I had an entirely different post planned for you today, but life (and the weather) are just not cooperating, so how about we take a look at a few things going on around these parts instead?


I made a carrot cake…just because.

carrots cake

{Pssst! You would already know this fascinating tidbit if you were following along on Instagram}

I used this recipe, and I do believe it’s the most dangerously delicious carrot cake I’ve ever tasted, and my husband, who is not really that into cake, concurs.

(I did substitute applesauce for 1/2 a cup of the oil since the reviews said it was a little on the oily side, added in some more spices—nutmeg, allspice, cloves…I just sort of eyeballed it—and added in a cup of walnuts, with some sprinkled on top for good measure).

It’s perfectly moist, flavorful—simply divine.

So much so that this was my breakfast:



I’ve been crafting up a storm…



Here’s a peek at the finished product:



I had a pretty good haul a the Family Dollar this morning, where I scored something for everybody but Daddy.


All that for $25. It’s not quite Goodwill prices, but at least it’s all new…plus, the chances of finding everything I needed (all three of the older kids are due for new tennies) in the sizes I needed (especially when it comes to matching clothes for the twins) are about 1 in 347,895,783,578,957. So, it was a good compromise.


A new park opened up within 12 minutes of our house (that’s close for us). We drive by it every time we go to/from school, and the boys ask me if we can stop every.single.time. I think we’re going to have to try it out tomorrow if the weather’s good.


Della’s been practicing her pebble-tossing in anticipation.

{Yes, this photo is recent; I realize she’s not wearing a shirt; it was 76 degrees out; crazyTexasweather!}


OH, and last, but certainly not least, the twins have something they want you to know:

collage cuteness

I’m not exactly sure how it can be possible that it’s been 4 whole months since these little girls joined our party of 5, but I’m completely serious when I say that 7 is so much more fun (and crazy, tiring, frustrating, and loud). Sometimes I have to be careful I don’t squeeeeeeeze them too hard because they’re just so darn cute, and they make me so darn happy!

So, what about you guys? How’s your Thursday shaping up?

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  1. What a fun post! Love the random photos of your life 🙂 That carrot cake is making me soooo hungry. You better bet I would eat a piece for breakfast!

    What a score at Family Dollar. We don’t have one all that close, but I will have to remember all of your goods!
    Can’t wait to see your crafties….I wanna get busy! Hubs is busy this weekend, so I am hoping to get a serious purge/cleaning in my craft room. Right now, everytime wanna start, I just feel overwhelmed buy the stuff. I hate that, so I am determined this time!
    We recently got a new playground in our small town and the kids have been stoked! Went 2 days in a row! Yay for playgrounds 🙂
    And the twins……what can I say about such sweetness in picture form! They are just adorbs! I used to never desire twins (actually I was scared!), but after following you thru your blog, I think it would be truly a double blessing 🙂

  2. Oh my word…those girlies are adorable! That last one of them screaming made me laugh out loud! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  3. They are impossibly cute! And Della too. Every time you post pics of your kids, it makes me audibly “aww”. Very excited for the nursery reveal 🙂 I’m guessing that’s what you were crafting for! Lovely colours 🙂 Menekse x

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