If you’ve been following along here on the blog for any amount of time at all, then you know that I love me some exercise.


In fact, I’m certified to teach two different formats—BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT—both of which I taught the day before I started the five-day-long labor process that eventually produced the twins.


So, as you can imagine, while taking a month off after the twins were born was a nice break, it also drove me a bit nuts.20121117_100837

I’ve been back for about a month now, and even though I get almost as much exercise from The 5 Kid Workout as I do while teaching/taking classes, there’s just something about being back at “the gym” that feels so familiar and comforting.

A lot of that has to do with getting to exercise with my friends and teammates.

I’ve even participated in two “launches” (which is when all the instructors in a format teach a class with new moves and music) since I’ve been back…


BODYPUMP (with half our team gone/injured; boo!)

{Not sure whose idea it was to do the whole leg-on-the-bench pose, but I’m going to vote “no” on that one next time}





One of our new BODYCOMBAT teachers, Gena (aka The Hulkette) and I even had a blast dressing up for class on Halloween (and no, I did not wear that shirt while teaching; I would have MELTED!)

Of course, although everyone assured me they were glad to have me back at the gym, I think they were most excited to see my adorable little exercise buddies.


{Not sure why Nola looks so terrified; she was smiling just a second before!}


{They both sleep as long as the music is on and wake up if there’s too long of a gap between songs}


{I love how theirs heads are tilted at the same angle in this shot}


I know working out doesn’t make a lot of people as happy as it does me.

But there are plenty of reasons I love to get my sweat on at the gym (or at home)—the endorphin rush, the community, the challenge of building strength and endurance…

But I’m not gonna lie.

One of my biggest motivators is food. Specifically sweets.

I don’t eat perfectly healthy all the time, but I could forgo pizza, pasta, and French fries entirely if necessary.

But chocolate?

Hmm…that one’s a toss-up.

And cheesecake?

Heck, no!

{Okay, so yes, I can cut out sugar completely…I’ve done it…but it’s a sacrifice for sure}

So, I exercise to ensure that I don’t gain 10 pounds every time I bake a turtle cheesecake (which, admittedly, is a fairly rare occurrence).

Speaking of turtle cheesecake, when done right, it’s my all-time favorite dessert.

And I’ve got a recipe for it I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow for Try-it Tuesday, which is done very  right indeed.

Which means you’ll either be sending me thank you notes or hate mail depending on the size of your hips after you try it. : )

Bring on the calories!


  1. I was wondering, how did you get started teaching classes and what route did you take to get certified or specialize in the classes you teach?

  2. You are making making me feel awfully guilty about missing the gym tonight! I am still at that “hate it” stage. Bring on the endorphins!!


  3. Cheesecake munching on a cheesecake, I love it too. I also love jelly slice. I dont love exercise so much but need to move otherwise I would not fit in any of my clothes. Love the pictures of the twins… I bet its a workout just carrying two of those. I remember carrying just one was awkward and heavy!! Good to see you looking happy Abbie.

  4. You look great for having had twins! I love working out when I’m not in school. I’m glad your girls are content while you’re working out too.

I love hearing from you guys!