Okay, so maybe hacked is a bit strong considering she gave me the password a long time ago… and that she asked me to write a guest post for her birthday, but hacked sounds much more fun (and that’s the whole point of 31 days of Fun{ny}, right? Right. (and yes, I, like she, like parentheses)).

So today is Abbie’s 30th birthday.

And Abbie likes birthdays. A lot.

In fact, when she said October was her birthday month, she meant it. You see, it’s just too hard to pack enough celebration into just one day, especially for the big 3-0.

I mean, you’d have to go big.

Like, really big.

Like, this big:


(minus the British flags)

Which, of course, I had all set up to happen on our European Birthday Vacation.

But, alas, I suppose God decided that might be overdoing it and decided to throw not one but two wrenches in the plan. They happen to be the cutest couple of little wrenches I’ve ever seen, but they definitely brought a halt to any grandiose 30th birthday plans.  In fact, when I asked them if I could whisk their mama away for at least a whirlwind European weekend, they said:  

Oh well, maybe for her 60th

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun today!

So to that end I’ll be taking a certain twinmama out of the house to get her fill of fine food, pampering, and birthday shopping. And when she can’t take it any more (which will happen at exactly 4:45 whether she realizes it or not), I’ll bring her home to a SURPRISE birthday party, complete with great friends, great food, and games that she can actually beat me at: nerts, speed scrabble, and ping pong (on occasion, anyway Smile).

But wait! That’s not all. I want YOU to join in the fun as well!

I’ve hijacked her phone and laptop until the party so she won’t have any idea what’s coming. Your job is to leave birthday comments for her to enjoy reading after we get home. For each comment (or email her if the comments aren’t working), she will get a certain amount on gift certificates to fabric.com and a local spa.

But wait!  There’s more!  Comment now and double your money!

There’s a great rule that we try to follow in our house which says we can’t spend money on our own wants unless we’ve spent at least that much on someone else’s needs or wants. So every comment will also result in birthday money for wonderful people like this:

pcmkids(Parental Care Ministries)

Now don’t be shy. If there were ever a day you needed to leave a comment, this is it! I want to look like this before all is said and done:


Because I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams by the woman who shares her life with you on this blog. The year I met her was the best in my life, and each one since has been worse than the next. So here’s to many, many more to come!

Happy 30th birthday, to my beloved wife!


P.S. Abbie says—don’t forget to submit your questions for Sunday’s Q & A! There are already quite a few really good ones, but she’s always up for more! (If you want your question to be anonymous, feel free to email her instead.


  1. This is the SWEETEST thing I’ve ever seen!!! I didn’t know you back then so I’m commenting now – Happy Birthday, October buddy! -Keri

  2. This is the SWEETEST thing I’ve ever seen!!! I didn’t know you back then so I’m commenting now – Happy Birthday, October buddy!

  3. Happy happy birthday! It’s my sons 3rd birthday today too! I hoPe it’s been great. It sounds like your husband has pampered you! Yay! Thanks for writing. I love your blOg and your hoarious personality. Happy day!!

  4. I don’t have an account to log in with, so I chose “anonymous”, but HI! It’s Melena!! Wishing you an absolutely blessed birthday, beyond your wildest dreams! I adore this blog. And you. And your “hacker” (haha). And all your gorgeous kidlets. Ok. The end ��

  5. Happy birthday! So glad to have become acquainted with your blog and via that engine your beautiful family this year. May the Lord bless you with His life and a fruitful 30th year- Eugenia Book

  6. Happy Happy Birthday, Abbie, Dear!! Hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for sharing your life with us! 🙂

  7. Happy birthday from Ireland sweetie! Hope you make it over here some day for that European trip. 🙂 I’m a first time commenter but have been reading your blog for a while now. Hope you have a fab birthday, how cute of your hubbie to make your day so special! x

  8. Happy happy birthday! I am so blessed by your blog and am praying for blessings for you on your special day! 🙂

  9. Abbie,
    You are such an amazing example of strength, beauty, and kindness that shows through clearly on your blog. I’m happy to have stumbled across your blog and enjoy reading every time you post. God bless your fun time today and thanks to your hubby for being so creative!
    Enjoy your 30th!

  10. What a wonderful way to share your birthday! I’m only too happy to result in another gift for the beautiful birthday girl and to empty my nephew’s pockets. 🙂

  11. Happy Bithday!! This is Christina- Josh Edinger’s wife. 🙂 I have been reading your blog for a while now and enjoy it so much! I hope you have an amazing birthday day!!!

  12. Happiest of birthdays to you sweet Abbie!!! You are a blessing and encouragement to me and I am so glad that God crossed our paths. May your day be superly duperly blessed and may you feel as special as you truly are. Im praying that you feel well, and that you are able to enjoy this day, YOUR day, to the fullest. Much love and blessings to YOU! Oh! And give those kiddos a squeeze, too! :)I. xoxoxo

  13. Yay for big celebrations!! Happy Birthday to you!! I’m subscribing today – just for your B-day… Ok, not really, been meaning to anyway but… What better day??

  14. Happy birthday friend!! You are sweet, beautiful and godly ! I’ve really enjoyed hanging out outside the gym as well:) have an awesome day , you certainly are a blessed women with 5 sweet babies and a husband who hijacks your blog and spoils you:)

  15. Happy happy birthday Abbie!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!! Miss seeing you so much!! We need to sing together soon!!!

    ~Jenny Roach

  16. A very VERY happy birthday to you, sweet mama and genius behind my very favorite blog of all time. I wish you all the blessings you so richly deserve! Enjoy this day (I makes mine by doing a marathon for the leukemia society but twins are so much better). Europe is always going to be just a plane flight away….

  17. Sweet Abbie, happy day! Your family treasures you, this online community appreciates you. You’re a beautiful example of how to be loving, open, honest, encouraging and joyful. Enjoy your day! (We’re looking forward to a cheerful recap of your day) xo

  18. Happy birthday!!! I absolutely love reading your blog nadir has become one of my favorites! Thank you for being a blessing, encouragement, and an example for us all! Enjoy your family (especially the twinsies today)!!!
    Morgan Thomas

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