If you have kids and have never had a water balloon fight with them, you totally need to. It’s so much fun. And just in case you’re unfamiliar with appropriate water-balloon-fight protocol, here are 5 things you need to know.


Cardboard boxes are the perfect vessels for holding the ammunition.

water balloons in a box 

They don’t cause nearly as many accidental poppages as laundry baskets (lesson learned), and once you’re done, you can put all the little broken water balloon carcasses in the box and chunk it all.


2 1/2-year-olds little sisters will be convinced that they are old enough to take their brothers down


…only to discover that the double-handed-water-balloon-attack is tricky business, even at point blank range:



When the water balloon filler (that would be me) doesn’t put enough water in some of the balloons to make them burst immediately and Daddy grabs one of those underfilled balloons and flings it full-force from 3 feet away at the 5-year-old (I couldn’t help but remember the snowball fight scene from Dumb and Dumber), fully trusting it to break…

It won’t do it.

And the 5-year-old will look like this from the front:


and this from the back:


Clearly he recovered and was able to exact his revenge.

Disclaimer: No permanent marks were left from the Great Memorial Day Water Balloon Battle of 2013, and, yes, I did put more water in the next round of balloons.


Daddy may start out doling out balloons in an orderly fashion…


…But he will end up like this:


I was actually quite impressed with the boys’ Daddy-targeting abilities. At one point, they landed 4 direct hits in a row. Soaked is an understatement.


Any time anyone looks your direction, just holler the words, “BABY AND A CAMERA!!!” (both of which you’re holding), and you’ll get automatic immunity.

And then you can laugh at everyone else’s dripping shorts and bedraggled hair while you take pictures of flowers.


{I definitely prefer to be involved in these epic throw-downs, but, sometimes, somebody’s gotta do the baby-holding and the battle-documenting}

So, there you have it. A few extremely useful pointers should you decide to stage a water balloon war of your very own.

P.S. Be prepared to be amazed at just how long it takes to blow up one balloon (about 10 full seconds, at least while holding a baby in your lap) vs. how long it takes to break it (about .02 seconds).


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  2. Oh my goodness this totally made my day! I wish our weather was nice enough to have water balloon fights (I would throw down). Clearly Seattle weather likes it right around the 55 degree mark all spring/summer long! I cannot stop laughing (sorry about that) at the picture of your little man. Haha, I’m glad he recovered! ANNND is your hubby wearing gloves just for water ballooning because that’s super intense and awesome. I would be afraid.
    Thanks for sharing!

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