This year, I was so determined that we would really get our Christmas on—caroling, movie-watching, tree-decorating, cookie-making—the works.

Last year was my first blogging Christmas, and Shaun was traveling a lot, so, even though I had several projects to show you, and we went through the motions of some “fun” activities, I was usually too busy getting things ready, staging them, and then taking pictures to ever fully relax.

Well, this year, while I haven’t felt particularly stressed to accomplish too much Christmassy here on the blog, neither have I felt very successful in the “fun” department.

Yes, we got our tree up. 

Christmas tree

{Pardon the blurry Instagram photo; I have recently started drinking that Koolaid, by the way, and you’re welcome to follow along if you like}

And, yes, we’ve watched A Muppets’ Christmas Carol and a few other classics.

But too often, bedtime rolls around, and I think, “Holy jeepers, where did that day go?”

Take last night for example. We were supposed to go look at Christmas lights. Shaun drove into town to meet up with us at Chick-fil-a, where we proceeded to take up two whole booths (good thing it wasn’t Kids Eat Free night) and do the craziness that is eating out with 5 small children—all in preparation for some hot chocolate and neighborhood Christmas light trolling.

Problem was, it was 75 degrees outside, so ho cho was out of the question—not to mention the fact that I was still hot and sticky from teaching a double at the gym (I brought clothes to change into but didn’t really allow for the fact that teaching two hours means that I will have: a) hungry twins, and b) no childcare time left, which makes a shower and clothes-change pretty much impossible). Plus, by the time everybody had eaten their food (or, in Della’s case, two measly bites of chicken + a few pieces of fruit) and I had fed the twins and the three oldest had logged a few minutes of germ-coated bliss in the play area…it was already 8 o’ clock.

So, instead, we traded our toys in for ice cream, and I brought the kids home and put them in bed while Shaun stopped at the grocery store for some essentials.

And that, my friends, is how life usually goes around here.

Now, I could continue in a philosophical vein about how none of that stuff really matters and how it has nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas anyway.

And that would be true.

But, even so, there are still 4 days until the actual day, and, by golly, I’m going to do my best to stuff them full of fun and memories.  (I always was a talented procrastinator).

Starting with:


Christmas cookie decorating.

I imagine I’ll be posting evidence of our disasters results later on today on Instagram and our Facebook page.


Christmas lights.

Yes, we’re running at this again tonight. Thanks to a severe storm that briefly killed our power last night, we now have ho cho weather to enjoy as we take in the twinkle lights.


At least one Christmas craft with the kids.

{And, yes, that means that we haven’t done a single one yet; and, yes, I know I’m a horrible mother}


A viewing of White Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life…preferably after the kids are in bed, and I can watch it on our “big screen” (courtesy of our projector and a blank wall in the “big room”), snuggled next to my hubby.


A special Christmas breakfast (though not on Christmas day).

We did this last year, and it was a lot of fun (and super-yummy). It’s one of the few things that our kids asked specifically for a repeat of this year.

So, now I’m curious…what Christmas activities are you hoping to cram into the hours between now and Tuesday?

P.S. Don’t forget about this:




  1. Your tree is so pretty!
    I’m definitely hoping for some time to walk around and look at Christmas lights (or drive if it stays as cold as it’s been here lately…) and I haven’t done any baking yet either!

  2. Christmas day could be hard for me this year as its the first year I don’t have a mum or dad. Needless to say they are very much in my heart each and every day. I will love my hubby and kids to bits and feel blessed to have them. Enjoy your family Abby.

  3. We have yet to watch Muppets Christmas Carol, so that’s on the list. A visit to my favorite used book store which always has a sale this time of year to find an old copy of something special.
    Have you ever watched the movie ‘Rupert’ with Jimmy Durante…you simply must! It’s a keeper. And we’ll be doing our cookie-baking on Christmas Eve this year. My daughter’s been working full time since November so there hasn’t been a lot of time for that. Also, the Nutcracker at the ballet and then just enjoying her 3 whole days off!
    Have a blessed Christmas Abbie~

  4. I hear ya on the to-do list! I am sewing waaaay less this year for gifts, so that has helped. So wanted to make a gingerbread house, but prob not gonna get that one done. I do have some sugar cookie dough all made up, so hopefully we will make some. Gotta sew a superhero cape and wrap a ton of presents! My kids think it will never get here, and I always need more time!

I love hearing from you guys!