While we’re on the topic of Goodwill

I thought I might show you 5 scores I made this week while shopping…ALONE…thanks to my sweet in-laws’ offering to take my kiddos this past Monday.


A fun and funky tote that can hold sooooo much and will definitely be accompanying me when Shaun and I take our next trip…in 2019.


{Perfect condition and only $6? I’ll take it!}


A quirky owl-etching for the boys’ room, which is undergoing a MAJOR overhaul (yeah, I can’t leave well-enough alone).


{I’m soooooo on trend…for only $0.59}


A bright, happy pillow for…somewhere in my house. I just don’t pass up mint-condition embroidered pillows, y’all.


{It would cost a fortune in thread and years off my life if I stitched that flower, but this baby only cost me $4}


The perfect ho-cho mug in my signature color (imagine a super-thick Southern accent as you read those last two words).


{It pairs quite nicely with my saucers, and it was only $0.89}


Last, but certainly not least, this fantastic clock (hard to tell from this pic, but it’s a full two feet high) for the boys’ room.


{It keeps perfect time and cost me $25; not too shabby}

Scored any good loot lately?

I love hearing from you guys!