I wore this to church last Sunday.


{Tank: Old Navy, $1.50, Chambray shirt: Walmart, $1, Skirt: Walmart, $13, Shoes: JcPenney, $9, Belt: Academy, $2.50, Necklace: Accessory Dash, $25, Bag: Goodwill, $2}

You know there’s something wrong (or is it right?) with your outfit when your necklace is the most expensive single item in it. By double. IMG_0665

As I was chatting with friends after the service, several commented on my skirt—as well they should have. Seriously? A super-soft, ultra-long chevron striped maxi skirt? It’s brilliant! But the best part of all is that it’s from Walmart. Now, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of Walmart, so my joy hardly stems from “brand loyalty.” But if I can breeze through the clothes and pick up something that can be described using the words “chevron,” “maxi skirt,” and “super-soft,” right after nabbing all my groceries for the week, I am not going to speak ill of the place.


{Pardon my somewhat frumpled appearance. I didn’t get to take pictures in the morning, and those elbow wrinkles represent an entire day’s worth of sitting/standing, nursing, and performing my usual duties as a human jungle gym}

And then, of course, when someone was asking me where I got my skirt, and I answered, “Walmart,” it suddenly occurred to me that my shirt was also from Walmart. For $1.

And all I could think (for perhaps the first time in my life) was: “Bravo, Walmart.”

Of course, no matter how impressed I was, I can’t deny that I would rather have been wearing this:

alice dress

Alice Dress

Or this:


Whistlestop Dress

Or maybe this:


Headliner Dress

Lucky for you guys, if you win today’s fun giveaway, you’ll get $75 toward one of those dresses (or any other of your choice)!


There are two requirements for entry:

1) Visit Shabby Apple’s site and check out their awesome selection of vintage dresses and accessories and then head on back and leave a comment on this post telling me what you would spend your gift card on if you win

2) Fill out the easy raffecopter form below:

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  1. I got the baby blue and white chevron skirt and some blue jeggings in the same section at Wal-Mart last week. I have received a ton of compliments and it’s so funny when I tell them where the pieces are from

  2. I would hang the Whistlestop dress by my treadmill to motivate my post baby body to get cracking!
    Eugenia Book

  3. After seeing your skirt, I went to my Wal-Mart to get one. Mine were $15.44…I think I’ll wait a little and see if they get cheaper 🙂

  4. Too many to choose from! Honestly, if I won, I’d probably take weeks to decide on just one! Truly,I’d have almost as much fun fantasizing about which one to buy as actually having the tangible dress!

  5. Mmm! I would totally love to own the “Sea Breeze” dress – does it get more adorable than that? Or perhaps “The Red Queen” – oh goodness this website could eat me alive and I would love every minute of it!

  6. I’m expecting baby #4 so even though I’m pining over all the dresses, I’d probably be practical for nursing and buy the Ticket Booth Blouse. – Rachel O.

  7. So, I’m pregnant with our 3rd little one, and I’m already dreaming of the days when I get to: 1) hold my sweet new baby, and 2) fit into cute little dresses. (Dresses like the Knave of Hearts and the Animalia, for instance). Both dresses look like they’d be forgiving of the little extra fluff that I’m likely to be sporting come the end of the summer. 🙂

  8. I love the Alice dress…a little whimsical, a lot sweet, but I would get the Golden Afternoon dress mostly because I’m a sucker for a soft pink. And those scalloped tiers and bottom…added with the structured top? Stunning.

    Though…that Santa Monica dress is absolutely gorgeous and fun! It would be a hard choice. Geez. Being a girl is a lot of work!

    Also, would not have guessed your skirt AND shirt were from Walmart! I may have to browse around there sometime.

  9. I love the tulle skirt (can’t remember the name they used) and the Overboard dress!! Love, love, love, Shabby Apply

  10. The Alice dress makes me swoon too, and that color looks great on redheads. Just sayin’. I love the shoes too. Sigh. I’m always tempted to spend money on shoes and then I realize I have nothing to wear them with because I have failed to spend money on clothes. Is it wrong to consider clothes an accessory to shoes? I think not.

  11. I don’t know if I’ve never noticed the Whistlestop dress before? or if it’s just jumping out at me now, but I love it! Maybe after the baby comes and I don’t have this big ol’ baby bump going on!

  12. SO MANY cute things! The neap tide dress and rootbeer float dress are cute. And all the polka dots?! I LOVE polka dots. Always have – and so happy they’re in style again.

  13. I’d love the Rootbeer Float dress from the Ferris Wheel collection. I love polka dots!! I also love the Pacific Play, though. {PS – LOVE your walmart skirt!!}

  14. can’t find the rafflecopter form, but my favorites are: conductor, root beer float and riptide! i’ve always wanted a shabby apple dress!!

  15. Sooo hard to pick. I think I would go with “I’m Late, I’m Late” but other favorites include “The Red Queen”, “Whistlestop”, “Summer Wind”, and “Ain’t She Sweet”.
    I don’t see the rafflecopter form.

  16. OH MY!!!! SO many GORGEOUS styles to pick from. I would choose the Sea Breeze Dress and pair it with a cute little belt and some wedges. My hubby and I have TWIN boys and a 3 year old son and have not had a date night alone in nearly a year, so I would wear this out on a little date with him this Spring 😀

  17. I love all their dresses and it was hard to decide but I’m going to Mexico this year and I would love to take Sea Breeze with me and I would accessorize it with PADMA RING and the GOLD CORRAL BANGLES. Thank you for the Giveaway!

  18. FYI, your Shabby Apple link is not working. The Vintage Dress link does. Anyway, if I won, I would use the gift card towards “for my baby” I love the color, and the collar, and the pleats, and the buttons, and the polka dots… and pretty much everything!

I love hearing from you guys!