Good morning, lovely people!

First up, a confession: I’m feeling a little guilty for giving Emmeline, the DIY Tufted Ottoman, the boot. Sure, she’d seen better days. And her replacement, Frenchie, is still looking remarkably fresh and clean (with a little help from my Shout bottle, anyway). But still. As angry as Emmy (rightfully) was at me for shunting her to the side in favor of a store-bought version, I feel a smidge bad that she continues to bring me joy, even in her garage-storage exile (you’ll see how in a sec).

But when Michelle from Huffington Post contacted me and asked if she could feature Emmeline on their Huff Post Home page, you better believe my guilt wasn’t strong enough to make me say no! (I’ll just go out to the garage later and give Emmie a wipe down or something).

So, that was exciting!

Also exciting: that “potential locks chop” phrase in today’s blog title. Of course, it’s probably only exciting if you can figure out what in peaches it means.

Here’s a clue:

hair collage

Yup. I have a major yen to hack my hair off. And, while the hubs initial reaction was decidedly negative, when he realized I wasn’t talking about boy-short (because, yes, I have gone there before), he was considerably more in favor of the idea.

It’s actually Cassie’s fault that I got the urge in the first place after I saw this picture of her cute, tousled, angled bob:

cassie hair

And then, during our nightly viewing of The Mentalist (we’re a little bit obsessed), I got an eyeful of character, Lorelei Martin’s, pretty hairdo…

emm hair

…which Shaun approved of without reservations, and the hankering for a hair-chop grew.

So, what do y’all think? Take the plunge (or the snip, I suppose)? Or keep the length?

I’d love hear your thoughts!

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  1. I always vote YES to a locks-chop. Your long hair is beautiful, but I really love medium length, wavy/curly hair. It just looks to fresh to me. So I say, go for it!

  2. I think it is fun to reinvent yourself every couple years. Chop the hair! You’ll look fabulous. I’m sure of it. And then it will grow back. Have fun!

  3. Totally do it! I have hair just like yours..well a bit curlier I think…and I have run the gamut from short boyish cut to long, long locks. Currently its in a halfway down my neck bob thingy. Its only hair, it’ll grow back.

  4. I had long hair and cut it off shoulder length and regretted it very much. It is fun to have a new style for a while, but you will miss your big Texas hair. 🙂 Keep it! If you want to change your style, maybe go for some facial framing.

    I believe that short hair is WAY more work than long hair. When I had long hair and was short on time, I could throw it up in a bun, clip, ponytail. But with short hair to has to be styled every single day or else you’ll look like a total frump.

  5. Go for the chop Abbie. You will not regret it and it will make your life (and hair) easier to style. I think the length of The Mentalist actress is cute and would be a good style for you.

    I chopped my hair off it was just past my shoulders, when my kids were home a year. I just didn’t have time to (or want to) maintain it. Now I have a very short bob. I love it (husband not so much, he prefers long hair but he does not have to style it). I sometimes see pics of my long hair but I don’t miss the maitenance.

  6. Yes, yes, and Yes…

    I’ve donated mine twice now, the first time I cut 16 inches off and just 2 months ago I did it again for an 8″ chop, it makes me feel good for a new style and to know someone else who is tired of not having hair will get to have it.

    I used the first picture on the top left as my reference for the hair stylist the first and second time, I LOVE that haircut. And if it helps at all, from what I can tell from your pictures that I’ve seen on here for the past year or so when I first subscribed we have pretty much the same exact hair color/type. yay. 🙂

    Good luck and have fun doing it….it’s just hair, I think we get way too caught up in the vanity that is the strands growing from our dermis–eww.

  7. I always regret my shorter hair and grow it back which ends up taking forevah! But mine isn’t awesome-ly curly like yours. You would look great in shorter hair. I just look like a boy. No really. My husband told me.

  8. I think your hair would look lovely, so yes, I say do it! Besides, if you don’t like it you can always grow it back! Thanks for hosting the party. Have a great weekend. Oh, if you do cut your hair, please post pictures! I have been thinking about doing the same thing and need a bit more inspiration!

  9. I think you would look great with a shoulder length do! I have those same pictures of Keri Russell pinned, but my hair would never look like that, but you have those awesome curls………….it would be so cute! I would think so much easier to style too, which would probably be great with all your little ones and teaching at the gym so much.

  10. Hey! This is my first time linking up to your party and want to let you know, I am having a BLAST! 😉 I am new to all of this website/blog/linky “stuff” and have my very first linky party coming up Tuesday so here is your formal invite: Tute’s Tuesdays at Thank you and I can’t wait! P.S. I totally think you should chop it! I have had short hair (to include “boy-short, now just below the chin) since elementary school (now married with 3 kids) and love it. Your current length is beautiful too though. Either way, you will be super cute 😉

  11. You should do it! Those inspiration pics are totally great! As a fellow momma the only thing I would say is make sure it is still long enough to pull back……there are those days, ya know? Can’t wait to see your new do!

  12. DO IT! if Shaun’s on board, totally take the plunge! Your hair seems like the right thickness and texture for those looks you posted!

I love hearing from you guys!