Hey guys!

Not to confuse you or anything, but I’m not really here.

I mean, technically, yes, I’m typing these words with my very own hands, but mentally I’m pretty checked out.


Well, yesterday 7 of us (my three kids + my mom, dad, and husband) piled into our van and spent 9 1/2 hours making the trek from East Texas to Pensacola, Florida.

And you know what?

It was fine.

Mostly due to the miracle of the in-car DVD player (we might or might not have watched four animated movies).

And the fact that it was Della’s first day in a forward-facing car seat (yes, she’s 18-months-old and pretty much just now big enough to meet the weight and height requirements…runt).

I so should have snapped a pic of her expression as we got started.

She kept saying, “Wooooooooah,” and “Ooooooooooh,” and then breaking into gales of adorable giggles as if the whole world were new to her (which, considering she’d never seen it facing forward as it rushed by the car windows, isn’t far off).

Between the movies, the new seating arrangements, the 17 pounds of snacks I brought, and the novelty of having their grandparents sitting no more than 2 feet away for such a long stretch, the kids did ah-mazing.

Like, seriously, really, really great.

{There was even a hilarious moment, when, after we’d all gotten movied out, I turned on some Motown, and Ezra’s immediate reaction was, “Ooooooooooh yeeeeeeeah.” We all laughed so hard that he got really embarrassed, but it was just too good}.

I know better than to hope for a repeat performance on the way back, but I can’t help myself.

ANYhoo, we’re all about to head the beach, where I must face this reality:


{I made some comment yesterday about there being other people out there who are whiter than I, and my usually non-mocking mom said, “Oooooh, I don’t know.” Hmph!}

{If you’re wondering whether we usually jet all over the place every other week during the summer, the answer is most definitely not. However, as I’m fully expecting life to completely shut down for a good 6 months or so once the twins are born, we decided to go a little crazy and live it up…9 hour car rides and all}

Hope you guys have a fabu Monday. I’ll be popping in and out this week with updates, and, as always, you can check out the day to day oh-so-fascinating details on our Facebook page.


{bounces off with Tigger-like energy…waddles off to put on bathing suit and leave without looking in mirror}


  1. Well written post.I appreciate your writing skills.Its great.You have made really a great job by sharing this post with us.I like this & would like to read your more updates.Keep in touch with us in future too.

  2. When we first turned our second child around in his seat – he stayed awake for the entire 3.5 hour trip!!! (and we even timed it to coincide with Nap time!) I think he was about 10 moths old… we might have different rules here.

  3. I just found out you’re having TWINS???? I’m so glad you’re getting out now! To the beach I mean…..LOL!
    OMG! I must admit though when I had 2 that were 18 months apart I thought twins would have been better actually.
    I’m not sure if it’s the heat here or if it’s reading about you but all of a sudden I am extremely tired. I was sleep deprived for years so I don’t think you ever get over that! LOL! I do love reading your blog
    …I can relate….about 40 years ago I could! That was back in the day of the “Bad Mother”….we didn’t use seatbelts, no sunscreen, no car seats either, Koolaid (99% sugar), white bread exclusively….oh we were BAD, Bad to the bone! LOL! It’s hard to believe that any of you survived and lived to tell about it! LOL!
    BTW…. that little duck on the beach…too cute!
    Enjoy your vacation. It will probably be many moons before you see another one.

  4. Della must be pretty big to be forward facing! My little girl will be at least 2 since the new guidelines for forward-facing have changed and even then it will probably be the height limit she passes and not the weight!

I love hearing from you guys!