There has been a nasty fever circulating amongst the various groups of people we regularly come in contact with—school, church, gym, friends (most of whom we know from the school, church, or gym). Sometimes, it feels like we’re playing Tag! as every few days or so, one of my own children or the child of a friend turns up sick with “the fever.”

So far, it has sunk its mean little claws into every single one of my children at some point or another in the past 4 weeks. Good thing it decided to spread it out so we could enjoy being sick for a good long while, huh? #sarcasm

At the moment, Della is its victim of choice. The thing is, other than a fever, the only symptoms it seems to produce are lethargy, loss of appetite, and an increase in politeness (Della is currently nestled against my side downing copious amount of watery apple juice, followed up with numerous tiny, ladylike belches, each of which she punctuates with a conscientious, “Scoo me”). So that basically means that every week, I’ve gotten a new little “slug” who only wants to lie on the couch (and, in Della’s case, watch “Cin-weh-wah”) for a couple of days. And that means that very little is required of me except multiple water refills, book-reading, snuggles, and vigilant knowledge of where the remote control is.

So, really, this is a just a service announcement to all Mamas that if your children absolutely must be sick, try to make sure its this particular virus. You may not be able to leave the house for a while, and you’ll have to endure sad faces like this one:


But as long as you’ve got the ingredients handy for a chocolate shake when everyone’s appetite  returns (and, no, the twins did not get one, unless you count the mama-milk version), you’ll be a-okay.

In other news, I shared a tutorial for an easy gathered flower headband (and showed off lots of cute pics of the twins), shared about why I wear an “M’ necklace, even though I don’t have one in my name, and showed you the 5 makeup items I use every day (thanks for all your awesome feedback on the concealer question by the way).


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  1. We did that fever thing a couple of weeks ago as well; fortunately I had all 3 sick at the same time! #moresarcasm

    However, like you I’d gladly take this type of miserable illness over any type that causes vomiting. Just sayin’.

    1. Yeah, well, I spoke too soon because Della added upchucking to her repertoire. AND the fever lingered for 3 days before turning into a full-fledged sinus infection (seriously, she keeps rubbing her face, which spreads the snot, so it’s EVERY.WHERE).

      I LOVE it (I don’t think I need a #sarcasm hashtag for this one).

  2. My baby who is 11 but still my baby…aren’t they always? Anyways was sick for two Weeks with this virus and for a couple says her fever was 105! I was one worried sick momma. We Ates finally done with that. Thank you Jesus. Now just praying the next one doesn’t get it 🙁

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