This week has been…odd. Busy, yet woefully unproductive, different, yet mundane. In a word: random.

In keeping with that theme (does “random” actually qualify as a theme?), here are 5 things going on around these parts.


Unexpectedly Great Deals

watch and icee r

There are multiple things about this picture that make me happy, not the least of which is my new, blingy coral watch from Kohl’s that I loved so much I was willing to pay almost full price ($29.99, but I had a 20% off coupon) for it. Imagine my delight when it rang up at $10.40. SCORE! (Can you guess what other elements in the picture make me smile?)


Grocery Rip-offs


I didn’t get to all of my meal prep this past Monday, although I did have my menu planned. So, I ducked into our local answer to Whole Foods (Fresh by Brookshire’s) to pick up a few “essentials” (let’s just say my hair has been in a not-so-cute ponytail all week), knowing I would pay more than at Walmart but counting the cost more than worth it considering that it was less than a block away from the hair place where my boys were getting a long overdue shearing. It was still a bit of a shock, though, when the total for that paltry pile you see there (minus two bananas) came in at over $30. Choke.  I guess I needed something to balance out that great deal on my watch, huh?


Spontaneous Picnics


I had been smelling an acrid burnt odor each time I got out of my van for the last day or so, but I kept forgetting to tell my husband. So, on the way home from the gym last night, we took a quick detour when I smelled it again as I was driving. I ended up pulling over at the “South campus” of the First Baptist Church for the closest city nearest us. As we were waiting for Shaun to come, Simon developed the urge—aka, the sudden uncontrollable need for facilities when all that’s available are parking lots and grass. So, we drove a little farther in and sneaked inside to use said facilities. At which point, Della spotted the playground out back and just about blew a gasket at the prospect of not getting to play on it. So we “sneaked” out there too (picture a disheveled, sweaty woman in brightly colored workout gear with a baby carrier on each arm, and three other small children with her “sneaking” anywhere, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how successful we were). Shaun even brought us pizza since we were all the kind of hungry that makes 5-year-olds whimper, 2-year-olds wail, and Mamas wish they were allowed to do either or both.

We ate our pizza on that bench, and I enjoyed the lovely views of that placid pond while the kids climbed on the jungle gym and Daddy figured out that Della had managed to partially engage my emergency brake when she was sitting in the front seat while I chatted with a friend in the gym parking lot, thus accounting for the burned smell (my poor brakes).

All in all, it could have been a whole lot worse, but the views could hardly have been better.


A Very Rare Glimpse of our Perfectly Made Bed

made bed

Hey, I’m just trying to keep us healthy.


A Shoe Hunt…

My future sis-in-law is looking for white shoes to go with our bridesmaid dresses.

Something dainty and affordable with a not-too-high heel.

Like this:

flower heels

(which we would have bought if they’d had all the sizes we needed)

NOT  this:

ugly white sandals

(of which is there is a huge surplus, apparently, based on our findings)

Anybody able to help a sister (in-law) out?

So, what about you guys? Any random fun (or not) tidbits to share from your week?

Ever had any luck finding cute white heels?

Any fun “potty emergency” stories to tell? (C’mon! I could use the entertainment!)

P.S. HOPEFULLY, I will be adding some more offerings to Shop My Closet for Good today so be sure to check back in!

So far we have: Jeans and Jackets


  1. how about or Brad’s for shoes??Brads you will spend a bit more time going thru for shoe deals but when they are on his site they are nearly a steal. or much more than in store.

  2. This isn’t an emergency potty story, but it’s a potty story… Last year when my then almost two year old daughter was potty training, we were eating lunch at our house and waiting for my mom to arrive (she was dropping something off). My daughter told me that she had to “poop” and we went back to the bathroom. My bathroom is right beside the door in my little one floor 1950s farmhouse. It has a window (patterned, so you can’t see inside) in the shower and I had the window open because it was nice out (I live on a farm in the middle of nowhere). I heard someone pull into my driveway and I assumed it was my mother. She knocked on the door and I yelled, “We’re pooping” (My daughter, not me, but you know that potty training lingo!) to let her know that I wasn’t going to be able to open it and also to get her to cheer for my daughter’s triumph. Instead of hearing her cheer and open the door, I heard, “It’s FedEx and I’ll just leave the package out here.” Talk about embarrassing!! I yelled through the window and tried to explain my yelling, but I wouldn’t/couldn’t go to the door out of pure embarrassment. I doubt he heard me say anything though, because I am sure he was running to his truck! Needless to say, I wouldn’t order anything to be shipped FedEx for a long time! 🙂 Hope this made you laugh!!!

  3. Lovin’ your random list this week. That watch is just too cute! And in the Coke Icee and I’m in LOVE!

    My Dad & his wife always shop at Fresh in Tyler and have told us how great it is when we visit. Yes, all the food they have bought for our visits there is yummy, but I see some of the prices on the prepared food they bought there (quiche, sushi, bread, etc…) and I was saying ….OUCH! Sometimes, convenience wins and I will pay the price especially not to have to haul kids in & out of another store 🙂 And whatever you are making w/ the Teryaki & LoMein noodles…I’m all in! Bet it’s delish!

    Sounds like you have some good suggestions on the shoes. My only thought was They have designer flash sales on mom & kid stuff. They have women’s shoes all the time. But it is hit or miss. Not sure how long you have to look. The deals last for 3 days and shipping takes 2wks. I have purchased some great things from there, but you have to be willing to wait 🙂 Hope you can find something…..that wedding planning can be stressful!

    Just life happening around here. Started dinner in the crockpot so we can head to oldests first t-ball practice this afternoon. I’m not too excited about it, especially since he says he doesn’t want to play….whaaaaat??? But younger brother does, so maybe I can just send him & nobody will notice 🙂

    Have to work tomorrow…traded my work days around this week (wed for fri)….and it has me all “off”. I have no idea what day it feels like….just feels like this week is lasting forever 🙂 Hoping hubby can get some free time from work this weekend and we can take the kids to do something fun!

  4. I concur with the the payless comment, they typically have a wide variety of styles and heel heights to choose from.

    I also need to mention, I have the SAME bed as you…mine and my husbands is a very dark hazlenut color but is the exact same style (probably got more excited about that then I should have). We love our whole set!

    I don’t have children but, there is a VERY long story involving about 10 twenty-something people who spent approximately 3 hours lost on the road to someone’s house about 15 minutes away and eventually slept outside in our cars parked in their backyard and needed to use ‘facilities’. Thankfully my best friend *randomly* carries a roll of toilet paper in her car…lucky us! 🙂

  5. I timed it and it takes 22.17 seconds to make our bed, yet I only make it like once a month. I feel like 22.17 isn’t bad to make sure there are no creepy thingers in there…

  6. Go to a Payless for the shoes. They have a Dye-able section for bridesmaids shoes. If you buy them white off the shelf they are only $20. AND you can wait until they have a BOGO sale and save even more money that way. They usually have at least 2 of each size in stock (I used to work there in college, the only reason I know all of this. Four pairs of shoes for my bridesmaids came to $60 plus tax.

  7. no funny potty stories unless you count the fact that my lil guy would NEVER go potty outside (camping, hiking, never) until last year when he was 6! i’ve tried to explain to him he’s too old now, lol!
    those shoes are gorg!! the 1st one not the 2nd one (ahem), lol!

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