am. I prefer to workout early and get it out of the way 🙂

  4. Heheheheh. Amusing, Abs. How am I moving today? Waddling like a duck. 2 days till due date, and I spent part of yesterday moving furniture around in the baby’s room. I should have started sooner!

  5. these are hilarious!
    i need to do more than the walking i am doing now, granted we live in a very hilly area, so running is not as easy as it was (i ran before we moved). bleh.

  6. I was debating doing my Summer Sanders’ Prenatal Workout…but I think sleepiness is winning today.

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