Confession time: I like to look at the style photos on

{hangs head in shame}

I rarely read the magazine, outside of a cursory glance or two in the grocery line, but about twice a week, I hop on the online version and check out their celebrity style galleries.

I can’t even tell you why because I don’t care for 95% of what they wear, and I don’t really feel like I’m gleaning “inspiration” from them or anything (which is good, since my budget doesn’t exactly allow for $1,200 Prada purses and $800 Jimmy Choos).

And yet, I keep doing it.

My favorite segment is definitely “Love It or Leave It” (formerly “Hit or Miss”) where they show celebrity looks from various recent functions and ask your opinions.

I never actually vote, but I do lots of mental: “Hmmm…not bad” or, “Oh, goodness, NO!”

So…why the sudden need to admit that I sometimes spend actual precious minutes out of my day on such a frivolous pursuit?

Well, they have another style segment called, ‘I really love my…” that I’m ripping off today, and I felt that proper credit was due (you’re welcome,; I’ll just be sitting here by the mailbox, waiting on the thank you note for that huge traffic boost I just gave you).

The basic premise is that even celebrities are forced to actually wear articles of clothing more than once (oh, the horror!), and there are some things—usually sunglasses, shoes, bags, or jeans—that they don many times because—wait for it—they actually like them, in much the same way that we normal, lowly folk get attached to certain sartorial items.

So, what’s my current style love?


My $13 DbDk clearance Marshall’s sandals.

When I spotted them, I was seriously digging the pattern and colors, but I hesitated to actually buy them because of the potential stumpifying factor of the ankle cuff.

I’m longer-waisted than legged and am not a huge fan of looks that produce the dreaded tree-trunk leg effect. But they were really comfortable, and I had some store credit to use, so I decided to take a chance on something a little different.

As you’ll be able to tell from the fact that I’ve worn them no less than 4 times this week (and that the name of this post is “I really love my…”), they’ve pretty much won me over.


First up, I paired them with a simple, coral Ann Taylor Loft dress that I found for $6 at GW. With some funky GW jewelry, it turned out to be the perfect comfy yet not completely frumpy outfit for our almost-10-hour drive to Florida on Sunday.


Next up, I paired them with another $6 Goodwill dress, this time with a funky pattern in brown, pink, and mustard.


Throw on the same jewelry, and you’ve got a similarly relaxed look that still feels a little more put together than jeans and a t-shirt.


And since these white Delia’s shorts (GW, $4) are pretty much my summer go-tos, I couldn’t pass up the chance to how they looked with my new sandals, a quirky, tribal-inspired necklace, ($5) a mustard Motherhood maternity top ($10), and a fedora (a souvenir from Mexico).


And finally, I cuffed a pair of J. Crew matchstick jeans (GW, $5) and threw on a fuchsia GAP tank ($3) and my yellow Vintage Wanna Bee rolled flower necklace for a breakfast run this morning.

So, whaddya think?

Was it a successful gamble?

I’m kind of loving how versatile they are, since they go with pretty much the entire range of warm colors (from orange to pink to purple to rust to white to yellow to…), and I also like how much punch they bring to an otherwise basic outfit (picture options 1, 3, and 4 without the sandals, and they’re a bit on the blah side).

Plus, that’s a whole lot of wear for one week and zero blisters, which is a major point in their favor in my book.

So…what about you guys?

Do you have something that you wear or carry with just about everything?

(Is it a $1,200 Prada purse? Wait, don’t answer that).

P.S. Happy 4th of July! I am so grateful to live in a country where freedom of expression, worship, and personal autonomy are still very much alive.

May God continue to bless America!


  1. Firstly, can I say those are fab shoes? I’d wear them with almost everything too (and I’ve been rather sceptical about the whole ankle cuff thing). Secondly, that mustard and white outfit with the fedora ROCKS!!! You are totally glowing girl.

  2. I had to smile because that is my favorite “article” in Style Watch…it’s fun to see that celebrities are like us and get attached to one item!!! Very cute shoes…I would have been worried about the ankle cuff too, but it totally works!!!! My favorite is the mustard shirt and the fedora…way too cute!!!!

  3. I never would have thought to get those shoes. But they look perfect with all of your outfits! Great purchase. I am especially digging the mustard outfit. You look terrific!

  4. Yes! People Style Watch is my indulgence. Loving those shoes! And, the outfit with the mustard shirt? Perfection.

  5. You are glowing, love the pink outfit, the mustard, and the coral outfits especially. I could never wear those shoes – I have kankles and they wouldn’t work for me, but you on the other hand seem to pull off any shoe with ease and it looks great. 🙂

  6. I fall for that style section too! You are positively glowing in that last picture! Berry is a great color for you!
    Happy 4th!
    xo Becca

  7. I get the People Stylewatch mag and love that section too! 😉
    I think they look great and your legs are too amazing to worry about ‘stumpifying’! 😉 You’re right they do spunk up basic outfits. Love. My fave is the yellow top, white shorts and fedora! Cute!

  8. Lovin’ how versatile those sandals are too! You did a great job mixin’ it up! I wouldn’t have ever dreamed of those possibilities before you styled them. My fave outfit is the pink tank & cuffed jeans….cute! AND that fedora is super cute! I haven’t been brave enough to try one, but maybe I should….thx to your inspiration 🙂 Lastly, can I take a moment to say that I’m totally jealous that you are in FL while I’m sweating it out in hot, dry TX…OK, now that I got that off my chest…..Enjoy the rest of your vacay!

  9. I am serious when I say ” I dont think there is anything you don’t look good in.!” I wish I had your sense of shopping plus style to look only half as cute as you do!! Lovin the belly.

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