I have amply documented my love of polka dots, but just in case you weren’t convinced, today’s post (combined with last week’s) should help sway you.

I don’t really know how I would label my style.

It’s too preppy to be bohemian and too eclectic to be posh.

I like putting things together that strike me in a certain way, but I couldn’t really define what that certain way is. I can remember loooooooving the prim and proper high-collared blouses and long, bustled skirts from the Anne of Green Gables movies growing up. But I’m also extremely drawn to the hippie-chic looks that Anthro does so well.

Which is why I don’t know what to call what I like. Schizo-chic? Yeah. Let’s go with that. That sounds totally normal.

What I do know is this: I know when I love something. And I love polka dots.

parking lot

Thanks to Amanda from Royal Daughter Designs for snapping a few cell phone pics in the Chuy’s parking lot.


{Top: Marshall’s, $10, Skirt: J. Crew/Goodwill, $3, Jacket: Abercrombie/Ebay, $23, Shoes: Marshall’s, $35}


I wore this outfit to a fun lunch with these fabulous ladies:


I stole this pic from my friend, Kelli’s, blog post about the meet-up, and I agree with everything she said—namely that blogging is so much fun because it allows for so many relationships that we wouldn’t normally get to have.

I mean, just think, without this blog, you and I wouldn’t “know” each other, even in a virtual sense. And that would just be a crying shame.

Although we did very little “blog-talk,” Amanda, Kelli, Skye (and her extremely patient husband; seriously? lunch with a bunch of talkative women? that’s a good man), and I all managed to yammer away for quite some time before we finally reached our refill limit (our poor waiter was probably ready to pour that last glassful down the front of our shirts!).

(Fun tidbit, Skye and her husband, Chris, are from West Monroe and regularly encounter the colorful characters of Duck Dynasty in the grocery store and elsewhere around the community).

And just in case you need further proof of my deep and abiding love polka dots, here’s what I wore to church last Sunday.

polka dots

I blame my camera-man for not noticing the former burn-pile site featuring prominently in the background. Fortunately, he’s really handsome, and I’m married to him, which makes him very easy to forgive.


{Top: Old Navy, $6, Jeans: GAP outlet—old—$15, Cardigan: Beall’s, $11, Shoes: Beall’s $0.88—yes, you read that right…less than one dollar}


I’m beginning to notice a trend in quite a few of my outfits (besides the polka dots).

PicMonkey Collage

Primary colors. Either they’re very in, and they’re what I’m buying since they’re available. Or I’m suddenly drawn to blocks of red, blue, green, and, yes, yellow.

So…do you have a word to describe your style? Do you find yourself dressing a certain way only to notice that you’ve been seeing it in all the store windows and only thought you were being original?

Is there a word that comes to mind for my style? (“Schizo-chic” might scare some people).

Are any of these questions at all important in the grand scheme of life? Um, not even a little bit.

But they’re as existential as a post about polka dots and primary colors is going to get, so I’ve got to work within my limits.

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. “Schizo-chic”……Love it! I don’t know how to describe you style either, but I love it 🙂
    I am not as good as putting outfits together as you, but I feel like I’m learning. Mostly just trying stuff and sometimes it works.
    My style is more classic & preppy, but I like to add trendy pieces too. I really wanna add some polka-dots, but I haven’t found just the right thing just yet. Might just need to sew something, hmmmm 🙂

    Glad you got your “style-mojo” back……way to rock it, mamma!

  2. Schizo Chic is the perfect description! You always look so cute. 🙂 (A rose by any other name….and all that.) Another thing I really love is your toenail polish. It reminds me of “For Audrey” by China Glaze. The color pops, and looks good with your outfit!

  3. Loved that pink skirt! I’m a big fan of polka dots as well, but I’m not sure how they will look on a pregnant belly so I’m waiting to invest.. I don’t want a galaxy swirling around on my growing tummy. Not a great look, right? 🙂

  4. I love polka dots too! I can not tell you how many polka dot clothing items I have for myself and my two girls. I even have polka dot drapes in my living room.

    I have been reading your Wardrobe posts for a while now and I find your outfits incredibly inspiring. You always put such interesting things together – things that I would have never thought of in a million years – and have inspired me to rummage through my closet and see what is in there that could be paired in a different way. Thank you for that. And I think that “Schizo-Chic” is definitely an excellent term for your style.

    P.S. I am so jealous that you are wearing sandals and skirts. I live in Canada and I am freezing with three shirts and a sweater on. It is damp and cold, with snow and Arctic temperatures in the forecast (never a good thing). When I see my sandals in the closet right now, I can not imagine wearing them again. Darn winter!

  5. oh ma goodness, you have got mad style and I LOVE it! Love how you pair your outfits with pieces from different stores. I do that too. I love TJ Maxx..Marshall’s..and even my local Goodwill store. I’m also living in the South by way of my military husband. 🙂

    p.s going to follow your blog now! Cheers!

  6. Love your style even though we dress very differently – I am more “lady pearl pretty”… Lady because I like to wear a heel, even in jeans, hardly ever wear flats. Pearl because I almost always have pearls on me somewhere, either a pearl necklace, earings, bracelet, and pretty because I love the colour pink and anything feminine and pretty. Thats my style – I never wear track suit pants. I only wear sneakers when doing exercise.

I love hearing from you guys!