I promised yesterday that I would share my first 5 Project Elephant goals. Because I’m pretty sure that writing down your plans is one of those “habits of highly successful people” kind of things to do.

So, here they are:

project elephant checklist1

I’ve already made some headway on several of these, and I even posted a teaser of my in-progress plate wall to Instagram. (P.S. This is my favorite form of social media, and I post all kinds of cuteness and fun stuff there if you want to follow along).

plate wall

{Any advice for the best way to hang all that prettiness?}

So, now it’s your turn. I’d love it if you’d tell me in the comments what your top 5 Project Elephant goals are (or whatever number you want to share).

And if you’re not sure about all this Project Elephant business and don’t want to commit to a project every Monday, then you can just list some long term goals you’d love to accomplish.

Maybe it’ll help get your project ball rolling!


  1. Abbie – I read your blog faithfully and never comment…. have NO idea why as I love comments on my blog. BUT… felt moved to finally comment and tell you how much I love your blog!! So now my five things hanging over me like a ton of elephants:
    1-4) make four little matching dresses for four darling girls that are begging for them (I love to sew but this pattern happens to be written in German so creates a huge challenge!)
    5) clean my craft room after sewing said dresses
    That’s all I can even think about tackling in the next week!! Thanks for the great inspiration Abbie – a fun way to motivate me! ! ~ Dori ~

  2. I cracked up when I read about your plate wall…. I have a plate collection; TWO plates. hahaha But, our dining room has built-in double crown molding that’s made for plates. It’s lovely, but my “collection” is off to a slow start!

  3. I would love to write my list ON the elephant. (I am a super visual person.) I would like to outline your elephant, divide him into just 5 parts, and write one of my goals in each one. Any chance you have a simplified version (like a coloring book outline) of this graphic? I would only use it for myself at home…I don’t have a blog or anything. Don’t want to steal anyone’s art. If not, that’s fine…I will just find a similar elephant image online and make him into 5 “bites” for my list. Thanks so much! Judy

  4. 1. Rescue cute pewter tray from workbench & make pretty in my master bath
    2. Tackle the HUGE (we’re talking 6’x20′) statement wall in the great room (I’ll be happy if I just START this project!) this includes a mini-list: a)take everything off the wall & clean it, b) attack old & new shelves with GLOSS Navy Blue spraypaint, c) argue with The Man over placement d)do it my way when he’s out of town, e)bask in the glory of a finished wall that only took a year to do) THIS WILL NOT ALL GET DONE I PROMISE YOU! LOL
    3. Frame & hang adorable inspirational art I’ve had in a folder for too long
    4. Rescue little brass pot from garage workbench
    5. Finish my recued tray

  5. Make the headboard and hang shelves for #3’s room.
    Finish organization of homeschool area.
    Sort toys for garage sale.
    Clean & organize pantry.
    Organize storage in #2’s room.

I love hearing from you guys!