Okay, so last week, I might have been exaggerating a smidge when I made that whole “P.j.s and bunny slippers to the end!” declaration.

It’s been a little more like, p.j.s, workout clothes, the occasional dress, and flip flops…and the end has yet to arrive.

In fact, I think there was at least one “real life” outfit (that I wore to a birthday party) that was mildly blog-worthy, which feels pretty accomplished these days.

There were even heels for the preggo photo shoot I mentioned on Monday. (But they came off as soon as the last pic was snapped).

The decent outfit did not actually get captured on (digital) film, though, so, today, instead of documenting yet another stage of my belly’s growth, I thought I’d do a little wishful thinking…and wearing.

I’ve had it in the back of my mind to try out Polyvore for a while now but never really had the “need” or time until I hopped on last night…

And, boy howdy, is it a dangerous place.

Fun, but dangerous.

It’s like paper doll dress-up for grownups, only with much prettier clothes.

And considering that the average per outfit price of the looks that I put together was well above $1,000, it’s a mighty good thing it was all just virtual.

Especially since I ended up with 3 separate but complete ensembles that I’d wear in a heartbeat.

First up, we have the tail-end-of-summer look:


End of summer
As long as we’re dreaming, I suppose that billowy shirt is to hide the post-baby belly because in dream-world, this is what I’d being wearing after I have the twins.
Still, if those jeans were stretchy, that shirt was long enough, and I could squeeze my puffy feet into those adorable floral flats, I would (attempt to) rock this look while preggo.
Next up, we have an outfit I’d love to be wearing to my cousin’s wedding in Sonoma, California this weekend.
We had already booked our tickets and hotel before we ever found out we were pregnant with twins, and, as shallow as it sounds, right after the initial shock wore off, I think I looked at Shaun and said, “Oh no! We probably won’t be able to go to Amanda’s wedding.”
I’ve never been to a wedding like this one will be—plated dinners, dancing, lots of sparkle and glam…all set in the beautiful California wine country.
And I can’t deny I was looking forward to it…a lot.
{If I sound like a jerk because I don’t mention seeing my cousin get married as my primary motivation, I was looking forward to that too, but I’ve only spent time with her in person maybe 6 times ever}.
I guess I’ll just have to console myself with the prospect of adorable twin girls as a “consolation prize.” : )
{And, yes, the nipped in waistline on that dress is definitely an “in your dreams” item, but have you seen the title of this post?}
Finally, we have, perhaps, the least practical look of all.

Fall by fivedaysfiveways featuring a crochet beret hat

Because, after teasing us with low 80’s temps for a week or so, summer has come blazing back for (hopefully only) one last hurrah, bringing with it 100 degree highs and lots of humidity.
I would be in a puddle on the ground in no time if I even put on the pants and top in this outfit, much less all the accessories.
But doesn’t beret just look so cozy?
{Why is my head itching all of a sudden?}
So…what about you guys?
What’s in your dream closet right now?

I love hearing from you guys!