Ready for another parade of shorts and tank tops (with a few dresses thrown in for good measure)?  They really were the only acceptable options for the scorching temps in Mazatlan, but I’m never going to claim these are my most stylish looks.


Those Steve Madden (I think?) sandals are probably the most comfortable I’ve ever owned. Shaun’s always teasing my about my tendency to wear impractical footwear when we do lots of walking, but I don’t think it’s possible to walk enough to get blisters from these puppies (although my bag stayed stocked with Band-Aids just in case).

I don’t even remember where I got the peasant top, and the jean shorts were a cupcake money splurge from A Pea in a Pod (even at over 50% off plus an extra 30%, they still cost $50—way more than I would normally pay for even designer jeans—but I can’t deny how much more comfortable they are than the ones with buttons I still manage to squeeeeeze into). P1000254-001

I started out most days with my hair down, but before long, it was swept up off my neck to avoid heatstroke.

{Not a bad lunch setting, eh?}


I bought this maxi from Amazon because it was on major clearance, and even though pink dresses aren’t usually my thing, I was so happy with the fit and softness of the fabric that I decided to keep it.

Looking at this picture, I’m not sure the cut is doing me any favors, but there’s not much I can do about it now.


My hair hasn’t been this long in at least 5 years, so I’m having fun experimenting with different versions of half up-dos (my husband’s favorite look on me).

Is it a good idea to have a bump in your belly and your hair?

Maybe not, but it was worth a try.P1000267

(Top: Abercrombie clearance, $10, Shorts: Delia’s/Goodwill, $4, Sandals: Plato’s Closet, $6, Earrings: Walmart, $5, Bag: Target, from a while back}

This was literally our “road” to dinner several times. Turns out that some of the best food we ate on the whole trip was a mere stroll down the beach from our condo at a Palapas (beach-hut) restaurant.

Amazing guacamole, fresh ingredients, ridiculously yummy desserts (which is saying something because, over all, I was not a fan of Mexican pastries or ice cream), and by far the best service we received during the whole trip.


On our trip to Stone Island, we made a charming (and very prickly) new friend.

(I’m calling her Charlize).

I know this pic would be way more blog-worthy (and impressive to my children) if he were sitting on my shoulder, but I just couldn’t, y’all.

Too many claws and scaly skin…not enough fabric on my arms.


Plus, seriously? She was HUGE!


{Top: Motherhood, $10, Shorts: GAP/Goodwill, $3}

Remember how last week I showed you the “I swallowed a watermelon” look?

Well, apparently, I decided that I needed to actually dress like one too.

Oh! And speaking of watermelon, if you remember, I wrote an entire post about that nice neighbor of ours who was going to let us grab a watermelon from his harvest whenever we wanted. Well, we had phone messages waiting for us when we got back that the melons were ready, so we stopped by on Monday (in the 101 degree heat) and grabbed ourselves a couple.

Maybe you’ll believe just how obsessed I am with the things when I admit that I didn’t even get a bite until Monday night, and, as of last night, one of them was already 80% gone, mostly thanks to me.

I foresee many more trips across the field in our future.

(He also let us pick some of the peaches from his orchard, so if you have any fantastic recipes to share, I’m all ears; we’ve got a lot!)


Dinner at Il Mosto in the historic district our last night there. A delicious and absolutely gorgeous end to our trip.


I really want some of those chartreuse trees with the droopy blossoms for our front yard. They looked fantastic against practically every backdrop.


And finally, the going-home outfit.

{Top: Goodwill, $3, Shorts: A Pea in a Pod, Sandals: Marshall’s, $20}


We were pretty excited to see the kiddos, and Della’s reaction, especially, was priceless. We didn’t get to my mom’s house until too late to see them Sunday night, so we slept there, and when I came down the next morning, she was sitting in a high chair eating cereal, but as soon as she saw me, she grinned like only Della can, ripped off her bib, and jumped into my arms.

I tell you what, having that little girl’s head buried against your shoulder is one of the most incredibly sweet things ever.


She’s so precious, it kind of makes my heart hurt.

.(Here, she’s enjoying one of the Cookies and Cream Oreos we brought back from the trip).


And, of course, what would life be without the return of my crazy boys? It was so much fun to have someone to make silly faces in the rearview mirror with at stop lights again.

Over all, a fantastic trip, but nothing beats coming home.

(Now, if I only could get the unpacking fairies to get busy, I’d be golden).


  1. I know now why it was named wardrobe Wednesday because she manages to wear different outfits on the same day and it was impressive! Not because she can wear many but I am impress because all her dresses were wonderful and amazing.

  2. Great outfits – gorgeous photo of Della. My hubby and I have never had a holiday without out kids – we have been married for 21 years. Give your mum and dad a big hug for minding your kids while you were away. I am so glad you and your husband had some time together before the new babies arrive.

  3. You looked beautiful in everything. I was going to tell you that when I was pregnant with our second boy I literally ate so much watermelon I made myself sick. It sure was delicious though 😉

  4. Love all your outfits – that hot pink dress is great on you! 😉
    So jealous about the watermelons – my kiddo can eat an entire small one in a sitting. No joke. (He’s four!) As for peaches, slice them, add a little sugar and put them in freezer bags and freeze. We always froze a ton of peaches every summer and had them to last all year. They are perfect straight from the freezer in smoothies, can be thawed and added to recipes or just eaten. The perfect way to enjoy fresh peaches all year. I just wish I had a freezer big enough to do that again. 🙂

  5. You look SO ADORABLE!! My favorite outfit was the watermelon one!! Looks like y’all had a great time!!

  6. You look totally adorable in all of your outfits…..and not even pregnant with twins! You rock it mamma! And the pic w/ the giant lizard… crazy cool! And Miss Della…….sweetness! Enjoyed all of your looks and still a bit jealous of your vacay, but I’m trying to get over it (wink 🙂

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