I have a long To-do List today.

It goes something like this:

  1. Feed twins
  2. Home-school boys
  3. Change three consecutive diapers
  4. Organize garage (again…why doesn’t the dang thing stay clean??)
  5. Feed twins
  6. Make this week’s dinners, which include:
  7. Change 3 consecutive diapers
  8. Feed twins
  9. Finish painting breakfast nook (which, yes, I posted about over a week ago, and, yes, has been languishing in an unfinished state since its first coat).
  10. Exercise
  11. Change 3 consecutive diapers
  12. Feed twins
  13. Write 2 blogs posts
  14. Feed twins
  15. Change 3 consecutive diapers

I probably could have added at least one twin feeding + diaper change in triplicate somewhere in there, but I think you get the idea. I don’t know how much of the rest of it will actually get done. But that’s the plan.

Of course, none of that even includes scrubbing my toilet or mopping my floors since my neighbor, Teresa, is coming to help me with that.

But I have to admit I’m not exactly laughing at my to-do list today.

I am, however, chuckling at these:

Source: google.com.au via Abbie on Pinterest

The sheer Australian-ness of this one makes me smile. What is a “chook,” anyway?

Source: cheezburger.com via Kim on Pinterest

I had a cat like this. Only, her to-do list looked like this: Shred leather couch with claws. Then pee on it.

Source: pinterest.com via Abbie on Pinterest


Source: mashable.com via Abbie on Pinterest

I posted something similar to this list a while back, but it still makes me giggle.


And then there’s this one, which is most important of all.

So, how is your to-do list shaping up today?

Is there a way that I can pray for you today? I’ll be happy to oblige while I’m browning massive amounts of ground turkey.

Just leave me a comment below or message me if it’s too personal to share publicly.

Time to get a move on!


  1. I just hopped over from The Nester…..LOVE this! We are all home from school due to snow and ice. I know I should really get some projects done but it may just be a laundry and board game day!

  2. Here is my to do today list. Yes, I could use your prayers. 🙂 I would like to say it gets easier when the 5 get older…(yes, they can feed and wipe themselves,) but the schoolwork gets harder and they always need driven somewhere!

    Homeschool 4 kids

    potty train one kid

    laundry in

    exercise (upper body day)

    Study to teach Bible Study tomorrow night

    Bank, Library and Grocery trip

    fix lunch for 7

    laundry out

    Toddler down for nap ( praise Jesus)

    Middle son to soccer at 5:30- 6:30

    Oldest daughter to basketball at 6-8

    Fix dinner for 7

    laundry folded

    Go get oldest from basketball practice

    plan for tomorrow’ school and survival 🙂

  3. Lol, chooks are chickens.:) You never cease to amaze me! Just about any two of those projects would be a full day for me.:) We’re recovering from stomach flu, so for me, my to-do list is clean the floors, take the kids outside, keep everyone fed, clean and alive, and with any luck, get some sewing done.:) Have fun cooking all weeks dinners!:)

  4. Wowsa! I don’t know how ya’ do it girlie??
    I’m pretty sure just the care of the twins would be my full day!
    Loved the funny to-do lists 🙂
    Actually on vacay this week to the mts w/ family! Nice! So no to-do list….if it didn’t get done before we left…..it ain’t gonna get done now 🙂
    I’m chilling at our vacation home today with the younger 2 while everyone else hit the slopes. Hope to hit the slopes myself tomorrow!

I love hearing from you guys!